White Man’s Best Friend-Mythology of Dogs(Part 1 of 3)


What is it with white folks and dogs?  They seem to really love their canine friends.  I know black people who have had dogs as pets over the years.  But with white people it’s different.  They seem to have some strange connection with them.  I’ve noticed it more with them than other races.  I’ve noticed it in many films and television shows over the years as well.


Many say  Europeans love dogs so much because of Roman mythology.  The story of Romulus and Remus. Romulus and Remus were twin brothers. They were abandoned by their parents as babies and put into a basket that was then placed into the River Tiber. The basket ran aground and the twins were discovered by a female wolf. The wolf nursed the babies for a short time before they were found by a shepherd. The shepherd then brought up the twins. When Romulus and Remus became adults, they decided to found a city where the wolf had found them. The brothers quarrelled over where the site should be and Remus was killed by his brother. This left Romulus the sole founder of the new city and he gave his name to it – Rome. The date given for the founding of Rome is 753 BC. Of course this is just mythology but it does make you think. But I have noticed for years there’s been an obsession with wolves and dogs in white culture.


I found an article about the history of dog ownership.  I found it very interesting and revealing:

“In 2012 South African President Jacob Zuma revealed to the South African people that pet ownership is part of “white culture”. He thinks that the members of ‘the previously oppressed African majority’ who love dogs have a ‘lack of humanity’ and that some people are trying in vain to ’emulate whiteness.’ Concluding that the idea of having a pet is part of “white culture” and that people should focus on family welfare. Though many were offended at the comment made by President Jacob, the president’s office made an attempt to clarify his remarks, saying he was encouraging “the previously oppressed African majority” to uphold its own culture.

In many African cultures, animals served a purpose and did not reside in the homes, nor were they treated how pets are among the Caucasian races. Even in current times in many African households the dog is kept outdoors to protect the home from other scavengers or notify the owners when people were approaching. Many people of African descent will profess today that animals living in a home is unsanitary and many are even opposed to owning dogs. This is not because they are “animal haters” it is just not a normal practice in African cultures. On the other hand you may find that there are more Caucasian dog owners than any race on the earth. This is because the Caucasian people and the dog have a long history together and derive from the same parts of the earth.

Brief History on the relationship of mankind and the dog

“Amid the harsh, icy lands of ancient Europe, early man found himself an unexpected companion — the snarling, carnivorous wolf — which would eventually become his modern-day counterpart’s best furry friend.

The docile wolves bred and stuck with their new human friends. They stopped intermingling as much with the wild wolves. After generations upon generations of selective breeding, wolves slowly became more like the dogs of today.

So when a few of the friendlier wolves started to hang around for leftover mammoth, perhaps the humans didn’t mind because they provided a little extra protection. They began the first step toward domestication by co-existing with wolves in a mutually beneficial relationship, the scientists speculate.”


The first paragraph above reveals that in Europe, which consists of predominantly Caucasian/Caucasoid or Europid people, the “early man”, of European descent and the furry dog (the fur coat implying the dog was from a colder region), were acquainted in the “icy lands of ancient Europe”. In the 3rd paragraph it reveals that the dog of today were of the friendlier “wolves”. We all know wolves are wild animals and by providing protection to the Europeans reveals that they were also living in the wild, which will be further discussed throughout this article.

The word Caucasian derives from the word Caucasus and Asia. Caucasians (people of the Caucasus Mountains) resided in the hillsides of Europe a region between Europe and East Asia. According to researchers all “modern dogs” DNA traces back to East Asia, Asia divided from Europe by the mountains (Caucasus Mountains) and a great barrier of ice, snow and rock.

Based on the evidence from University of Turku academic Olaf Thalmann’s research, Dr. Zadik’s article examines the idea that dogs could have initially been domesticated in Europe at a time when humans were still hunter-gatherers. Hunter gatherers are a people of a nomadic society who obtained food from wild life and plants, which is how the Caucasian stumbled upon the wild dog and formed a “mutually beneficial relationship”. A dog protects and the “man” provides food, shelter, and comfort.

Dogs, based on their genetic makeup, are not from warmer regions. Even canine creatures such as the hyena that can be found in savannahs, forest edges, and caves of warmer regions derived from Eurasia, where they dwelled for millions of years. African cultures never allowed animals to live in their homes and were only exposed to this type of living when conquered by Europeans who brought with them their “furry pets”.

Black scholar Elijah Muhammad taught that “…the dog stayed in the cave with the family notifying them when other beasts were trying to get in the cave.

He’d (Caucasian man) sit outside of the cave at night in a tree with rocks in his hands and if any beast came up and tried to get in the cave at his family he’d throw rocks or had a club that he would swing down and try to drive it away. He (Caucasian man) was a hairy dog. He had a tail like a dog and a smell like a dog and nothing could get along with him but another dog.

And the dog can eat at the table, lick out the same plate, and white people kiss their dogs on the nose and in the mouth…” (Paraphrasing speech made by Malcolm X)

Though the above statement was ridiculed, claiming to have had a racist connotation, it provides a realistic depiction of the long relationship between white people and the dog which is still apparent to date. It also explains the reason why the Europeans needed protection in the wilderness.”

33 thoughts on “White Man’s Best Friend-Mythology of Dogs(Part 1 of 3)

  1. This is apart of their sick , sexual, Anti-female, anti nature culture based on beastiality. The dog is their relative, friend, lover, confidant and advisor. My next door neighbour kisses her dog, a big, black doberman on his lips and talks to him like a person.

    She puts crochet sweaters on him in January whilst her white children go hatless, gloveless and scarfless.

    In Germany, they are currently FIGHTING the government to keep beastiality legal! Sick, sick and YUCK!

    They couldn’t care less if their children are kidnapped and killed but strike Fido and they’ll kill you. Fuck the grandkids, leave all the money to Cujo and Lassie.

    • You know I was thinking about you when I did this post,right?lol I never did a post on the whole mythology of dogs and European culture. I’ve talked about it many times but I thought I should put my own spin on it. I liked the post you did on dogs a few years ago. As far as kissing dogs and treating them like humans…it’s coming up. I love that line about Cujo and Lassie! LOL!! You are too much!

  2. This article brings a different understanding to “man’s best friend.” I won’t be able to look at dog owners and their canines as normal attachments or behaviors, but rather suspect.

    • You should look at them suspect. It’s disgusting behavior. And very unsettling to normal people. This s not normal behavior, no matter how much they might try to make it seem like it is.

  3. I wasn’t ready for the disturbing photos! Ugh! This is why you must ALWAYS know who made what at the work potluck. My neighbor puts her little dog in a stroller to go for a walk. WTF is the point of taking him for a walk if he’s not walking??! I’ve had a co-worker who would go for runs with her dog strapped to her chest in a baby harness. AND an old friend of mind let her dog eat popcorn from her tongue! And I’m sure almost every person white person I’ve known with a dog let them hop all over the furniture and sleep in their beds. UGH!

    They are truly sick indeed. This is not normal human behavior. Side note: shouldn’t they all be vegan if they love animals so much?
    Apologies for my rant; this post was pretty interesting.

    • I never understood the behavior. I’ve seen them dressing them up and kissing them in the mouth. Yuck! The real animal lovers are vegan. Then you have the ones who love cats and dogs but eating cows,pigs and chickens is okay. Only dogs get a pass for the most part. They see dogs as almost human. That’s why they make fun of Chinese people calling them “dog eaters”. Sorry about the pics disturbing you. These were tame compared to what I have coming in part 2 and 3. Brace yourself!lol

  4. It’s funny you brought this up,

    remember these two charlatans? Paul and Jan Crouch, back in 2012 it came out that these two have been misappropriating charity funds to finance a lavish lifestyle and get this, in addition to 13 mansions and a 50 million dollar jet this heffa invested in a $100,000 mobile home just for her two dogs.

    Oh and in response to Kelley’s comment about her neighbor, trust me it isn’t that uncommon, here’s the heffa Jan crouch with her two babies

    • I remember seeing Paul and Jan on television as a kid. I remember Jan with that big ass colored hair! She looks like a clown!lol And of course you know she loves her furry friends. Putting them in strollers??? Come on now! This is ridiculous! They really see them as people don’t they?

  5. I touched on this in a blog entry last year and all I can say is that white people are depraved. Malcolm X said it and we should not be surprised by their behavior any longer.

  6. What’s even more sad is that these are the sub-human our people try to emulate & be accepted by. One thing I notice that non black Africans have in common with dogs is when they get wet both of them care a smelly scent.

  7. They have more harmony and feeling with them,but not with other human being! The straight hair some scientists said has animal origin,and also they share 90% their DNA with monkeys!
    Is true when their hairs are wet,they smell like dogs!
    So in the and between beasts there is more communication! They can’t live in peace if they don’t harass some pore animals! LoL!

      • Don’t forget Prince these are the SAME folks whining about Michael Vick when jerry Sandusky was raping little boys for years!! there was an affidavit from 1971 that was 45 damn years ago that’s four decades! Nobody said shit yet they want to hate on Michael Vick and Michael Jackson while protecting a white male pervert. UGH!

      • That’s true. But I have said on many occasions that they like dogs better than blacks. All black people should know that by now. They have shown us their true colors many times.

  8. These comments are hilarious! One day working as a medic we helped a morbidly obese woman that was stuck on her knees over night. When we stood her up we saw she had shit three times during the night. A wiener dog came out from under the bed and started eating it. I tried to brush the dog away with my foot, and just then the neighbor lady that had called 911, calls the dog over, picks it up and the dog was licking her on the mouth not ten seconds after eating the big ladies shit. It was one of the most disgusting things I’d ever seen. Not a fan of indoor animals. Odd for a whitey I guess. Thanks for the info today. Nice work

  9. I’m Namibian. Down here, we don’t let our animals into our homes. If dogs do stray inside, we chase them out immediately. My aunt once kicked our dog like it was a soccer-ball (not hard enough to injure her, but hard enough to make her understand that she should never, ever, be found inside the house) , lol!

    This dog-thing is usually referred to as being “white people shit” over here. It’s disgusting how they interact with their animals. It’s disgusting!

    • I like your aunt!lol I understand where she’s coming from. I have seen white people dress them up with shirts and pants.lol It’s really ridiculous. I saw this white girl leaving Petco a few months ago. She put the dog on the roof of her car…then began tongue kissing this beast!! I was disgusted! I thought I would PUKE!! What is wrong with these people?? WE just don’t treat dogs like that. Or any animal for that matter. We don’t kiss dogs,cats,rabbits or snakes in the mouth. Animals carry a lot diseases. We are just very different culturally from white people. I just don’t understand a lot of the stuff they do.

  10. Some thoughts. Things today are being slowly normalized, homosexuality, trans people, the like. Dogs as family members as well, even in film. The Recent Film, Mr. Peabody and Sherman features a dog as the legal guardian of a young boy. Perhaps the idea of dogs being related is being normalized as well. Recently, we have learned that whites aren’t all human, and that they share neanderthal dna. But we’ve yet to discover a neanderthal with non-neanderthal dna. However, we have discovered “human” DNA in dogs. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/43172450/ns/technology_and_science-science/t/dogs-humans-share-dna-thanks-viruses/#.V15Eo_krKhc
    And dog DNA in some humans. Now, the current statement is that viruses caused that, but last time I checked, getting the bird flu didn’t make you lay an egg or sprout feathers.
    Interestingly enough, usually hybrids can’t produce viable offspring if their parents are too different, horses and donkeys can create mules and hinnies, but those animals themselves are sterile. However, wolves and dogs and coyotes can breed and their children can reproduce. in europe we have tales of wolfmen, in america we have sightings of dogmen, all very recently. And Let us not forget a legend from the native people of greenland: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adlet#Origin Now there is truth in every legend, so what have I amassed? White people may in fact be hybrids of wolves and a primate-like canine. Dogs are in fact, the same thing. The difference is as simple as that of a mule (Donkey father horse mother) and a hinny (horse father donkey mother). The talk of the neanderthal relative may be a way to normalize the existence of hybrid creatures until, like homosexuals, it is accepted in its entirety.

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