White Man’s Best Friend-Treating Dogs like Humans(Part 3 of 3)


The most disturbing thing I’ve noticed is that many whites treat dogs as if they’re human. They are NOT human.  They are nothing but domesticated wolves.  They can be cute and cuddly but they are still not people. This strange connection they have with dogs is very unsettling. One of the sickest things in my opinion is kissing a dog in the mouth.  I have seen this sick behavior many times.  I find it very disgusting!

This is a very sick video from YouTube.  Don’t these people know that a kissing a dog can give you gum disease. Or God knows what else!!

This video is even more disgusting.  This ugly  creature  lets her dog lick her tongue! Gross! What man would kiss a woman that French kisses dogs?? What is appealing about tasting a dogs saliva?? There are tons of these videos on YouTube,Twitter and Facebook.  They obviously don’t find anything wrong with it.  They see it as normal behavior.Dogs2..

I found this list on another blog. He lists the similarities between whites and dogs.  I must admit the list made me wonder.

1) Dogs and whites have really narrow noses.
2) Dogs and whites love eating raw meat.
3) Dogs and whites are comfortable in colder temperatures.
4) Dogs and whites love anal sex. Many races do now as well because of Jewish domination of the media and porn industry. Does this explain doggy-style?
5) Dogs in the wild and whites are overaggressive.
6) Dogs and whites have similar looking feet. Morton’s toe is common among whites.
7) Dogs and whites have really big ears.
8) Many breeds of dogs have white skin under their fur like white people.
9) Dogs have a pack mentality just like whites.
10) Many dogs and all whites have stringy hair that clumps up when it gets dirty.
11) Dogs and whites are both fearful of anything different from themselves.
12) Dogs and whites have really long tongues.
13) Humans develop tails in the uterus and lose them before birth normally but some babies have been born with tails. I don’t know if any of those babies were black but I highly doubt it.
14) Many dogs and whites have high-pitched voices.
15) Dogs will eat anything. So will many whites. Remember that TV show Fear Factor?
16) Whites love dairy more than other races. Dogs also love dairy, especially cheese.
17) Some dogs have green or blue eyes like whites and in dogs those are regarded as genetic defects.
18) Many whites lose their hair as they age just like many dogs.
19) Dogs tend to get fleas and ticks. Whites tend to get lice. Blacks don’t get lice.
20) Dogs walks on their toes, not the soles on their feet. Maybe this explains high heels?
21) Whites and dogs seem to both be natural swimmers.
22) This is not a similarity as much as demonstration of camaraderie but whites used to use dogs to track down escaped slaves. Now cops still use them to find escaped so-called criminals.

And there are even sites of men and women having sex with dogs! You have to be a perverted piece of scum to do this. That is pure sexual deviancy! Who would engage in sexual activity with a beast???  Some women are even marrying dogs. And there are many incidents of them having sex with dogs too. In this video(below) this blond creature talks about in ancient history women had sex with dogs for pleasure.  She goes on to say that “Romans and Greeks” practiced it all the time.  You notice she didn’t say African people right?  That’s because Africans didn’t do this sick crap! At least she’s honest about European history,I’ll give her that.  But she goes on and gives a list on the top reasons to have sex with dogs.  Watch the video…if you can stomach it!

That’s it!  The videos speak for themselves.  I’m going to go puke! I can’t stomach this anymore.  I’m done!


29 thoughts on “White Man’s Best Friend-Treating Dogs like Humans(Part 3 of 3)

  1. Freaks! I knew I wouldn’t be able to watch after seeing the stills. I’m good. I have to close my eyes during their make out session commercials. Have you seen the one for the doggie breath mints?

    Any who, thank you for that insightful list! I heard that high heels were invented so women’s calves could resemble those of animals. Why? Why would a person want another person to resemble an animal? What is sexy or practical about that? And my sister went to school [early 2000s] with a girl who worked at a hospital and said you would not believe the amount of white people born with tails!

    • I know sweetie. It’s really hard to look at. But I wanted to keep it real and educate people that might not know about this sick obsession with dogs. Yes I read about the high heels invention in a book. But you make a great point. Why would you want to resemble an animal? But this is why English language is designed this way. They always reference animals. Why do you think the hairstyle is called a ponytail? And yes I have seen pics of babies with tails. It is very scary!! Disgusting!

      • Yeah it’s crazy right? It’s just a part of us using their language so we don’t really think about the terminology. But once you realize it…it’s quite eye opening. The terminology is all around us.

  2. There are not reasons about this,because this is truly disgusting and costume it shouldn’t belong to human race!
    Unfortunately in human races there are bad apples!
    I refused to watch the videos because it makes your stomach sick!
    She is wrong about were Romans and Greeks!
    This is bring us on the era of Neanderthal,that time the life for them was hard and dangerous.
    The cold weather made them very heartless,for this reason European have cold soul and are very aggressive people!
    Neanderthal men were always out for hunting,they left their women in the caves with their offspring.
    Sometimes they were not able to bring food so they were all the time angry with their women!
    They beated or killed them,primitive men started to do experiments and find anyway not to procreate!
    This was the genesy of their culture!
    She is wrong because white women do this because white men refuse to sleep with them!
    They don’t love them,all their romance are a farce!

    • The Ancient Egyptians worshiped animals as Gods but no anyone practiced such deviants things as customs!
      You couldn’t imagine how I feel sick if a dog comes close to me, they smell like dead rats! Oh my goodness truly disgusting! Dogs are dirty and full of diseases!
      Most of the time I looked in bad way their owners!

      • “The Ancient Egyptians worshiped animals as Gods”
        No they did not. They didn’t believe in humanoid people walking around with Dog/Cat/Falcon/Lion-heads etc. The animals are just aspects of nature, such as Strength/Cunning/Perseverance/Adaptability/Renewal and so forth. They didn’t believe in divine beings (i.e supernatural beings) in the literal sense, like white people do (now and then) .

      • I think that’s what Nubian meant. I don’t think she meant they worshipped them as actual humanoid people. But I like your definition of seeing animals as different aspects of nature. But you say they didn’t believe in divine beings. Then how did the ancient people of Kemet see deities like Ausar,Auset and Heru? Did they see them as divine?

  3. WDR! (WAH DI RAAAAASSS) I didn’t have the stomach to open the links to the videos but know that sick shit is for real!
    On another note there is an ancient Egyptian god that goes by the name of Anubis which is ususally depicted as a DOG or a man with the HEAD OF A DOG. This Anubis was supposed to be the the god of the underworld that guided and protected the spirits. He is also associated with the Eye of Horus who acted as a guide to the dead and helped them to find Osiris. Osiris eventually replaced Anubis as the gatekeeper of the underworld. For those aware of illuminati symbolism, the dog is a powerful deity. White folks then are literally keeping a lookout for the king of the undead when they admit one of these beasts into their homes!

    • Yes you’re right. These white power groups(Illuminati) have stolen a lot of ancient Kemetic-African knowledge. Things like the pyramids,eye of Horus etc. Now people think it’s all evil because these satan worshiping bastards put it in all their films and tv shows. People who don’t study and do research don’t realize that these Europeans didn’t invent any of those things. They are nothing but grave robbers and thieves! But thank you for the information on Anubis. I have studied a lot about the Kemetic deities.

      • Agree. Thieving scum turn everything into its opposite! My own theory is that they use negative energies to harness the power of these deities. A bit like whosoever rubs the lamp and releases the genie, the genie has to serve. (Always a truth somewhere in their tales because friction creates heat, which is a form of energy!) The energies they generate most through the media are fear and grief, which is why we are bombarded with psy-ops to coincide with numerology and planetary alignments. We know what they do and the fear they have of us coming to know our true powers. The truth is locked in our history, which they lie about, and our biology which they are diluting by promoting hybrids as black!

      • That’s true,they love to use negative energy as much as possible. They are able to control people through a state of fear. But you’re right they use numerology in a lot of cases.

  4. none of those videos surprise me as I have seen countless like them, white folks are some real freaks

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