Amos Wilson speaks about “People of Color”




15 thoughts on “Amos Wilson speaks about “People of Color”

  1. I still hear bourgeois negros talking about the struggle of “people of color” against “white supremacy” to this very day! Most negros haven’t learned a thing since the Silly Rights Movement and (unbeknownst to them) are being prepared for the slaughter. It’s a damn shame!

    • This is what Amos was warning us about. This stupid negroes still don’t get it. I agree,it’s a damn shame and very frustrating. All this “lets hold hands with everyone” mentality as gotten us nowhere. Silly Rights Movement?? LOL!! That’s a classic! I’ll have to use that one. Thanks Lumumba.

  2. Amos Wilson is definitely on point… Too many of us are of the false notion that just because they’re “not white” that they’re our friends. Yet when the shit hits the fan they would sell us out for a plate of lentils and not bat an eye lash about it….

    • Yes that’s the point Amos was making. The sad part is said this way back in 1994-95 and you still got black people on that people of color” nonsense! We got to wake up!

  3. I don’t understand why we Black people are always expected to stand with “people of color” when no one expects any other ethnicity to stand with us.

    Amos is right about everything! All the time!

    • They want us to side with them but they never want to side with us. I get so sick and tired of it! They are never down for our causes yet we are automatically supposed to be down with theirs. Amos Wilson was 100% correct in this video. And the sad part is this video was done 20 years ago! Yet it’s still very relevant.

      • Prince there is a very talented and smart black man named Harvey who calls himself Superboy223 on YouTube that talked about how ABC reporter Juju Chang was trying to make rapist Daniel Holtzclaw sympathetic because he’s half Asian. Many races are obsessed with getting praise from white people that’s why I find it hilarious when they get their “Negro Moment” then have the nerve to expect us to clean up their mess. To that I say FUCK YOU, you are on your own fools!

  4. Non Black African people are wolves in sheep clothing their no different then the friendly white person. The reason why our people don’t see other non black people of color as a threat is because we’re to focus on the white man, and we lump our struggles with there’s. Yes, the non black people of color have issues with their European cousin’s but it’s not the same as ours. With them they are like biracial’s (half black) people which are fence riders that uses Black Africans when it’s convenient. Non Black people of color despise us with a passion and since racism is becoming more open toward black people they are also voicing their opinions about us. I just can’t wait till the day our people wake up.

    • That is so true Shanequa. I have been saying this since my blog started. We get tricked into thinking that non-whites will automatically side with black people. That is a BIG mistake. History has shown that has not been the case. I’m so grateful that Amos did this video years ago. All blacks need to see it.

    • I don’t give a rat’s ass about other people of color and when whites attack and they try to bring us into I tell them to fuck off cause I don’t care and I don’t want to hear it

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