Inferior vs Superior- Marimba Ani

Racists whites...

“The white self image requires an “inferior” to which it relates as “superior”. The idea of progress helps to explain to Western Europeans in what way they are “superior”.  They believe,and are able to make others believe, that since they represent the most “progressive” force at any any given moment, they are most human and therefore “best”. Others in the world represent varying degrees of inferiority.  In other words, the idea of progress provides a scale on which to weigh and by which to compare people via their cultures(their group creations).  The Western European ethos requires a self image not merely of superiority but of supremacy, and the idea of progress makes white people supreme among human beings. Without the idea and this conceptual sleight of hand,cultures would merely be different. Western culture would merely be intensely and obsessively rational. With the assumption of the idea of progress, the West becomes “better”.

23 thoughts on “Inferior vs Superior- Marimba Ani

      • That’s funny because I downloaded a copy not too long ago. And didn’t recognize the name smh. Need to get around to reading it.

  1. By the way KP, did you hear that the fat bitch George Zimmerman sold the gun that he used to kill Trayvon Martin?

    • Yeah I saw that. It’s been all over social media this week. Why is this guy still walking around? Zimmerman is a racist pig for sure but it shows how racist Amerikkka is. The fact that some low life devil would buy his gun says a lot right? This is like buying a rope that hung a black person. This is like all those whites that buy Nazi souvenirs. Its the same damn thing! They love to have memorabilia that involves our suffering. We are truly living among DEMONS!!

  2. I cannot even ‘stomach’ that image you have posted. It sickens me to look at it.

    And there is nothing at all superior about whites. They are inferior in every way. They are a fatal disease to this planet and the sun should have long since burned their asses to a cinder especially seeing as how the rest of the world’s people are too human to do what needs to be done to them.

  3. @Kushite:

    The above photo reminds me of that scene in the movie “Mandingo” when the late James Mason put his feet on boy slave’ stomach to “get rid of his rheumatism”.

  4. White people are not superior. They are creative psychopaths who are so mentally and psychologically disturbed, their innate inferiority is only comforted through provoking deceit through manipulated interactions with unsuspecting people. Basically, the supposed white supremacy ethos they preach, is only strengthened by the deliberate acts of cheating and trying to balance the scale in their favor, normally by exclusion of anyone that appears to have more strength, intelligence, creativity, goodness, and even true spirituality. White people are evil and depraved by nature. That is only magnified through their day to day actions as most here have witnessed all of their lives. I’ve never been enamored with them. God opened my eyes early.

  5. Marimba Ani is flawless with her assessment of European culture. Me and my younger brother talk about the fraudulent ‘progressive’ ideology that Europeans seem to hold of their society. The intertwining of supremacy ideology and progress maintain each other, they want the whole world to play catch up to whatever standard and viewpoints they make in the in-thing. This in turn turns the cogs in their mind that makes them better people morally and hence politically, allowing for them to push their ‘superior’ behaviour on others.

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