Kobe Bryant: Another Basketball Buffoon


NBA star Kobe Bryant retired last week. Although the Lakers had a horrible year and didn’t make the playoffs,Kobe went out with a bang. He scored 60 points in his final game.  It was very impressive for a 37 year old man with diminishing skills.  As a kid I was a big Laker fan.  I watched the Lakers win five championships during the “showtime era”.  Although as a kid I liked Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Magic Johnson,I never cared for Kobe.  He was an amazing athlete but I saw him as a ballhog that never passed the ball enough. Kobe always seemed aloof and standoffish to me.  He also didn’t seem too involved with black culture and lacked a black identity.

I loved when football icon Jim Brown called him out a few years ago on Arsenio.  I loved watching how Arsenio squirmed in his seat.  Since he’s a big fan of Kobe and such an ass kisser.  But Brown was correct.  Kobe lacks a cultural identity and no real connection to black people. I remember when he marred his teenage wife Vanessa,his parents were against it. I don’t blame him.  This Mexican woman brought nothing to the table and Kobe didn’t want a prenuptial agreement either.  That’s when I knew this man was a damn fool! She has two kids with him so when she leaves his ass she’ll will take a huge load of cash with her.  And she will take that wealth back to her community.  When will these dumb black athletes wake up?  Why do they keep marrying these non black women? All they do is use these brothers for their money.

And of course back in 2003 he was accused of raping a white woman.  There was a lot of hype over this case.  It seemed like it would be another OJ Simpson type of case. But she was paid off so we never got to see a big trial.  I don’t know if Kobe raped her or maybe he was set up.  But either way it did damage to his career.  But he won another championship and…all was forgiven.  After winning another ring he was back in good graces with his fans.  But Kobe proved that he is just another black buffoon.   He is not anyone for black children to admire.


Just like his idol Michael Jordan in many ways.  Neither one feels they owe black people anything.  Blacks have made them millionaires but they don’t speak out on our behalf. They think people should be seen as individuals.   They are both apolitical too. And they both have children with Latina wives.  Making sure that their wealth will go to other races.  So long Kobe!  You wont be missed.


Black people are Solar Beings

Loved By Sun..

Black people are Solar beings!  We get nourishment from the Sun. We are loved by the Sun. Be thankful for your melanin!

Nae Ankh

Nae Ankh

Nae Ankh formally known as Naeink is what we call a Psycho-spiritual Activist/ Emcee who dedicates her time to raising the consciousness and reconnecting with her African heritage. NaeAnkh evolved from Naeink, which was an extension of her lifelong nickname, Nae, to make a statement of her commitment to documenting her own journey as an emcee, and permanently etching the truth. Nae Ankh represents eternal life, all that she was and is to become as an artist and divine expression.

Nae Ankh hails from South Side Chicago and has experienced a life that has trapped most and inspired many. Shuttled between various impoverished parts of the city and a small town in Muskegon, Michigan, where she currently resides, Nae Ankh took the knowledge from her studies of African history and started doing work in the community. She is well-known in the streets for coordinating community projects and rallies, visiting the prisons to speak with inmates during Kwanzaa, and representing the new resurgence of Black empowerment energy.

Nae Ankh1..

Her style is reminiscent of Lauryn Hill with the politics of Public Enemy and her Jazz-harmonic flow mellows her wordplay.  She has been a popular host and performer at many events in Grand Rapids and has done a few local commercials. Nae Ankh’s work as a community organizer and thought provoking Emcee opened the way for her to perform and connect with the community in Accra, Ghana Africa, performed spoken-word before renowned scholar Ashra Kwesi, shared the stage with renowned spoken-word artist/award-winning screenwriter/actor, Saul Williams, and performed with many underground artists.

Makeba Lindsay


This beautiful woman is Makeba Lindsey.  She can be found on Facebook,Instagram,Youtube and Twitter.


Leila Lopes


On September 12, 2011 Leila Lopes made history as the first woman from Angola to win the Miss Universe crown. The 26-year-old beauty quickly won over the capacity crowd in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as the audience chant for “Angola” grew louder making it a struggle for the competition’s hosts to be heard. Leila is only the fourth woman from Africa in the pageant’s sixty year history to win the Miss Universe title.

Leila was born in Angola’s southern Benguela province, a place she is quick to praise for its beautiful beaches, kind people and amazing food. As the eldest daughter of seven children, Leila cites her family as a positive influence in her life and the source of her strength. Leila was born during Angola’s twenty-seven year Civil War (1975-2002) which gave her a deep appreciation for life and taught her to “make the most of every day.” Since peace was declared nine years ago, Angola has been focused on infrastructure and development, a fact of which Leila is particularly proud. She says, “Angola is a country rich in natural resources and infinite possibilities.”


Before being crowned Miss Universe 2011, Leila attended school for business management at Suffolk University in Ipswich, England. It was during this time she decided to participate in her country’s national beauty pageant. Leila not only won the Photogenic Award, but the prestigious title of Miss Universe Angola 2011, gaining her the right to represent Angola in the 2011 MISS UNIVERSE Pageant.

A strong, confident woman who is not afraid of a challenge, Leila says: “As Miss Universe, I want to show the world that there is more to Africa than poverty, hunger and disease. I want people to know that Africa has a lot to offer and that my country of Angola is not only beautiful, but it is a country that is developing socially, economically and culturally.”