Militant Mulattoes: Jesse Williams,Zaza Ali and J. Cole

Jesse Williams...

This past Sunday was the BET Awards.  It’s a celebration of black music,television and film.  I used to watch the award show years ago but it doesn’t hold my interest much anymore.  Mainly because the show promotes music that denigrates black women,colorism,negative images of black people and all around anti-blackness. But yesterday all over the news they were covering a speech given by biracial actor Jesse Williams.  He was given the Humanitarian Award and gave a passionate speech about racism ,oppression,police brutality and cultural appropriation.  That’s a lot to cover under four minutes.  Williams is an actor on the ABC drama Grey’s Anatomy. Some fear he may lose his job for speaking out on these issues.  I highly doubt he will lose his job. If anything he will be praised for speaking on these issues.  Here’s what he said:

This is for the real organizers all over the country, the activist, the civil rights attorneys, the struggling parents, the families, the teachers, the students that are realizing that a system built to divide and impoverish and destroy us cannot stand if we do. It’s kinda basic mathematics: the more we learn about who we are and how we got here the more we will mobilize.

“This award is also for the black women in particular who have spent their lives nurturing everyone before themselves – we can and will do better for you.

“Now, what we’ve been doing is looking at the data and we know that police somehow manage to de-escalate, disarm and not kill white people every day. So what’s going to happen is we’re going to have equal rights and justice in our own country or we will restructure their function and ours.

“I got more, y’all. Yesterday would have been young Tamir Rice’s 14th birthday so I don’t want to hear any more about how far we’ve come when paid public servants can pull a drive-by on a 12-year-old playing alone in a park in broad daylight, killing him on television, and then going home to make a sandwich.

“Tell Rekia Boyd how it’s so much better to live in 2012 than 1612 or 1712. Tell that to Eric Garner, Sandra Bland.

“The thing is though, all of us here are getting money, that alone isn’t going to stop this. Dedicating our lives to getting money just to give it right back to put someone’s brand on our body – when we spent centuries praying with brands on our bodies, and now we pray to get paid for brands on our bodies?

“There has been no war that we have not fought and died on the front lines of. There is no job we haven’t done, there is no tax they haven’t levied against us, and we have paid all of them.

“But freedom is always conditional here. ‘You’re free!’ they keeping telling us. ‘But she would be alive if she hadn’t acted so … free.’ Now, freedom is always coming in the hereafter, but the hereafter is a hustle: We want it now.

“Let’s get a couple of things straight. The burden of the brutalized is not to comfort the bystander – that’s not our job so let’s stop with all that. If you have a critique for our resistance then you’d better have an established record, a critique of our oppression.

“If you have no interest in equal rights for black people then do not make suggestions to those who do: sit down.

“We’ve been floating this country on credit for centuries, and we’re done watching and waiting while this invention called whiteness uses and abuses us, burying black people out of sight and out of mind while extracting our culture, our dollars, our entertainment like oil – black gold! – ghettoizing and demeaning our creations and stealing them, gentrifying our genius and then trying us on like costumes before discarding our bodies like rinds of strange fruit.

“Just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real.

“Thank you.”

It was a decent speech and he touched on a lot of issues.  But I noticed when they showed his parents in the audience I noticed his white mother.  I think this causes a lot of confusion for black people.  Can you be pro-black with a white parent? This is something I’ve noticed over the last few years.  There are many biracial people coming out speaking on the black struggle.  Many biracial people have gotten the spotlight in the entertainment and sports world.


Canadian rapper Drake is one of the biggest rappers in the industry right now. This is his white mother,Sandi.


Grammy award winning singer/actress  Alicia Keys has spoken on issues that affect the black community.  Even though her mother Terria is a white woman.

J Cole1..

Rapper J. Cole gets a lot of praise for dropping socially conscious lyrics. This pic is of him and his mother Kay.

Bob Marley..

Some people tend to forget but legendary reggae singer Bob Marley sang about black unity and African people.  Even though he  had a white father.


On the black conscious circuit there is a biracial woman named Zaza Ali.  I first be familiar with her back in 2013.  She was doing a radio show with rapper Professor Griff.  She touched on issues such as black empowerment,religion,feminism,racism and politics.  She became quite popular in a short time.  Since then she and Griff have parted ways.  And she is now doing lectures and selling dvd’s and books.  I got the felling she was using Griff to get to the next level on the lecture circuit.  Also I think she knows that her light skin,white features and “good hair” will attract more attention then the darker skinned black women.  She is using the fact that many black people are self loathing and will fawn over her looks.  And she has become quite successful in the process. Many people believe she was a fraud from the beginning.  I also heard that she dated Griff and the broke up after she was down with him.  I can’t say I’m surprised at all.  Shame on Griff for falling for it.

In this video(above) Zaza is confronted by a caller on a radio show.  The caller asks her can she truly be against white supremacy if she has a white mother.  You will notice in the video that Zaza never answers the question.  I’m not really surprised at her response.  This also goes back to the Jesse Williams speech.  Can you really fight this racist system if your parent is white?  How can you give 100% against white racism if you came from a white vagina?  I don’t think it’s really possible. A mother is the first person a baby learns to love.  Your mother fed you and cared for you as a baby. Now you’re going to fight against the people who look just like her. NO way in Hell is that going to happen.  Black people need major systematic change for the empowerment of how our people.  And I just don’t think most biracial/mixed people are going to go all the way when the time comes. Also  Jesse Williams is working on a documentary about the Black Lives Matters movement. I have already covered how BLM is funded by rich white folks.  Any movement funded by your open enemy will not liberate you.  Always remember that.

So while it was nice that Williams spoke out against white racism it is nothing new.  Marcus Garvey spoke about that decades ago.  Williams talked about police brutality.  Kwame Toure did that years ago. So let’s not act like Williams is the next Malcolm X.  He brought up issues that should be brought up but he said nothing new. It’s just that he was given a large platform to say it to millions of people so it’s getting a lot of hype.  You must also keep in mind that BET is owned by Viacom. The president is a white man named Philippe Dauman. This speech was planned in advance.  They already knew what he was going to say.  This was no surprise. They used this opportunity to stir up some controversy and get people talking.  And it worked.  Black people get excited when we hear some truth don’t we?  But I believe that hearing pro-black rhetoric is more palatable when coming from biracial people.  It’s more acceptable by whites when they hear it from them because they know they have a white parent.  So they don’t take it that seriously.  And many black people suffer from low self esteem so we like hearing this language from someone with light skin,straight hair and light colored eyes.  And Jesse knew what he was doing when he shouted out the black women.  Many black women in the audience were standing up clapping.  I’m sure many of them were fawning over his light skinned ambiguous looks. Much the same way Zaza Ali many times will come down hard on black women.  And she will talk about black men in a positive light.  And of course many black men in the conscious community fawn over her and call her a “real Black queen”.  Do you see the pattern?  I’m telling you,these biracial people know exactly what they’re doing.  I understand they can’t help their parent is a white person. They have no control over that.  But I just wonder why they are given a platform to speak so often on black issues.  They are not of majority African descent.  They maybe non-whte but that doesn’t automatically make them black either. So what do you think? Should they be given a platform to speak for us?  And also can they be genuine in the struggle…if they have a white parent?



114 thoughts on “Militant Mulattoes: Jesse Williams,Zaza Ali and J. Cole

  1. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO !!!!!!! I really really liked this Prince you touched on some things I’ve thought about and some I hadn’t. And the speech was a decent speech but quite frankly I never paid this blue eyed negro much attention because well, he was a blue eyed negro. But I gotta give up for the heart felt speech even if it was a cover for a side of him that he may not care for. Much.

    • Thanks HLJ. Yeah he spoke some truth. But the media is going nuts over his speech. They are taking it to the The crazy part is black people are going crazy over this guy. But the idea that he said something that has never been before is ridiculous. All this hype over biracial people speaking on black issues is going overboard. It had to be addressed. I know some people might get upset but..oh well.

  2. Thank you for making a discussion on biracial actor/activist Jessie Williams speech he did at the B.E.T Awards because dark skinned Africans are giving him a lot media hype now. Furthermore, his non black mother & black father was in the audience while he was doing his speech. What so funny about this situation is that I can’t take him serious. Also by him being a product of interracial dating this sends out the message that you can date interracially, still be black & pride, and rise your biracial children to be black & pride. We have a biracial man standing up fighting for black liberation & calling out racism but his mother who is white is part of the problem. If a race war start right now BLACK AFRICANS vs NON BLACK AFRICANS will he kill his NON BLACK AFRICAN mother & NON BLACK AFRICAN family members for his BLACK AFRICAN liberation. I feel his whole speech was just an act just like Beyoncé’s black & pride performance at the B.E.T Awards. Amandla Stenberg who is biracial & bisexual is another one that speaks out on black issues too. Black AFRICAN activist are being replace with biracial activist for the community. This “BLACK LIVES MATTER” movement is a fraud and bringing out more frauds
    Here is the link to Jessie Williams B.E.T Awards speech

    Beyonce & Kendrick Lamar – Freedom (Live at the BET Awards 2016) Beyoncé is using the “BLACK LIVES MATTER” movement to keep her name relevant & make money. Here is a picture of some of the young women that were in Beyoncé’s Lemonade visual video. The only black young ladies in the picture are Halle & Chole who are sisters the others are biracial.

    View this post on Instagram

    Lemonade. Thank you @beyonce.

    A post shared by amandla stenberg (@amandlasponsored) on

    Alicia Keys is another black & pride fraud. She’s doing a “no makeup movement” just to stay relevant after the fact she no longer need proactive for her skin and music wise her music career has gone down hill.
    I had to post this picture of Alicia Keys with her NON BLACK MOTHER telling HAPPY FATHER’S Day for playing the role of both parents. This is the same Alicia Keys that love putting dark skinned black men in her videos (but married a light skinned man,) I’m down for my BLACK” people especially BLACK MEN. If a race war start Alicia Keys not killing her white mother to help fight any BLACK AFRICAN liberation. Keep also in mind Alicia Keys was rise by a single white mother, will have a closer, more sympathetic bond with the white side of their family, in particular, the white females.

    Alicia Keys white grandmother.

    Alicia Keys & parents on her wedding day. Her father age very well while her mother age like the typical white woman.

    Alicia Keys video for song “In Common” looks like a video celebrating LGTB (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual) Community but Alicia does have something in common with the video is that she’s bisexual.

    • Thanks for the links. I agree with everything you said. The media is going to push this hard. I have covered this biracial/mixed stuff over and over again. BET knew what he was going to say. It was all planned. And black people are so starved to hear some truth they will applaud damn near anything. He did speak some truth,I’m not denying that. But the media is more accepting of biracial people displaying some type of “black pride” than black people. People get upset when I say that biracial people are not black. But it’s the truth…and the truth hurts. I have also covered Alicia Keys in the past. She’s just another poser like the rest. I have heard rumors she was gay ten years ago. Would not be surprised if she is a lesbian. She’s definitely down with the gay agenda. And that Lemonade pic you put up is very disturbing. They are trying to wipe away real black women with these biracials. It’s almost like they want to breed out blackness. Well I will not stand for it. And I will continue to speak out on this issue.

    • Wow. Eye opening. How she going to recognize her mother on father’s day when her father right there? And she gonna go back and recognize another lily white cracker?

      We stay looking for non-Blacks to advocate for us. Whoops there it is!

    • That Father’s Day shit for mothers is fucking ridiculous! I don’t care of you were raised by your mom only Father’s Day is for M-E-N nobody else!! All this sickening progressive “I love everyone and everything concept” agenda being pushed by white people and aided by black people makes me sick! Take your damn son out of that princess dress that is some silly ass bullshit! White people keeping pushing their depraved nonsense and stupid ass black people fall for it. I’m a little disappointed in you Prince that you are throwing shade on Jesse. Regardless of his mother he still spoke truth to power something I NEVER see from other black people even when there is so much injustice in the world. You have white assholes rehashing OJ and Michael and not ONE of those House Negro little shits is calling them to the carpet. White people keep fucking us in the ass and we keep bending over like a $10 dollar ho.

      • You’re disappointed in me?? I’m sure it’s not the first and it wont be the last. You have said countless things I disagree with but I still let you comment. It’s okay if we disagree,it’s not the end of the world. I’m not letting this slick talking mulatto off the hook. I’m not buying his act. You may be mesmerized by his blue eyes..but I am not. Like I said before many black people have said what he said. It just came from a mulatto so everyone is losing their

      • It has nothing to do with his blue eyes, if I cared about hat I’d gor for the real thing. it’s that somebody who is of color had the ball balls to say it. So many and I do mean SO MANY black folks in entertainment use their platform to berate and attack other black people. Just the other day Stephen Asshole Shit was criticizing yet anohther black male ball player. Even if you don’t like the messenger the message itself was valid. Perhaps BET was not the place to state his feelings but what he said needed to be put out there

  3. Jessie Williams may be biracial, but he spoke all paths of truth that biological black people refuse to acknowledge in thoughts or words. His speech was brilliant and powerful! And all of the examples you have cited in this article care about their parents and maybe have more reason than most of us to speak on this dynamic of race, because of the two worlds they thrived in daily.

    What separates Mr. Williams from your list of biracial people is the fact that both of his parents taught him the truths of who he was early on, and reinforced his knowledge of self regularly. Sometimes as a parent you must tell children the truth when you know the schools won’t; and there are generations of black people lacking knowledge of their origins. The schools blame parents for non-participation in their child’s education, and then the schools continue to isolate students from everyone else where no real learning occurs, or suspend them for several days, or label them “slow” , or just outright expel black kids as “incorrigible.” Consequently, nothing is learned except bad behaviors waiting on the block!

    Many of these people cannot claim their “whiteness” without claiming their white mothers, yet we disparage their lineage as if we take ownership of our own blackness? Until now, my blackness was understood as “ugly,” “unattractive”, “inferior,” and I believed it until I learned about a continent called Africa, and my connection to it.

    In Mr. Williams’ case, I believe his parents are present for him 100%. Why? Because many biracial adults of today had to develop in single parent (mother) homes, and he didn’t. That’s the difference, and he is a grounded black man and a brilliant speaker.

    When white people look at him and all of the cited examples, they see black people. They don’t see biracial, but black. And note white women continue to live in the black ghettoes and urban areas with other black people, because in most cases they have disgraced their white families by mixing with black people.

    I am still learning.

    • You said a few things I’ve heard before. You said it’s about what white people see. Why do we have to go by what white people want? Isn’t the one drop rule outdated? They are biracial and considered non-white but that doesn’t mean they are black. Like I said in the post,his mother is white therefore I don’t believe he can truly fight white supremacy. And I believe he is getting this praise because he is mixed race. No one wants to admit it but that’s truth. Many dark skinned black people have said these same things many times. He just said it on a large platform so it’s getting all this hype. I also stated before that the BLM movement is funded by white people. So Jesse is not really down for the cause. You must remember that he is an actor. And I think he’s playing a role. I’m sorry Jennifer but I’m not buying this act. Although it was a decent speech.

      • Black people have been responding to white people since landing in America, and I agree with you. The one-drop rule is outdated, but so is the U.S. Constitution, a document written without the principle of equality. It is practiced everyday in American courts and in law enforcement activities that harm black people. I agree that my observations have been stated by others in the past, but the point is Jesse Williams gave a perspective to a new generation of black people largely without dividing darker and lighter skinned people. The BLM movement is funded by “white” dollars, but so is the NAACP and the Urban League, organizations also intended to protect the black perspective. I disagree that Mr. Williams was “acting,” but courageously speaking to what all of us are feeling and need to respond to swiftly, but strategically.

      • That’s what I do here. I try to wake black people up to deception from the mass media. The consciousness of black people has always been shaped by the white media. I have done posts about the NAACP and others in the past. Which is why I think black people have to have our own studios,news networks and cable outlets totally controlled by US not others. Jesse is down with BLM. Therefore common sense would ask…how can you trust his message? Be sure to check out my post on The Boule. I think you’ll find it very interesting.

      • Yeah he would be looked at very differently. It’s the same way Obama was darker he probably wouldn’t have been elected. The darker you are the more likely you are perceived as angry and militant. Everyone knows that. To dent that is to deny reality.

    • So who WAS the first black president Bill Pimpton?!!! She sounds bitter and jealous so what Rosa was somehow less black?!! This is exactly whey there is such a rift between light skinned and dark skinned. Frankly Lauryn Hill is arrogant and has had to cancel several shows for being late and only singing few songs. Does she honestly think a “dark skinned” black man would get elected?! Get real

  4. Again, it seems that truths concerning our struggle only seem to have credibility when someone OTHER THAN US says it… I had to sigh and roll my eyes like a chic (exaggeration) listening to that speech. Like I said on another blog, that’s like an Anaconda calling a rattlesnake dangerous because it is venomous in order to make itself appear more harmless when the anaconda is amoung the most dangerous snakes in the world. I don’t trust these bi-racials one bit. They are Trojan horses

    • Yeah that’s the crazy part about it. Our people can be so easily swayed with beautiful words. There is an agenda at hand. But many of us have such low self esteem and love to hear biracials speak pro-black rhetoric. He knows he’s seen as a sex symbol which is why he praised black women in the speech. He knew they would swoon over it…and they did. This speech was all planned weeks in advance. Why can’t our people see these things?

      • “he praised black women in the speech. He knew they would swoon over it…”

        I have not swooned! I promise! It would take a 6’5″ midnight/jet black Black man with muscle-bound arms and legs of steel to make me swoon. I guess I just described the Black version of Superman! No wonder I have yet to find my soulmate. He’s a super hero! And he wouldn’t have time for me anyway. Oh, well. Back to dreamin’!

      • Seriously though, I’m just joking. I have sworn off love and romance, I am just too jaded to believe in it and rather than hurt someone, I decline all invitations to lunch, etc. But for those who are not so jaded, I wish them all the best out there!

      • Love is never easy. You have to really open your heart to it. But if your hearts ever been broken it’s very difficult. That can make most people jaded. You have to be willing to get hurt. And that’s hard for most people. No one likes to be vunerable. But I think the risk is worth the reward.

  5. @ Kushite Prince
    ” It’s more acceptable by whites when they hear it from them because they know they have a white parent.”

    The tragic mulatto have no loyalty especially toward their “BLACK AFRICAN” family members because history has prove it time & time again. We also must keep in mind too that regardless of the situation, the mulatto still going to love their non black parent especially if its their mother. These mulatto can call out racism all day long, but deep down their not going to call out the harsh treatment of racism that has effected their BLACK AFRICANS family members because they will have to call out their non black family members as well. Let’s not forget the mulatto’s have light skinned privileges that they benefit from. The mulatto is more favor & less of a threat toward non black people because the lighter & racially ambiguous they are the closer they look European.

    Jesse Williams wife Aryn Drake-Lee might be biracial as well.

    Jessie Williams instagram page. He has pictures of non black friends.

    • His wife probably is biracial. But I do know they have a privilege that others don’t have. I do agree that they will always love their non black parent. I can not stress that enough. We have to deal with that reality.

    • Not probably, that woman IS biracial. And Jesse looks more straight up Caucasian. Unlike other biracials where you can clearly see some African in their features, there is none that is readily apparent in Jesse. He looks white like birdshit

  6. I agree with Jennifer A. Thompson on this one. If someone is willing to get up and speak truth, the real truth, then I see no reason to think that their motives are anything but sincere. The man cannot help that he is of Black and white parents.

    And it is also true that since he had both parents in the household raising him, then he has the ability to concisely get his point across while the Black men raised by a single mother will never be listened to because many of them are sitting in jail or on the corner selling drugs for lack of a father figure in their lives. A woman alone, cannot raise a son to be a man; the man he should be. If it happens, it is rare. This is why it takes two to have a baby, because it takes both to raise it.

    Black men are failing their own people because they are not remaining in the Black woman’s life that they impregnated. Instead, they are going on to the next with the same results. I believe in calling a spade, a spade and I will not give kudos where none is due and I will give kudos when they are due. And though, I did not watch the BET awards because I don’t own a TV and I have no idea who this young man is, I did read his speech and It think it was right on point.

    I don’t think everyone who speaks on the plight of Black folks in AmeriKKKa has to be jet midnight black to do so.

    • You may not have to be jet black but you do have to be genuine. And I don’t see how a man with a white mother would truly go against the system. It’s highly unlikely in my opinion. Everyone loves their mother and can’t go against her. Also Shelby you must keep in mind that they showed his parents in the audience. And that confuses black people in fighting white supremacy. It makes you think you can talk black…and sleep white. That’s a real contradiction in my opinion. But that’s why he was picked in the first place. Confusion is the enemy to revolution. And it’s clear our people are very confused.

      • Prince, please give us Black people some credit. Just because we see a Black and white couple in the audience and a man is standing up speaking on the plight of Black folks in Amerikkka and he is bi-racial, I don’t think that we are so stupid that we cannot put two and two together and reach four.

        In this age of enlightenment, no one should be THAT confused.

        People have their own reasons for jumping the fence and testing the waters of a different race. I, for one, don’t condone that, but it is not my call to make for everyone. Will some get it? Of course not. We can only hope that many will get it and think about the consequences of what they do.

        We will not be able to ever reach everyone. It is just not possible. But we can continue to put it out there that in order for our race to not die out, we need to nurture it and that takes a Black man and a Black woman. And if you look at the pictures again, I see mostly Black men jumping the fence. Now, I know that Black women have jumped the fence as well. However, I am just going by the photos in this particular post. Black man/white woman? Yeah, those Black men got some ‘confusion’ situations going on and then some.

      • Yes many of are very confused indeed. As a matter of fact I have had people tell me you can date whites and still fight That’s a real joke to me. A total contradiction in my mind. And yes I know about he coons lusting over white women. I have covered it hundreds of times on this blog. And now sistas are doing it even more. Some black people tell me we can “race mix” our way to freedom. WTF?! This is the type of confusion I’m talking about. So I wish I could give my people more credit but they have proved me wrong time and tome again. I have heard the stupidest comments on YouTube and Twitter. It reminds me how much work we all have to do. So I do my best to spread black consciousness so the next generation will have it easier. Of course I know we wont all agree. If I thought that I would’ve stop blogging years ago. I know some people don’t like these subjects I bring up sometimes. But these topics must be addressed if we want progress . I can’t be silent anymore when I see things I think are hurting our people. Or if we are being deceived. I’m just not built that way. That’s why I do this blog and will continue to try to open the minds of the sleepers. Or the black zombies as I sometimes call them.

      • Please to accept my sincerest apologies. I had no idea that that much ignorance and confusion abounds.

        You see, as well as not owning a TV, I am also not on Twitter or Facebook and rarely do I peruse Youtube except when someone posts a music video that interests me and so therefore, I am not privy to all the ignorance and confusion out there.

        I usually try not to speak on things that I do not know much about and it would appear that I should have stayed silent on this.

        Again, my apologies.

      • No it’s cool. I know quite a few people that don’t own televisions. You’re not missing And social media is full of blacks who have self hatred issues. Fakebook has quite a few of them. But I it’s an uphill battle fighting a racist machine all the time. Sometimes I feel burnt out trying to wake people up. I now realize I can’t save everyone. I tryo link up with like minded individuals. As long as we agree on at least 80-85 % of the issues we can build together. I truly love my people even though they upset me a lot. If I didn’t I would even blog at all. I don’t do this for my health,know what I mean? I don’t get paid for this..although it would be

      • Prince, I do applaud you for your seemingly tireless efforts to continue to get through to our people. I am supposed to be on a deserted island, but I cannot leave because I feel that there is more that I need to do before taking myself out of the fray.

        I wish there was a way that people like you and myself and Kelley and HLJ and many others who are fighting the ‘good’ fight could have a more visible platform for getting our message out there.

        I will brainstorm, but unless we can sing or act or play pro football, it looks like this is it. Sigh!

      • Yeah I’ve been doing some brainstorming myself. We might have to go even further underground to kick off the movement. Since white folks own and control Fakebook,Twitter,Jewtube and WordPress. Maybe you,me,Kelley and HLJ can form our own group. The Fearsome

      • That would be marvelous, if we could. We have got to somehow make our voices heard. I’ve got $16, can we purchase our own radio station with that? And you guys pay the light bill?

  7. I didn’t see the speech[we share similar feelings about BET], but I read it and thought it was on point. Regardless of who said it, some good points were made. But I’m already tired of seeing Jesse’s face everywhere! So many dang memes already. We are just eating this up. Ugh!
    Like you said, he’s an actor. He may well be a puppet in place to pacify the colored folk. Another distraction. But again like you said, he’s half white[to me, he looks straight white with a tan] with a white mother, so how can he truly go against a racist white system from which he benefits? [JFK made touching speeches and look what happened to him as a clearly fully white male.]
    Again, like you mentioned, hearing Jesse up there is confusing because his use of “us” “we” “our” blurs the lines of what defines Black. I am understanding this more than ever. And I don’t like mixed/racially ambiguous faces being the only/main faces that represent Black growth and positive movement in Hollywood, entertainment or anywhere. Where’s was Will Smith? Denzel? Forrest Whitaker? Get an OG out there and I would have really felt it.

    But I do love that he uses his platform to spark dialogue + action. Will we ever know if it’s genuine or not? Nah. [I guess if he ends up like JFK, we’ll know.] And, if nothing else, I hope his speech encourages others to continue the conversation [like you have here].

    You always give me something to think about. Thanks 😉

    • Thanks Kelley. You make a good point. It would’ve been nice to hear this from Denzel,Will or maybe Forest. But I you have to ask yourself why Jesse? You have to remember this speech was planned way in advance. Jesse knew what he was going to say. BET knew also. This was no big shock to them. So much Hollywood is orchestrated,nothing is on a whim. He did speak some truth to the audience,I will give him that. They were hooting and hollering in the audience. I’m sure some people got goosebumps. But I’ve heard it all before. When you’ve been on this pro-black consciousness journey for over fifteen years…it takes a lot to get e excited. After listening to people like Amos Wilson and Khalid Muhammad…they make Jesse seem like an amateur. But unlike them he’s a celebrity in Hollywood doing films and tv shows. Most of the time if you are really down for the struggle you will have to be underground in the trenches. White folks are not going to give anyone a big platform seen by millions to speak ill of their system. Not only is his mother white but he gets his checks from ABC. White folks employ him. It will be interesting if he his fired from the show Grey’s Anatomy. I doubt it though. But I’m glad I made you think. That’s what my blog is here for. I want to create dialogue about issues that involve the struggle of our people. I’m glad you liked the post.

      • Yea I’ve seen pictures of him in Ferguson.. but they might be just that- pictures. Who really knows if they don’t know him personally away from the limelight?

        And yes, everything in Hollywood is a production, from Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance to Harriet on some money to Trump’s antics. Maybe I’m a pessimist but lately I think to myself: self, is this a distraction? Is this occurrence meant to pacify a certain group for some big shift in the works?

      • You’re obviously a very smart woman. Keep thinking along those lines. If they distract you enough with nonsense you can’t mobilize against your oppressors.

  8. @ Kushite Prince
    What we are witnessing is the replacement of the dark skinned black man for biracial man. What black women have been complaining about for years being replace by biracial women is now happening to black men. Prime example, biracial nfl player Colin Kaepernick whose a quarterback was being use as the face of nfl, Drake a biracial rapper who is the top selling rapper, and now we have nba player Stephen Curry a racial ambiguous who is now the face of nba.

  9. The phenomenon of phony ass “militant” mulattoes isn’t new. I re-live this fakery each year during July 4th when African-Americans negroes recite that lame speech, “What is the meaning of July 4th to the negro?”, by mulatto “extraordinaire” Frederick Douglass…after which, he promptly married a white woman. The con-game is as old as when the first mulatto (seed of disorder) dropped out of the diseased womb or testicles of the European.

  10. KP, you were the first person I thought of when I heard the speech. Lol. His speech was brave but still missing a key element. In other words, it’s not so difficult to speak truth about oppression as long as you don’t call out the name the oppressors.

  11. Jessie Williams is nothing but a White racist who probably wants to run for office and much like the White Homosexuals will use Blacks to fight their cannon fodder. White people like Jessie Williams think they can speak for Black issues because their White parents tell them they will never be accepted by Whites and that they need to control Blacks.

    Jessie Williams and his Mulatto Wife are suppose to replace legitmate Black leadership with some Watered Down working within the system..

    Jessie WILLIAMS said it plain and simplye…No matter if White people abuse Black women, No matter if White people kill Black Children…..There are some good White people ….CAMERA zooms in on his WHITE MOM and we “BLACKS” just need to WORK harder to work within the CURRENT SYSTEM.

    • Yes I noticed that too. The camera cutting to his white mother was NO accident. I don’t know why black people can’t see what they’re doing. It’s all designed to confuse the black mind. And be looking at all the praise Jesse is getting…I can see it worked.

  12. There are people who are going to take issue with Jesse Williams being biracial–however, it is a reality. But it’s his words that I will focus on. There are many Black people who are of monoracial lineage who could have spoken as he did; but if we pay attention to the media of late, far too many of these KNEE-grows are coonin’. Ain’t it quite the irony to have people who many don’t esteem, saying things that Black people with two Black parents should be saying to the media. I can’t change what Jesse is but I can’t dispute what he said either. For those who know me, I’m not a fan of biracials at all, but frankly, I’m not happy with Black people who talk the talk, but can’t be a bridge or architect to build what they protest about. We have work to do. Power is a team sport.

    • You can agree with what a person says without uplifting the messenger. Countless people have said what he said. I know it was very moving to some. That’s because black people are starved for the truth. But him being biracial is an issue. There’s no way around it. I knew this post would strike a chord with many. Which is why I felt the need to do it.

  13. Here is a article back in 2015 when Jesse Williams talks about his white mother’s non black friend talking disrespectful about black people. He called her out on it, but she told him you’re different from the other black people. His white mother whose married to a black man that has a biracial child, friends with a racist white woman that is talking shit about black people. I also wonder what did his white mother stated about the situation because he never discuss her opinion on the discussion. You can rest for sure that his white mother has said major shit about black people toward other non blacks especially her racist friend. Also with his speech at the award show with his white mother in the crowd she herself knew that her child is loyal to white supremacy and wouldn’t go against momma. A lot of this goes on when a non black parent say racist statement against black people that biracial people have witness but don’t speak out about it. These non black parents that have biracial children have no loyalty toward them either and will turn against in a heart beat if a race war start today. Like I said before non black people can’t be trusted.

  14. It was an above average speech but there is no real reason for it to be getting the attention it was getting. It sounds like another BLM promoting speech. Those people who say no black man has ever said anything like that before aren’t telling the truth. There are plenty of black men-including you- and some famous ones who have said similar-and even better- things, but they receive less attention for their words. If Jesse really cares, that is good, but I am not going to be on the bandwagon. He is not someone I will follow.

  15. I agree with what you say about biracials as I don’t agree with them being labeled as black, can’t deny that fact that any one of those black celebrity coons could use their platforms to make the same speech that Jessie did but they DIDN’T.

    So, if the biracials steal blacks’ thunder and shine it’s only because we blacks allow them to do so. Again, are the “real” blacks using their celebrity to advance social issues related to black people?

    • He was given the Humanitarian Award so he had to say something with substance. But he’s down with the George Soros funded Black Lives Matter Movement. So any group funded by rich racist whites can’t be legit. It was a nice speech and he spoke some truth but I’ve heard it many times before by black people. He is getting tons of praise because he’s biracial and a tv star. He is “allowed” to do so because BET is owned by a white man. They hand pick who will get the award. It was all planned way in advance. They knew what this guy was going to say. Black people are so colorstruck that they love to hear pro-black rhetoric from people that don’t look like them. This guy is not Malcolm X so everyone needs to calm down. Yes there are many black coons,I’ve covered them on this very blog. So if I call them out…you best believe I’m going to call this guy out as well. He came from a white vagina…he is not genuine. I don’t care how eloquent the speech may have sounded. I can’t be so easily fooled by pretty words.

  16. Good points. Are you aware that just because a person has light skin and soft hair does not meant they are white ot mixed with white? All colors come from Black, and that is how African women give birth to albinos. For example, there are people with light hair and skin and blue eyes in my family, but there are not whites in our families. They are all Black aka Native American and African.

    I sensed an agenda with Zaza Ali. We cannot forget that many Black men who are of a darker complexion fawn over light-skinned women…so maybe this is what Griff was attracted to in her. Remember, I posted that many pro-Black men go for the other persuasions…they don’t have to be all white, or white at all, but many have secretly abandoned Black women.

    This was a thoughtful post and I think it will spur a larger discussion on just what we are being handed on a platter by Khazar Jew/Euro priest class-run media. Let us not forget who runs Google/DARPA and the social media platforms either. “They” watch everything that is posted, and so the propaganda will continue, as they know many Black/African people are eating it up.

    • Oh please!! There are dark-skinned black women like Alfre Woodard, Khandi Alexander, Grace Jones, Garcelle Beauvais, Rutina Westley, Tamyra Gray and Naomi Campbell that either date or marry white males. Here we go again with that tired whining that black men are the problem give me a fucking break!

  17. Nice post asafo. Imagine I had pOster my own take on this before seeing yours. Shows you how the conscious minds work. I just want to ask a general question though. Whenever Afrikan men criticize the questionable actions of the currant flavor of the moment, the response from the defenders of that flavor is…what have you done? Or I don’t see you doing anything. The attempt to marginalize legitimate critique of people who haven’t drank the Kool aid, by ASS suming nothing is being done, is the go to deflection of those who refuse to be rational or discerning. Hence the push back by the pro Jesse Williams sycophants, who claim that more black men should do what he did. Miss me with that bullshit! We must also consider that besides the run of the mill lawn jockeys in hollywierd, who refuse to stop sucking spit for a minute to say something. You also have others who may not be bootlickers in the traditional sense, but who choose the paycheck over unemployment. So we have to be somewhat careful asking just anybody to be militants without us being able to offer a safety net when the floor is removed from under them. This is the major problem in not having your own. And this is the main reason why we steady losing. Not white oppression or POLICE murders. US not having our own AND defending it. This is what integration has wrought. This and the lycan breed…

    • That’s what I’m saying. We not to own and control our own media. The racist media will always stick fake ass negroes and corny mulattoes in our face. They all need to be exposed in my opinion. And there are brothers and sistas in the community putting work. they are black people mentoring young children,building homes,teaching the youth about black/African culture,homeschooling and community activism. I’ve done it myself and I know others that do. But Jesse is just more visible than the underground people on the streets. So while everyone is swooning over this dude..we know the REAL! An award from white-owned BET???? Negro please! Black people can be so gullible at times. We fall for the same damn tricks! When will we learn?

  18. If you think the great black civilizations have disappeared because of mixing blood!
    Why for white men was so important destroy the black culture, our DNA and every collegamente with our mother Africa, they understood that destroyed our DNA through mixed blood was efficient and fast!
    As Dr. Chancellor Williams taught us well; and the lessons of the past that he shared with us are repeating themselves right before our eyes. Our Ancestors taught us that history is living and it is being made at every moment. And if we forget the lessons of the past, they are bound to repeat themselves.
    In this vain, a seriously overlooked aspect of the history of Black/white interaction is the role of the mulatto in the oppression of Afrikan people. In fact, when one looks at the history of Black/white conflict on planet Earth, one finds that the Black/white mulatto mix-breed has been “the white man’s most effective agent in helping destroy Black civilizations” – Chancellor Williams.

    For this reason is importa that these mulattoes born from white women, how I said you one time, the mother is the first image that the child recognizes and also his/her
    first teacher of life, did not notice why the majority of these unions are among BM and WW?
    When it comes to a female image it is easier to convey the love and loyalty for white supremacy,because nobody would imagine that white women are racist,for their gender!
    What white people are trying to say to full black people, that bi-racial people are new black race, and we want or not we will accept!
    This situation it would have had a different story if we had been more aware of our history,their presence will always find in our family tree! Because for good or for bad, white people are the only people in the world that is so pathologically obsessed with us!
    History always repeats itself, but it is we who refuse to learn the lesson, beacuse our mind are slaves!

    • Thank you Nubian. Many people always focus on the white man. They always let the white woman slide. She is the greatest ally to the white man. Who do you think raises all these racist white boys? And we can never forget what the mulattoes have done in history. That’s why they had mixed race people in the NAACP in the beginning. Black people easily fawn over biracial people. We have to be wiser and learn from history. Thanks for the video links. I always appreciate your information.

      • White women aren’t loyal to black men, It is not in their nature!
        The only women are always been loyal to black men are black women, no white women! Look Obama mother and other white women,after black men left them, they go back with their men!
        I remember this white girl,she told me, she didn’t like black men,
        ok it’s fine. But she said when she was working in she went with one her black colleague! So both of them were drunk so they went…the day after she realized, she was in bed with a black guy,she was justified with him that was just an adventure, for him maybe was love! After that she was still tell me, she doesn’t like black men!
        They don’t care about black men and their racist problem, white women they feel like they have right to do,so they can sleep with anyone, but at the end of the day, they don’t give a fu***k!

  19. Ok, so we agree that biracials can’t be trusted.

    Now, having said that, which black celebrity is using their platform to consistently speak truth to power? You say we’ve heard it before from blacks in the past, and you’re right, we have. But which black celebrity are we hearing it from TODAY? There are many black celebrities with a much bigger platform than Jessie Williams, that they could use for activism, yet they remain silent. Hell, this was the BET awards- there was an audience full of black celebrities that could use any of their multiple platforms to do the same. It doesn’t take receiving a humanitarian award to make a statement. It could be something as simple as a tweet, facebook post, Youtube video, personal webpage, etc.

    We may not like or trust Jessie Williams, then shouldn’t we be looking to the people we do like and trust to speak our truth? It’s okay to point out the obvious with him, but at the same time, shouldn’t we be calling these other black celebrities that we support who feel the need to remain silent?

    Everything you said about him is probably true, but we can’t negate the fact that he IS speaking truth AND he’s vocal when most if not all of the black celebrities are saying NOTHING. Even for him, don’t you think it’s much easier and safer for him to remain silent too? It’s great that blacks have said it in the past, but show me the ones who are saying it TODAY.

    Otherwise I agree that blacks would be foolish to allow biracials and foreign-born blacks to speak on our behalf. But to that I say: we’d had better start speaking up then!

    • You bring up a good point. I have called out coons like Charles Barkley,Stephen A Smith,Raven Symone,Whoopi Goldberg,Morgan Freeman,Don Lemon and countless others for not speaking on our behalf. They speak in favor of our oppression and only point out the faults of blacks but NEVER whites. So if I call them out on being Uncle Toms and coons….why should Jesse be left out? You would be correct if this was directed at someone who doesn’t point out black celebs…but I do. Also there are others who support the Black(gay) Lives matter movement. Many have tweeted about it and mentioned it on Fakebook. Celeb supporters like Kanye West,John Legend,Kendrick Lamar,Jay Z,Azealia Banks, Beyoncé ,Russell Simmons and Samuel L. Jackson. So he is not alone. I personally believe that the white elite chose him to be the honorary spokesman. Jesse didn’t start the organization. It was started by three black lesbians. Keep in mind,BET chose to give him the award over others. So the question is…why him?

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  21. Kush,I’m glad you brought this up,I myself applauded Jesse speech.But now when Jesse speaks,I want to hear SOLUTIONS to black people’s problems,not a speech.As I told Truth yesterday about Larry Elder who criticized Jesse speech,I do remember that Larry Elder is part of the Boule.All Larry did was criticize Jesse for not bringing up black on black crime,but does Larry Elder have solutions for black on black crime a subject he constantly brings up when blacks scream about a cop killing a unarmed black person.Some black men are cooning for ww,but as my mother said there is no reason for bm to run behind something a white man is willing to pimp to them.I totally agree with DOAN,I don’t want to touch them,let alone mate with them.Wm are using ww to have bm caught up in the swirl . Cuckold sub-culture is growing like rapid fire among wm,Why?Well the European continent plus the US is in total upheaval, GOD’S judgement is at hand,so outside of a race war,the ww is the wm last resource before the Lord closes the book on them.Kush,just look at the demise of their culture,pimping ww to bm,Harriet Tubman face of the new $20 bill is being done to pacify us.If we blacks are sub-human to whites,then why are they trying to pacify us?My opinion is that their King Saul moment is about to visit them.What happened to King Saul,GOD rejected King Saul,and replaced him with King David. Great article on Jesse that has me thinking.GOD bless you Kushite

  22. He look more white than tim wise. I ain’t sweating tim wise and I ain’t sweating this cracker. Just another marketing scheme. No one watching BET. No one talked about it in years. The commercials were like “This will be Lit” trying to be relevant.

    BET just reaching. If he was so progressive, he would have spoken ill of BET. Let’s be real.

  23. Great post! I think that this Jesse’s speech and this post has triggered some very touchy topics THAT REALLY NEEDS to be discussed in the Black Community. I see that there are interesting and mixed reviews and dialogue about his speech.

    First of all, I think that his speech was great, especially the part in which he is acknowledging and praising Black Women’s contributions and sacrifices to the liberation of black people, which just so often goes ignored and or dismissed by Black People ALL THE TIME. Black Women themselves have said what Jesse has been saying for the last 4 decades. Black Women are just tired of it, I see more and more Black Women are waking up to the sad reality that the Black “community” as a collective could give two fucks in hell at the plight of black women. I’m seeing more and more black women are asking the black “community” some tough questions one being what is it going to take to get the black collective to see that misogynoir towards black women and girls in and out of the “community” is very, very harmful not just towards the women and girls, but the “community” as a whole?

    I take issue with many black men saying that black women are as you say “swooning” over Jesse’s looks, lol. Now, I’m not naive enough to think that you don’t have any colorstruck black women, but the majority of black women I spoke with on and offline were more focused on what he said than his looks. Like I said above, black women have been trying to tell the “community” what he said for 4 decades, buuuut it fell on the “community’s” deaf ears.

    The majority of Black Women and girls prefer dark-skinned black men over light skinned black men. One of my sista bloggers discussed in numerous posts (which btw I posted on my misogynoir blog) how many black women say that they can’t “do” a light skin man cause they are “too feminine.” I can’t count how many times I’ve heard that myself, but I can count how many sistas say they prefer light men over dark men. I see Black Women and girls discussing how they want a dark skin man to be their husband and father of their children, but many feel they won’t have that cause many dark skin men have that pale skin fetish. The majority of Black Women see the dark skin black man as the epitome of black masculinity, as God NOT the light skin man. Me personally, only a dark skin brotha razzes my jazz. It’s sad how much of the “community” sees dark skin men” and women differently. The dark skin man as seen as God whereas the dark skin woman is seen as the devil;”destroying” the race. Misogynoir at its extreme!

    I KNOW for a fact that many black women so wish that Jesse was a dark skin brotha saying this. Sistas would have REALLY been “swooning.” Many are asking why did it take a biracial man to say this? IMO, not that a dark skin man never said this though, the camera/spotlight wasn’t near (maybe on purpose) to catch it.

    As far as Jesse’s wife goes, she doesn’t look biracial as some biracial people DO look like they have 2 black parents. I think that is reason 2 why he’s winning with many black women. I was shocked cause many biracial men end up with biracial women (who look like Halle Berry) like themselves or white women. I was told by some sistas on Tumblr that people were bashing his wife’s looks cause she doesn’t look like the stereotypical conventionally attractive biracial woman (aka Alicia Keys, Halle Berry Types) she looks more like in their eyes a “basic” looking monoracial black woman.

    • On the other hand though, it’s still in the back of my mind the complicated history between black and biracial people. I’m currently reading (for the 2nd time) Dr. Williams’ The Destruction of Black Civilization. That chapter called the Mulatto Problem is what I thought of when I saw this post, lol. So although Jesse’s speech was exciting and riviting, I’m aware of the history treasonous mulatto and I can’t by pass it.

    • @theoriginalblackwoman
      I’m glad you mention this statement below I have seen this happen many of times when a biracial women especially they don’t come off as the stereotypical preferred look among biracial light skinned or look more racially ambiguous, straight, wavy, curly (but more of a loose curl pattern hair type). Even you go on a page that is cater to biracial’s most pictures of the stereotypical biracial look especially among the women.
      “I was told by some sistas on Tumblr that people were bashing his wife’s looks cause she doesn’t look like the stereotypical conventionally attractive biracial woman (aka Alicia Keys, Halle Berry Types) she looks more like in their eyes a “basic” looking monoracial black woman.”

    • Thanks OBW. I knew this post would touch a nerve with a lot of I don’t think every black woman swooned over him but quite a lot did. I saw countless memes and comments on Twitter saying “Jesse is too fine”…”Look at those gorgeous eyes”…etc. So it’s not my imagination. But I do think many black women love dark skinned men. Maybe it’s not just his light skin and light eyes but just the words he used. I think just the fact that he praised black women is what got him favor with most black women. He could’ve been darker skinned and many still what have loved it. There are some black men on YouTube hating on Jesse but for different reasons. The anti-black women and sexist men hate him for praising black women. That’s not my beef. My beef is I’m tired of these mulattoes standing in our place. This has been going on since the NAACP was started. Even if it was Alicia Keys up praising black men and the struggle we go through…many black men would be hyping her up. But I try to be consistent with my ideology. I have called out the media for uplifting biracial women in place of my African sistas. I got a lot of props from the dark skin sistas. But now that I’m going after Jesse many black woman are getting upset. You can’t have it both ways. If we’re going to go after these mulatties then it has to be both genders calling them out. But I do agree that there is a double standard with dark skin men and women. I have covered that subject before. This Jesse thing has opened up a can of worms. And that’s the problem. His being mixed has become a distraction. Which is what usually happens when mixed race people are involved.

      • YOU Said: My beef is I’m tired of these mulattoes standing in our place.

        I say: You make this statement as if there is a multitude of black celebrities that are PUBLICLY involved in activism risking career and security for the advancement of black people. This just is not the case. It’s not. The truth is that the playing field is wide open for any black celebrity to “stand in our place” but they choose not to. Sending a tweet is great and all, but how many of them are consistently using national platforms to speak against black victimization to millions of people? Think about that for second: this man said what he said to MILLIONS of people. There are black celebrities that have this kind of audience with cameras and microphones in their faces constantly but they ain’t talkin. You can’t really be mad at the mulattoes for “standing in our place” when we’re not standing up.

      • “This Jesse thing has opened up a can of worms. And that’s the problem. His being mixed has become a distraction. Which is what usually happens when mixed race people are involved.”

        I believe that it opened up a very necessary can of worms,lol. It brought up so many issues that black people run from like the plague: colorism, intra-racism, misogynoir, sexism, the bi-racial deception. I am a analytical and critically thinking person that tends to look at all angles of an issue. One thing that I learned about black women is that when someone defends black women’s honor, which rarely happens, especially on a public platform, black women will come at you when they feel you are attacking them (in this case Jesse). Jesse stood up on national t.v. and honored black women’s contributions and sacrifices for a society and community that shows no appreciation or gratitude to black women. Increasing numbers of Black Women are speaking out about how soo many people (including other black people) are benefiting off of black women’s culture and or labor without acknowledging the creators and their contributions while treating black women and girls like subhumans. We’re just tired. All we’re asking is to be treated with respect and support in return when we support others.

        On the other hand, I understand what you are saying about the distractions that bi-racial people cause amongst black people. I will NEVER elevate Light skin/biracial people over the dark skin black people. That’s like trying to replace a duplicate copy with the original copy. Again I understand the trouble past and present that bi-racials have cause black people. I’ve encountered bi=racial people who turn their noses up at black people then want to benefit off of the great aspects of being black. That never sit well with me. This is why I say if bi=racials want to claim blackness then black people are going to have drop the one drop rule and set new standards like O.k. you’re black, you love black people, then you’re gonna prove your loyalty.

      • The biracial push is coming on strong. Many biracial people are shunned by whites so they come over to the black side. They know they will be elevated because their light skin and light eyes. Since so many black people suffer from colorism they know it works to their advantage. You have to look at mixed people on a case by case. I think Bob Marley really did care about the well being of black people. They are some I’ve met that seem genuine. But I just don’t think they should be the beauty standard for black people. I think it’s hard for black people to give up the one drop rule. It’s ingrained in our minds for centuries. But we have to have a clear definition of blackness otherwise we can’t move forward. And you’re right,sometimes the can of worms needs to be opened. That way we can deal with these issues head on.

    • There have been plenty of black men and dark-skinned who have said much more, even in front of the camera, LONG before Jesse made these comments. Those who say otherwise aren’t telling the truth.

      • What modern-day celebrity are you referring to? I am really interested and would love to stand corrected. I hope you’re not going back to Mohammed Ali on us…

      • David Banner, Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, etc. Many rappers have said the same in songs, including early Kanye. I am sure there are more celebrities whohave said it on camera in one way or the other. There are other famous men-though not an athlete or musicial type person. They are obvious ones too.

  24. This issue deals with many topics. The black liberation struggle should be headed by black people not by biracial people. Therefore, the powers that be would prop up biracial folks as a way for them to promote the myths of black inferiority and the myth of white superiority. That’s true. Black is Beautiful and black freedom is superior to white racism. Also, we know that there is a history of many biracial people having confusion, insecurities, and harm done to the black liberation movement from the Haitian Revolution (which was a heroic movement that defeated white supremacists) to other events. Jesse Williams spoke on many issues that black folks have talked about for a long time. Some of the new information about him that people here have shown is the first time I have heard of this information, so we can agree with the message while having legitimate critiques about the messenger.

    It is a shame that society ignores and discards black voices speaking in revolutionary terms, but we fight on. Also, we have an epidemic of misogynoir in our community. Black women have made great contributions throughout human history just like Black men. We, as black people, must address that evil and combat completely. Many of our people seek truth and we have the right to show it. Fighting for freedom is a psychological situation too. Praising our natural, black African features and respecting black people is a prerequisite for true freedom. We have to love how we are created to be in order to love our people for real.

    A network that constantly degrades our humanity can never free us. In order for us to be free, we have to be use our own self-determination.

    • “Many of our people seek truth and we have the right to show it. Fighting for freedom is a psychological situation too. Praising our natural, black African features and respecting black people is a prerequisite for true freedom. We have to love how we are created to be in order to love our people for real. A network that constantly degrades our humanity can never free us. In order for us to be free, we have to be use our own self-determination.”
      Beautifully said Timothy! You really nailed what I was trying to say. Thanks a lot brother.

  25. @N.S: Thanks for the reply, but here’s the thing: not the take anything away from those gentlemen you named, but saying something through tracks over a beat, although is technically still addressing the issue, is NOT the same thing as looking squarely into a camera on national television and decisively speaking truth in front of an audience of millions.

  26. Im sure someone mentioned frederick douglass already. A biracial who married white, is one of the most famous AfAm. I now see thats no coincidence.
    Jesse Williams speech was pre-approved, and I now understand that the camera panning to his white mother…..that was for white viewers. I get it now.
    I havent lived with cable in nine years. I only just listened to the speech yesterday on youtube.

    Yes, the use of mulattos causes MUCH confusion. People like Adam clayton powell and that fat ugly white (black?) man who’s the head of the congressional black caucus, GK Butterfield. I personally admit to always having been tremendously confused when these white people are lifted to high positions and positioned to lead blacks. L Douglas Wilder, the grandson of slaves….had an uncle that was the 1st black doctor in virginia (the son of slaves). So ummm..pardon my french, but how TF did he end up looking like a white man???! His bio has all the earmarks that gave people the [fake] hope that after the end of slavery we could truly do anything. But..but…but….he looks white. The lengths of carefully orchestrated deception will never cease to amaze me. In this case, we’re talking about the use of mulattos against black people.

    Alot of “mixed” people, such as Zaza–you will notice one common thread. They were largely rejected (or claim to be) by the black community. They always claim they were bullied, alienated, envied, beat up, outcasted, etc etc. But later on as adults, they’re lifted by tptb to highly visible roles. If youre a biracial teacher in a black school system, you’ll have a shot a principle one day. If youre a police officer, you can rise through the ranks faster. So yeah, biracials have to be watched carefully, especially any of them put into “black leadership” roles.

    Some say historically, they can go either way. They were double agents that knew massa’s secrets. But its like you said KP–theyll be loyal to their mothers first. And during slavery times, 99% of them were the offspring of black mothers. Now, its the opposite….so yeah.

    Im still seething over that “pro black” ebony cover with nothing ut mulattos on the front. Mind you, a few months prior, they had a “plus size” issue with all these fat black, and of course brown skinned, women on the cover with their guts hanging out. I dont read ebony but it still pissed me off.

    The use of biracials to cause confusion is on level 1000 right now….

  27. Mixed race people are just the gateway to erasing black people from everything…look at the media and look at the “blacks” in high ranking positions…Mixed race people just make it easier for White people to take over our culture and claim it.

  28. How truthangel07 said, they think are a product of love, but all of us blacks born in the Americas, and we know our history!
    Because North America and the other Americas have shared the same story, history of slavery and rapes! They should ask themselves how mulattoes come in this world? Through rapes!
    White men in the past they had fun to rape black women, not the game has changed, they think BM and WW can justify or better erase that stain of shame!
    Every black women spleep with white men should be ashamed! White men treat them better? Ask their female ancestors, what they did to them when they slept at night! I am sorry, I don’t think so they will be pround of these black women!
    I don’t feel sorry for their being victims, for their “mulattos misunderstood!”,because they feel so special and arrogant, because their arrogance is caused of white blood!
    They don’t know our history,they don’t know anything, they have been thrown from the white women womb,they have lived all their lives in White world, and now they want teach us what’s mean being blacks in this world!
    They don’t know what our ancestors have done for us, they have sacrificed their life for us, whether we are alive today, and thanks to them!

    • I’ve noticed that when black people talk about slavery without shame and tranquility in front of white people, they feel full of shit!

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