The Death of Prince: Purple Rain or Purple Reign?


There has been much speculation about the death of pop star Prince. Many people don’t know how the secret societies really operate.  Most of the people in the Jewish/European elite practice satanic worship.  They control Hollywood,music industry and the government.  All your favorite celebrities have no real power.  They are all mere puppets for the elite. Many  of them engage in sex with children,animals and homosexuality and lesbianism is normal.  Most Hollywood stars and musicians are forced to do these things to stay relevant. But they also have no problem taking out celebrities that work for them.  Once you sign a “blood contract”  they own you.  You are sworn to secrecy and can never break the oath.  They are not allowed to tell the secrets of the industry. If a celebrity breaks the oath they will be “penalized” if you catch my drift.  There’s a few reasons why prince died.  He died for a few reasons but they are all connected.  It’s much deeper than most people realize.  There’s a lot of hidden meaning behind his death. Most people just look at the exoteric surface instead of the esoteric knowledge underneath.



This pic above shows Prince using the “one eye” symbolism of the Illuminati.  He did this on several album covers and in magazine articles.  Most celebrities have to do this to show a nod to the elite.  To let them know their allegiance is to them. As I said in a previous post the secret societies communicate through numerology and symbolism.


I hope this this information and these videos give you a better of how this world really operates.  Don’t believe what the media says.  The mainstream media and newspapers are controlled.  They are full of lies and deception.  They lie to the masses to keep you ignorant.  I have found more truth in books and YouTube videos than the mass media.  I leave you with a post Dr Phil Valentine left on his Facebook page this week.  Here’s his post:

Prince is said to have been cremated…!!!
Barely 1 1/2 days after his death!!


Let’s see…

(1) The weekend before his death, a photograph was taken by Heather Hofmeister of Prince riding his bike. She lives about a mile from his estate. She said that Prince was riding around for more than an hour and showed no signs of fatigue. Friends and neighbors say he was an avid bike rider.

(2) Prince played two concerts in Atlanta (home of the “Center for Control by Disease” [CDC]), where they were holding the weaponized version of “Elizabethkingia”). On April 15th, he boarded his plane right before midnight but was suddenly forced to make an emergency turn-around to Moline, Illinois, at around 2 a.m. He was released and insisted on continuing his tour.


(3) Prince was spotted at a local Walgreens pharmacy, his fourth visit there within that week…

(4) The night before his death, Prince was alone. He went to Walgreens yet again where people reported that he looked much more “frail and **NERVOUS** than usual”…!!

(5) Prior to this, a member of the Midwest leg of his tour said “…the last time I saw ‘Skip’ (his nickname we all called him) – (I guess short for “Skipper”), he was supposed to have hip surgery. But when they told him he would have to have a blood transfusion as part of the procedure, he said no due to religious beliefs…so he started taking ‘Percocet’ and used a cane when he had to do a lot of walking…”

Kevin Smith (writer and star of the movie “Dogma”, who was asked by Prince to do a documentary for him), stated in his speech at Kent University that during his time with him, Prince told him that he couldn’t do an interview one day because he had a show that night at the St. Paul XL Arena, and because his “leg hurts”…; said it was “just something wrong with his knee.” This could have been Prince keeping a shade on the real condition concerning his damaged hip.

For those who don’t know – ‘Percocet’ contains a narcotic pain reliever called “oxycodone”, as well as a non-narcotic pain reliever called “acetaminophen”. Oxycodone works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain. ‘Acetaminophen’ is used to reduce fever. If a Vegan, no-drug takin’ Jehovah’s Witness was compelled to take drugs…you KNOW the brother must have been in some SERIOUS, incapacitating pain, but felt his obligations to the charities he was doing the concerts for, came first…!!

The side effects of this drug (particularly it’s withdrawal symptoms), if used regularly for a long time or in high doses are …restlessness, watering eyes, runny nose, nausea, sweating, and muscle aches, especially if you suddenly stop using this medication cold turkey.

NOW: Could THIS have been the reason people THOUGHT he had “the Flu”…??? Were his “Flu” symptoms actually caused by his decision to stop taking the Percocet, even though he was in excruciating pain (due to his deeply religious beliefs), which he took as a last ditch effort to function because he had concert commitments he felt obligated to do? All indicators show that the withdrawal symptoms from the Percocet are dead-ringers for Flu-like symptoms…

But more importantly, what did Prince eat or drink in his hotel or backstage while in Atlanta… home of the CDC? What might have been the vector for introducing the ‘Elizabethkingia’ to this concert-weary man whose defensive system was already severely compromised? Was it backstage…or in the “Genesis” hospital, where the “beginning” of the end began for our beloved Brother?

Here’s the final (recent) “official” report of what happened, as turned in by Jayme Deerwester for USA TODAY… (Sounds a bit grimy).

“…Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson confirmed Thursday afternoon that deputies and medics were dispatched to Paisley Park around 9:43 a.m. CT, where they found the singer unresponsive in an elevator. Their attempts to revive him Prince) failed and he was pronounced dead at 10:07 a.m. The department’s statement added that it is still investigating the death with assistance from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office and the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office…”

(I don’t know how the hell they’re going to “investigate” anything without the “corpus delecti”, since word was HE WAS CREMEATED…!!!) – Valentine

To continue…

“…It is with profound sadness that I am confirming that the legendary, iconic performer Prince Rogers Nelson has died at his Paisley Park residence this morning at the age of 57,” his publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, wrote in a statement. She did not elaborate on the cause of his death.

A transcript of the 9-1-1 call from Prince’s Paisley Park estate illustrates the tension after the body was found.

“We have someone who is unconscious,” says an unidentified male. “We’re at Prince’s house.”

After questioning from dispatcher Emily Colestock, the unidentified male tries to find an address.

“The person is dead here,” the male says. “And the people are just distraught.”

Colestock asks, “OK, do we know how the person died?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know,” the unidentified male says.

Later, an ambulance dispatcher named Shirley is heard telling dispatcher Kayley McGarry that she can ” … cancel anybody going to Audubon,” referring to Prince’s street. “Confirmed DOA.”

Now…; Who the hell was this “Unidentified male” that didn’t identify himself? Who arrived on the scene to find him “in the elevator”? And just who were those “distraught” people? Where were they while Prince lay dying in his elevator?

2 scenarios;

(1) Prince staged a “Michael / Tupac” exit and is still “alive” somewhere. After all, it was Prince who alerted us that “Michael was about to give his greatest performance … EVER”, right before Michael was “found dead”… or;
(2) He was killed trying to get away from his murderers, who finally cornered him in his elevator …perhaps where he may have been trying to escape to hold up until someone he knew got there, and the “unidentified male” was part of the hit squad. Of course, to cover their tracks, they’ll present someone to play the part of the “unidentified male” to divert suspicion…

Well there you have it.  Do a little research and come to a logical conclusion.This is my last post on the Prince situation. I hope I have enlightened you a bit. Peace and blessing be upon you.

20 thoughts on “The Death of Prince: Purple Rain or Purple Reign?

  1. Thank you.

    On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 3:16 PM, Kushite Kingdom wrote:

    > Kushite Prince posted: ” There has been much speculation about the death > of pop star Prince. Many people don’t know how the secret societies really > operate. Most the people in the Jewish/European elite practice satanic > worship. They control Hollywood,music industry and the go” >

  2. Do you think the death of his baby was a sacrifice as well? And the E is looking creepier than ever in that purple! ugh was than on her birthday?

    Great post, very thorough. I learned so much.

    • I heard rumors that the baby could’ve been. It’s definitely possible. I put nothing past these demonic people. I think that pic was from her birthday celebration from a few years ago. But purple is the color of royalty. Purple has always represented royalty,long before Prince was even around. But that was one of the reasons he wore it all the time. The first video in this post really breaks down the color symbolism. I’m sure it will open up a lot of eyes. I’m glad you learned something Kelley. That’s why I’m here. It’s the only reason I blog. Be sure to tell others what you’ve learned. We need to open up the minds of others. Here’s a pic of the birthday celebration. Of course you’ll notice it’s in purple.

      • Yeah it does happen quite a bit. There are a lot of celebs who have had miscarriages too. Celebs like Beyoncé,Celine Dion,Nicole Kidman,Brooke Shields and Mariah Carey. I have heard theories that some celebs must give up their first born as a “sacrifice”. Not sure if it’s true but I put nothing past these sick demons. You have to go through so much to be successful in that industry. Most people think that if you’re just talented and good looking you can make it big. It’s not that easy by a long shot. There are many talented and attractive people in the world. You have to be willing to do more to become a BIG star.

      • Or to APPEAR successful. I wonder if they could say it was worth it? I think some of them realize it’s not and that’s when they disappear.

      • Yeah I’m sure many have regrets. I know Prince signed his deal when he was only 19 years old. He was just a young kid that wanted to show the world his talent. Same with MJ and Whitney. They want the fame and money but then once you’re in… have second thoughts. By then it’s too late. Once you make that pact with them you can’t just leave. And like I always say…the Devil always collects his debts. I kind of feel bad for a lot of them. That’s why Prince and may others come to God and repent towards the end. They want to atone for their sins.

    • I hear you brother. This is stuff is way out there. IT scares a lot of people that’s why they don’t want to admit the truth to themselves. To think that all these big celebs are just dying of natural causes is naïve. And it’s way too simplistic in my opinion. Check out this video with rapper Lord Jamar. He’s from the legendary Afrocentric rap group Brand Nubian from the 90’s. He makes some very good points in this video. Let me know what you think.

      • Lol you actually understood me. I watched the video, this brotha was on point. How he broke it down he really makes you think critically about alot of things. I especially like the dichotomy he drew between the artist and their music. Yes many of us cannot deny the talent that Prince and MJ had but as to their style, like the eye liner, lip gloss, straight hair et al. Basically the whole effeminate look, no way in hell would I subscribe to that. Some naive folks would chalk it up to creativity and what not but it is beyond that, it was a deliberate agenda to emasculate and feminize the black man and in short they did help do the devil’s work. Reluctantly, or so I would like to believe.

      • Yeah I a lot of brothers weren’t down with their style. Prince wearing high heels and eye liner was not cool in the But over time black people accepted him because his music was so entertaining. We looked pass the clothes prince wore and just enjoyed the music. I think giving off that feminine energy helped Prince last as long as he did. It helped put forth a non threating type of black man in the spotlight. But I noticed he did start to change the last few years. He started wearing his natural afro and spoke out about lies the government has been telling us. That’s when he became dangerous.

  3. This is a very eye opening video by James brown’s son Daryl. He talks about the death of his father as well as Sam Cooke. He breaks down the fact that the real cause of their deaths have not been told.

  4. I have to disagree with the who, “effeminate” look thing Kushite. Yes Prince wore eyeliner and high heels but he was 5’2 maybe THAT’S why he wore heels because he was insecure about his height and even still he had no problem bragging about all the pussy he got so I don’t for one second buy that ide he was bi-sexual. he was never linked to a man and some men do wear a little make-up it never changed my feelings about him. I think the media was trying to invent something because they couldn’t stand seeing him with non-black or white women. Don’t forget he had flings with Kim Bassinger and Kristin Scott-Thomas and you KNOW how much white men hate a brother hooking up with white pussy

    • Yes I do think part of the reason he wore heels was because he was so short. I think he was 5’2. But most brothers were not feeling the eye liner in makeup in the hood. I’m just being real with you. But because he was able to date women like Vanity,Sheila E and Apollonia….brothers let it slide. Plus he was sucj a talented musician that made such funky songs we didn’t care what he wore anymore. Just as long as he kept making funky r&b tracks it was all good. Yes I know about the white women he was with as well. And I know many white men do NOT like it. Prince did his own thing so he didn’t care what others thought.

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