Lupita Nyong’o vs Alicia Keys: Black Beauty Standard


What is beauty? Many say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore anyone can come up with their own definition of beauty.  I can agree with that to a certain extent. We all have our own personal like and dislikes.  But in a male dominated society the beauty of a woman is very important.  There are many good looking men in the world but it only carries you so far as a man.  But for women their beauty can open many doors for them.  A man is usually judged by his financial status.  It’s ultimately about what is his income and can he be a provider.  There are many women who have college degrees and make a lot of money nowadays.  But for the most part women are still judged by their beauty.  Their beauty is seen as social capital.  Not only is our society dominated by men…but also dominated by Europeans.  This makes things doubly hard for black/African women.  The woman in the picture above is actress Lupita Nyong’o.  Over the last few years she has taken Hollywood by storm. Lupita is an African woman.  She was born in Mexico and raised in Kenya.  She has been praised for her acting ability most notably the film 12 Years a Slave.  Which he won an Academy award for.  But she has also been praised for her beauty.  When I first saw her in an interview back in 2013 I thought she was a stunning beauty.  She had a beautiful smile,full lips and smooth dark chocolate skin. She has a very asymmetrical face. Her beauty seems almost otherworldly.  I was somewhat surprised that the media was giving her so much praise.  The white media rarely gives praise to a black woman with her skin tone and features. I haven’t seen this since maybe Lauryn Hill. Lauryn was a close second by the way.  I almost picked her for this post. But it was praise that was well deserved.  Although I find her gorgeous there are far more light skinned/biracial women that get more praise in the media.


Which brings me to singer/actress Alicia Keys.  Many black men I’ve talked to say that Alicia Keys is a beautiful woman. She’s not a bad looking woman at all.  But I’ve heard people say that she is a great representation of a beautiful black woman. This is a serious problem in the black community.  The problem is that Alicia Keys is biracial/mixed. She has a  white mother. The issue is really not about Alicia Keys.  I’m just using her as an example.  It’s more about what she represents. And I’ve heard other people say that actresses like Paula Patton,Halle Berry,Stacey Dash,Zendaya Coleman,Zoe Kravitz,Tracee Ellis Ross,Thandie Newton and Carmen Ejogo ..described as beautiful black women.  Even though they are all biracial women. This is the problem with the black beauty standard. And this is what needs to change. We have to be honest about this.

This video by Youtuber Chrissie explains the problem of biracial women getting so much shine.  Many of them get offended and upset when this reality is pointed out.  The reality is that a women like Alicia Keys should not be the representative of black beauty.  Every race and ethnic group has it’s own standard.  Whites have a standard and Asians have their standard.  When a woman is part Chinese and part African,the Chinese  do not accept that woman as their standard of beauty.  They will say she’s mixed race and in most cases most Asians don’t accept them as Asian at all.  So why is it so different with black people? Why do black people so willingly accept biracial women as OUR standard of beauty?


As far as an African standard of beauty I would choose Lupita. Some of you may disagree with me.  I know there are thousands of African woman I could choose from.  I have featured many of them here on my blog.  But Lupita is an easy choice considering she is in the spotlight at the moment.  I think the one-drop rule has brainwashed millions of black people.  We think anything that is lighter skinned and light eyes is a better representation of blackness.  A watered down version is better than what we really look like.  There are millions of dark skinned and brown skinned black women who never make it big in the acting or modeling world.  And the few that do are not seen as “classic beauties”.  They are always seen as the “exotic other”.  Much the same way many whites in Hollywood look at Lupita.  But I really don’t care what racist whites think.  I’m more concerned about what we think and how we feel about each other.  We can no longer let the pseudoscience of the one drop rule over us anymore. We should be able to create our own standard of beauty.  We should not let another group of people dictate to us what should be considered attractive.


It’s okay if people disagree with me.  But who would you choose?  Name three women you think would be a good representation of black beauty. They can be actresses,models,singers etc.  What is African beauty? What should black beauty look like? What women would represent it the best?

81 thoughts on “Lupita Nyong’o vs Alicia Keys: Black Beauty Standard

  1. Great post.

    The problem I have is this:

    The One Drop Rule and the Biracial Agenda cannot exist together. So which is it? This is why I never got on board with the biracial label. There’s NO SUCH THING. Dark skin is always going to be seen as a threat to white supremacy whether it’s a light brown, yellow or red.

    This is why people like Mariah Carey and Barry Obama cause so much CONFUSION to those that aren’t awake. It’s the old bait and switch. By the way…the only reason why light skin and light eyes carry so much false weight is because it’s closer to what white people believe is pretty.

    Which secretly a whiter version of BLACK PEOPLE.

    • Thank you Negress. Dark skin is always a threat to them. I think that’s the main reason they don’t want too many dark skinned women representing black beauty. Biracial women are a better choice in the system of white supremacy. Obama,Halle Berry and Mariah all help in the confusion.

  2. Great post! It’s just soooo many millions and millions of beautiful black women, so it would be hard for me to name who would be good representations of black beauty. But they all would be dark skin with African features (like the sistas in Chrissie’s video, it is the dark skin black woman, hands down, who should represent black beauty because she is the ROOT, the mother of us all.

  3. This is a SERIOUS ISSUE and I’m just beyond tired of its affects on Black Women especially my dark-skin sistas. If I had a magic wand I would just make it all go away forever. Black Women and girls talk about this issue EVERYDAY on Tumblr and how its just gotten worse for black women and girls, not just in society but the BC. The Black Community REALLY needs to discuss this colorism issue and how it greatly affect (dark-skin) black women, but many of us are finding sooo many black people are in denial about it like white people are in denial about racism.

    When I look at Lupita and Alicia, I am more drawn to Lupita. IMO, Alicia looks basic compared to Lupita. I was drawn to Alicia when she first came on the scene, maybe because she wore beautiful braids, but as I went along and became more appreciative of black beauty, the Alicias of the world just didn’t appeal to me anymore.

    TBH, I’m almost afraid to ask how many black men you spoke too said Lupita was beautiful,lol.

    I remember when Lupita won the Oscar for her role in 12 years a slave, many of black men talked about white men fetish sizing her because of the attention she received from the white media. On the other hand, many black women were saying that the only reason black men were concerned about Lupita is because she could possibly end up in a relationship with a white man; not because they really liked and appreciated her because black men don’t like dark skin black women. This example just goes to show how this issue plays a major part in the high tensions in Black gender relations.

    Furthermore, many black women point out how the only time the black collective show concern for (especially dark skin) black women is when these sistas contemplate and or end up in relationships with white/non-black men of color who validated their beauty because they didn’t get the validation they wanted from black men. In addition, black women also note how many black people get upset at these sistas, yet don’t consider how the black community degrade and demean dark skin sistas along with the rest of society.

    You know how I feel about IR, but I have agree with these sistas that the black collective can’t get mad at dark skin women for seeking validation outside, yet at the same time pedestal place light/bi-racial women over dark-skin women along with the rest of society. It’s really hypocritical and backwards. This is another problematic behavior that black women are pointing out amongst the black collective.

    Talking about all this is just…..heartbreaking. ***SIGH***

    • Yes it’s a sad issue. I know people don’t want to address it because it can be very painful. But that’s why we need to discuss it. We can’t keep running from it. I know this scares people because I notice some people that always comment on my blog…..all of a sudden This colorism issue is REAL. And it wont just disappear on it’s own. The truth is many biracial people benefit from being seen as a more attractive black person. They are well aware of it and use it to their advantage. They are black when it is convenient. I have seen them flip flop as well. They will tell a black person they see themselves as black. But when they are around non-blacks they are quick to tell them they are mixed. And even the biracial women who aren’t that cute think they are God’s gift to the world. I work with an average looking mixed woman. She is stuck up and arrogant. And she’s not even that But that shows that the media blows up their heads too much. So they feel they are superior to black women. And these black male coons don’t make it any easier. I have some at my job fawning after white/biracial women all the time. And these women love it. It makes their egos even bigger. I find it disgusting! I wish these guys had more pride. This self hatred is causing division in the area of skin tone and gender. We have to STOP this mentality. We must teach our children to love their natural hair and African features. So we can stop this sick mentality. We don’t want the next generation to be faced with this problem. I don’t have all the answers. That’s why I do posts like this so we can all brainstorm and find solutions. We know that the promotion of interracial sex,homosexulaity,transgender and colorism is NOT the answer for our people. It is all mentacide and self-destruction. This is what white supremacy wants for us. They want self hating confused black people. This benefits them not US. This first step is educating the children and having our own schools. The schools and media is killing our minds. If we had self love someone like Lupita would obviously be seen as a gorgeous black woman. But because of mentacide many of us think mixed people are more attractive. Many of us suffer from Negrophobia. The fear of blackness and love of whiteness. This is the battle we face. And as tiring as it gets….I’m in it for the long haul. Otherwise I would’ve quit a long time ago. I know it’s frustrating sis. It can get mentally draining. Believe me,I’ve been there. But this battle is not for the weak at heart. I love my people enough to keep pushing. I want to wake up as many as I can. Even the black people that disagree with me. We’re all in this together. The black collective as a alot of work. But I’m intelligent enough to know not all will wake up. And I accept that fact. The struggle continues……

    • Don’t make it ALL about black men!! Black women including dark skinned ones fetishize light males JUST AS MUCH!! Look at how black women treated David Justice, Derek Jeter, Shemar Moore and even the guy in prison who many black women called “the male model prisoner”. If we are going to hold folks accountable hold every damn body’s feet to the fire. Colorism is not a way one street nor did it start with rappers [a total myth] we ALL need a kick in the ass for it!

      • Some black women even went gaga for Wentworth Miller after they found out that he was mixed but change their tune very quick when they found out that he was also gay.

      • I disagree with most of what you say. A lot of it IS about black men and that’s not a put down and it’s not about putting all the blame on black men. This post is about how the white supremacist beauty standard affects black women and girls the most; black men ARE well aware of this FACT. Beauty is a feminine concept and since we live in a society that measures a woman worth and or value according to how beautiful she is, women will be affected the most, especially black women, specifically the dark skin black woman.

        The white supremacist beauty standard affects how many black men and boys view black beauty (especially dark skin black women). Even a lotta of black women don’t see dark skin black women as the standard of beauty. I see black people (including black women) calling dark skin black women ugly ALL THE TIME on blogs, discussion forums, youtube and social media and in REAL LIFE. Black People, collectively hate dark skin on black women. I’ve heard and read both colorist black men and women say, “Dark skin just don’t look good on women” Anyone who denies this fact is living under a rock!

        You NEVER EVER hear people tell black men and boys including black women and girls, “Well, your ‘re handsome for a dark skin boy.” I can’t count how many time black women and girls say they have been told that even by other black women and girls.

        Black Women women drool over dark skin black men just AS MUCH AS light skin black Men. I’m willing to betcha most black women will say that dark skin Morris Chesnut is just as fine if not more than light skin/bi-racial Shemar Moore. In addition, I see more black women preferring dark skin black men to light skin black men. And since this sick society dark skin is considered “more masculine” (some foolishness started by white supremacist) I see black women and women of other races fetishsize dark skin black men more.

        Again, if you not seeing all the evidence of how this affects black women and girls more, then you’re living under a rock!

      • I, too, agree with many of the statements that OBW stated. And yes, I will go on record too stating that I think that that darker hued brother is very pleasing to my eyes! lol…..

    • Wesley Snipes, Sidney Poitier and Dennis Rodman got crap from black girls because of their tone. Black men don’t run Hollywhite or the majority of the images so to put most of this on their shoulders is lazy and unfair! I don’t dispute that a number of black men have issue with dark skinned black women but they don’t control the casting or hiring or pictures in magazines. They are just as brainwashed as black women are so stop making THEM the villain as if it were the idea of black men to make dark skin appear ugly and not worth admiration. Plenty of dark skinned and light skinned black women got acting jobs because BLACK PEOPLE were behind the scenes but since so many so-called “leaders” bitched about those films they are now gone. That’s not black males fault anymore than it’s their fault that the media keeps attacking Naomi Campbell. I do understand that has some very bad psychological ramifications but you can’t just say well the majority of this is because black men even if there is this supposed love affair with men who are dark skinned!

      • @Lavern…True. Good comment, especially the line about it being lazy and unfair to give us all the blame. I think we are less brainwashed overall.

  4. Interesting video. I have to agree with most of what you both said. Many biracial woman I know + interact with make sure you know that they’re mixed, not claiming one side more than the other [unless it’s convenient at the time]. We are beautiful in our many shades, but mixed women often do not understand our plights and don’t have the right to represent us in all of the avenues that society has allowed them to. They represent the mixed/multi-racial perspective, not the Black perspective. It’s impossible for them to properly represent both.

    There are so many beautiful Black women, but my top three have to be Jill Scott, Teyonah Parris and Lupita Nyong’o. Angela Bassett, Whitney Houston, India.Arie and Lauryn Hill are definitely way up there as well. Black beauty is not just looking pretty but exuding strength and confidence, embracing and being proud of who you are. [I know Angela wears a lot of wigs + weaves but she is just drop dead to me.]

    Great post.

    • Thanks Kelley! I do agree that biracial woman don’t have the same experience as black women. Their life experience is a lot different. I like the list of woman you named. I love Teyonah Parris! She is a real beauty! I agree that beauty is not just outward beauty. It really is about confidence and loving yourself. That is REAL beauty in my opinion. Thanks for your comments.

  5. Completely agree with Diaryofanegress.
    When I first saw Alicia Keys, I only realised she had any ‘black’ in her because she was in a ‘black’ magazine and wore a hairstyle that ‘black’ women normally wear. Otherwise I’d called her ‘white’.
    As such I totally agree with this article. Alicia Keys & other ‘grey’ people should therefore be called such, not lumped together with us. Many of them are beautiful, and many champion their ‘black’ ancestry & ‘black’ causes, all of which is good and should be taken into account. Doesn’t mean we have to consider them the same as us.

    • Thanks Tawny. Lupita is much prettier than Alicia. But that’s the problem with the racist media. They love to overhype the biracial beauties. No other race does this but US! This madness has to stop.

  6. To answer the question, three (out of the innumerable!) ‘black’ women I consider gorgeous are:
    Lesliana Pereira
    Diana Danelys De Los Santos (aka. Amara la Negra)
    Elahni Ocean

    • That is a beautiful list! Those are great choices. I have featured Amara on my blog before. I will have to add Lesliana and Elahni. Elahni is an under rated beauty. I know it’s hard to pick only three. But three of my favorites would be: Tika Sumpter

      Tomiko Fraser

      Emayatzy Corinealdi

  7. You should come in UK London where there is a high rate of interracial relationship between black men and white women and high number of mixed race kids!
    UK isn’t racist country? Off course it is,in English medias and English advise they only show black men in relationship with white women,it’s look like black women are invisible!
    White women for them are the new black women! This is absolutely crazy and disturbing!
    I work in pharmacy and I have the opportunity to see different backgrounds of customers!
    Most the time I see white women with these brown kids, and these mixed race people with white son or daughter!
    I am very worried if black men don’t see how white women trick our race for brainwashing their mixed race kids?
    No,because for black men,white women are not racist but victims!
    In my life the most racist person I have ever meet was white woman!
    I can’t stand with white women because they are traitors, they don’t see us as friends but as enemies!
    They will be friend with black women especially with those are dark skinned and sleep with black men!
    In London black people don’t know what means black pride, keep save our race from white brainwashing!
    Most black men here have white partners and biracial kids!
    They don’t understand white women are looking for them no for love but for save their own race!

    • They make black women life very worst,they want see us alone and undesirable! If black men refuse to marry black women for white women,us black women don’t have other choice because WS cracker knows that no anyone men of other race will not date us!
      Only solution are white men, I call this pure suicide!

    • I know Nubian. I have had bloggers in the UK tell me it’s really bad out there. The interracial madness is WAY out of control in the UK. They promote this crap everywhere. All these damn mixed babies don’t help the matter. There ‘s too many damn brainwashed black fools! We must love and respect our own. Interracial propaganda is swaying the minds of many. This is problem we must keep speaking against.

      • If you see which kind women these brown babies born,really you remain shocked!
        Most their mother are uglie and they don’t have education about our culture!
        How you call someone black that wasn’t born from black gene and black pride?
        When I was starting to live here, I didn’t notice but now really there’s something broken about black men!
        Major black people don’t have education and knowledge,everything whites say they believe!
        They don’t know white skin was born from black skin,straight hair
        and light eyes are all recessive genes!
        More close to whites you are more quickly age,more close to dark less age!

      • If you notice women as Lupita they have the original black features! Big lips,almond eyes, high cheekbones,beautiful smile,big and deep eyes,kinky hair and dark skin,tiny waist and wide hips!
        But if look Alicia picture she is opposite,she doesn’t have full black features! I don’t like her body because she has Caucasian body,which is horrible!
        Her eyes aren’t deep and almond like Lupita!
        Do you know the twist sister biracial Tia and Tamera Mowry?
        I always found Tamera pathetic and stupid woman,specially when she was crying like child because people didn’t support her marriage with a white man!
        This is when the truth hurts so much!
        Really I don’t care about these confused fool and their heritage!
        They think to be something special!
        There isn’t anything to be proud have white evil blood pulse in your veins!

      • Yes Lupita is a gorgeous woman. She is a great representation of a beautiful black woman. I’m tired of these watered down biracial women being propped up as a better example of blackness. The media makes these biracial women think they’re better. That’s why many of them have a stuck up attitude.

  8. I’m 62 and would advise my younger brothers an sisters to:

    * Listen to your inner self. By that I mean that we’re initially attracted to those who we admire physically for having the potential for producing healthy, mentally strong children.

    * Next Gen thinking is embracing long term survival vs embracing a biological moment of passion and calling it love.

    * Pay attention to your potential in-laws. “Family don’t lie.”
    Idiots usually produce idiots.
    Make sure you’re not the idiot bringing family learned chaos to a relationship.

    Family relationship examples (mental, physical or substance abuse, mutual love and respect, shared responsibilities, etc) are too important to ignore if your goal is a stable, loving relationship.

    *Attraction may be “familiar” as in family prototypical (Freudian familiar, not incestuous).

    * A quick look at the many colors and body types of “Africans” should dissuade “African Americans” from embracing any type of “intra-racial” hate and jealousy.
    It’s a sign of gross immaturity or hatred you learned from your family.

    * Be confident, competitive and aspire to win a prospective mate with dignity.

    And, remember what your grandparents said: “Everybody ain’t for everybody”

    • Well stated and I agree! That moment of lust, passion, whatever,can mean the difference in LEARNING a potential mate’s karotyping/genealogy in the long run versus that defective chromosome that was hidden in that family tree, shaken and now “front and center.” Oh well.

  9. The only reason this matters is because many Black people are psychologically programmed to hate themselves. Mental enslavement is a disease that can only be cured by self-love. You learn to love yourself from your parents.

    At the end of the day, what you think of yourself is the only thing that matters. I’m honey-complexioned and don’t feel marginalized because of my skin tone. I do have female relatives who are dark-skinned, as we all do. Yes, I’ve witnessed firsthand how colorism impacts our people.

    Black people are too concerned with what white people think of them and this is where the problem lies. Why does it matter to us what they think? A white person trying to dictate beauty standards on Black people is the equivalent of a cat trying to teach a dog how to bark. Their opinion should not even matter.

    The ignorance that white people project on Black people is innately them projecting their own self-hatred onto us. What they demean about us, in truth, is knowing that Black people are what they can never be: THE ORIGINAL PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET.

    Our Blackness is our blessing. Their white skin is a curse. That hate that Black skin because it is a constant reminder from the creator of who was created in HIS image.

    White people are at negative birthrate right now. World wide, the white population will be cut in half in less than 35 years. This has caused fear of extinction in as little as 100 years. What does that say?

    Our skin is melanated gold. Our brain and body can’t function without melanin. Melanin is the chemical key to life itself. It is the major organizing molecule for living systems.

    We are the only beings on this planet that have the power to create another race–other races cannot do that.

    What this says is the BLACK LIFE DOES MATTER because without out it; nothing would exist.

    The next time any white person tries to inflict their mental sickness onto you for having dark skin, remind them that it’s because of the component of that dark skin that created ALL LIFE.

    We are the world!

  10. You know what’s funny? In an episode of empire Alicia Keys played Sky Summers and duetted with Jamal Lyon (Jussie Smollett) in the song “Powerful” which I know a lot of black people are head over heals in love with. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice song. But in the episode, Charlamagne Tha God challenged Sky Summer’s blackness after a live performance with Jamal, and boy was that sweet…

    It is true, a lot of biracials especially those who more take after the white side, only tend to identify with being black only when it’s convenient to them….Which is why I don’t take the lot of them seriously at all. And just so we are drawing comparisons, I remember watching X-Factor UK 2008 series and they had this group called JLS. They placed second in the competition that year, losing the title to the lovely Alexandra Burke.

    (from left to right: Marvin Humes, Jonathan Benjamin “JB” Gill, Oritse Williams and Aston Martin. I’m sure you recognize that Marvin and Aston are both bi-racial)

    The group disbanded back in 2013 after a five year run. What was interesting to note is that Aston and Marvin were the lead singers while Oriste and JB were always pushed to the back, and guess who were the most praised and beloved members of the group? you guessed it right it was Marvin and Aston and the funny thing is, JB and Oritse have way stronger voices and were much better singers. But I digress….

    Anyway, on the subject of Lupita and Alicia, I think that while Alicia is beautiful in her own right, I always valued authenticity when it comes to black beauty and in that case I would choose Lupita any day over Alicia.

    • Thanks for the link to the Empire episode. It really drives home the point. I think riding the fence is one of the big problems people have with biracials. They do it way too much. And thinks for the information on JLS. I wish I could say I’m surprised the mixed guys were the most praised. But that’s how it works in the system of white supremacy. The less black you are…the MORE praise you get.

    • I saw that episode. And we have to call them out for it. Black people have power within them to change every evil but many choose to be silent or to acquiesce to such realities that impact our people negatively.

  11. There are so many beautiful black women to choose from in terms of black beauty but for now, these are my three nominees..

    T’Keyah Crystal Keymah

    Alexandra Burke (just wish she would ditch those weaves and go natural)

    This model from the As I Am commercials, I just wish I knew her name (if anyone knows, please tell me)

    • Those are very nice choices. I was flattered when T’Keyah asked to follow me on Twitter a few years ago. It was a real honor. Of course Ms Burke is a real stunner! I don’t know who that woman in the As I Am commercial is..but I aim to find I just found out about this fine sista Jodie Smith. She’s in this Ford Mustang commercial. She is a real knockout! 🙂

  12. Here are three more nominees

    Deborah Estelle Phillips. Many of you may know her as Katie the Yellow Ranger from Power Rangers Time Force back in 2001

    Tracy Ifeachor

    April Parker Jones

  13. I think Tia and Tamera Mowery are ugly as fuck!! Sorry but really they are hard on the eyes as is Rain Pryor who has a white mom. Tangi Miller, Nicole Beharie, and Naomi Harris are much better looking. Grace Jones used to get a lot of adoration from the white media but that is probably because she had that “other” thing going for her.

  14. Kellita Smith is very beautiful

    and so are BBWs Amber Riley, Jazmine Sullivan and others. Our plus size beautiful sistas don’t get much representation for their beauty as they should. As you know on my blog, in the Original Black Beauties of the Day, I showcase ALL black beauties.

  15. Great Article.

    This is a very important that must be discussed. For long centuries, white supremacists have used colorism, sexism, and other forms of anti-black evils to harm people and to try to divide up the black community. Lupita Nyong’o is a very beautiful dark skinned black women. One thing that I do admire about Lupita is her super intelligence and how she refutes the haters in her own way on her own terms. Her words on beauty are true and inspirational. It’s a disgrace how some people place Alicia Keyes as superior to Lupita Nyong’o. There is no question that some black people are so desperate for white validation that they propel biracial people as representative of black beauty, which isn’t the case at all. Biracial people are not superior to us.

    True beauty deals with black African features as it pertains to our people and beauty also deals with compassion, altruism, standing up for justice, and strength. We have a serious problem where sellouts make it a sick pastime to disrespect dark skinned black people (especially darker skinned black women). That should stop. As you have mentioned, we have to discuss about these issues. There are tons of dark skinned black women who are beautiful like Foluke Akinradewo, Carmelita Jeter, Lauryn Hill, Bianca Knight, Dr. Nancy Glenn, and other Sisters. Black beauty is definitely about confidence and it’s not monolithic. Black beauty is about enrichment of the soul and the growth of mental consciousness in order for liberation to exist for our people internationally. Not many brown and dark black women get the representation and respect that they deserve.

    We want the same goal, which is the total liberation of our people.

    • I agree with you. I have noted this in other races as well, that “lighter” hues or the “color-complex” are coveted, Asians, Hispanics and so forth. People still dote on “light, bright and dam near white.” Do not get me wrong, our lighter-hued brothers and sisters work as hard as the next person. Unfortunately, it does divide the black community. While growing up, as a small child, I noticed it even then. Moreso as I got older. And I could not understand why people oohed and ahhhed over a light-complexioned couple or a mixed race couple’s off-spring more than darker hued babies. While an under-grad I noted that when I entered the world of working that more lighter-hued blacks (if any) were at the upper echelon. Sadly, I see that this practice continues today and many outwardly (not all) display “holier than thou attitudes. ”

      Moving on, three darker-hued beauties that come to mind for me are Nina Simone (Singer, Mississippi Goddam, song and Civil Rights Activist), Erika Alexander (Living Single sit-com) and one of my older female siblings. My sibling and I used to be called “Salt and Pepper” due to our close resemblance but difference in hues. I may be biased, but my sister is gorgeous with a capital g!.That, coupled with her confidence and self-esteem is what really makes her beautiful in my opinion.

      We can only hope that with future generations, that they do not internalize what many and “old heads” have told them by re-directing the negative imagery. for OUR standard of beauty. Will take some work and time, but on a collective, CONSCIOUS level it can be done.

      • Thank you Epi. I agree with all you said. I think the more we embrace our true beauty and love ourselves…we can reverse this self hatred. We need to love our dark skin and African features and not support films and tv shows that degrade us. We come form a great people. And we should have more self respect and not allow this insanity anymore. This whitewashing is destroying the minds of our youth and many adults. All this promotion of mixed and biracial people is a watered down version of African people. I agree, we have a lot of work to do. The collective consciousness of black people needs to be raised. Which is why I continue to do posts like this. And thank you for your three picks. Erika Alexander is a real cutie. I always liked her on Living Single. And Nina Simone of course!

  16. This is a very interesting & good post that you made Kushite Prince. Colorism is still well alive in our community, and the mental illness doesn’t seen like a cure is coming anytime soon. Lupita & Alicia are both attractive & talented women but in society eyes the lighter you are the more attractive you are. One thing I notice I never have heard Alicia Keys call out colorism that dark skin black women face especially when the media had there messy India Irie vs Alicia Keys drama. The media push these biracial women to represent us in the media but end the end they talent is not great as there darker skin female counterparts.

    • Thank you for reminding me about the India vs Alicia incident. I forgot about that. That was the year Keys sept all the Grammy awards and India got nothing! Even though the critics were raving about India. And you’re right,Keys never brings up the colorism issue. That’s because she benefits from all her “biracial beauty” praise. And she doesn’t want to expose that fact.

      • @ the Prince:

        No diss, but I have observed and studied human behavior for some time now and I have noted paradox’s in some of the things that black male (and female) have stated. I am heavily involved in academia and at a college campus. For example:

        *Black men and boys that state that they are not attracted to sistas that wear weaves when in fact they do.
        *Black men and boys that disparage and talk about “rachet sistas”, but THEIR CHOICE, they pursue them and then, complain AFTER they have discovered a sista misrepresenting herself.
        * Black women and girls that will not give “Joe Blow” a second glance, yet will give that “fast money’ brother with no drive or ambition to get training or a job the green light and claim that they do not “equate a man with his wallet.”
        *Black women and girls that are irresponsible regarding their sexual activity and do not value themselves.
        *There are many more examples that could give for both female and male. However, it would not solve the plethora of problems that we as a race face. But perhaps “truths and honesty” would.

      • Thank for that Epi. You bring up a good point. I have heard many black men say those exact same things. There is some truth in those statements but it’s all about what type of woman a man chooses to go for. But like you said,there are so many examples we could use. The gender issue with black men and women is very complicated. We really need to resolve these issues so we can repair our families. It’s a very important topic for our community.

  17. Keisha Epps one of the members from the
    r & b group Total is one beautiful attractive sistah with & without makeup. Her husband is actor Omar Epps who use to date Sanaa Latham.

    View this post on Instagram

    Malibu 2nd grade field trip☀️

    A post shared by ᏦℰℐЅℋᎯ ℰℙℙЅ (@lovekeishaepps) on

    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by ᏦℰℐЅℋᎯ ℰℙℙЅ (@lovekeishaepps) on

    View this post on Instagram

    Time to get the #brows done….

    A post shared by ᏦℰℐЅℋᎯ ℰℙℙЅ (@lovekeishaepps) on

      • @ Kushite Prince
        I know Puff Daddy is colorstruck but how could he pass up on Keisha because she’s beautiful. She looks better then all the biracial non black women he’s been with. The sistah has a beautiful skin, hair & facial figures. These are the type of dark skin black women youtuber Chrissie stated negro coon men will pass up because of skin color.

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