Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 19(Barbershop 3)

Ice Cube..



The new film Barbershop:The Next Cut was released last week.  Do we really need a sequel to this foolishness?  It stars once again Ice Cube,Eve and Cedric the Entertainer.  But this time they have added rapper/actor Common and Nicki Minaj.  they should’ve just stopped at the first film.  That was enough for me.  But of course you know Hollywood loves to make sequels if the film makes a lot of money.  But this time the comedy has a message.  they address the issue of black on black violence in Chicago.  that’s cool,but I’m sure there will put much more buffoonery than social commentary in this film.

And Ice Cube and Common used to speak up on black issues back in the day.  Common was always Afrocentric and pro-black.  And Ice Cube used to speak out against racism and white bigotry. Cube would never bite his tongue back in 1991-1995.  But Cube has totally went soft!  he and Common having been making big money in Hollywood with their white masters and turned their backs on the people.  Both of these punks are soft as marshmallows.  They have NO integrity in my opinion. They use to have black pride,now they’re a disgrace. I can’t and wont support this garbage of a film.

38 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 19(Barbershop 3)

  1. Well, it should go without saying, that I won’t be attending this coonfest! Hell! Straight Outta Compton didn’t get a dime from me. Neither did The Butler, The Help and I hear tell that Viola Davis and Forrest Whitaker are all set to star in sort of like of remake of Gone With The Wind. It’s going to be called, “Scarlett’s House Negroes!” Sure to be a hit with Black folks!

  2. Surprised to see this but then again I’m not. I DONT think they are going soft but maybe that’s just me. I do remember him not going to the osars and all that jazz.. But maybe I’m wrong. No I won’t go to the movies to see it, but that has nothing to do with what you guys call coonery.. I will simply catch the promo on DVD. But maybe I’m “cooning”. Maybe I will agree to disagree on this one.

    • Hey Sunny how old are you? I ask because I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Ice Cube’s old music in the 90’s. He was very pro-black and spoke out against racism and injustice. But now he’s gotten comfortable with making more money and doing silly comedies. I understand he has grown up and matured as most men do as they get older. But that doesn’t mean you have to do a total 360 with your people. If you compare his earlier music to now….he has totally gone soft. And Common used to be Afrocentric as well. But he’s gone mainstream so he flipped the script too. Do you know last year Common said we can end racism “if black people just forgive whites. Extend a hand in love and racism will be over.” Is that not insane? He’s putting the blame on black people. That’s crazy! Now that is definitely cooning in my opinion. It’s cool if you disagree. People disagree on this blog all the time. But you have to define for me what you think is cooning and what is not. That will give me a better understanding of your position.

      • I’m old enough to know Ice Cube… I remember NWA and all his songs. I get what your saying, but at then end of the day they tryna stay relevant and make that money.

        I get what your saying 100% I just think that he hasn’t gone soft he rapped about the environment where he lived and how things were, he has since moved and live else. Yes, he can address black issues. But he isn’t required to. If he does that great!

        Common…that’s a whole other story.

      • Yes I know what you mean. I’ve heard that argument before. He doesn’t have to address black issues if he doesn’t want to. But the issues he talked about are still there. They haven’t changed just because he now lives in a mansion in a better neighborhood. My problem is he has a new song with Common and they’re saying that color doesn’t matter anymore. Now that he’s comfortable he doesn’t feel the need to address the racial issues anymore. He now making that good money in Hollywood…so he doesn’t care about the plight of the poor negroes. It would be better if he said nothing at all. Then no one would be the wiser.
        Also keep in mind the same argument can be used to defend Common. The truth is they both got comfortable in Hollywood so they personalities have changed. I have heard countless people say this about them. So I know it’s not just my imagination. But I see what you’re trying to say.

  3. I agree they have gotten soft over the years… I struggle within myself asking “Is this a result of our people not supporting them in their pro-black and self consciousness?” or what? You know, it’s like Kanye, when he first came out and it was polos and backpacks, “GW Bush doesn’t care about black people” very few of us were feeling and supporting him, now he married a kardashian, is seling cut up clothes we all have his name in our mouths(using the terms we and our very loosely)… We continuously find ourselves between a rock and a hard place, we want to support black entertainment but not when it’s under white capitalism… IDK what to do sometimes, laughing but i’m serious

    • Yes I see your point. I’ve said the same thing many times. I actually some of Kanye’s old stuff. College Dropout had some classic joints on it. I do think we need to support the more racially conscious artists. We have to speak with our dollars and not support those that degrade us and put out negative images over and over again. It’s funny you mentioned Kanye too. I have an upcoming post about him. I think you’ll find it interesting.

  4. I thought Common would be my mcm for life until he made that stupid comment last year about extending a hand to white people to end racism -_-
    In my opinion, that’s like telling women to dress more conservatively to end rapes for good! Just crazy!

    I think Common is still working with the basketball camp in Chicago, but this statement and this movie just make him look bad. I agree that they have gone soft and just do things for the money now instead of the betterment of our people. It really is sad, but then again, who can we really trust in the limelight?

    • Yeah it’s more buffoonery at it’s finest. The first Barbershop got into trouble with many black people. Not sure if you remember but Cedric said in the first one that MLK was just a whore. And all Rosa Parks did was “sit on her ass”. Once again Hollywood paying black people to make fun of our ancestors. That is pure buffoonery!

      • But so many of those actors have the power to change that ish, Kushite, but what do they always do? Keep silent in order to get a check–then have the nerve to complain when they can’t get parts. Nobody is hearing that. Silence is conspiracy to commit terrorism on your own–UNACCEPTABLE! I blame them for the dilema in Hollywood.

      • Like I always say..they sell their soul for a paycheck. They have to have a strong morals and character to turn down all that money. The reality is most don’t have the strength to turn the money so they sell their people out.

  5. There are so many Coons out there,I truly find Taye Diggs really COON! He is sel-hating dark skin black man who insulted black women in every way! These uncle Tom are epidemic! I don’t care who black men dating, because no one is jealous to white crack cave beast! This happened when these COONS sold their souls to WHITE CRACK! I am not really surprise!


    • Taye Diggs is one of the worst. He’s always smiling and grinning like a fool. Yeah he’s another self-hating fool. He looks like a damn fool with that makeup on. I see Taye is down with the transgender agenda. He doesn’t mind making black men look like homosexual punks! I can’t stand this clown!

  6. Sell-Out..?? I don’t know either one of these brothers. If anyone commenting on this website does then hey should speak up about the community work both these brothers have done and still do. I would suggest, on balance, they’ve had a positive influence on our community

    I liked Prince. But, he was hardly a hero to me. He was a great entertainer. Some entertainers try to “keep it real” and some don’t have the preparation to stay real and get paid at the same time.

    I think that beyond a few albums, time-in at keepin’ it real on stage and spreading the word about Black History to folks who ain’t got a clue, I don’t look to entertainers for guidance or knowing my family, country and world history.

    “When I was a child………”

    • @Black Sci-Fi
      Thanks to your response to Prince he was a good musician who donated to organizations for a tax right. He was the most emasculated black man that wasn’t a threat to white supremacy who dated non black women.

  7. I’m not sure if the celebrity cloning is true in the illuminati, but if it is, I’m pretty sure they got rid of the real Ice Cube and Common and replace them with clones that they can control. Like they did with Raven Samone.

  8. The first movie was shit and this one looks just as stupid. I fondly recall one reviewer saying how Barbershop was silent and safe about the issue of racism but they had no problem mocking important black people in history. Fuck this movie and all the fools in it!!

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