K.D. Aubert(KD Rose)

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Singer, Songwriter, Model & Actress, KD Rose also known as KD Aubert, has taken the music industry by storm with the release of her hot new single “Falling” which is available for download at iTunes.com. The track has gained major momentum and buzz, receiving over 1,377,651+ streams on Soundcloud.com in less than a four month period. Most fans may know her as an actress in many films or the cover girl gracing some of today’s most popular magazines, but what many don’t know, is that KD began a career in music at a very early age as a rap artist. She has recorded in major studios owned by the likes of P. Diddy and Wyclef. KD Rose also had the pleasure of meeting with music executives such as Jimmy Iovine, Will I AM, Dr. Dre, The D.O.C. and many others.KD Rose also began a modeling career with LA Models and Elite Models both in Los Angeles and later became the host of the MTV show Kidnapped. During that time, she landed her first major role, not surprisingly on her first audition, in the cult classic “Friday After Next” which led to a plethora of major television and film projects such as Soul Plane, Scorpion King, Buffy the Vampire Slayer along with a host many others, but music has always been KD’s first love. She later re-located to Illinois and signed an artist deal with the Chicago based label, Rosehip Records/EMI. She later returned to Hollywood, CA where she currently resides.

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To date, KD Rose has been busy performing her music at various venues, filming as the lead actress in an upcoming Lionsgate Feature Film, and gearing up for her new comedy series, “The KD & Paul Show”. KD, is also actively involved in her music career, launching her new independent label, Roseland Records and focusing on her passion for making great music. Through her travels as a multi-talented entertainer, KD Rose has found a true love for International music. As a songwriter of many years, KD Rose feels it’s her time to shine.

12 thoughts on “K.D. Aubert(KD Rose)

    • She’s married?? I didn’t know that. I have to be honest I don’t know everything about the personal lives of many actresses and models. Unless they’re big names celebs I don’t really keep up. But if that’s true..what a letdown!

      • Why is it a let down she is multiracial. This is normal to them, if you research the history of the Creoles in Louisiana, many of their females have been sleeping with white men since chattel slavery, owning Afrikans as slaves at a high percentage and distinguishing themselves from black people who are involved in the Creole culture.

      • Those damn creoles again! I always looked at the Creoles as the original bed wenches. I shouldn’t be surprised then. During slavery didn’t they have those Octaroon and Quadroon Balls? Those balls that white men went to and they would pick one of them to have sex with. That’s what I always think of when I see them marrying white men in Hollywood.

      • People always talk about black creoles exist and not every creole is mixed. I’m like you don’t know shit. They only in America because they fled black leadership in Haiti, they wanted to live with the French and not the Afrikan. Creole is used throughout the Caribbean for mixed black and white.

        I only ever see people who mixed with black people over the generations claim to be creole culturally but are black. This women and Beyoncé are good example of American creoles mixing with black people, they still look light compared black people on average. Rihanna is an example from the Caribbean. Most creoles are mostly white because of the breeding patterns from after slavery, white men have expressed that they preferred mixed women over black women.

      • Yeah I know what you’re saying. Beyoncé takes great pride in being a Creole. I used to work with a so-called Creole woman. She used to brag about her family being raised in New Orleans. There’s a certain pride there that reeks of anti-blackness. They still believe that it’s better to be closer to white. That’s why most creoles marry other creoles or whites. It’s all about whitening the bloodline.

      • Yeah they don’t hide that crap in the Caribbean, they will tell you straight up. The thing is the one drop rule had them hiding it in America. One must remember they owned a lot of slaves, they also founded many clubs and businesses where black people would not be allowed in, all that brown paper bag, blue vein garbage. Black people never pushed this stuff it is the same mulattoes and people who find them attractive who when you go against them will claim ‘colourism’ lie, when they ain’t even said sorry for what they done.

  1. @ kushite Prince

    I hope you make a post about Creoles it would be very interesting. Sheila E mother is a light skinned Creole but she looks racially ambiguous. Sheila E is a fence riders as well she switch from African American, Afro- Latino or prefer to be call just a Latino. The “Unsung” special tvone did on her she was quit confuse on her identity.

    • That would be interesting. Although I’ve done a few posts already about mixed people and biracial women. Thanks for the info on Sheila E. I didn’t see her Unsung episode. I will have to look it up. I know all about the fence riding Latinos. I knew quite a few of them in high school.

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