Alligator Attack vs Harambee the Gorilla

There seems to be more sympathy for a white child  killed by an alligator than the black mom whose son fell in a gorilla compound.  I find this interesting considering that white people used to use black babies as alligator bait.  Is this a double standard?  It sure looks like it to me. What do you think?



37 thoughts on “Alligator Attack vs Harambee the Gorilla

  1. @ Kushite:

    I KNEW that you would talk about this!

    And of course, you’re not the only one:

    Warning — this video contains a lot of profanity.

    I haven’t watched this video, but LovelyTi is always on point, too. Enjoy! 😀

  2. Actually, I think it’s a sign towards Yurugu.

    The gorilla didn’t kill the Melanin child but was murdered by Yurugu.
    But the alligator, who was used as a WEAPON against black people, viciously murdered the reptilian yurugu youth.

    Karma is quite the bitch.

    Yurugu knows that animals, who are just as subjugated as we are, will seek revenge on them as Nature dictates who will survive her culling. More animal attacks to come…like birds attacking planes carrying large numbers of reptile-humanoids.

  3. I have been thinking about this as well and they are being more blatant about their hypocrisy than ever before….

  4. But what I find amazing,is that the black mother is still receiving death threats for doing something Black mothers been doing since the beginning of time.PROTECTING HER CHILD.White people got even more mad when the Cincinnati DA wouldn’t charge her with a crime.They are so concerned with us getting assault weapons,that Arab is just picking them off.As Jeremiah Wright said they don’t want us to have nothing,even if Jesus handed it to us.What they haven’t realized,it wasn’t theirs to give.God bless Kushite

      • Kushite,what I find funny that wp got mad that a gorilla got killed to save a black child,but this shows you how hypocritical they are,most wp didn’t have a problem about that white hunter killing Cecil the lion,when it’s actually illegal to shoot a lion in that African country.Throw in that they are destroying most of the Amazon Rain forest in South America to make money.The natives down there can’t stand wp,their time is coming.

      • Yes that’s true. I forgot about that poor lion that was killed. I think the killer was a white dentist. The white people at PETA were very upset about it. Most whites didn’t care though. But it is always interesting to me how whites care more about the death of dogs,gorillas and lions than they do black people. But this shows you how they view us as a people. And you’re right…their time is coming.

  5. Actually a lot of white people DID get angry about Cecil and rightfully so, Palmer also got death threats and had to quit his job and is now in hiding. However he brought it on himself for what he did, he deserved the anger. I have noticed that ever since Obama got in office the racism has skyrocketed and not just from the right either. Then again I always say that liberals and conservatives are cut from the same racist cloth and it’s probably a hooded sheet.

  6. The zoo should’ve made the gorilla and other enclosures child proof. Shouldn’t the zoo be held for negligence or child endangerment? Another thing, why didn’t any of the adults who were looking at the gorilla and filming the poor child being dragged not try to grab the kid as he fell into the gorilla pit? Whatever happened to fast reflexes when kids are in dangerous situations? Yes, all it takes is for a parent to turn their heads for kids to go missing and get into deadly situations. As for the alligator kid (can’t think of another word), what parent would let their kid walk with them late at night in the first place? Usually kids are in bed before 9pm. The dad had his son playing in a lagoon late at night when most people would be yelling at their kids to come to bed or get out of a hotel pool. If most people don’t know anything about Florida, they at least know that there are alligators and crocodiles all over the place in addition to sharks and all kinds of other wild animals. That’s the thing, wild animals are still wild even if they are in zoos and lagoons. It’s just messed up and wrong how the black mother is blamed, demonized and threatened with death after her child is nearly killed by a Gorilla. The zoo at least did the correct thing in killing the gorilla to save the child’s life. The video of the child’s dragging is horrific. Bringing up the black dad’s criminal record was so unnecessary and irrelevant to the situation that it just speaks of the double standards and dehumanization in the U.S. concerning how the media (it is the media that shapes many people’s world views) portrays the black and white families.

    • You are absolutely right. I reside in a locale where coyotes roam freely at night. So yes, people have to lock up their animals at night. When animals are taken out of their natural habitat or their natural habitat has been changed to a wide degree, it comes as no surprise when these animals “wander” around day or night, confused. We’ve all heard the stories. However, I give less than a DAM about PETA or any organization that wants “revenge” for killing an animal that endangers a human being–black or white. Both are cases of tragedy either way that you look at it. And you are correct, the mass Media can make or break you.

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