Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill?-Naazir Ra

They want to put black hero Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. What does it mean?  Is this progress?  Does this mean black people are now accepted by the mainstream?  I sure as hell don’t think so.  Naazir Ra breaks down what this realize means.  And what it really symbolizes.  There’s a much deeper meaning behind it.

Harriet Tubman..

19 thoughts on “Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill?-Naazir Ra

    • Someone told me about that. These young black kids are so corrupted. They are filled with self hatred. they are taught by this racist system to hate dark skin and all things black/African. Tubman was a sacred hero in my opinion. She deserves the utmost respect. But we don’t need her face on Amerikkka’s money. She is OUR hero…not theirs. And without power and control of land and resources…who is on the money means nothing. I agree with Naazir in this video. We can’t keep falling for these “symbolic victories”. Putting Tubman on the $20 doesn’t change the oppressive position we are still in. Give us reparations first then we’ll talk.

    • “These are individuals that only hate themselves.” Respect that blacks had for one another in yester-year, except for a few, it is no more.”

  1. Prince, I am certainly with you on this one! I’ve already written about this and I must say brotha in the video was right on time and Nidotopianwarrior’s video was out of this world!

    And this is exactly what we need to do, keep lighting it up with the truth, get the message out, loud and clear!

    Thanks for posting this Prince!

    • Yes that’s a good video. That sistas is on point! We have to look at the big picture and stop falling fro these “symbolic victories”. That is a very intelligent woman. I got to give her some props.

  2. Self-hatred are pathological!
    I found some black people hipocrital and pathetic! Specially those use their personal blogs to talk about racism and fight white supremacy,abuse during their childhood,and than they married with white person! It doesn’t work like that,you don’t fight racism and in the same time sleep with our enemies! “We are not we are the world,and love doesn’t colour!”
    Should be honest with themselves,the only solution to do and shout their damn mouth because in the and their sound retarded!

      • When I saw they puted the picture of Harriet Turban and these cave beast males claim love for black women? I said “Wow this is amazing!”now white men love black women and black men hate black women! Really?? In my personal life white men they called in bad way because I didn’t want love them,why I should do? Black women for major white men are only sexual toys! These coons,they hate Harriet maybe they want see the image “The MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THIS WORLD WHITE WOMEN!”

      • Those negroes are delusional. Black women are the finest women on the planet. All that interracial propaganda is mind poison! Black love is the answer!

  3. Be careful people, they are trying to control the image of Tubman and others black heroes. The fake Tubman is worrying to me, it is worrying that we aren’t even doing proper research into our own heroes and are letting them become a figure of white imagination. It is clear this is an appeasement technique because the Civil Rights make-up is now wearing off and the ugly beast that is America is showing its face again.


    Remember these people haven’t even stopped waging a propaganda war on black people killed by police much less to respect a rebel from the slavery era. Tubman been used by whites also shows the weak mental state of black people, we know they are still against us but some people are just happy with a face on money when they KNOW they don’t control the money.

    • True indeed AfrikaNeeds. We have to realize what’s going on and look at the big picture. Having ahero we love and admire on money does NOT change our position. How does that change things for us as a people? Like I said…these are symbolic victories. White people know that many of us will fall for such nonsense. We have to be wiser than that. And thanks for those links. I hadn’t seen that “young Harriet” photo before.

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