Happy Bornday(Solar Return) to brother Malcolm X






18 thoughts on “Happy Bornday(Solar Return) to brother Malcolm X

  1. Brother Malcolm was one of five individuals whose caliber and demeanor I regard as above-average. How I would have loved to grown up under his tutelage! He was very intelligent with a vision for his people. He dismantled stereotypes, fearlessly faced his “smiling” enemies and was able to dispel what was accepted as “fact” in THEIR history…yes, even today those walls of untruth are tumbling down!

    I salute Brother Malcolm.

    • Thanks Epi. Yes Malcolm was fearless in the face of his enemies. He was a great example for our people on how to be courageous. He left many speeches so we know how he felt on many subjects. He left a beautiful legacy for generations to look up to. I agree,he deserves to be saluted!

    • I think MLK sold out in the beginning. Then he realized his mistake. Once he got all the black people to boycott the sanitation department….he was threat. MLK saw JFK,Bobby Kennedy and Malcolm get killed. He then wanted to change his ways. He even said he would be killed. Martin was against the Vietnam war which made him more unpopular. People forget that MLK was hated by a lot of people.He tried to change his ways but he changed too late.

      • Yeah I suppose so. But the fact that he idolized that racist Ghandi put him in my bad books for quite a while

      • Yeah he liked Gandhi’s non violent ideology. But Gandhi’s racism as been swept over. I been meaning to do a post on Gandhi for awhile. Many people still don’t know about that skinny little racist punk!

      • sorry but Gandhi’s non violent ideology is what put us in the dog us in the first place. Where as our militant and outspoken ancestors were men and women of action.

  2. Malcolm X was the real deal! There are none like him! Would that he were still alive today, I can only imagine how it would be! To have known Malcolm X was to know a truly great and fine man!

    Thank you for this tribute Prince! It does Malcolm X, justice!

  3. Gandhi’s ideology about passivity in non-violence is what I believe has kept many blacks in dam near a catatonic state today regarding our enemies. And Gandhi WAS a racist!

    And, may very well prove to be our people’s demise if we don’t wake up and SEE the enemies of black people.

    Remember, the Devil has a brilliant smile when you first meet him.

    Think about it.

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