Muhammad Ali (1942-2016)







20 thoughts on “Muhammad Ali (1942-2016)

    • Yeah he was sick for quite some time. But he lived a full life and touched so many people. A lot of athletes could learn a lot from him. Not too many speak out nowadays on social issues.

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    I Heard Former President Bill Clinton Will Give a Eulogy for Muhammad Ali at Interfaith Service Friday. It would have been better & more appropriate if Jim Brown, George Foreman or another black man among his peers who were outspoken on black issues back during his era gave the eulogy. Bill Clinton doing the eulogy will only give black people the mindset of go out there an support his wife and the Clinton’s love & support black people.

    I like this clip of Muhammad Ali putting this white woman in check and didn’t give a damn about what you think as well as feel. Now days you don’t see black males entertainers putting white people especially white women in check.

    • Thank you for that video! I love it! It put those women in their place!lol He just spoke the truth. And racist Clinton should not be speaking at his eulogy. That is disgraceful! They will try to whitewash his image. They always do that!

      • Just like having that nasty WHORE Madonna doing a Prince tribute while dumbasses claiming they were “friends” when they really weren’t and why the FUCK is Billy Crystal taking part that asshole did blackface! FUCK HIM AND PIMPTON!!!

  3. He will be sooo missed. He was apart of that breed of black athletes who were strong black men and stood for something. They don’t make ’em like that no more…….

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