Kanye West: From Consciousness to Coonery


This post has been a long time coming.  I’ve mentioned in past comments many things I didn’t like about Kanye West. But I’ve never did an actually post about him. I never got around to it.  I could have easily had him in a Tales of Buffoonery post. Well a few followers have told me they’d like to see a post about him,so here goes.  Kanye West released his debut CD on February 10,2004. It was The College Dropout and critics were raving.  He was on Roc-A-Fella records so of course Jay Z made sure he got plenty of press.  many rap fans were excited to hear a new artist drop some socially conscious lyrics.  It was something you don’t hear very often on mainstream radio stations.  He wasn’t exactly Chuck D or KRS ONE but West did sprinkle his music with a few gems that made people think. In the song Murder to Excellence he touched on high murder rates in Chicago. He rapped:

“Is it genocide?
Cause I can still hear his mama cry
Know the family traumatized
Shots left holes in his face about piranha-sized
The old pastor closed the cold casket
And said the church ain’t got enough room for all the tombs
It’s a war going on outside we ain’t safe from
I feel the pain in my city wherever I go
314 soldiers died in Iraq, 509 died in Chicago

In the song Diamonds from Sierra Leone he talked about civil war conflict in African countries.  He said:

“See, a part of me saying: “Keep shining”
How? When I know what a blood diamond is
Though it’s thousands of miles away
Sierra Leone connects to what we go through today
Over here it’s a drug trade, we die from drugs
Over there they die from what we buy from drugs
The diamonds, the chains, the bracelets, the charmses
I thought my Jesus-piece was so harmless
Til I seen a picture of a shorty armless

And over the years he’s touched on subjects like public education,CIA,slavery,cocaine ,Black Panthers and urban violence. And most people remember back in 2005 there was Hurricane Katrina.  During a televised concert for Hurricane relief,Kanye said President Bush doesn’t care about black people. But Kanye is one of those artist that contradict themselves a lot. He us what I call “pseudo-consciousness”.  He makes those who are really Pan-African,Afrocentric and socailly conscious look bad.  He gives us all a bad name that speak out on these issues and want to see real change.He don’t think he’s really genuine when he says it.  He may say things that make you think but it’s designed to make you think he’s deep.  When he’s really far from it.  One of the biggest contradiction is his choice of women.  This man has horrible taste.  It has shown me his slow progression into becoming a self-hating coon.One of his first girlfriend was a black woman named Sumeke Rainey. She was with him years before he became famous.  But has he his career took off he dumped her. Then from (2004-2005) he dated Brooke Crittendon who was a reality show star. She was on the BET show Harlem Heights. That relationship fizzled after awhile.  But what do you expect?  Reality celebs don’t seem that stable to me.  But then again,neither does Kanye.


In (2006-2008) he started dating interior designer Alexis Phifer. Many insiders say they were truly in love. They really understood each other. She was there to support him when his mother passed away. I guess he thought she was “the one” since he proposed to her. But in the end he called it off.  I noticed that after his mother died his personality changed. He seemed to be withdrawn and in a depressive state.  It all went downhill from there.


Kanye had really lost his mind when he started dating Amber Rose. Rose is a stripper/model/actress and attention whore.  This racially ambiguous freak is the last thing Kanye needed to be with. But I guess he was in pain and need some comfort. And I’m sure this she-devil was more than willing to give him all he wanted.    They dated from 2008-2010 although it seemed like forever. They were always on social media and gossip columns. Also he helped Rose gain more fame and notoriety.  Which I’m sure was the whole point anway.


But I knew Kanye had sold his soul to the devil when he married Kim Kardashian.  He had hit rock bottom when he hooked up with this creature. The tramp of all tramps. The modern day whore of Babylon.  Kim is the representation of all that is wrong with this immoral,materilistic and decadent culture.  American culture is filled with debauchery. And Kanye and Kim are the king and queen of degeneracy.  Kanye makes me upset because he fell into the stereotype of the successful black man who ditches black women and gets a white woman.  And yes she’s white. I don’t want to hear any crap about Kim being Armenian. Yes I know they are an ethnic group but I don’t consider her  a “woman of color”.  She’s just a whore that got famous doing a sex tape with a washed up R&B singer Ray J.

Kim K....

This is not a woman you marry.  Kim is not a woman you bring home to your mother.  Kim is the furthest thing from a virtuous woman.  She’s just an attention whore whos has slept with many black rappers,singers,actors and athletes.  And she’s wears fake braids in her hair and  has a fake booty.  Just a sad imitation of a black woman.  Kanye should’ve just got a real sista in the first place.  There are plenty of beautiful intelligent black women that would be more than happy to get with Kanye.  But he fell for the trap.I had high hopes for Kanye. Many others did as well.  He could’ve been a great voice for his generation.  But he sold out for fame,fortune and white validation.  He doesn’t speak for the oppressed at all.  He is just a sellout puppet. He is useless in the fight for black liberation.  Do not me fooled because he might sprinkle his lyrics with some consciousness now and then.


This picture(above) says it all.  Kanye is finally truly happy.  He has his father/mother in law Caitlyn Jenner,his white wife and mulatto child.  And not a another black person in sight!  He has finally achieved the Amerikkkan dream. Kanye has showed us what happens when you lose self respect,dignity and racial pride.  The highest level of  coonery!


43 thoughts on “Kanye West: From Consciousness to Coonery

  1. Real talk. That one particular line in gold digger sums him up well about leaving “your ass for a white girl”. Best believe “consciousness” is the new and improve condoms being used to screw over the uninformed. When the job is finished, toss it away, because they get what the wanted. Nice work Blackman.

    • No doubt about it. Kanye has gone over the deep end. This guy has totally lost his mind and soul. And black man willing to marry into the Kartrashian family is a complete fool. If he’s described as a “conscious artist” I can see why people would rather stay ignorant.

      • I agree 100 percent weirdo freak Bruce standing there tells me ALL I need to know about how messed up that whole bunch is especially when his own son Brody was talking shit about how Jenner was barely there for him or his siblings. Sick, sick and MORE sick!!

    • Yeah Kanye is WAY out there. I think that man is really depressed. Most of the pics I find of him and Kim he doesn’t look very happy. I think after all the money,awards and fame…..he realizes he’s in Hell.

  2. Coonye knew damn well he sacrificed his mother, cause if she was still alive, NO WAY IN HELL would she approve of him getting hitched with Kimzebel Kartrashian……. And he even admitted it himself in one of his concerts that he sold his soul……..

    It seemed to me like he started out wanting to do good but in the end he was bought and paid for in full. Funny enough, in that picture with Sumeke he actually looked sane and genuinely happy as opposed to that last picture where he is posing with that caboodle of bovine discord….. Coonye is quite frankly a basket case and like damaged goods he must be thrown out, there is no repairing him…..

    • Thanks for tat video. It’s been so long since I seen it. Kimzebel Kartrashian?! That’s a good one! And very fitting.lol I may have to use that one. But I agree he’s totally lost his mind. He married a whore,and Kim’s sisters are attention whores as well. Not to mention he hangs out with he/she Bruce Jenner. I think he knows it wasn’t worth it in the end. This man is very depressed. He’s just going through the motions at this point. Can he be saved? I don’t know. I’ve seen people at their very lowest and turn it around. But I’m talking about regular people that went to prison,lost their family or were addicted to drugs. But when you’re a celebrity it’s much more difficult to get out of that lifestyle. They don’t allow you to just leave so easily. Many have tried and it didn’t turn out so well for them.

  3. He certainly disgraced himself. A doubled minded man is unstable and Kanye reflects not only contradictions, but outright hypocrises (of him talking about New Slaves, but marrying a white woman who is using him for money and prestige). Kanye West is lesson of what black people (especially black men) should never do.

    • That doubled mind is a deadly message to send out. That’s why you have these people claiming to be conscious but dating/marrying white people. A very BIG contradiction in my opinion. That’s one of the biggest problem many have with Kanye. But so many of our people are brainwashed into believing this narrative they see nothing wrong with it. Total insanity!

  4. Kanye another reason why I don’t mess with mainstream music too much. But of course anyone buddy buddy with Jay-Z or Beyonce ain’t worth their weight in salt.

    Still, though he is a disgrace, it’s not as if our people are shunning him. He a arrogant foolish cracker-lover; but there’s still more hype around him than for, say, real great African people. Sometimes a backward person can only rise when a people are largely backward. I.e. Trump with crackers.

    • That is so true Onitaset. That’s the big problem in the first place. Too many of our people are supporting clowns like him. You’re right,we don’t shun these traitors and sell outs. Only a backwards thinking people would see Kanye,50 Cent,Jay Z,Tyga, and Fetty Wap as artists to admire and look up to. We really need a code of conduct. I’m actually working on a Black power manifesto post. I’m putting the final touches on it right now. Hopefully I can upload it soon.

      • Thanks Onitaset. It’s just a few ideas I thought about. It’s a post I’ve been wanting to do the last two years but didn’t get around to it. I hope it’s well received.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        You forgot to add Beyoncé too the list as well who has many backward people worshipping her. Kanye West will get his negro wake up call soon furthermore his mother -in-law Kris Jenners made comment about Kanye West bringing their family brand down or giving them a bad name. Also the Kardashians prove to the world how a white woman can be a whore & still be seen as innocent & respected.

      • Yes you can add Beyoncé to that list. Many of her fans in the Beehive are falling for her pseudo-pro blackness. I’m not falling for it. And the Kardashians are complete trash. Anyone with common sense knows that. And the white woman double standard lives on. if Kim was a black woman she wouldn’t be looked at as a fashion icon and classy woman. She would seen as a common street whore.

  5. I think late last year you said something like you would really take the kids’ gloves off with the swirlers. I could feel the heat from here with the last paragraph. I didn’t agree with the part of him being the highest of coons, but even so that paragraph by itself could have been the whole post. For those men who support the Kardashians and IR dating with us going outside our race to other groups of women, they will have to bring their A game and then some to answer your last paragraph. That paragraph was VERY, VERY, VERY effective in pushing your point across against race mixing.

    Kanye and his black girlfriend looked good together in the first picture. I wish it could have worked out.

    • Thanks NS. I’m glad you thought it was effective. The was the point I was going for. The race mixing agenda is very real. I have another post about it coming up. I hope you like it. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Really I feel sorry for his daughter,she will raise as racist! Katrashian left one interview, she said very racist things about the hair of her daughter! She definined how “crazy Afro hair,nappy hair” because she doesn’t know how to style! White women are jealous what other women have especially of black women! They act like children everything black women have they want! For them mixed kids are like toys! I saw so many times how they open their daman eyes when they see these kids! No only, living in family when all female members are whores and your grandfather is transgender, I don’t know which kind of education she will have!
    West represents the slave mind of all black men who fall for Becky!
    When important people like him married a white women the message is double standard because white woman
    represent ” white supremacy!”then power!
    There was a time,he was very talent singer but his star has ceased to shine!

    • Did you listen the new about Jay-z has cheated his wife Beyoncé with a white woman,but they don’t know how many white women he has been with them!
      This new it got viral on internet,so many black men,they started make funny about black women,how black singer men running after white women over black women! What’s wrong with these black men? How can they find attractive ungly pink pig skins with so many wrinkles,most of them have men body??

      • I know what you mean. I just don’t understand it myself. This whole thing with Beyoncé and Jay Z is just a marketing tool It’s just a way of hyping up her new CD. I don’t know for sure if Jay Z messed around with white women. But I wouldn’t be surprised in the least. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  7. When I was much younger, someone put it very simple: “Whenever you get too close to toxic waste, you get contaminated.” And this right here is the crux of the problem. Kanye is lost. When his mother died, he lost his real conscience. Dr. Donda West instilled in him strong values. Now that she’s gone, he’s been brainwashed into believing that having anything that is not Black, is a sign of success. Come one…we’re tired of these people. We saw it coming with Amber Rose. Then he chooses a woman (whose not really a white woman by European standards) but she’s not Black either. However, her only prerequisite is that she has a fat (surgically enhanced) ass? Let’s just cut straight to the chase, Kanye West has lost his mind and my respect. He made his choice.

    • Very well said Angel. You pretty much got the point of this post. You are bound to be contaminated being around toxic people. There’s NO way around this fact. Kanye is proof of that.

      • It’s sad, Kushite. I really like Kanye when he came out but the brother needs a wake up call, paired with a swift kick in the ass. I’m also upset that he’s from Chicago. Although he grew up privileged, he isn’t far from the hood there…but it embarrasses me that a cat from my hometown is acting like this. It’s an oxymoron if you’ve ever visited the south and the west side. Chicago is like the epicenter of Black consciousness historically. Even people in Chi are scratching their heads at how’s he’s acting.

      • Yreah I know it’s hard for people from Chi-town. Kanye is nothing to be proud of at all. He had some promise at the beginning. But he’s gone down the toilet bowl hooking up with those demonic witches(Kardashians). Maybe one day he’ll wake up and see the light. We can only hope…..

      • They’d probably shoot him in Chi. Real talk. Chicago’s tough guys don’t have tolerance for weak dudes like Kanye. He’s be toast with a quickness.

  8. I have sooo much to say about this, but I’ll end up writing a short story, lol. However, Kanye has been a GREAT BIG disappointment, it looks to a lotta people. I’m not surprised he sold his sold because he was egotistical anyway. From what I hear, he sacrificed his loving mother for fame and fortune. I would hope that this is not true, cause I don’t know how he could live with himself; no wonder he’s so depressed looking. His mother from what I see was a very strong influence in his life and raised him to be a proud black man now look at what he is and who he married. I REALLY don’t think that she is proud of him now. Just a DAYUM shame ***smfh***

      • My cousin who is not a fan of the Kardashians either pointed one interesting fact out: The only sane Kardashians seem to be first Kourtney, then Rob. I agree., lol.

        I also find it frighting how sooo many black people are fascinated with them; black beauty on white women. Much of it is the media hyping them up so and the fact that they fetishisize black men.

        I wish this family would disappear out of the spotlight, never to be in the spotlight again. There’s nothing great about them. I remember someone on another site said, “This is the weirdest family in human history” nothing couldn’t be any more truer, lol.

        However, I don’t think Kanye is really happy and that he was told to get in this relationship by the elite (as some people have pointed out) to showcase why white women “are better wives” for black men, no matter how much of a whore they are.

        But I don’t feel sorry for him because this is what he traded his wonderful mother and black pride and consciousness for. He’s just stuck…..forever!

      • I don’t think Kanye is happy either. Most pictures I see of him and Kim he doesn’t look happy. That man is truly in Hell. I agree,I wish they would just go away. They have no talent other than making sex videos and taking selfies. They are totally self-absorbed and proof Amerikkka is going down a toilet. And I don’t understand why any lack person would admire these selfish women. Not to mention the he/she Kaitlyn Jenner. The whole family is a freak show!

    • I agree with you! His mother, as I have researched and read about WAS an “evolved” woman. And since her death, for all that he has committed?
      “He loses a stripe, so to speak.”

      Admittedly, I am not nor ever was a fan of Hip-hop. But that’s a personal thing. I am sure that his mother repeatedly shared black history, culture and values with him up until the day that she died. So, like a lot of people in Chi-town, I’m shaking my head as well.

      He IS a man of self-hate and covets money over spirituality. Over the last two years, I have seen him only because I had to. As another poster here stated, he is definitely another egomaniac and arrogant as well. Spirit, help him to find his way back.

  9. The end part was funny. Kanye really shown his colours as the years went by. Always vying for white attention, all that garbage his spoke about being conscious about pulling up George W. Bush, it all seems like a little boy trying to bully a girl he crushes on because he really don’t know how to express the fact he loves them. The last wound inflicted on his image is this saga with Peter Dundus, them gay white men who run the fashion stuff are very openly racist towards black women so… surprise, surprise they are racist to black men, this does nothing but inflict more damage on the image of ‘Kanye first’ when he will do anything, wife anything for white acceptance.

  10. June 2, 2016

    @ the Prince:

    I was not able to sign on to your blog for some reason today. I attempted THREE times to do so……oh well.

    At any rate, hit me up at AOL: Epiphany33

    Talk to you then!


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