Knowledge is Power(My Library)


No matter how much you read and study..the journey for knowledge of self never ends. It doesn’t matter how much information you acquire over the years, never think you know everything.  Keep searching for TRUTH and knowledge. I have over 200 books in my library.  This is just a small sample.

28 thoughts on “Knowledge is Power(My Library)

    • Mentacide is a good book. I have all of Wilson’s books. They are a must for all black people if they are confused by this racist system. His books will give you a lot more clarity. I was going to put Blueprint for Black Power in this picture but I let a friend borrow it. I have let a few people borrow my books but they must give them back. Some people have a bad habit of not returning things to people. That’s why I don’t do it very often.

    • Sure! I’ll box them all up for It takes years to get a library like mine. But start off with two or three books. You can just make a list of ten books you want. And then every other month you buy one of them. You’ll see how quickly your book collection will grow.

  1. It looks like you’ve spent quite a bit of time in Afrikan bookstores. You have a few up on me, Lol. Where’s “The Pale Fox?” That one has been calling me to read it for years. Now that you posted about the relationship between Europeans and dogs, I wonder about our connection to the canine. I think my answer could be in that book. At least on a cosmic tip. I’ll let you know.

    • A friend of mine told me about The Pale Fox years ago. I’ve been meaning to get it. On Amazon it’s like $60. That’s a little too high for me. But I’m sure there’s some African bookstore that have it cheaper. But if you get the book,please let me know how you like it.

  2. Yeah it’s high and now I know why the bookstore never called me to pick up the book I ordered. I tried to patronize your people, smh, lol. Anyway, I went on and ordered it on Amazon a few minutes ago…

    • Yeah you know I had to put your book in I have to show support to my followers. Keep writing though. You’re a very underrated writer. You have a wealth of knowledge on Africa,Kemet,religion and spirtituality . Keep it up!

  3. This is very true. I’ve read about close to 300 books in my life. But I’ve given out many of my books over the years…however, I totally agree, Knowledge is POWER. And Information is critical.

      • Since the age of 9, Kush. It’s in me. Many people want to get a college education in order to feel powerful. That’s not knowledge–it’s rote learning. Critical thinking comes through exploring and examining everything that is being taught. My current mind state is a reflection of that. Compared to God though; our knowledge is still a nursery rhyme.

    • Yurugu is a wonderful book! Ani really opened my eyes to the mind of Europeans. And Metu Neter is great also. Neter is kind of complex for most people though. It really reads like a college course book. But it’s very educational.

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