Normalization of Pedophilia and Homosexuality (Part 2 of 3)

Little girls...


I’m going to be honest here.  I am not a big fan of these child beauty pageants.  These girls wearing bikinis,tons of makeup  and half naked is insane to me. I think sick pedophiles get off on these pageants.  I don’t understand these parents either.  They should be ashamed of themselves. I think many of them live vicariously through their children.  Many of them want their children to become rich and famous.  That’s a very heavy price to pay in my opinion.   Who knows the damage they’re doing to their children psychologically. It’s really sad to see this nonsense become normalized in our society.

The sexualization of children has been going on  for quite some time.  In the video(above)is the film Pretty Baby(1978) starring Brook Shields.  Shields was thirteen at the time.  It was a film about a teenager hooker in New Orleans.  Watching her be auctioned off to a bunch of horny pedophiles is very disturbing!  But the sad part is child sexual trafficking still goes on today.


And the media also pays celebrities to push the agenda as well.  Pop singer/actress Selena Gomez is 23 years old but she still looks fifteen years old.  Which is why they use her in these seductive poses.

Ariana Grande..

Pop singer/actress Ariana Grande is another tool for the elite.  Although Grande is 22 years old but still looks like a teenager.  Which is why she is always wearing school girl outfits.  The media purposely finds young women who still have child like bodies and baby faces. This is just another way to normalize pedophilia in my opinion.

This video clip(above) is from the very disturbing film The Woodsman(2004).  The film stars actor Kevin Bacon.  Bacon stars as a “reformed” pedophile.   In this scene he his sitting on a park bench talking to a young girl.  He asks her if she wants to sit in his lap.  She then goes on to tell him that her father asks her to do that as well.  After realizing that her father is abusing her,he tells her to forget about it.  The scene is designed to show that a pedophile can change and be remorseful.  Do you think that’s possible?  Can a pedophile change their ways?  As you’ll see in part three…many of them don’t want to change at all.

22 thoughts on “Normalization of Pedophilia and Homosexuality (Part 2 of 3)

  1. The child beauty pageants that I’ve seen when I was younger were alot more tasteful and nicer than the over sexualized drivel we see today. This brings back memories of the JonBennet Ramsay saga. You’re right alot of parents are living vicariously through their children. And the thing is they don’t realize the kind of psychological damage they inflict upon them. All in the name of either wanting to relive their glory days or wanting to have a taste of the life they always wanted. It’s complicated…

    • These parents need to rethink their decision about these pageants. They claim it’s to help the self esteem of little girls. But many get depressed when they don’t win the top prize. it also reinforces the belief that a young woman is only valued for their looks. Certain talent shows are okay,I’m not totally against that. But I don’t like the ones that have the young girls in bikinis,half naked or with tons of makeup. They lose their innocence so young. It’s like they’re not children for very long. The media pushes sexuality on them so fast. It shows how sick this culture has become.

    • It’s known FACT many perverts frequent these sleazefest to find new victims, don’t you just love how holier than white folks are with rappers yet see nothing wrong with a teen girl playing a prostitute while being in a love affair with a GROWN ASS MAN [Keith Carradine]. I say those assholes haven’t got one damn thing to preach to us about!!

  2. I don’t think pedophiliac mindsets can be altered. They may not act on it anymore, but that does not change what they’ve done or how they think. Just like gays marry the opposite sex just for show but continue to live a gay lifestyle in secret.

    A pedophiliac is nothing like a one-time killer who was provoked and had no prior attempts. I don’t believe one can be provoked to sexually exploit or abuse children like one can be provoked to do bodily harm to someone who has done [or is attempting to do] bodily harm to him. Pedophiliacs have deeply rooted, disgusting thoughts that do not just pop out from nowhere and can’t just be cured + tucked away.

    • I agree. These pedophiles just cannot control their “impulses” and all of the head-shrinkers and therapy in the world cannot help them. 😦

      • They are deeply troubled and sick individuals. I believe many of them are just perpetuating behaviors that were used to defile their own innocence.

  3. white people always want you to drop your guard. A ‘reform’ to a white person is a cover-up. Bet your bottom dollar crackers are after child bottoms.

  4. The reason why Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande don’t have body shape and their body are strange because they are tranny! Both of them are guys no girls! Selena ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber is girl not guy,look his photos is so effeminate because he is really girl!
    Selena and Ariana are illuminate,as also all famous singers and Hollywood famous actors are illuminate and tranny!
    The illuminate elite are pushing this sickness long time ago, their ideology to destroy the human kind!

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