Imani Tillery (Athlete Wife edition)

Jameer Nelson..

Imani Tillery is the wife of NBA player Jameer Nelson. Nelson played basketball for the Orlando Magic and Denver Nuggets.

8 thoughts on “Imani Tillery (Athlete Wife edition)

  1. Loving this series, seeing black men with fame and money married to black women, bring black kids who are not impoverished into the world. The media hates it though that’s why you rarely see them, they wish the type of kids I mentioned never existed. They do the same thing over here with the footballers, especially since most are were not born in the UK a lot of black footballers are married to black women but you scarcely see them on television. TV have you believing in the opposite of reality half of the time.

    • That’s true. That’s why I wanted to do this series. Everyone keeps telling that most black athletes are with white/Hispanic women. But it’s because the media promotes them the most. I thought that viewpoint needed to be countered.

  2. Lovely very lovely. The idea that the main spin media likes to promote that Black athletes only go with non black women needs to be slain and buried. Good work on exposing the truth

  3. Thanks for the post Kushite Prince.
    A lot of black women think that black male athletes are chasing biracial or non black women, but that is not true the media only gives them what they want you too see.
    Here is a picture with ex-football player Donovan McNabb with his wife they been together since college. I’m glad he kept her because it was a black female reporter that Donovan & white actor Robert Deniro were both trying to get with but she chose Robert

    Sanya Richards Husband Aaron Ross (Sanya is an Olympic gold medalist & Aaron a superbowl ring nfl player)

    Devin Hester’s Wife Zingha Walcott

    Jerome Bettis and his wife, Tremeka

    LaDainian Tomlinson & wife

    NE Patriots LB Jerrod Mayo and wife

    Bryan McFadden and wife Sherry

    Ryan Clark’s wife Yonka

    demarcus ware wife taniqua smith

      • @Kushite Prince
        You are truly welcome. If you ever pay attention closely to the biracial women black male athletes date or marry the media advertise certain one’s that look a certain way. Prime example Ayesha Curry who is attractive, mixed racial heritage or racial ambiguous, light eyes, & long hair. It’s the same with dark skinned black women too that black male athletes date or marry. Prime example Gabrielle Union she’s a very attractive sistah that have a across over look that non black people like, rather then Savannah James (LeBron James wife) even though she is cute too.

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