Today’s Rap music makes me miss Tupac

Young Thug...

This is rapper Young Thug wearing a dress.  He says he’s not gay.  I have my doubts about that.


Rapper Camron looking pretty in pink. I’m glad that trend of brothers wearing pink didn’t catch on.


Rapper/actress Siya is considered one of the hottest up and coming rappers.  Yep..she’s a lesbian.

Cee Lo...

Rapper Cee Lo Green used to drop some good lyrics back in the day.  Now he’s a complete sellout!  He knows he looks ridiculous in that dress!

Rapper Dphil...

Rapper DPhil is making quite the statement wearing lipstick.  This homo-thug culture is killing the mind of black youth.  Notice the all seeing eye in the background?  I guess he’s down with the agenda right?

Angel Haze..

Rapper Angel Haze(on the right) doesn’t hide her sexuality.  She is very open about being a lesbian.  The girl next to her is her girlfriend  model Ireland Baldwin. So even the gay black women hook up with white girls??  God help us!!

Rapper Kaoz...

Rapper Kaoz is trying to be a crusader for gay rappers.  I’m sure you notice his rainbow beanie.  Is this the type of rap music we need right now?  The sad part is a homosexual/lesbian rapper can get more acceptance by mainstream media than a pro-black rapper.  This shows you want the media wants for our people.  Tupac wasn’t perfect,he had his faults.  But at least he tried to speak to the plight of his people.  He gave us songs like Dear Mama,Brenda’s Got a Baby,Changes and White Man’s World.  I don’t think any of these talentless clowns will be inspiring our people anytime soon.  Hip hop is in a really bad state.  I know the future looks bleak  but…Keep your head up.

43 thoughts on “Today’s Rap music makes me miss Tupac

  1. Well, one thing that is for sure, is that Tupac wore his pants hanging down or sagging, and I have also seen some photos of him in a bathtub in a very suggestive almost homosexual manner. Maybe he got caught up at first and changed later, but to be honest, these folks who get ahead, have to do all kinds of weird stuff to stay ahead. Check it out, you will see, even with Tupac, the virus got to him too.

    • Your comment reminds me of the book written by a white man about the great Nat Turner. He wrote in his revisionist book that the great freedom fighter was a homosexual. There also was a book about Malcolm X where they tried to say he had a gay white lover. This is nothing but defamation of character. People love to destroy the images of strong black men who fight against white supremacy. I get the feeling that’s where you are coming from. I could be wrong. Yes I’ve seen the pic of Tupac in the bathtub. It wasn’t his best photo but I highly doubt he was gay. Tupac comes from a family of revolutionaries. His mother Afeni was a Black Panther. Tupac had a genuine love for his people and you could hear it in his words. You can’t compare Tupac to this new crop of homos and dykes. Thse guys are cross dressing homosexuals ruining the image of hip hop. Which is why the racist white media promotes these type of rappers. Tupac had more heart and passion than Lil Wayne,50 Cent,Drake,Big Sean and Tyga. These guys today aren’t even on Tupac’s level. I do agree that the elite can get their claws in you. And there’s a heavy price for fame. I’ve covered that topic many times on my blog. But I don’t think Tupac was gay. As a matter of fact,I remember him saying that Dr Dre was gay. I have heard this before about Dre.

      • Yeah I think so too. I heard that he went against the elite and they didn’t like that. They made it into a beef between him and Biggie. And then had them both killed. That’s probably why he called his last CD Killuminati. He spoke a lot of truth on that cd. Tupac had more heart than the new crop of rappers today. There’s no comparison.

      • Well, you don’t have to be “gay” to have a seat on the casting couch. It seems to be what they all have to do. It’s also a part of the blackmail they pull on folks to get them to do their bidding, either that or they kill you. And they don’t always mean physically.
        They got star whackers that can do a number on you and your family and make you wish you were physically dead.
        I don’t think Tupac was gay either, it’s just that they will use that against him. Being gay to me is not a terrible thing. It’s the exploitation of the lifestyle.
        Sorta like how someone would pretend to be Black for the notoriety of it. Some of these dudes are really in the Life and some of them are just using it because it’s relevant. Strange days indeed.

      • That’s a good point. I don’t think most people are aware of the “initiation” process you go through to make it big time. That goes for the music and film/tv industry. You basically have to sell your soul. In the long run it’s not worth it. Many artists end up regretting it later on.

      • I actually struggle with the “sell your soul part” but I do agree they allow their persona, spirit, mind and body to be used for the gain and the fame. Lost in the sauce of the fanfare, they may appear “soul-less” but the soul is immortal and is a manifestation of Source and it cannot be bought and sold, no more than we can buy Divinity or buy The Most High.
        This matrix has us thinking our salvation is outside of ourselves, when we look close enough, we have God within, our spark of divinity, our star in the Cosmic Body of the Divine. Sometimes the twinkle gets a little dim when we do stuff to harm.
        “You are appreciated”

      • Well I live in California and I know brothers that are aspiring rappers and music producers. I have been given personal accounts about these offers being given. There is more to the music industry than most know about. People just don’t want to accept the reality of the society we live in. The people in Hollywood and the music industry are satanic. Trust me on this one. But I do agree that the soul is immortal and can’t truly be bought. However when you “sell your soul” they will come collect. The Devil always collects his debts. I have done a few posts in the past about the behind the scenes in the industry.

  2. I hate how black artists are nowadays. They are just awful, I see some young black teens act like these crap artists, my little sis who is 15 listen to that crap, and tried doing drugs like her friends to be like their favorite artists, luckily my mom is starting to change her attitude around so she doesn’t become one of those artists, or a dropout. PS. I wish there were more black men (not thugs) like you. All the black “men” (don’t think I can call them that) here will drop a beautiful dark skin or light skin sistah for a fat white woman as fast as lightning.

    • Black children shouldn’t emulate any artist on this list. This is part of the homosexual/transgender agenda. We have to stand against this bullcrap. This is not the path our people should follow. These rappers are just pawns. Thanks for the comment Jazz.

  3. This is sad & sick at the same time, you forgot to add female rapper Dej Loaf to the list. Angel Haze is an attractive female minus the tattoos, but I wonder is she a stud or a fem in the relationship because on her instagram page she dress like a female then back to male. Siya is all the way out there ain’t no turning back for her . Young Thug will eventual come out of the closet or be busted with a tranny. Also the black male rappers have became more emasculated & the black female rappers have became masculate. Since these mentally ill people have a public platform and many followers more confusion to add too the black community.

    • Yes I think Angel is acute sista. She’s not bad looking. I just hate that she’s putting that “gay energy” out in the universe. Children shouldn’t have to deal with this nonsense. And you’re right,Dej Loaf is another one. She is the true definition of a bull

  4. We all know that what ever WE do is cool. And it spreads. FAST. Whoever is in charge knows exactly what they’re doing.

    Highly disturbing photos, but I always appreciate you spreading the good word!

    • I do my best. But there’s no doubt we are the trendsetters. We create the slang,clothing,music and all the “swagger”. Then everyone else copies it. They are using our own people against us because they know we will do it to get paid.

    • Yeah they do fairly well. I know Krit has had some mainstream success. But it’s really hard for a lot of conscious rappers to get some shine. Many like Precise Science,Sa Roc,Stahhr and Kalik Scientific don’t get much mainstream radio play. It’s because their lyrics are either to pro-black,uplifting or speaking truth to power. And so they have to remain underground artists. The real TRUTH is rarely heard on the radio. That’s why I don’t listen to that much of it anymore. I miss the days when we had Public Enemy,X Clan,Jungle Brothers and old Queen Latifah.

      • You don’t even have to be conscious…if you’re not talking about doing drugs, money, clubbing….you won’t be on radio.

      • I’m so glad that I’ve kept a lot of my ‘ol school and my siblings ‘ol school music while growing up. Though I am not of the hip-hop era, there a few that I like to listen to, but ‘ol school music was more uplifting, less confrontational and spoke more about family, love, etc.

        I guess every genre of music has its place. (shrugging).

  5. Come on Kushite Prince you should know Tupac was a coon, definition of coon, a black person who entertains white people. The fact black people now have Tupac and NWA as role models, culturally classic music is a major calls for concern. Tupac went from speaking on police brutality and making song which celebrate hardworking black mothers to dying in a gang related drive=by and have thug life tattooed on his stomach. If that’s not a backwards step what isn’t? Look at how many violent altercations he was caught up in with other Afrikans, look at the fact he was convicted of rape, look at the fact he had a pale skin fetish, he dated Madonna, he was sleeping around with porn stars in Europe.

    To me he was like the second coming of Muhammad Ali, he had some good rhetoric, he was hypocritical and now white people own much of what both of them had worked for.

    You are right about the homosexuality though, it is so common now, you can see mainstream American rap music is a tool used against black people.

    • I feel where you’re coming from brother. I’ve said a lot of the things you’ve said about Tupac to family and friends. As I said,he had his faults. He had a true love for his people but he was killed at 25. Who knows what he would’ve been at 30 or 45 years old? Our brothers in the streets are dying too young so they aren’t given the chance to grow and evolve into men. I know a lot of brothers who are very different at 40 than they were at 21. I don’t agree with everything he said and did but I was comparing his spirit and passion to today’s rappers. I would still take him over 50 Cent,Lil Wayne,Drake,Young Jeezy,Big Sean,Future or any of these fools on the radio today. I’m just saying it’s gotten way worse with the pushing of this gay/lesbian shit. At least there was some hope with Tupac. He could’ve changed in my opinion and been an asset to his people.

      • There wasn’t hope people love grasping for straws. There is no excuse for a grown man, almost 30 to degenerate from been a smart conscious black man (like in the video you posted) to a wannabe gangbanger. That is a massive backwards step, many people also ignore/dgaf about the fact he was on the cusp of becoming a mainstay Hollywood actor. Look at other Hollywood actors and s
        actressed who ‘kept it real’ in the 90’s, Ice Cube, Method Man, RZA, Eve ect. Not the kind of company you would think off for someone who ‘could have changed’.

        I agree he was far more talented and put in far more effort into his rap but that was part-and-parcel of 90’s rap. That’s about it, if that’s the case don’t wish for Tupac wisch for that quality of rap to return to the mainstream.

      • Yes I do see your point. I just get tired of seeing our people die so young. So much young potential snuffed out. I also can’t imagine any rapper saying anything like Tupac said in that video. But I do wish more conscious and uplifting rap music would come back. Children today are so full of self hate and anti-blackness from the garbage on the radio. Which is why I do try to promote more conscious hip hop on my blog. And Cube,Method man and RZA totally sold out. Cube was areal letdown though. I guess he saw the money and changed his views with a quickness. I remember when Khalid Muhammad called him out.

      • Ice Coon, hahaha.

        There were lots of rappers who spoke like Tupac from time to time, Spice 1 Welcome to the Ghetto is a good example but Spice 1 was FAR from a Conscious rapper. It was the norm as Hip Hop culture still hadn’t lost influence in mainstream rap. Just before Gangsta Rap’s rise Conscious Rap was popular, so I can’t say it Tupac was a genius or an anomaly of the early 90’s. I can say he did switch up which is undeniable.

        Tupac was a talented brother, a stand up guy in his early career but by the time of his death he was a changed man.

      • I have to admit that I have not watched an episode of this series yet, so I can’t say. But I’ll have to take your word for it. 😉

  6. Black people still follow Christianity? How diaryofanegrees said, Christianity is homosexual and pedophilia religion, isn’t religion of love,family and ecc!
    Everything they said is lie! Long time ago when I was in Italy, there were some many news about homosexual and pedophiles priests and bishops,they practiced sexual abuse on children! The Vatican City is the house of Satan isn’t house of God! The major of Christian priests and bishops they are!
    Is shame that people around the world go to see the Pope! He is the first one he knows everyhting, what is going on inside!
    I don’t listen the news and I don’t want read the newspapers beacuse only thing they are talking right now LGBTQ, really I am tired!
    If we are not involved, we are compelled by force to accept this! Why?
    I don’t want accept, what it is? “BE WHO YOU ARE.LOVE WHO YOU LOVE?
    Where is family? I don’t see family in this people! When babies born form men?
    People are die every day in the world,these psychopaths are care so much about LGBTQ!
    They care so much about these things but when it’s come black lifes or anyone non-whites their life is irrelevant!!
    I prefere stay inside in my circle that mingle mixed with this cr**p!

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