21 thoughts on “We Never needed your Help

  1. Images are powerful. They got people fooled like Africa and black folks are backwards and starving for real.

    • We were doing okay before their involvement. They have brought us pain and misery for hundreds of years. They want us to believe we are better off because of them. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are delusional.

      • Say that Prince! The story and lies that these sub-humans continue to bring forth is exactly as you state. Amerika has never liked anything darker than herself, not to mention much of what Amerika attained was stolen.

        It is so sad that all other races cannot or refuse to see that white supremacy is holding ALL other races hostage. Not to mention, other races have adopted white Amerika’s mind-set and not thinking outside of the box. Truly, truly sad.

      • That is sad but true. White supremacy has brainwashed the millions of people worldwide. All these other so-called minorities have a white mindset too. I have worked with Mexicans,Puerto Ricans,Indians,Chinese,Japanese and Filipinos. And many of them look down on black people. Many of the Indians don’t even speak to me when I greet them in the workplace. And you have the Mexicans who just crossed the border but even they have a low opinion of blacks. Some of them barely speak any English but they still know the word nigger. No surprise there right? I have said it a million times……we have NO allies. It’s just US. We wont get any help from other races. We need to open our eyes to that reality Epi.

  2. Indians didn’t remember how British people have treated them in bad way in Indian in the past! Now you should see them in UK how they kiss white people ass!
    They were treated as slavery by British people,and most of them died of starving and killed!
    Most of these cultures have been treated as slaves by whites! Is funny how all these shits happened black people are the problem!
    White people don’t care if they are insane,because they love show to the world,they are good and other cultures can’t live without their helps!
    Especially black people because in their sick mind we are a people of stupid without knowledge!
    It’s funny the most great ancient civilisations were blacks!

    • So true Nubian. The British really did a number on the Indians. Once they colonized them they lost their damn minds. Now many Indians are very racist towards black people. Even though many are just as dark as we are.lol But many other so-called minorities want to look down on black people so they can move up the social ladder. So to move up they must have disdain for blacks/Africans and see us as n*ggers. I have seen this pattern with Mexicans,Filipinos,Koreans,Chinese and Japanese. Over time they all develop a white supremacy mindset.

      • People don’t think with their own mind are insane! Especially Christianity has destroyed the mind of the people in the world!
        When you look the picture of that white Jesus what your eyes see?
        An white man believes to be a GOD and rinse himself over!
        God isn’t human,God is over everything! British people called Indians also ni**ger too for their skin colour! That’s why they dislike us!
        I work in pharmacy,there are so many these white cunts come to ask medicines against Malaria,because these devils want spent their holiday in Africa!
        Amazing how they love Africa but not blacks!
        These white human association ever change what their truly are! Never and never! I will ever give my money for them it’s an insult for African people for me!

  3. Martin was wrong about Gandhi,he was very racist against black people! He hated when in South Africa whites called him ni**ger! Black people should stop believe in Gandhi,he said truly disgusting things against black people!
    These cultures don’t reverse their hatred against their real enemies but to us! Also us,we are afraid to throw our hatred against our real enemy,you know all this matter it could be over if we stopped act like “it’s ok some of them are good,they help us,they love us!”

    • Gandhi was a total fuckwad no doubt. Notice how that fucker never spoke about what was happening in Africa by the British but I’ll bet people of India damn sure want us to have THEIR back!

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