Rose Jackson


Rosemarie Alicia Jackson-Moye (September 14, 1972) is an American television and film actress. After a successful career in film and television, Jackson, -Moye now teaches dance in the town where she is raising her daughter. Jackson-Moye also directs a number of dance troupes and works as a choreographer for musical productions.


Rosemarie was raised in New Orleans and attended grades 7-9 at St. Mary’s Academy, one of the oldest historically black Catholic schools on the country. While at St. Mary’s she won Ms Calendar Tea and appeared in the 1979 school Calendar and also appeared as a personality in the schools yearbook. In order to pursue her dreams of being a dancer and actress, Rose left the school to attend a public school so that she could attend New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA).
She has been married to Michael G. Moye since 1996.


This is a pic of her and husband Michael.  He was one of the creators of the sitcom Married with Children.  He’s a lucky man!  I thought she was so beautiful when I saw her in the film Dead Presidents.

8 thoughts on “Rose Jackson

  1. I wondered what happened to her because she was up and coming in the mid 90s then she seemed to disappear. Nice to see she’s doing well.

  2. I was lucky enough to meet her , while working on Cruise Ships of RCCL back in 1988 . besides her stunning Beauty she has a great personality and was – and still is just adorable. I have to admit i used to have a Crush on her – an honestly Istill have.

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