Sam Cooke,James Brown,Michael Jackson,Whitney,Prince….who’s next?


Last Thursday pop/rock star Prince passed away.  The music icon best known for hits such as 1999,Purple Rain,Pop Life and Little Red Corvette was only 57 years young. It’s been all over the news. The media is trying to say it may have been the flu.  But I’m not buying it.  First of all, this post wont be about the androgynous appearance of Prince.  Or how he blurred the lines of genders.  I respect his talent but had major issues with the feminine energy that he gave off.  I can save that for a later date.  This post is about the mysterious deaths of many black celebs. Prince is just the latest pop star death in recent years. There is a lot of controversy about his death. Many people believe there was foul play since he had a legal battle with Warner Bros.  He won the legal battle to get control of his music then all of a sudden …..he dies.  This is a bit strange for a man who worked out everyday and was a vegan.  He was a pretty healthy guy.  I’ve noticed a pattern of death when black people try to gain control of their music catalog. The Hollywood/music industry is controlled by Zionist Jews.  They want black people to perform for the masses but not own anything.  Great talents like James Brown,Sam Cooke and Whitney Houston are used to entertain people and make billions for the racist Jews.  But they don’t want black people to own or control anything.  Sam Cooke tried to get control of his music publishing and he was killed in a strange shooting.  You can read some of it here:

These deaths always seem to come out when people speak out against the music or Hollywood industry. Prince was quoted as saying :

“Record contracts are just like — I’m gonna say the word – slavery,” the artist told a group of journalists at Paisley Park Studios in Minneapolis. “I would tell any young artist…don’t sign.”

Slavery?  Why would he say that?  Why would he tell young artist to not sign? I thought it was everyone’s dream to live in mansions,have nice cars and be filthy rich.  It seems as though Prince knew that blacks controlled nothing in the industry. And blacks are just slaves here to make money for others.  Michael Jackson spoke out too.  He had bought the bulk of the Sony music catalog. And said that most black entertainers die penniless.  Of course he died as well from an “accidental overdose”.

The reality is that many of these singers and actors must take an oath to get in the industry.  Many people say there is a “blood oath” a person must take to get in the industry.  Many times you will hear the term the “Illuminati” to explain it.  But these are just well organized white groups.  People don’t like to looked at as a conspiracy theorist so they might not say anything about it.  But I have been doing research on secret socities such as the Club of Rome,Skull and Bones,Freemasons,The Knights Templar,Bilderberg Group,satanic cults and Rosicrucians .These groups have been around for a very long time. Some of them have been around for over 100 years.   They are mostly filled with Jews and whites. But there  are groups like the Boule that is for the black entertainers and politicains  You can check it out here:


These groups perform satanic rituals all the time.  They have people killed on certain dates and time periods.  The world is ruled by numbers and signs.  Many celebs take the oath and don’t care about the consequences..until it’s too late. But many have had to have a “blood sacrifice” to keep their fame and fortune.  Some have had to have family members killed so they can stay in the limelight. In the end I don’t think it’s worth it.



Black people I beg you to do some research.  It’s not about being a conspiracy theorist. It’s about using your critical thinking skills so you know what’s going on around you.  As long as you’re still in the dark,you don’t know what your ENEMY is doing to you. This type of information scares many people that’s why they don’t talk about it.  They want to run and hide and hope it’s not true.  That’s why people want to argue with me on the internet all the time.  And I get resistance from people who have done no research at all.  Yet they want to tell me I’m wrong.  If you haven’t done any research on these issues then just don’t say anything at all.  It’s better to just sit back and let the teachers teach. But my blog is here to wake my people up.  We can no longer be ignorant while our people are killed and we say silent. I realize these celebs made their choice and they paid the price.  Which is proff that black people need our own record industries,film and television studios.  With NO white people involved.  We need to own and control everything from top to bottom.  We just have to believe in our own capabilities and know we have the talent to do it.  Otherwise we will just be slaves…like Prince said.

Stay strong black people. It’s a hard but we will win in the end.  One people,One Love, One Tribe.

Here’s some sites to check out if you want more information on occult knowledge:



62 thoughts on “Sam Cooke,James Brown,Michael Jackson,Whitney,Prince….who’s next?

  1. Do you have any suggestions regarding research and becoming more equip regarding this type of information. Thank you,



  2. Now they’re trying to say that Prince was addicted to painkillers and that he hadn’t slept for six straight days and then there’s Aretha Franklin speculating that he probably had the Zika virus. More than likely, all deflection tactics to divert suspicion and blame the victim but then again, knowing how the music industry operated you just never can tell. These demons employ all manner and means to take you out.

  3. It’s something more to this story then we think and the truth isn’t coming out .I find it also strange that a man that claim to be Prince drug dealer claim he had a drug addiction. Rule number one in the drug game you don’t tell anyone you’re a drug dealer because that’s consider snitching. Since this drug dealer is coming out with these statements why hasn’t he been arrested & investigated yet. Also after the autopsy his body was quickly cremated. One thing for sure a lot of our most talented black stars get strung out on drugs, and some don’t recover from there addiction. Rick James, James Brown, Ray Charles, Chaka Khan, Natalie Cole, Whitney Houston, David Ruffin, Richard Pryor, Marvin Gaye, The Debarge family, Denise Matthews and just to name a few easily got turn out on drugs & over sexualized in Hollywood

    • yes many do get on drugs. It’s because they are dealing with their demons. They are tortured because they know what they did to get in the industry. Many of them sign “blood contracts” when they first get it. They sell their soul to the Devil for fame and fortune. The industry is run by devil worshipers. You must make that deal to become a BIG iconic star. There’s no way around it. Part of the deal is they get to take you out on their terms. Prince,Michael,Whitney all regretted it in the end. But it was too late by then. Prince was a “blood sacrifice” for the Queen of England. The son of a Queen is a “prince”. It was a symbolic death. This occult stuff is very DEEP! Also elevators are a representation of going “down to Hell”. Which is why his body was found in an elevator. Once you have occult knowledge you cant be easily fooled with the drug overdose story. I’m not falling for that nonsense anymore.

  4. I recently found out that Michael also purchased the rights to Little Richard’s music then took it to him personally so he would have the money that was rightfully his that the fuckwad Pat Boone and pedophile Elvis tried to steal from him. Michael knew what times it was despite some black people talking shit about him.

    • Yes Lavern that’s true. Michael was very outspoken too. They don’t black people to control or own anything. They want us only as servants to entertain everyone else. The game hasn’t changed at all.

  5. This entire article totally affirmed my thoughts about Prince’s untimely death. I was immediately reminded of the sudden and untimely deaths of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. This is disturbing, and it appears nothing can be done to protect music ownership rights. Sam Cooke, James Brown, and Tupac Shakur are all deceased, because they wanted to own their own music? This is ugly.

    • Ownership is a big deal in the industry. I think if an artist writes a song he/she should own it. The success of a song comes from their hard work and creative mind. Why should a record company own it? the people in the industry are evil bastards! they want to own and control everything an artist does. These deaths are not accidental deaths. People need to stop being so damn naïve. Just using a little common sense and you can see what’s going on. I agree that it is ugly and very sad. But sometimes the TRUTH hurts.

  6. You are quite right about the secret societies running the world which are made up of satanists, child-rapists, sociopaths and their enablers. They are into crazy numerology and symbolism and orchestrate events factoring this shit in. Yes, black artists will be culled if they show signs of independent thought but the date of their death will also have significance making a ‘sacrifice’ to whatever demons they worship. Thanks for the video links. We all need to learn and understand how deep the cess runs.

    • Thanks Razor. I’m glad you see the situation we are in. Black artists are not allowed to own their creative property. This is dead wrong. Michael Jackson and Prince both spoke out…and now they’re dead. The racist Satanists own the media so they can tell you any story they want about their deaths. And yes they use numerology and symbolism to communicate with each other. I’ve covered in past posts. We need to be aware of this deception that’s around us. That’s why I wanted to do this post. Thanks for the comment.

  7. I was certain you’d have some insights in this. After the fact his whole demeanor seemed resolved to something going down. Thanks for your post and research into it. Regards as always.

    • It was an inside job. We have seen this pattern over and over again. Anyone can do just a little research and come to this conclusion. It’s a very sad situation but a reality we must face.

  8. I started my research after I heard Nas say “killuminati” at the beginning of a Mariah Carey track back in the early 2000s I think. I mean there are too many people talking about the same things going down in the industry for it to just be coincidental.

    There are NO coincidences, especially in freaky ass Hollywood. It just makes me very sad that such beautiful, talented artists are killed off for exercising their basic human right of free speech. People that just want to sing and make music, share their gifts and get paid for it. And Hollywood catches so many of them at a young age [so many from Disney! Look how they did Britney Spears.. or the boys who are recruited from hs into pro ball, etc]. They are naive and eager to be famous without knowing the prices they’ll have to pay. Or possibly fear for their safety or the safety of their families. And if you don’t follow the rules, you’re Chris Brown’d or just killed off. It really is a disgusting form of modern day slavery.

    As always, thanks for the enlightenment. I am still broken up about Prince, Whitney, Aaliyah and especially Michael. There will always be some tracks I can’t listen to without crying. And I too am always wondering who’s next.

    • These people sign “blood contracts” when they get in the industry. They give their lives to these evil people for fame and fortune. It’s a deal with the Devil. Kelley,you have to keep in mind that the elite have their own coroners,lawyers,law enforcement that are paid very well to cover things up. They own ALL of the mainstream media as well. So they can tell you whatever story they want. Also why did they cremate Prince on Saturday? He just dies on Thursday. It was so there could be no second autopsy to counter the first one. This was obviously an inside job. Prince wwas in a legal battle with warner Bros for years. He finally won his entire music catalog back in 2014. But then Warner Bros put out a life insurance policy on him. It stated that in the event of an untimely death all his music should go back to them. Hmmmm……that’s a bit strange right? Now he’s dead! Come on now! When are black people going to wake up and see what’s going on? He was worth more dead than alive. That’s just the sad truth that most don’t want to face. Also it was the 90th birthday of the Queen of England the day he died. The son of a Queen is a “prince”. Coincidence? I don’t think so. It was a symbolic sacrifice. These people are NOT fooling around Kelley. When I say they worship the Devil….I’m being serious. They own these celebrities. They make you stars and they get to decide when you go out. It’s really sad but it’s the truth. No need to sugarcoat it for people. I’m making it plain for everyone.

      • Zero coincidences. They do everything with order and we can all see it if we care to look a little deeper. And no one gets cremated that fast unless they’re actually old as dust.

        And when what the media feeds us doesn’t make sense, I know there was some Hollywood funny business going down. Again. We’ll never know the exact facts of Prince’s death, but we can conclude that he was murdered like so many others.

      • Yeah you’re right. I may not know every detail and have every single fact,but I have done enough research over the years. I have seen this over and over again. A five year old could figure this out. And I have enough common sense to see what is right in my face. Like you said….No coincidences.

      • Crazy. So we gotta stay up with The Simpsons since this isn’t the first time this “cartoon” predicted something like this.

      • The Simpsons have done this before. The creator of the show is a demonic Freemason. They know these things years in advance,which is why they can do episodes like this. These people are pure evil! I remember when MJ called out Sony records. he outsmarted them and owned half of Sony records. They were very upset about this. After this speech he was dead seven years later in 2009. Interesting that Prince died seven years after MJ too.

      • It’s all calculated. I know they are obsessed with numerology and symbols. And power and money, of course.

        And thank you for the link. I think I saw it but it was nice to watch again. They did everything to warn MJ by making him look crazy, but his fans NEVER wavered. He lived with integrity and wasn’t afraid.

      • Yes it’s all symbols. The elite communicate through symbols and numbers. And until people do their own research and study the occult knowledge they’ll never figure it out. The reason I’ve been studying this stuff for years is because I think it’s important to know how your ENEMY operates. Otherwise how do you defend yourself? How do you beat your enemy if you don’t know his moves? That’s the reason I started doing this over a decade ago.

      • Oh yeah. And with all the uproar over what Wilmore said at the White House Press Conference deal, albeit significant, I find it much more portentous that Obama gave the Masonic oath of silence hand sign.
        “Y’all don’t have to worry about me spilling the beans. I intend to stay alive.” …he seemed to be saying… to lookers on from on high.

      • Yeah I agree with you. But he has to do that. They are the people who put him in office. He has to answer to his masters. Have you seen this video by Dick Gregory? He’s kind of like a grumpy old But he does speak some truth on occasion.

      • Damn. Dick Gregory is a tough interview! WTF was he talking about? The Queen was in DC wearing purple? Did he get the Q confused with Helen Mirren? Was she a Q surrogate at the White House Press Ritual? She was wearing purple and pointing to a Prince symbol.

      • Yeah Grehory is a trip! He’s really funny at times. He’s always grumpy. I guess that comes with old age. But he does make some truthful statements at times. Thanks for the video. That’s PocketsofFuture. He has some pretty good videos on the matrix and false reality we live in. He looks at things from a very spiritual standpoint. I don’t think Helen Mirren was pals with Prince. They just invited her to the event because she played the queen in a film. I wonder how many people made the connection.

      • Yeah. He did say that the hit was put out years ago. Note that the Homer killing episode is 2008. And they play the ritual out in public with symbols and signs that go over the heads of most folk. Those ritual dates you gave me April21-May1 are right on the money, with the purple queen surrogate thread tying the event to the putative sacrifice. While Obama takes the Masonic vow of silence. And I mean Obama said some ominous in jest. “Possibly the last WHPC Dinner ever”. “The end of the republic has never looked better”! Crowing about the demise of our rights in our very face. He should have added, as he did with his Jonas drone comment, “You think I’m joking?” This is his ‘mission accomplished’ moment.

      • Yeah I heard Obama slip comment that in there. It’s the truth in plain sight. But of course most people wont catch it. After all,it’s just a joke right?

  9. Sorry Kushite, I know isn’t right moment for this, but Prince for me he will be forever a legend, after he kicks Kim Kartrashian off from the stage!

  10. I thought this was a very interesting video about the death of Prince. As well as female wrestler Chyna who died the day before Prince. It interesting because the guy in the video makes a good point about how the media strings people on by not telling us the cause of death. It’s a way to keep people interested in the story. Let’s be real,it doesn’t take this long to get results in the cause of death.

      • Yes Chyna was a woman. Believe it or not. I think she and prince’s deaths could somewhat be connected. It has to do with duality and polar opposites. She was a very masculine looking woman…..while Prince was a feminine looking man. It kind of represents ying and yang like the number 69.. Speaking of numerology I find it odd that pop star Vanoty dies on Feb 15 this year. It was 66 days before Prince passed away. And of course 666 is the number of the beast(Devil). But I’m sure there are those who will say it’s just a coincidence. I just provide the information,you can come to your own conclusion.

  11. When I heard the sad news that he has passed, I knew it was MURDER! I knew he probably was fighting to own his own music like the rest of the legends someone named above. I read about his battle with Warner Bros. and him discussing chemtrails on Arsenio, I said AHA! It’s just strange that all of these stars are just dying off like flies, so close in years after each other. They can’t be dying of natural causes. Btw, he died on Thursday and was cremated on Saturday? Hmmm, I smell a rat.

    These “elite” people are infinitely evil, Lord how much more can we take!

    • Yep! You’re correct! I know it’s hard to accept but we have to be real. The industry is controlled by demonic pedophiles. Prince never had a chance. Once you sign that “blood contract” they OWN you. Once I heard that Warner Bros put out a life insurance policy on him…I knew what was up. The policy stated that in the event of an untimely death his catalog should go back to them. he had already beaten them in the courts. But they always have to have the last words. Prince knew the end was near that’s why on his Instagram account he said “Don’t waste your prayers…wait a few days”. He knew his time was up and there’s nothing he could do about it. That’s the sad truth sis.

    • OBW,check this out. Phil Valentine put out this statement. It’s some food for thought:
      It appears that our Brother ‘Prince Rogers Nelson’ might have been killed with a weaponized form of genetically manipulated bacterium allegedly isolated on the Mir “space” station … a bacterium named after American bacteriologist Elizabeth King who isolated the common strain “Kingella Kingae” back in 1960. It is a bacterium specifically found IN HOSPITAL ENVIRONMENTS called (get THIS Family)…”Elizabethkingia”, of which there are 4 strains, and they are said to be nearly impossible to eradicate from the surfaces of hospital environments. It is believed that the strain “Elizabethkingia Miricola” was genetically combined with the strain called “Elizabethkingia Anophelis”, the latter having been isolated from the Anopheles mosquito and know to cause respiratory tract illness and fatalities in humans. It was pegged as the culprit involved in an 2016 outbreak centered in Wisconsin!! Reports state that Prince’s private plane had to make an emergency turn-around, and landed at the Quad City International Airport (MLI) in Moline, Illinois, where he was rushed by ambulance to the Genesis Medical Center Hospital. NOW…here’s the strange thing. Less than 24 hours before Prince arrived, the CDC reported that there was a death related to this SAME bacterium at this very hospital; the victim’s name being Kimberly Cencula. Question: With Prince already having been strickened and weakened by a severe respiratory condition (only HOW in hell a non-smoking, non-drinking, non-drug taking Jehovah’s Witness VEGAN was “strickened” by “the Flu” is beyond me – but that’s ANOTHER story), was he purposely taken to THAT particular hospital and exposed to a bacterium KNOWN to attack the respiratory system…? Is it a co-incidence that on the birthday of the reptilian Bitch-Queen “Elizabeth” the second, that she should exact a “royal sacrifice” using a microscopic avatar named “Elizabethkingia”…?

      Hmmm. Too far fetched?? What do you think?

      • I’m not looking at anything as “too far fetched” anymore, lol. Truth is stranger than fiction and the circumstances surrounding Prince’s death maybe sound “far fectched”, but I strongly believe their not fiction. Thanks for the pertinent info.

      • THnaks,I’m glad you appreciated the information. I know some people don’t like my theories. Their minds are too conditioned to believe in them. That’s what the powers that be have done. It works to their advantage to believe everything just happens by chance. But I also think it scares a lot of people to believe that this could even happen. So instead of opening their minds to a different perspective(and doing research) they rather believe whatever narrative the racist media gives them.

  12. I also found this very interesting as well. Any thoughts on this?

    Prince is said to have been cremated…!!!
    Barely 1 1/2 days after his death!!


    Let’s see…

    (1) The weekend before his death, a photograph was taken by Heather Hofmeister of Prince riding his bike. She lives about a mile from his estate. She said that Prince was riding around for more than an hour and showed no signs of fatigue. Friends and neighbors say he was an avid bike rider.

    (2) Prince played two concerts in Atlanta (home of the “Center for Control by Disease” [CDC]), where they were holding the weaponized version of “Elizabethkingia”). On April 15th, he boarded his plane right before midnight but was suddenly forced to make an emergency turn-around to Moline, Illinois, at around 2 a.m. He was released and insisted on continuing his tour.


    (3) Prince was spotted at a local Walgreens pharmacy, his fourth visit there within that week…

    (4) The night before his death, Prince was alone. He went to Walgreens yet again where people reported that he looked much more “frail and **NERVOUS** than usual”…!!

    (5) Prior to this, a member of the Midwest leg of his tour said “…the last time I saw ‘Skip’ (his nickname we all called him) – (I guess short for “Skipper”), he was supposed to have hip surgery. But when they told him he would have to have a blood transfusion as part of the procedure, he said no due to religious beliefs…so he started taking ‘Percocet’ and used a cane when he had to do a lot of walking…”

    Kevin Smith (writer and star of the movie “Dogma”, who was asked by Prince to do a documentary for him), stated in his speech at Kent University that during his time with him, Prince told him that he couldn’t do an interview one day because he had a show that night at the St. Paul XL Arena, and because his “leg hurts”…; said it was “just something wrong with his knee.” This could have been Prince keeping a shade on the real condition concerning his damaged hip.

    For those who don’t know – ‘Percocet’ contains a narcotic pain reliever called “oxycodone”, as well as a non-narcotic pain reliever called “acetaminophen”. Oxycodone works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain. ‘Acetaminophen’ is used to reduce fever. If a Vegan, no-drug takin’ Jehovah’s Witness was compelled to take drugs…you KNOW the brother must have been in some SERIOUS, incapacitating pain, but felt his obligations to the charities he was doing the concerts for, came first…!!

    The side effects of this drug (particularly it’s withdrawal symptoms), if used regularly for a long time or in high doses are …restlessness, watering eyes, runny nose, nausea, sweating, and muscle aches, especially if you suddenly stop using this medication cold turkey.

    NOW: Could THIS have been the reason people THOUGHT he had “the Flu”…??? Were his “Flu” symptoms actually caused by his decision to stop taking the Percocet, even though he was in excruciating pain (due to his deeply religious beliefs), which he took as a last ditch effort to function because he had concert commitments he felt obligated to do? All indicators show that the withdrawal symptoms from the Percocet are dead-ringers for Flu-like symptoms…

    But more importantly, what did Prince eat or drink in his hotel or backstage while in Atlanta… home of the CDC? What might have been the vector for introducing the ‘Elizabethkingia’ to this concert-weary man whose defensive system was already severely compromised? Was it backstage…or in the “Genesis” hospital, where the “beginning” of the end began for our beloved Brother?

    Here’s the final (recent) “official” report of what happened, as turned in by Jayme Deerwester for USA TODAY… (Sounds a bit grimy).

    “…Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson confirmed Thursday afternoon that deputies and medics were dispatched to Paisley Park around 9:43 a.m. CT, where they found the singer unresponsive in an elevator. Their attempts to revive him Prince) failed and he was pronounced dead at 10:07 a.m. The department’s statement added that it is still investigating the death with assistance from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office and the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office…”

    (I don’t know how the hell they’re going to “investigate” anything without the “corpus delecti”, since word was HE WAS CREMEATED…!!!) – Valentine

    To continue…

    “…It is with profound sadness that I am confirming that the legendary, iconic performer Prince Rogers Nelson has died at his Paisley Park residence this morning at the age of 57,” his publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, wrote in a statement. She did not elaborate on the cause of his death.

    A transcript of the 9-1-1 call from Prince’s Paisley Park estate illustrates the tension after the body was found.

    “We have someone who is unconscious,” says an unidentified male. “We’re at Prince’s house.”

    After questioning from dispatcher Emily Colestock, the unidentified male tries to find an address.

    “The person is dead here,” the male says. “And the people are just distraught.”

    Colestock asks, “OK, do we know how the person died?”

    “I don’t know, I don’t know,” the unidentified male says.

    Later, an ambulance dispatcher named Shirley is heard telling dispatcher Kayley McGarry that she can ” … cancel anybody going to Audubon,” referring to Prince’s street. “Confirmed DOA.”

    Now…; Who the hell was this “Unidentified male” that didn’t identify himself? Who arrived on the scene to find him “in the elevator”? And just who were those “distraught” people? Where were they while Prince lay dying in his elevator?

    2 scenarios;

    (1) Prince staged a “Michael / Tupac” exit and is still “alive” somewhere. After all, it was Prince who alerted us that “Michael was about to give his greatest performance … EVER”, right before Michael was “found dead”… or;
    (2) He was killed trying to get away from his murderers, who finally cornered him in his elevator …perhaps where he may have been trying to escape to hold up until someone he knew got there, and the “unidentified male” was part of the hit squad. Of course, to cover their tracks, they’ll present someone to play the part of the “unidentified male” to divert suspicion…

    There ya have it.

  13. Check it…I’m watching this right now. Just dropped by. What a coincidence. I’ve had Prince on my mind for over a week since his death. There’s something fishy about all of it. I have been in direct discussion with Dr. Phil Valentine and he seems to have to information about this. You can view it on his page on fb.

  14. This in late, but I KNOW that Prince did not die under mysterious circumstances. In his own right, “another” Martyr gone…

    Our black people just have to get the “weapons” that the white collective have.

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