Roots…..for White folks


To be honest I wasn’t that interested in the Roots remake.  I would much rather watch this one.  And it looks as though it would be much more truthful.

27 thoughts on “Roots…..for White folks

  1. I have just realized the reason white folks don’t want evolution taught n schools is to cover-up the true origins of evolution…black man. I suppose this presentation is an expression of attempting to redefine human origin and white origin as a beginning among aboriginal people, but it is their conscious they are tying to protect. When you have examined everything and traveled everywhere to cover-up truth for hundreds of millions of years, you must create something to justify how you got here and why you are supreme. I won’t be watching.

    • As I said before this is not a real program. It’s just a parody. But I do understand your point. It’s already been proven that Africans are the oldest race of people on the planet. Asians and Caucasians came much later. And all non-Africans have Neanderthal DNA. Even white scientists have said it. But this is something they only admitted in 2011. I believe that have always known this was their ancestry. Which is why they always do films and cartoons(Flintstones) about cavemen.

  2. I remember in the school, for them only white history was important, for first thing we learned is how to love white folks!
    They like how they were kings and queens, scientists and inventors, and for us it was reserved only slavery on school books!
    I hope the sun this year and the next to come, will become more and more strong and even stronger,beause these this garbages are carcinogenic, they are destroying this planet!

  3. LMBAO. This looks funny, everybody knows it is based on a true story unlike the fake Roots which caused Alex Haley to be sued by a white person. Cave people want their roots to be grandiose but they try detract from the reality by making parodies like the Flintstones which mock their lowly origin.

  4. White history is taught as history when in fact it’s not the reality. History has been whitewashed so in school we were taught the history of the world through the eyes of white people. One more favorable to them. I’m tired of the societal bull crap that has been put out there for all of us to believe when it’s lies. The reality is that white people are scared of the truth and that’s a fact.

  5. Why this??

    ugly division
    When we already have THIS!!

    beautiful diversity

    celebrate real diversity

    You know Kushite one thing make me laugh so hard that they believe to have the most powerful DNA in the World! If was treu, so I would like to ask them, why so many White women are carrying black and non-white babies in their wombs?
    You can see the different between these two women?

  6. @ Kushite:

    Yes, I did see that post, and I watched the clip. I even commented on that post. I’m glad that I found the movie. I hope that I am able to watch sometime soon. Thanks! 😀

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