Montinique Dever


27-year-old Montinique Dever is not just another Instagram model. Hailing from Houston, Monti told Max Philisaire that she moved to L.A. in order to further her career in both modeling and acting. The published vixen has since appeared in commercials, music videos and even on the hit show, “Workaholics.”


While juggling her career, social life and relationship, Monti also heads to the gym and trains 4-5 days out of the week and has recently become a pescatarian. The natural 5′ 9″ beauty has become the go-to girl for #BodyGoals, and she’s definitely comfortable in her own skin (just ask one of her 69,000 Instagram followers or check out her NSFW Tumblr).

4 thoughts on “Montinique Dever

  1. I don’t find chains as an “accessory” beautiful, it’s subliminal slavery, in fact, it’s outright slavery, but put that on an attractive woman and it looks like fashion, but it’s not, it’s: Mind Control.
    Keep everyone enslaved–it’s sexy? No, it’s golden chains, still chains, though…

    • Chains as slavery??? Yes I’ve heard that before. I remember when brothers used to wear “rope chains” back in the 80’s. Rap group RUN DMC made them very popular. But I did think it was a bit strange. I remember Chris Rock said in a routine…what black man would want a rope around his neck?? A very good point!

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