Jesse Williams: Deconstructing the Message


It seems as though the Jesse Williams speech at the BET Awards has caused quite a bit of controversy.  I have seen a lot of arguing between black people on social media.  Some black people say the speech was on point.  Some say he’s biracial and can’t be trusted.  Some black women are swooning over his light skin and light colored eyes. Some believe he’s an agent for the white power structure.  And some believe he was given the platform to confuse black people even more.  I wanted to put up some videos that may give a different perspective on this man,his speech and his intentions.

This is a great video by Holipsism.  Holipsism wants to know what is the end result of the speech.  Does Jesse want Black Power? Is Jesse just pushing social integration?  Holipsism raises some very important questions many have not brought up.


This video(above) is  by Radical HomeGoddess.  She explains why she doesn’t trust Williams.  She explores the evidence of him being down with the homosexual agenda. He even compares the black struggle with the so-called gay struggle for rights.  Which we know there is NO comparison.  He is also working on a documentary about the Black Lives Matter movement.  Of course anyone who has done some research knows the organization is funded by white racist George Soros. So check out the videos and draw your own conclusions.  Is Jesse down for black liberation?  Or does he just know how to give a good speech?

29 thoughts on “Jesse Williams: Deconstructing the Message

    • He also doesn’t have a definition of who is Afrikan and accepts the “one drop rule” created by the Europeans. With all of his eloquence and insight, I just can’t understand why he refuses to acknowledge the way white people create and use their mixed race offspring to thwart our efforts. If all we need is land and infrastructure in order to build a nation, but it doesn’t matter if Afrikans, mixed raced people, and “good whites who don’t agree with white hegemony” (haha) are part of that nation, then Afrikan people might as well stay in the USA, Canada, the UK, kwk. Holipsim destroys his own argument by refusing to limit the inhabitants of the nation on the continent of our ancestors to a strictly defined Afrikan person, specifically excluding people with a non-Afrikan parent and inter-generational mulattoes, for example creoles.

      • @Lumumba
        Yeah I know what you mean. I first found Holipsism about five years ago. We chatted a few times about Amos Wilson. He is a big Amos Wilson fan. If he’s read all Wilson’s books he’s got to be a pretty smart guy. I agree with Holip that we need land,infrastructure and real nation building. Although I haven’t heard him speak too much on biracial people or the “one drop rule”. He seems like he could almost accept an ACBN ideology but he’s just not there yet.

    • @AMOS I’ve heard Holip say that we need land,resources and power. Once we got those things we wont be concerned about the gay agenda,interracial couples and transgenders. I’ve chated with him a few times. He’s even commented on this blog before. I do agree with him that we need REAL power. But he things everything else is side issues. That may be true to an extent but I address these other issues because I don’t want black people sidetracked with this sick European culture. I don’t think it’s so much him supporting gay people he just thinks it’s kind of irrelevant.

    • He thinks he does. I can tell he’s been around black because of his talking points. He says want he thinks blacks want to hear. The white media want him to be the poster boy for the Black Lives Matter movement. That’s why white-owned BET gave him the award in the first place.

    • Yes that’s true. He needs to be better informed. Or he is informed but just trying to mislead people. He is Obama for 2016. Once again a mulatto carrying the torch for butt pirates.

  1. Awesome videos! Thank you for sharing. I’m enlightened. I really love Goddess’s personality too; I’ll have to check out more of her thoughts.

    And you found the worse pictures of Jesse ever! They’re hilarious! He reminds me of Robert Redford in the second one.

  2. In the above picture Jesse Williams resemble Robert Reed the father from “The Brady Bunch” television show.

  3. Negroes like these two videos I post are a threat toward BLACK AFRICAN liberation especially with a mindset like theirs, because it send off wrong messages. Our people need to be careful on black individuas they listen too because some of them come off being for black power but mixing a white supremacy mindset at the same time.

    Here’s another MRSUPERBOY223 on youtube that starting to annoy he always lumping biracial people as BLACK AFRICANS. He stated one time in a video that Kim Kardashian use to look ethic before having plastic surgery.

    Here’s another coon JMillerSpeakOut also he has been called out for dating a non black woman

    He even left a comment on SuperboyHarvey/SUPERBOY223 video

    “That brother spoke nothing but the truth Harv. Now my question to some of these these so called pro Blacks that stay attacking Blacks in interracial marriages is I wonder do they feel he is the so called “enemy” or is his mother considered the so called “enemy” and is his father considered the so called “enemy” Obvious this mans parents have taught him the importance of recognizing who he is regardless of him having a White mother. Now I’m willing to bet my last dime these so called “Pro Blacks” in the Black community were praising this man for saying this but tomorrow will turn around and bad mouth other Blacks for finding love outside the community and say they can’t speak on Black issues because they are mixed or in a interracial marriage. I just had to point hat out out Harv because I get tired of the hypocrisy in our community. And I’m glad you brought up about the pandering to Black women. No disrespect to Black sisters but a Black Man obviously raised this man. Even though his Black father married a White woman his Black father must have had some influence on him. Great video man”

    • Thanks for the video links. I do like some of Superboys videos. he has called out coons like Charles Barkley,Don Lemon and Stephen A Smith. Although I don’t think he should count biracial people as black. JMiller is a fool. I’m not surprised by his comment. I think he loves white women so what do you expect. Miller is not pro-black at all. So you can’t take that clown seriously.

  4. Mulattoes maintain much of their white patriarchal attachments. When they claim they are pro-black, it is not unusual for them to still push anti-Afrikan agendas brainwashing many blacks to accept the agendas. This has been done time and time again. Mulattoes speak on black topics but dare a black try to talk about experiencing life as a mixed person and they WILL be rejected, don’t care how accurate their speeches are.

    The negroes who are upset about black women fawning over this mulatto but STILL want to reproduce more of them is unsurprising. These type of fools have some nerve, they are creating more competition and more light skin fetishism amongst blacks by birthing these mulattoes but get hypocritically upset that the current generation affect their chances with a black women. Fuck them.

    • Thanks AfrikaNeeds. These self hating negroes are disgusting. Jesse’s father is the worst kind of black person. He makes people think you can lay down with a cave woman and produce a pro-black child. That’s total insanity! I did see a lot of black woman fawning over this guy in social media. But like you said we shouldn’t be making mixed babies in the first place. I think the whole thing with Jesse is an act. He’s down with white funded Black Lives Matter. Which is a gay organization disguised as a pro-black group.That’s all I need to know. But I definitely feel where you’re coming from.

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