The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Women

Black Women

The Conspiracy To Destroy Black Women exposes the source of the depression, anger, pain, drug abuse, and the physical abuse that Black women experience. The source of all misery in the Black community, as expressed by Porter, is White supremacy. Women are stereotyped as weak, caregivers, housewives, emotional, and not at all cut out for manual labor. It is these characteristics that place women in the inferior position, not their biological makeup.

In his book, Porter talked about how African men did not originally think that they were superior to women until White men introduced it to them (p. 45). Once patriarchy had been taught, African men aided in the oppression of women. In relations to gendered concepts, patriarchy, the oppression that comes along with it, and the internalized oppression that follows, all play a role in the destruction of Black women. Patriarchy, as defined in Porter’s book, “is a cultural philosophy and practice that originated with European men” (p. 43).

Knowing about patriarchy and how it limits all women, specifically Black women since they are among the poorest of other women, is crucial in reducing stereotypes. Specifically, most of the time, “African American households are headed by single women,” and as a single mother they have to take over all of the responsibilities, the nurturing and providing (p. 11).  Because of patriarchy, racism, and sexism, Black women are denied equal job opportunities as well as equal pay.

If a Black woman can’t receive equal pay, then she might have to obtain public assistance, which is not really a lot of money. If she stays on welfare too long, she gets called a welfare queen and might take herself off of it. If she takes herself off because of the embarrassment of being called a “welfare queen,” and gets her children taken away because she can’t financially take care of them, then she’s considered trifling.

The saddest part is that it is other Black women who are the main suspects committing the act of internal oppression. Oppression can lead to depression, depression to drug abuse or alcoholism, drug abuse and alcoholism to crimes and mainly prostitution to fund the habit. From crimes and prostitution, to prison. These are the steps in the destruction of Black women, and knowing what they are could persuade all Blacks to stop inflicting the stereotypes on themselves.

Physical appearance is something that many people worry about, but Black women have the most problems with it because they try to become something that they are not. Whoever said that words couldn’t curt must have never experienced true pain because being told continuously that your skin is too dark, or that your hair is too nappy hurts a person emotionally, and being hurt emotionally can lead to an individual inflicting physical pain on themselves. Porter makes a reference of Bell Hooks, author of Black Looks: Race and Representation, as stating that “White supremacy has impacted African Americans so much that we often find it difficult to discuss “Loving Blackness” (p. 75).

Black women hating their appearance comes from a long history of being degraded and devalued by White men. Although “[Black women’s] skin and full figure were historical symbols of beauty,” this beauty is not “standard of beauty in American society” (p. 77).  Black women destroy themselves through self-hate. Of course, this isn’t to say that all women are not destroying themselves to obtain American beauty.

But Black women are destroying other Black women as well through the war of dark vs light. White supremacist have misled Black women into believing that white is right, and any shade darker is wrong; “light complexioned African/African American women became ‘pretty’ and dark complexioned sisters became ‘ugly.’ As a result of this programmed mind set, Black women have tried to appear lighter by skin bleaching.

Black women’s kinks and curls became a problem as well in the pursuit of American beauty, so hair straightening product took care of that (p. 80). But the consequences of these products are scary. It is common knowledge, at least in the Black community, that a perm can make a person “pretty,” but it can also take out their hair and permanently damage their scalp.

It is also common knowledge that skin bleaching is dangerous. Despite knowing this, Black women will still do whatever it takes to achieve the American version of beauty. On the outside, a person’s physical appearance may be acceptable in society, but, as a price, their insides could be falling apart; this therefore physically and mentally contributes to the destruction of Black women.

Porter recommends that all women should stop the “destructive and unnecessary dieting, skin bleaching, skin tanning, plastic surgery, silicone injections, and starvation” that’s been programmed into them (p. 81-82). This knowledge contributes to reducing the stereotype that light skin, blue eyes, and straight and long hair, all characteristics of American beauty, are the only forms of beauty. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and if this can be programmed into Black women’s minds, the conspiracy to destroy Black women will cease to exist.

34 thoughts on “The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Women

    • My boy Harvey!! I was just talking about him in another post and damn does he always bring the heat! he breaks things down so eloquently and distinctly that you’d better keep up or else get lost in the dust

      • @ the Prince:

        Thank you for the tip! Will add to my home library! And I have to add MORE shelves it seems. I am now at the point of “double-shelving” books.

        But back to your post. To ALL sistas? “Its hard to keep a good woman down. Make them RISE UP to meet you!”


  1. I have a friend married to a white man,they have daughter and so that’s thing really shock me,it is her daughter she is only 5 year and she knows already what’s means ugly and beauty!
    She told her mother she doesn’t want have a black brother! I said “wow!”,because in the school she is only mixed kid and other are all whites!
    I am not surprise at all because all this bullshit happened when you have relationships with whites!
    Black people who don’t want have anything to do with whites,we should hold all these shits for cause of these salf-hatred idiots!

    • See how it breeds self hatred? All this race mixing crap solves nothing! I hope black people realize the interracial propaganda is just a ploy. Marrying whites will not save you from your oppression. Only self love can do that.

      • She is really confused woman,because she wishes to have black kids from her white partner,how you can have black kids from a white person?? Only with black man you can have! Also when her daughter she was born,she told me why she is light? The truth relationships between blacks and whites are always the same! Because one of partners should reject his/her side for the happiness of the other! Most the times are blacks not whites!

      • Not really amazing children socialise a lot, they talk all the time, they’re children after all.

        One thing I do know is the social confusion from a young age of being mixed added with the better social state of whiteness is temping to mulattoes. It is not abnormal for mixed children to say they want to be white or want white children, for the girls the issue cuts deep as they see that their mixed race males reject them for white females overwhelmingly, they are the only group who mixes higher than they mix with themselves.

      • Yes that’s true. They realize at a young age that society is anti-black. They learn there is advantage to being associated with whiteness and being anti-African.

      • It pretty obvious this is why most times they are not in relationships with black people, they see the confusion of their existence and then the weak position of black people (socially and mentally). They put two and two together this means that they chooe not mix with black people like they do with white. It is not very hard to figure out.

        Many people want to deny this reality as if people in generally do not normally seek to find an easier existence for their descendants. It is sad but very true, the more prominent black people in the media who have mulatto kids are the least likely people to have 3/4 black grandchildren, this is no accident.

        The doll tests works on kids, don’t know why people don’t want to believe their mixed kids see this and chose to stay away permanently. Not to mention the amount of mulattoes with an openly anti-black parent, I just laugh at how someone can mate with someone the know hates them and not expect the children to be messed up.

      • That’s so true. People just don’t want to admit it. That’s why mating with whites is unproductive for black people. It shows a backwards way of thinking. To think that the mixed children would be “normal” is just plain stupid.

  2. Someone once told me when I was young that whenever you get too closet to toxic waste; one will get contaminated. And that is very true of Black people in relationships with white people. Any Black woman who is conscious, knows that a Black man is her only genetic equal. Anything less than that is a genetic downgrade. And the same for Black males. Mental enslavement of many Black people is the result of why so many are embracing such relationships, as a means to erase the one thing they hate the most: THEMSELVES. The only counter to self-hatred is self-love. And that can only occur when our people start to embrace their own identity, history, and to understand the true power in our genes. We are the original people of the planet and it’s high time some of us start acting like it. I’m tired of low self-esteem masking itself as Blackness today. We need to call these people out and demand better in our communities. It’s time to get rid of this bacteria in order to restore dignity to the people.

  3. @ Kushite prince
    I heard about this book & listen to the author do a interview about it a couple of years ago, I”m going to have to purchase this book.

    Furthermore thanks for getting me hook on youtuber Chrissie, but in this video she made some good points about Ayesha Curry. I always wonder why Ayesha Curry gotten more publicity for being the wife of a NBA player from black people especially black men. She’s more hyped up then Chris Paul & Lebron James wives. I know the NBA were cleaning up their image and making their male players look more family oriented, and Stephen Curry family is the new poster child for that image. At first I was thinking maybe beside having a good image, religious family, and marrying before having children was probably the deal. I was trying to avoid & overlook the colorism of Ayesha Curry being light skinned or biracial because she carry herself well & is a good cook. In the link below Chrissie made good points about Aeysha Curry because the main reason she’s getting hyped up is one factor is about her skin color. NFL player Aaron Ross and his wife Sanya Richards who is a Olympic track gold medalist never received this hyped. Aaron Ross & Sanya Richards both came from two parent households & both met in college. As I start to look at things different I believe the media is not showing two dark skins man & woman couples unless one is light and the other is dark.

    • You’re welcome Shanequa. I’m glad I could introduce you to Chrissie. She’s a pretty smart woman. I like a lot of her views. I understand what you’re saying about Ayesha Curry. I’ve heard other people say the same thing. Thanks for the video link. I’ll be sure to watch it.

      • @ Kushite Prince you’re welcome.
        I notice something to about Stephen & Ayesha Curry parents and other family members their either light skinned or mostly racially ambiguous half breeds. They remind me of the blue blood or blue vein family a group of light skinned or biracial families that don’t marry dark skinned black men & women. I’m not trying to be rude but when I see families like Aeysha & Stephen Curry over the next generation you have expected the family to darken up some but no.

      • Yes I noticed that too. I know some Creoles that are like that. They don’t want their children to marry dark skinned people. It reminds me of that too.

  4. This is a great 5-star book. I have had it in my library for some time now. Reading this book has helped me to understand why it is important to address (and resolve) issue of sexism and misogynoir towards black women and girls in society and the Black Community. More people need to read this book to understand why many black women are starting to embrace womanism and why we need it.

  5. One thing I noticed keeps talking about black women and this ‘American beauty’ which is really just a European standard. I don’t really know how black women can win over white men, but I know they can overcome the propaganda that white men promote. The relationship between black men and black women need to be torn from the Eurocentric style, everything is a pseudo-white version including the pseudo-white mixed race female whom negroes and the white media promote.

    The all shapes, sizes and colours crap turned me off tbh. Black women know what needs to be done and engaging in Liberal nonsense is not it.

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