Normalization of Pedophilia and Homosexuality (Part 3 of 3)


It seems I had it all wrong.  I thought a person who had sex with children was a sick sexual pervert.  I thought it was  person who needed to be shot on sight.  But it seems they just have a psychosexual disorder.  To say they have a mental illness would be an understatement.  But it still doesn’t let them off the hook.  According to the Encyclopedia Btitannica this is the definition:

Pedophilia, also spelled paedophilia, also called pedophilic disorder, psychosexual disorder in which an adult has sexual fantasies about or engages in sexual acts with a prepubescent child of the same or opposite sex.

In the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5; 2013), pedophilia (pedophilic disorder) is classified as a type of paraphilia—a category of recognized disorders defined by unusual fantasies, urges, or behaviors that are recurrent and sexually arousing. According to the DSM-5, in order for pedophilia to be diagnosed clinically, such thoughts and behaviors must cause distress or interpersonal hardship to the affected individual or cause distress, injury, or death to persons who are unwilling or unable to consent to sexual behaviors. The World Health Organization’s ICD-10 Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders (1993) uses a similar definition. According to both publications, the offending thoughts or behaviors must be present for at least six months for clinical diagnosis, and the affected individual must be at least 16 years of age and at least 5 years older than the  child(or children) at the centre of the individual’s sexual fantasies.

Greek freaks..


Pedophilia may be distinguished from hebephilia (sexual preference for individuals who typically are between ages 11 and 14) and ephebophilia (sexual preference for late-stage adolescents, typically ages 15 and 16). In many countries an individual who is convicted in a court of law for child sexual abuse, which involves sexual abuse of a prepubescent or postpubescent individual up to age 18, is known as a sex offender; some of those individuals also are later clinically diagnosed with pedophilia.

The typical pedophile is unable to find satisfaction in an adult sexual relationship and may have low self-esteem. Sexual attraction toward children dominates the pedophile’s life, often causing the individual to live in fear of the attraction and in some cases causing the person to act on his or her urges. If a pedophile is driven to sexual encounter, the encounter frequently stops short of intercourse, with the pedophile obtaining sexual gratification through fondling the child and sometimes through genital display alone. Reactions of the child victim can range from fright, particularly if force or violence is involved, to bewilderment or passive enjoyment. Although some children seem more upset by previous parental warnings than by an actual encounter, the sexual encounter can often be quite traumatic to them, especially if there is associated violence. There is also evidence that children who have been sexually victimized are more likely to be troubled adults.



The underlying cause of pedophilia is unclear. Although biological abnormalities such as hormone imbalance may contribute to the disorder in some individuals, biological factors have not been proved as causes. In many cases pedophilic behavior appears to be associated with sexual abuse or neglect experienced during childhood and with atypical emotional or psychological development. Research also has indicated that boys who were sexually abused are more likely to become pedophiles or sex offenders. Girls who were sexually abused more frequently respond by engaging in self-destructive behaviors, such as substance abuse or prostitution. Most pedophiles are men; the condition is rare in women.


When a person with pedophilia acts on his or her urges and causes a child to suffer, it generally is considered a serious sexual offense. Patients who are diagnosed with the disorder are expected to participate in treatment programs. Among effective forms of treatment for pedophilia are cognitive and behavioral therapies that employ empathy training and restructuring of distorted and deviant thought patterns. Empathy training teaches the patient to view his or her behavior from the perspective of the victim. Cognitive distortion therapy attempts to restructure a patient’s deviant notions—for example, by reinforcing the fact that coercion of children into sexual activities is an inappropriate behavior. In some cases medications such as cyproterone that suppress the activity of testosterone in men can be effective in reducing aggressive behaviour and sex drive.

Do you see how slick these devils are?  Now these sexual deviants want to be called “minor attracted people”. See how they like to make something evil sound more innocent.  Just like they came up with the term zoophilia which is nothing but bestiality. There’s also the term “pedophobe” being thrown around.  What the hell is a pedophobe?


The woman in the video(above) is  Jewish devil named Judith Levine. This low life beast is pushing the normalization of pedophilia.  She thinks there is nothing wrong with adults having sex with children.  She wrote the book Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex, which argues that age of consent laws, statutory rape laws and child pornography laws should be abolished.  She has written many pro-pedophilia articles for Jewish-owned cultural publications like Harper’s, The Jew York Times, and Salon.  She is the founder of the National Writers Union, as well as No More Nice Girls, which promotes the extermination of gentile babies through abortion. She is also on the board of a Jewish group called the National Center for Reason and Justice, which tries to get criminals involved in ritual abuse off the hook. In addition, she is – of course – a member of the ACLU in Vermont. This sexual deviant is an enemy to black people worldwide.

This video(above) shows how they want pedophilia to be seen as just another sexual orientation.  Maybe this is why I see homosexuality and pedophilia has intertwined.  The first step was to push for gay marriage.  Then they promoted it on television shows,films and childrens books.  Now they want to promote transgender as normal.  So the only logical step is to claim pedophiles as normal people.  This is clearly insanity!  No normal society would accept this type of perversion.  But like I showed in parts one and two,this is part of European culture. They want their behavior to be the model for everyone.  I hope black people are watching what this sick culture is pushing on our people.  This is not the way for African people.  This is not the nature of our people.  And it’s an insult to our great ancestors to engage in this sick behavior.  The next step will probably be sex with animals.  I know it sounds crazy right now.  But in fifty years it could be seen as just another  “sexual orientation”.  I personally am tired of the sick homosexuals,bull daggers,pedophiles,dykes,butt pirates,fag hags,gender queer,pansexuals,gender fluid,racist fags and transgenders.  It is all anti-life and goes against nature.  This is truly anti-African at it’s core.  And any black person that engages in this behavior is going against African culture.We as black people must realize we are in a war for our minds.  The war is both physical as well as spiritual.  And the day we accept sexual perversions as “normal” is the day we die both mentally and spiritually.  To accept this behavior is to accept mentacide and self-destruction.  African scholar Mwalimu Baruti describes it best:

“”We must be clear that insanity is clearly insanity and that it undermines the possibility of having a real discussion. This problem must be addressed because so many of us are entering this discussion as if the european creation of reality really makes sense, that it is a viable path for us to follow, that it can be blended with whatever snippets of the Afrikan tradition we can safely feel like keeping, that it is a choice we can make and still live as Afrikans. We are allowing ourselves to continue participating in a debate flooded with invalid/illogical ground rules. In other words, some of us are trying to have a debate incorporating a reality that makes no logical sense, for us or any other human beings. This is the nature of what makes having this discussion with many Afrikans so problematic in the first place. It is past the time when we can afford to get bogged down in the politics of precisely replicating how our Ancestors formed consensus. We do not live in homogenous, uncompromised Afrikan communities. Every Afrikan voice is not worthy. The mentacidal among us firmly believe that american culture is not european culture (i.e., that it is multicultural, a flawed concept in its own right) or that european culture is an even more valid, progressive and appropriate way for Afrikans to live than Afrikan culture. These Afrikans are completely oblivious to the heart of the european mind. So, before we even begin, their discussion is already couched in an unconditional confidence in the european way. The mentacidal cannot see that Europeans can only be what they are within their culture. While their immediate goal has been physical domination of others, cultural domination has always been the ultimate desire. For only in making others into them can Europeans have and control a world where they are accepted and applauded for their insanity.”


What they are pushing is a crime against nature.  And all decent and moral people can’t just stand by and say nothing. Stay strong my people.

One People,One Love,One,One Tribe

84 thoughts on “Normalization of Pedophilia and Homosexuality (Part 3 of 3)

  1. Before you know it, they might start pushing incest into the mix… From what I’ve gathered in my extensive research, that is a recurring theme in many pornographic movies and films nowadays whether amateur or professional or otherwise. Things like father on daughter, mother on son, brother on sister, sister on brother, gay brothers, lesbian sisters, twincest, father on son, mother and daughter, son on father, uncle and niece/nephew the list goes on and on. Infact it’s slowly seeping its way in to mainstream through movies like the Flowers In The Attic saga which includes Petals on the Wind, If there be Thorns and Seeds of Yesterday. And even in shows like How To Get Away With Murder. Hell, just the other day, some nasty white bitch who reconnected with her son after many years, began an incestuous relationship with him and wants to have hid baby 👶, then there’s the brother and sister couple in Germany who have children. The depravity of these creatures know no boundaries.

  2. I was gonna mention VC Andrews!

    She pushed this crap when I was in high school and young white girls ate it up. All they talked about was Flowers in the Attic. They have a show on TV called Bates Motel.

    And I remember a popular movie called The Professional with Natalie Portman. The other day Smashwords, a popular self published book by a white female was called Bendover Daughter! It was a love affair between her and her dad!!!!

    Next will be beastiality and then we’ll be finished.

  3. The heinous assault on the innocents has many layers but all the dots connect. This is not just about making deviant behaviour seem tolerable to the majority or about allowing a minority of perverts to dictate social policy. THE WORLD IS RUN BY A CABAL WHO SNATCH UP CHILDREN AND RAPE AND MURDER THEM AND INDOCTRINATE SURVIVORS INTO SATANIC PRACTICES. Organised rings include professionals of the ‘highest calibre’ who act as procurers and enablers and participants. In the UK, people think the late celebrity abuser Jimmy Savile was a lone rogue bastard, but this man was friends with prime mimisters and royalty. Do you think a black man with even a hint of stained character would be cleared by the security services to rub shoulders with such people? That’s how deep the cess flows.
    Black parents wake up! Teach your kids how to be confident because predators always seek out the weak. Let them know that even the priest or the headteacher should not say or do things to make them feel bad. Best of all put your foot through the TV and chuck out the Disney (another vile bastard) DVDs and keep our Afrikan values as the moral compass for your household.

  4. Law & Order did an episode where the leader of a pedophile ring was trying to make rape of children ok and even had the nerve to say otherwise would be discrimination! Funny how white folks act oh so disgusted on the surface but allow it to keep going on in their homes, schools, churches and neighborhoods. The same assholes demonizing Michael were praising white women like Mary Kay Letourneau and Debra Lefave calling them “hot” or “sexy”. They also are silent about Melissa Huckabee who is accused of molesting then killing Sandra Cantu her 9 year-old neighbor. Let’s not forget Jeremy Strohmeyer who raped then strangled little Cherisse Iverson while his friend did nothing, white people placed blame on the father only because they were in a casino instead of on the white sicko thug who murdered and raped a CHILD! They can seriously go fuck themselves two-faced bastards!

    • Omg, that totally slipped my mind. Speaking of that, there was also another episode of Law and Order SVU, it was called Bombshell. It featured these incestuous fraternal twins Doug Loveless and Cassandra Davina who are con artists who go around the country fleecing rich middle aged men out of their money. Cassandra played the damsel in distress who is being stalked by her jealous ex Doug and finds solace in the arms of these unsuspecting and naïve rich men. Then after Cassandra drains them dry she and Doug disappear, assuming new aliases like Bonnie and Clyde and continuing their scheming sexcapades. At the end of the episode Doug gets killed by one of Cassandra’s sugar daddies Jerry Bullard. And who can forget the popular HBO series Game of Thrones, incestuous twins Jaime and Cersei Lannister who are the parents of the late former King Joffrey Baratheon and the now king Tommen who is the younger brother of Joffrey. Then there is the now fallen Targaryen house that Daenerys belongs to. That whole family is incest personified. Then there’s true Blood where Bill Compton unknowingly has sex with his great great great great grand daughter Portia Bellefleur. Next up is Bored To Death where character Jonathan unknowingly has sex with his half-sister Rose and even after finding out that she is his sister, he’s still into her. In the series Rome Octavia sleeps with his sister Octavia. In the Spartacus series, Seppius has an incestuous relationship with his twin sister Sepia. In Boardwalk Empire, character Jimmy has sex with his own Mother EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! Also, I don’t know if any of you have seen this before

      • My English teacher said that back in the day there were members of the royal family that hooked up with each other. Most of the people in the royals in England now probably have the same lineage in their family. Inbreeding is seen as all right in many areas of the white community especially polygamous families where there is a LOT of incest. A woman named Flora Jessup [who was molested by her father] has spoken out for years about all the predators in polygamous families. Why do you think that Josh Duggar’s family didn’t have any problem with him molesting his sisters? While the right defended him.

  5. It’s scary that you have sooo many adults (like those sick fucks in the first pic) who empathize with the pedophile and blame the child for the pedophiles behavior. I see this behavior ALL the time. I remember a sista wrote on I believe it was how black people, especially women need to stop celebrating R. Kelly. I was shocked at the comments below the article excusing his pedophilia. Here it is, see for yourself what I’m talking about:

      • Remember a few months ago we talked about Erykah calling Kelly her brother. I’ve always criticized R. Kelly. I don’t give him a pass. He urinated on those girls!! SICK!!!

      • Yeah, I remember and I was soooo disappointed as some black women were with Erykah. Now Elle Varner is being dragged for making similar comments to Erykah. Here’s and article about it:

        Not to mention KRS-ONE’s defense of Afrika Bambaataa:

        I’m dissappointed in any adult who condones rape/sexual assault, especially if they claim to be conscious. Something has crawled up in Erykah’s “Badulah Oblongata” (this is what she called herself on a song with Janelle Monea, Q.U.E. E.N) and as for KRS-ONE he just simply lost consciousness.

      • KRS ONE is a BIG disappointment. He came out and tried to retract his statements but it’s too late. I put up a video about Afrika a few months back. Too many of our people are down with the agenda. I love Erykah’s music but I don’t agree with everything she does. I also think Janelle is beautiful but I suspect she’s gay or at least bisexual. She helps to push the androgynous agenda dressing like a man all the time. Too many of our people make excuses for this sexual abuse. I did this post to make our people aware that this pedophlia crap is not normal. But it is normal for European culture. I proved it in pics and documents. There is no carvings on African walls celebrating homosexual sex or sex with children. So if we are doing this in our community it’s from being around Europeans for hundreds of years. We are learning from them and think that their behavior should be our behavior. That was why I did this post. It wasn’t to say that black people don’t do it. It’s to say we should NOT be doing it or following the lead of white folks.

      • Someone on tumblr told me that KRS-One made a song about pedophilia called “13 N Good.” Ugh! Sooo given that information it’s no wonder he doesn’t care what Afrikkka Bambaataa did to those children. Some people also say we shouldn’t be surprised, he’s always been a jackass under the conscious persona.

      • Oh yeah!!!! I remember this song back in the day! I couldn’t remember the title. 13 years old??? WTF??!! I forgot about those lyrics. Sounds a little like R. Kelly to me. This is disgusting! Brothers shouldn’t condone this sick shit!! European culture has always condoned this behavior. I proved it in this post. This is anti-African. But it’s obviously we have been around these cave people too long if we are imitating it. This is unacceptable behavior!!

      • I agree with everything you said. When I thought about it some time after the tumblr person told me, I remember hearing this song many years ago. I find it very,very odd…..and SICK!!! and I was like WTF am I hearing?!?!

      • Thanks I had a great lunch. It was good to get out. It’s been really hot out here. It’s supposed to be 110 degrees!!! It’s officially summertime now lol

      • Some people interpret the song as him saying “son’t do it. Whaddaya Think????

      • Yeah I don’t like it either because if the song was supposed to be a teaching moment he wouldn’t have added after each line “it was good.” That’s telling me he enjoyed raping the young girl. ewwwww!

      • Yeah that’s it. It’s inexcusable by him. He should ashamed of himself. No wonder he defended Afrika. We have to protect children from these monsters. I don’t give a damn if they are black or not. Little boys and girls should not have to go through this deplorable sick behavior.

      • I agree 100%. Child sexual abuse/molestation fuck these kids up for life, they carry it into adulthood. I ‘ve heard horrific stories of adult survivors of child sexual abuse and felt sooo bad for them, especially if the adults around them let the pedophile continue to get away with it.

      • It needs to be reported. These children are damaged for life! These demonic people need to be exposed!! I have NO sympathy for them. Creatures who steal the innocence from children are the lowest of the low!

    • Even though I have my issues with R.Kelly it really pisses me off when black women particularly ignore white male perverts. They also consider themselves “cheerleaders” for gay people so that is very hypocritical to me. We need to attack ALL the perverts and stop acting like what white folks do ain’t our business. Especially because they keep criticizing and vilifying black men

      • I agree with you that we should call out black and white pedophiles alike. There are/have been white pedophiles that have attacked and victimized white as well as black children. The reason why I spoke more on R. Kelley and other black pedophiles is because while many black people will point out the white pedophiles (as we should) many want to act like this is not an epidemic in the black community too. Many black men and women (when they were children) and little black boys and girls were/are being raped and sexually assaulted while many black people turn a blind eye and protect the predators and blame the child/victim. This is common behavior in the BC as it is in ALL communities. Yes this happens in ALL communities, but I’m especially concerned about the black community. Some black people are starting to speak on this more. Sure, the white supremacist media and many whites let white predators off the hook too which is sickening and talking about it as a problem in the BC (like all others I;m sure) IS NOT letting white pedophiles off the hook. Black people Calling out Black Men (or women) who are victimizing little children (i.e., R. Kelly) is not an indictment against all black men, but yes white people will turn it into an indictment because that’s what white people do; their being who they are psychopathic racists. To them all black men are bad.

  6. Another thing, I expect for rape to become legal too. There was an article that I never got to post on fightingmisogynoir in which some organization is working to make rape legal! IF I happen to find that article again I’m going to post it first chance I get. This society is going straight to hell…..quick, fast, and in a hurry. The last days ARE here and in full force. I agree with Christians on that point.

    • If rape ever becomes legal….we’re doomed! But I can’t rule it out considering the path this world is on. No one wants to be “moral” because it’s all about freedom. Freedom has it’s costs.

      • “If rape ever becomes legal….we’re doomed! But I can’t rule it out considering the path this world is on.”

        This is why I’m soo scared for the future, for little children and women because making all of these deviant behaviors legal will only cause more chaos , trouble, and tragedy. There will no longer be any order and we NEED order for a society to function properly.

        I see this society is going to have to fall, no ifs and or buts.

        If this is the way the world is going, then society needs to be destroyed and rebuilt and order restored….NOW!

      • Yeah I just spoke with a friend last week about this. She’s very religious. She thinks it’s the last days. By looking at the path this country(and world) is going…it’s hard to argue against it. We need a lot of prayer. Our people are really hurting and loss. All we do is fight amongst ourselves and wasting time and energy.

      • I agree with your friend. Yes we gonna need muuuuch prayer and muuuuuch more.

        I just don’t know what will wake black people up.

      • Yeah it’s rough out here. It’s always an uphill battle to wake up the sleepers. The sad part is many get mad when you try to wake them I think they like their subjugation. I’m just not built that way.

    • I notice how celebrities and the media are speaking of how “tragic” this is and they are dedicating the Tonys to the victims, I don’t recall them doing that for the 9 black people killed by that scumbag Dylan Roof in Charleston. White celebrities were quiet as hell about that tragedy. There are also stupid black people like one certain website I will NEVER visit again saying we should say prayers for the victims. The gay and white community did give a rat’s ass about 9 black people killed so they can shove it up the place they are used to!!

  7. Come to think of it, anime has a lot to do with it too. Dunno which way round the cultural exchange is happening, but there are plenty of anime that normalise these kinda tings. There’s even one called Rapeman. 😷

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