King Lo the Rastar- Speaks on Child abuse,homosexuals,lesbians and pedophiles

King Lo the Rastar is dropping serious knowledge in this video. King Lo doesn’t hold back when speaking about this evil demonic world and the people who control it.   He speaks on the child molestation charges on hip hop Afrika Bambaataaa.  He also speaks on the homosexual agenda,child abuse and sick pedophiles. I respect any person unafraid to speak TRUTH to power. Much respect!


Sex Abuse1...


15 thoughts on “King Lo the Rastar- Speaks on Child abuse,homosexuals,lesbians and pedophiles

  1. Everybody we know who are the really problem! From when they came in this world only madness and sickness they brought,if for them all these craps are cultures really there is not cure for this shit! One time they will go forever it would be finally peace! They ruined family,love everything we know! I wish if I will be witness of their extinctions!

    • That’s right Nubian. The righteous will win in the end. Like King Lo said,we are at WAR for our survival. These demons are relentless. And we have to stay vigilant and keep fighting these sick perverts,pedophiles and racist devils! I hear you sista!

      • Interesting that the SAME white folks making pariahs out of Michael and R. Kelly WORSHIP at the feet of perverts and sickos seriously fuck those worthless racist hypocrites!! Remember what Jesus said about hypocrites too

  2. People just don’t seem to understand that God is behind a lot of the things that are happening. Babylon is alive in well but it’s been going on for decades in America. Our dirty laundry is coming to the surface. You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.

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