Normalization of Pedophilia and Homosexuality(Part 1 of 3)


Over the last fifteen years or so there’s been a steady increase of sexualizing children.  I have seen young boys and girls half naked in magazines,fashion shows and television programs.  This is not just in America but worldwide.  Every other day  there is a new sexual term the media comes up with.  Now we hear about transgender,transexual,gender fluid,gender queer,lesbian,homosexual,bisexual and pansexual.  Black people should be paying attention to this trend.  This is mentacide to our people. This is not the culture of African people. All this nonsense is anti-African.  This maybe normal behavior for Europeans but it is not the nature of African people.  They want their behavior to be seen as normal for all human beings.  Normal for them…does not mean normal for us.   As black/African people we must learn to look outside the European cultural  framework.  They want to make sodomy normal.  They want to make fellatio seen as normal.  Black people must realize that these are sexual perversions that Europeans  have always practiced.   The white/Jewish media promote this garbage and want us to follow their lead.  I think it shows you how the moral standards have really dropped. A society should protect their children from harmful images like this.  But this society doesn’t really care about children.  Many of the most powerful people are pedophiles and homosexuals themselves.  The entertainment industry is full of them.  This is why you see the normalization of homosexuality/transgenders all over print media,dramas and films.  They want the whole world to be just like them.

All this promotion of pedophilia and homosexuality confuses children.  And it’s hard for them to understand this sexual perversion is not normal.  This is why the sick bastards  promote it in the first place.  Even many adults are more accepting of homosexuality. And many don’t think transgenders  are strange at all.  They have developed the “live and let live” philosophy . The media is controlled by mostly European/Jews.  And this acceptance of sex with children is a part of their culture.




This goes way back to Greek and Roman pederasty. They have been raping little boys for hundreds of years.  This has always been a normal practice for them.  Women were seen as just breeders for the most part. In the book Our Dark Side,A  History of Perversion it states:

“In Ancient Greece, homosexuality was described as pederasty, and was an integral part of life of the polis because it was a culture that allowed the norm to function. It therefore did not preclude relations with women, which was based on the reproductive order, and was based upon the division between an active principle and passive principle: a free man and a slave, a boy and a mature man and so on. Its function was, in other words, initiatory. Only the men had the right to practice pederasty, and the hierarchy precluded any equality between the partners.”

In the book Greek pederasty and modern homosexuality it states:


“As we have seen, Greek pederasty fundamentally differed in form and function from modern sexuality. Admittedly, the Greek situation offered great opportunities to those males whose sexual interest mainly concerned other males, but this preference had to be limited to boys and, moreover, the passive and active roles in these relationships were sharply defined. In addition, this preference had to be propagated with moderation, without completely excluding the opposite sex. At the same time, the aspect of initiation into the adult world illuminates an even more important difference between Greek pederasty and modern ways of homosexuality. Whereas modern homosexuals often occupy a marginal position in society and are regularly considered to be effeminate, in Greece it was pederasty that provided access to the world of the socially elite; it was only the pederastic relationship that made the boy into a real man. The Greeks, then, certainly knew of ‘Greek love’ and their interest in boys was never purely platonic”



As this video(above) shows this sickness is getting really out of hand. They sexualize children every chance they get.  These are truly sick demonic people.


Of course we can’t forget Cupid right? Who is Cupid anyway?

The mention of Cupid typically conjures up images of a cherubic winged infant wielding a bow and arrow, but this wasn’t always the case. Long before the Romans adopted and renamed him, Cupid was known to the Greeks as Eros, the god of love.

One of the first authors to mention Eros (circa 700 B.C.) was Hesiod, who described him in “Theogony” as one of the primeval cosmogonic deities born of the world egg. But later accounts of the lineage of Eros vary, describing him as the son of Nyx and Erebus; or Aphrodite and Ares; or Iris and Zephyrus; or even Aphrodite and Zeus—who would have been both his father and grandfather. Armed with a bow and a quiver filled with both golden arrows to arouse desire and leaden arrows to ignite aversion, Eros struck at the hearts of gods and mortals and played with their emotions. In one story from ancient Greek mythology, which was later retold by Roman authors, Cupid (Eros) shot a golden arrow at Apollo, who fell madly in love with the nymph Daphne, but then launched a leaden arrow at Daphne so she would be repulsed by him. In another allegory, Cupid’s mother, Venus (Aphrodite), became so jealous of the beautiful mortal Psyche that she told her son to induce Psyche to fall in love with a monster. Instead, Cupid became so enamored with Psyche that he married her—with the condition that she could never see his face. Eventually, Psyche’s curiosity got the better of her and she stole a glance, causing Cupid to flee in anger. After roaming the known world in search of her lover, Psyche was eventually reunited with Cupid and granted the gift of immortality. Don’t you find it strange that a symbol of love is a naked little baby?  Sounds like pedophilia to me.


33 thoughts on “Normalization of Pedophilia and Homosexuality(Part 1 of 3)

  1. I have always maintained that the only reason a white man will stick his Vienna sausage inside a woman is to produce his progeny, that is it. And if by sticking it inside a man’s ass would produce his progeny, if women think they’ve got it bad now? HA! This is the reason why white men want a woman to look as boyish as possible. You know how thin models must be. They don’t want curvy women because if they must poke that Vienna sausage inside a woman, she’d best be built like a ‘boy’.

    This is certainly not news to me. I’ve seen the writing on the wall for some time now. But it is certainly hellacious when they promote their sick and twisted agenda to children. It is both vile and disgusting!

    Thank you for continuing to shed a light on the shenanigans of these devils!

    • Yes you’re right Shelby.. I’ve also noticed that many white men like Asian women too. And many of them have no hips or butt. A very boyish type shape.This promotion of pedophilia is getting way out of hand. I pray for the well being of black children. We have to let them no these sick predators are out there. Part 2 and 3 goes even deeper. It’s really sick! Stay tuned!

  2. I couldn’t watch either. I’ll take your word! The subject of harming children really makes my blood boil.

    I think I’ve mentioned this before, but white men are all pretty gay to me. And so many of them hide behind their power/status in politics, religion and entertainment. How their acts can be seen as the norm is truly disturbing!

  3. It’s absolutely shocking especially watching the second video. I’m like how did I not notice this before, and it all seems so innocent and fun. Now my childhood is ruined forever… To think that there are people sitting behind closed doors formulating ways and means to prey on children. It’s horrendous. My naïve mind was often in denial but now the truth is inescapable: we are living in a world run by demons

    • You are correct! They are definitely demons! It’s disgusting how they infiltrate cartoons with sexual images. They want to make children sexual before they’re ready. They also want to normalize homosexuality among children. This world is run by very sick creatures.

  4. This came from Neanderthal behaviour!
    Whites are product of many incest,that’s why they are genetic similar,they carry numbers of genetic and behavioral problems!
    This brother said “During their prehistoric development in the caves and hills of europe, whites had no concept of right or wrong, good or evil. They had no concept of love or happiness. They had no concept of respect for others. They had no concept of honesty, loyalty, or honor. They had no concept of laughter. They knew nothing of bathing or properly grooming themselves. They had no medicine and no formal language system. They had no understanding of science, art, spirituality, or religion. In fact, they had no God concept whatsoever. Walter Williams expresses this well in The Historical Origin of Christianity:

    Before the Greeks and Romans, who are one and the same, entered Egypt, they had no God, Goddess or gods. Nor did they have an alphabet. They were instead an agnostic, physical, psychopathic, illiterate, uncivilized European race of people who were not in-tune with the spiritual rhythm of the universe. (Williams 73)”

    “whites did not, do not, will not, and cannot have an innate moral or ethical foundation as a race. It is not part of their genetic structure. They operate out of their inherent instinct to conquer, exploit, and kill anything that crosses their path. Consequently, it would be impossible for them to ethically confine sex to a consensual practice between adult males and adult females for any significant period of time. whites view sex as an act of aggression devoid of any spiritual or moral significance. It is a competitive sport. Sometimes their sports involve them feeding people to lions. Sometimes their sports involve them hunting and killing entire species of animals for fun. Often their sports involves them beating, raping and sexually molesting other living entities. No matter how we choose to explain it, whites view killing and raping as sports designed to satisfy their thirst for destruction. This is why the greeks and romans viewed rape as a strong masculine characteristic, regardless of the sex (or species) of the victim. whites view sex no different than they view any other form of aggression. One is either the aggressor or the aggressee. Most find it thrilling to be the aggressor and interesting from time to time to play the aggressee. Others prefer to play the aggressee on a regular basis.

    The history of the white race has decisively established them as deviants. They operate in a sexual zone of their own, where there are no rules, guidelines, restrictions, covenants or huemane principals attached. They simply do whatever feels good to them. Since they are death monsters, sexual acts that cannot produce life are often their favorite forms of enjoyment.

    If they were on a planet by themselves, this would not cause such a problem. They would simply kill one another off until there were no more caucasions in existence. But this world has many different people and the white race has created starvation, ignorance, rape, hatred, death, havoc and misery throughout the world. In particular, they have managed to subjugate the entire Black Race under white rule. And as long as there is white rule over Black people, there will be child molestation, rape, and “homosexuality” among the Black Race”

    • Thank you Nubian! That was beautiful! I will have to get that book. That was a great historical breakdown you dropped! I can always count on you to never hold back the truth! Thanks for the comment!

      • You welcome,also this hatred for women bodies it’s come from white men! White men hate white women and if there is this severe misogyny around in our people and other cultures it’s a cause of white men!
        White men see women in kids and women have men bodies!
        I think their obsession for Asian women,because their are intrinsic homosexual!
        They don’t see black women as women,for them they are men,but Asian women for them are women!
        They see women in men, this is a very severe misbehaviour, Asian women have less shape,they are small,they remind a small child!
        For this reason there are so many problems about low self-esteemed around women,and this sickness for slim,skinny!
        I didn’t finish to read this new about Canada government,
        but they officially legalised bestiality!
        Really I pity these black people,they are in sexual and marriage relationship with these beasts!
        Sexual aggression is the only way they can feel emotion,because they aren’t human!
        They aren’t in relationships with normal human being but with subhuman that they see everything against the law of nature normal!
        Trust me if you are in contact with them you are poisoned,and you start to behave in strange way!

  5. White men hate white women and this severe misogyny against women is rampant in our people and other cultures a cause of white men!
    Before there wasn’t hatred for woman body in ancient black civilisations!
    White men see women in children or women have men bodies,and all this sickness for slim and less shape in women body,because for white men!
    They don’t see especially black women as women,for them they are men,but Asian women they see as women!
    I think their obsession for Asian women,it’s come from their homosexual behaviour and pedophilia,because they have less shape in body,they are small and they remind a child!
    They force white women to have men bodies for this reason!

    • We have to stop following the ways of the European. This is not natural for black people. This culture is sick to it’s core. And I think you’re right about Asian woman. It’s their shapeless boyish figure they are attracted to the most.

  6. I am going to wait for part 3 and then put this on my blog. It’s worth sharing to as much people as possible. This is what cultural Marxism has been trying to instill in the mind and hearts of the modern generation since the end of the second European tribal wars.

    • Thanks a lot brother. I think you’ll like part three. And you are correct,this movement has been going on for awhile. They want to inject the minds of African people with this sick crap! They want us to be like them. This is a cultural war and we must resist it at every turn. Pedophilia and homosexuality are intertwined. That’s the reason for the title of this post. I really want to drive home the point.

  7. Prince DON’T GET ME STARTED on many white people and their fake sicko bullshit!! Michael was vilified until he died and even in some cases after and those bastards are now going in hard on R.Kelly. But the biggest problem is when we jump on these fuckers depraved bandwagons particularly black women, a bunch of websites and blogs run by black women protect and defend the gay lifestyle as being the same as black even supposedly “smart” black people like Michael Eric Dyson and Al Sharpton co-sign this mess. When white shock jock Adam Carolla called gay people out saying that homosexuality was directly linked to incest and child sexual abuse he was criticized. Even when one of their OWN tells the truth they get attacked. Notice how quiet white people were when dumbasses in Hollyweird were championing child rapist Roman Polanski they didn’t say a damn thing yet if her were black that would be a different story. They love to point fingers to hide their evil, vile acts but when a white person says anything they get shut down. Both Elijah Wood and Corey Feldman have taken heat for speaking out about the predators in Hollywhite, Elijah even had to change his statement but we all know it’s true. The feminazi bitches are staying silent about Brock Turner when those hags couldn’t wait to yack about Mike Tyson or Kobe. Josh Duggar, Jimmy Page, Don Henley, Gary Glitter, Polanski, Woody Allen, Peter Yarrow from peter, Paul and Mary, Jerry Seinfeld, Charlie Chaplin, Paul Walker, Stephen Collins, Errol Flynn, the director of “Jeepers Creepers”, John Casablancas, Dave Coulier, Dennis Hastert, Jerry Sandusky, Bill Wyman from the Stones, Artimus Pyle from Lynyrd Skynyrd are ALL perverts yet black men are the only ones those shitbags can talk about?!! They also never vilify NAMBLA, the Catholic Church and various cults which encourage children to have sex with adults. Warren Jeffs was in a picture kissing a 12 year-old while he was 44!! Where is all the outrage, snide jokes, endless articles, attention to that shit?!! When I write emails to these sleazy devils asking why they don’t spend as much time attacking their white male brethren I either get silence or a very defensive attitude. What’s worse is the BLACK PEOPLE in the media get really angry when I bring up white males guilty of being child molesters. Honey Boo Boo’s mom hooked up with a former lover who is not only a pedophile but raped her daughter as well. of course the white media stayed silent fuck those fake hypocritical devils and their sick perverted bullshit!

    • Great reply Lavern! And thank you for that great list of perverts you named. That’s quite a list. And of course there is always a double standard when it comes to black people. The entire Hollywood and music industry is full of homosexuals and pedophiles. The worst of the worst!

  8. It’s sad. And it’s right under our nose. Children are so hyper-sexualized; but that’s what you expect.

    A cousin had asked me why I would home-school my son. Maybe I’m not a fan of him being raped?!?

    • I feel you Onitaset. It’s a damn shame how they treat children today. They sexualize them so young. They are taking away their innocence. I have another post coming up addressing this topic again.

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