Kanye West and the Gay Fashion Industry

This video is by Youtuber Black Child.  I found this to be a very insightful video on Kanye West.  It’s also some thought provoking commentary on the sick fashion industry. It may all look like glitter and gold to most people.  But there’s a lot more to that industry beneath the surface.  Check out the video and come to your own conclusion.




14 thoughts on “Kanye West and the Gay Fashion Industry

  1. I used to be really into fashion..like I needed to be at NY Fashion Week. Now I’m good on it because of shitty designers like Tisci. Kanye should have stuck to rapping cuz his “fashion” line is garbage too. Just like in the music and movie industries, the real talents get little play yet those who choose to walk on the “dark side” get all the funding + attention.

    There is no way Kanye can be down with the Kardashians and not down with some kind of nasty agenda.

    • Oh yeah Kanye is a lost cause! That whole industry is full of debauchery. You have to be down with the homosexual/lesbian rituals or you will not be relevant in that world. Kanye is surrounded by those Kartrashian witches. All for the fame and glory. Deep down inside I know he’s miserable. He always has this look on his face that says “what have I gotten myself into?” That man is truly in HELL.

  2. Kanye is gone. His fans (which I was never one) need to pray for his soul. Personally, he has always been a grade A coon to me.

    Kanye, like most of the black men in the entertainment industry, is not heterosexual.

  3. Could everyone here join me in a community prayer for Kanye. He hasn’t been right since his mother’s death. He’s lost and instead of putting him down, let’s lift him up to God.

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