White Man’s Best Friend-Film,Television and Media(Part 2 of 3)


Throughout European culture there has always been an obsession with dogs and wolves. And let’s be real,dogs are nothing but domesticated wolves. There have been countless films about werewolves.  Too many to name to be honest.  But here’s a short list of some of the more popular ones.


American Werewolf in London(1981) was a big horror film. It made over $60 million,which was a lot of money at the time.

Bad Moon...

Teen Wolf




The Twilight films(2008-2012) were a huge success with mostly teenage white girls.  They were made popular by the book series by author Stephanie Meyer. The films were romance fantasies there wee a box office success.  Making over $700 million worldwide. Much like the horror film Underworld(2003) they both had werewolves and vampires fighting each other.  It got me to thinking that maybe there’s a messag

e in these films. We all know that Jews are the blood suckers in the black community.  So do the Jews represent vampires and the wolves represent the white race??  Hmmmmmm….some food for thought.


There’s even a popular British sitcom called raised by Wolves(2013).  That’s a very strange name for a sitcom.  But there are quite a few pics all over the internet that celebrate this idea of “canines being family”.




Do you find any of this strange?  What do you think?

White Dog...

And of course only racist Hollywood could come up with a film like White Dog(1982). A dog trained to attack and kill black people!  Is this crazy or what?!  I’m sure this was a feel-good movie back in 1982.  I have an idea.  How about a film called Black Panther with a panther that only attacks white people.  I wonder if Hollywood would ever do a film like that. I think you know the answer.

Back in 1977 there was the television drama Lucan.  A show a bout a young child raised by wolves.  This is nothing but the Romulus and Remus story I mentioned in part one.  They keep telling this story over and over again.  And the name Lucan is a play off the word Lycan.

In 1983 there was the  action adventure series Manimal.  It was about a shape-shifting man who could transform anto any animal.  In the video clip(above) he changes into a panther.

23 thoughts on “White Man’s Best Friend-Film,Television and Media(Part 2 of 3)

  1. Wasn’t there a tv series called True Blood? And in The Cabin in the Woods, this girl kisses a wolf. Plus in the movie, The Omen, Damien was born of a she-jackal. They tell us who and what they are but we’re only dazzled by the special effects.


    Yes, for us.

    For them, this is commonplace as the jackal is their ancestor. Remember that their “god” spelled backwards equals “dog.”

    • Yeah I remember that scene in Cabin in The Woods. It was really disgusting! Yes True Blood was another popular show that promoted vanmpires,drinking blood,homosexulaity and interracial sex. That show was the worse! It took sickness to another level. GOD backwards is DOG?? Yes you are correct!lol

      • Yet there were black women on other blogs that looooved that mess!! even as they criticized it for it’s negative portrayal of black women and black gays WTF?!!

  2. Hollyweird is always romanticizing humans being “involved” with non-humans.. often a non-human that seemingly hates or hurts humans but oddly falls in love with one. The concept really is grotesque if you think about it. And I will have to apply your theory of bloodsuckers/jews when I peep another vampire movie.

    • Yes you are a very observant woman. Beautiful and intelligent? Nice combination.lol But you are correct in your assessment. You would think people would want a more spiritual connection with fellow humanity. But I think it’s different with whites. Many know that all the abuse,rape and slavery they put upon us means there must be retribution. Some say it’s guilt. Who knows? But I think this is why they have more empathy with animals(dogs,cats). The animals don’t judge them like we do. Which is why they hate us..and like the furry creatures better. I could be wrong. Just a thought.

      • You are not wrong,you are right!
        They don’t understanding of concept of right or wrong because they don’t live in the reality!
        Every their movies are the proofs!
        Whites live in the world of “Alice in the wonderland!”
        For them the words racist of genocide doesn’t have logic, because doesn’t exists!
        In their imagination they are good, they are not the bad,racist doesn’t exist,the majority of the world population are whites, non-white people are the minority!
        For this reason they invented WS because others don’t belong in their world,we everybody we are the strangers!
        We don’t have right be superheroes and something more because we the invaders!
        Bestiality was very ancient custom!
        It was born in the European caves,their ancestors are not Homo Sapiens but Neanderthal!
        He was very stupid,aggressive,devoid of human intellect,he could not speak and write!
        He invented all the most disgusting and depraved things that exist now!

      • Thank you!

        It is definitely much different with them in all aspects. They don’t see their backwards behavior as backwards because it’s natural for them.

      • ALSO, I forgot to mention Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but the little song goes something like “tale as old as time. Song as old as rhyme, beauty and the beast..”
        I remember this from the dancing scene in the movie. Very ROMANtic. SO weird now that I’m not a kid! We know how freaky Disney is so maybe they were referring to this old tale of man + beast.

      • Yeah I remember watching Beauty and the Beast. “Tale as old as time” I wonder what that means??? This is obvious about their roman-antics they were involved with in ancient times. They put this stuff in cartoons to teach children about “their history”. Like I said before…you are a very observant woman. You catch a lot of stuff.lol

      • Their history is creepy. And not much to be proud of.

        And thank you. An old roommate said I should have gone into crime scene investigation because I don’t miss a thing.

  3. A lot of these vampire and werewolf shows are basically romanticizing bestiality and necrophilia. I remember as a kid I used to pretend I was a werewolf and howl, but now that I am older I am revolted by the idea of it, I mean I cannot imagine every full moon all my bones breaking, growing a full body pelt and turning into a rampaging carnivore…..

    Another thing I like to mention, and I believe that I have mentioned it quite a few times, have you ever noticed in the underworld movies, the werewolves are depicted as having very dark skin in their wolf forms? Whereas the vampires are usually very pale with startling blue eyes. And the werewolves are the stronger species that the vampires are afraid of and persecute to no end, even had them as slaves…. tell me what real life scenario does that mirror?

    • Yeah like in the Underworld films. They showed the werewolves as slaves. It’s obvious they’re trying to make correlations to blacks as slaves for white people. Like I always say…they tell the truth in many of their films.

  4. There was a tv show in the ’70s called Lucan about a boy raised by wolves. It certainly is the same age old Roman story.

    • Thanks for that Sunshine! I haven’t seen that in years! I forgot about that show. I should’ve put it in this post. The title of the show is very revealing. Lucan is just another way of saying Lycan.
      Werewolf” is Germanic (Were=Man, Wolf=Wolf): ManWolf
      “Lycan” from “Lycanthrope” is Latin (Lycan=Wolf, Anthrope=Man): WolfMan Although most people remember Lycan being used in the Underworld films. But Lycan is a much older term than werewolf.
      Lycans are more wolf based. They can shift appearance when they want, night or day. They represent more of a large walking wolf with a mans posture, and of
      course much more muscular than werewolves. The Lycan is a Transylvanian based creature. The evidence is strongly supported, but it is nothing similar to a
      werewolf at all. The Lycan is also much smarter than a typical werewolf.Werewolves are actually of old English folklore. They started up in the Americas after the Spanish settled here. The werewolf transforms randomly on full moons only. They represent more of witchcraft and curse, unlike the Lycan; which is said to be Religious practice. Werewolves resemble a man with a wolf-man like posture and a wolfs’ attitude and appearance.Lycans are also different in the way to kill them. To kill a Lycan, you must sever the spine from the body. It is ineffective to Silver substances.
      Werewolves must be killed with a Silver object to the head or heart. This will only rid the curse of shape shifting, and bring the victim back to consciousness.

  5. @ the Prince:

    I recall as a little kid a show that used to come on weekly starring Linda Hamilton (?) and a half-human, half dog creature named “Vincent” that lived underground on the streets and would always ‘”rescue” Linda if she got into trouble. And I THINK it was called, “Beauty and the Beast” if my memory serves me correctly. Now that I’m older, I can SEE how much “realism” that Freak-wood puts into fantasy. Or as my mother says, “believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.” No doubt.

    • So true Epi. Yeah I remember that show. This proves this a big part of their culture. This closeness with canines is an ongoing theme. Otherwise,why keep making these shows and cartoons with dogs?

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