Distorted Truths:Bastardization of Afrikan Cosmology

Distorted truths...

History is not properly taught to Afrikan people. We have no idea how our worldview set the standard in ancient history. What has been erroneously called polytheism–that was us; the belief that a part of the person survived death, and could be communicated with, ancestor communion–that was us; the notion that the Supreme Being was self-evident throughout existence–that was us; the idea that the divine was both masculine and feminine–that was us; the idea that there was a natural order that was observable, could be emulated, and reproduced as a system to live by–that was us. And what did this worldview produce–the grandeur of Kemet, Sumer/Elam (pre-Aryanian Mesopatamia), Mohenjo-Daro (pre-Aryanian India), and the Li Min or Yellow River high culture (pre-Chou China). In other words, the Afrikan worldview was responsible for developing ALL the early so called river valley civilizations. Yes, before the rise of the Semites (mulattoes), Afrikan thought was predominant in the world. This point is nothing but an extension of what Chancellor William’s Destruction of Black Civilization was about. We don’t understand that the development of Greek philosophy, Judaic monotheism, Roman Christianity, and Arab Islam, all came about as challenges to Afrikan though. What did these systems of thought all have in common–They attacked or removed the feminine from the divine! That’s what they all did. Review history and you’ll see this is what happened.  Merlin Stone’s When God was a Woman documents this–she does not make the connection between race, culture, and worldview though. Even Elaine Pagels’ Gnostic Gospels demonstrates this attack upon the feminine in early Christianity but she too fails to put her argument in the context of race, culture, and worldview. My book Distorted Truths does this.

Someone said about my book that it was an “interesting look at the foundations of Afrikan thought and the struggle against it in the ancient world.” Actually, our system of thought was and continues to be constantly under ATTACK. Non-Afrikan people have been attacking the Afrikan worldview for millennia now. They have replaced our matrifocal system with patriarchy structures. To me this simply means they have problems with the feminine and anything they equate with it. That means they will dishonor nature, women, emotions, the body, all things that they perceive as in opposition to their masculine counterparts: God (the Father), men, reason, the mind. This is based on their dichotomous logic.

I was recently telling a friend of mine that the Bible is anti-Afrikan, that at its core it challenges the Afrikan worldview. I proceeded to point these things out clearly, and unequivocally, and she said, “I disagree.” It is not my intention to present those arguments now, but it was the person’s knee-jerk reaction that concerned me. We have become so enamored with these foreign ideas (religions) that we are afraid to look critically at what we had. And when I say what we had I am not just talking about Nubia and Kemet, I’m referring to the Afrikan worldview and culture as it existed among any Afrikan people. Their foundations are the same though their level of “achievement” differed. It is this foundation that we need to rebuild. Our challenge is to regain our worldview and if this entails waging an ongoing struggle against Western, Eastern, or any system of thought that is anti-Afrikan, then so be it. The struggle to regain our worldview is paramount.

Initially, human identity was based on culture, and since cultures differed, people naturally viewed themselves as different. Ethnocentrism was a naturally occurring yet harmless phenomenon. Racial identity did not exist until the European creation of the concept. However, today, human beings are classified and divided into racial groups. Europeans for the most part are the most unified grouping while Afrikans number among the most disunited. Our apparent lack of racial unity (and economic cohesion) obstructs our development as other racial groupings feed on our factionalism. Nevertheless, we do have a genuine basis for togetherness. I have argued in my book Distorted Truths, that though Afrikan cultures are diverse, something our enemies (all to willingly) frequently point out, Afrikan cultures share the same worldview assumptions and cultural intentionalities. Thus, our worldview assumptions, and our unique history at the hands of other groups are but two of the most powerful rallying points for Afrikan racial unity.

Pan-Afrikanism must be the concept that provides that unity; it should become the eternal theme of Afrikan existence; it must be instrumental in the development of global Black Power. Pan-Afrikan unity cannot simply be a territorial unity but ought to express the solidarity of Afrikan people based on our distinctive racial, cultural, linguistic and historical identity; it should offer means for Diasporan inclusiveness and participation; it needs to provide for the collective security and ultimate survival of Afrikan people. We have to champion it and the Afrikan worldview with a passion exceeding European cultural chauvinism, modern Zionism, and Asian ethnocentrism.

Damani Agyekum or Seba Damani

19 thoughts on “Distorted Truths:Bastardization of Afrikan Cosmology

    • I got this book late last year. It’s about 400 pages. I haven’t finished it yet. I think I’m on page 157. It’s a very good book if you want to know more in depth about African cosmology and culture. He does some very extensive research for the book.

  1. Thanks for the reference. I’ll try to buy the book next month. Most of the books I’m truly interested in are beyond my monthly budget. But, those books that will aid my writing especially character development, take priority.

    i was going to use the term “philosophy” but it would seem as though that concept has been tossed aside. Although the book preview gave a rational for the “mis-use” of the term, I’d be interested in your view,

  2. I am not agreed about Hebrews and Arabs,both these religions were blacks!
    The true Hebrews are blacks not whites!
    The first humans were blacks,the black races were everywhere in the world,until when pale face people came in this world and they destroyed their cultures!
    The first and true Hebrews are blacks,the modern Albino Hebrews are fake,they stolen the knowledge and cultures from black Jews, I believe they gave black Hebrews to whites into slavery!
    You should read the book “From Babylon to Timbuktu”.
    I know for black people is hard believe also the first Arabs were blacks for slavery! There is a also book call “The Ancient black Hebrews and Arabs”.
    Christianity was a black religion in origin but Albino people destroyed the religion made it as homosexual and pedophile religion!
    Everything was born from us,but Albino people stolen everything from us!
    Look how many whites claim be Jews only for get benefit!
    Today in the world still people have Aftican origin but Albino people said isn’t true because they don’t want the world know the truth!
    There was an website called therealhistorywww but I think they blocked,you know Yuguru like block everything tell the truth!
    Black people lived also in Mexico,were an ancient tribes called Olmec,at colossus heads with Aftican features,but Mecican people said isn’t true! Black people were imported as slaves in America but before that times there were already black tribes lived in there! Look at these pictures and than tell me!
    Olmec as ancient Egyptian people,they had built pyramids,also after them other they did!
    In Cina they found also pyramids, look at Western cities they never built pyramids!

    • In order to understand the author’s position, you have to read the book. It documents exactly his views are on these religions. Moreover, it does not matter whether these groups are black, what matters is their worldview. Being Black but having an alien worldview does nothing for us as a people. For example, it is the ancient Hebrews that introduced the most virulent form of misogyny in the ancient world. This is clearly documented in “When God was a Woman.” I don’t cosign misogyny, therefore I have a problem with these ancient Afrikoid people. There worldview had become tainted by exposure to “Semites.” This is the author of Distorted Truths speaking.

    • What’s up brother? It’s a real honor to have you drop by my blog. I actually haven’t finished reading it yet but I like it so far. You did some great research for it. It’s a fascinating book. I appreciate your comments. Peace brother!

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