Kobe Bryant: Another Basketball Buffoon


NBA star Kobe Bryant retired last week. Although the Lakers had a horrible year and didn’t make the playoffs,Kobe went out with a bang. He scored 60 points in his final game.  It was very impressive for a 37 year old man with diminishing skills.  As a kid I was a big Laker fan.  I watched the Lakers win five championships during the “showtime era”.  Although as a kid I liked Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Magic Johnson,I never cared for Kobe.  He was an amazing athlete but I saw him as a ballhog that never passed the ball enough. Kobe always seemed aloof and standoffish to me.  He also didn’t seem too involved with black culture and lacked a black identity.

I loved when football icon Jim Brown called him out a few years ago on Arsenio.  I loved watching how Arsenio squirmed in his seat.  Since he’s a big fan of Kobe and such an ass kisser.  But Brown was correct.  Kobe lacks a cultural identity and no real connection to black people. I remember when he marred his teenage wife Vanessa,his parents were against it. I don’t blame him.  This Mexican woman brought nothing to the table and Kobe didn’t want a prenuptial agreement either.  That’s when I knew this man was a damn fool! She has two kids with him so when she leaves his ass she’ll will take a huge load of cash with her.  And she will take that wealth back to her community.  When will these dumb black athletes wake up?  Why do they keep marrying these non black women? All they do is use these brothers for their money.

And of course back in 2003 he was accused of raping a white woman.  There was a lot of hype over this case.  It seemed like it would be another OJ Simpson type of case. But she was paid off so we never got to see a big trial.  I don’t know if Kobe raped her or maybe he was set up.  But either way it did damage to his career.  But he won another championship and…all was forgiven.  After winning another ring he was back in good graces with his fans.  But Kobe proved that he is just another black buffoon.   He is not anyone for black children to admire.


Just like his idol Michael Jordan in many ways.  Neither one feels they owe black people anything.  Blacks have made them millionaires but they don’t speak out on our behalf. They think people should be seen as individuals.   They are both apolitical too. And they both have children with Latina wives.  Making sure that their wealth will go to other races.  So long Kobe!  You wont be missed.


44 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant: Another Basketball Buffoon

      • I have never liked Kobe Bryant or his video vixen wife who was smart enough to get impregnated to secure future monies, yet brings NOTHING to the table. Also, Michael Jordon, Eddie Murphy, to name a few of many. None of them knows their history.

      • I agree with you. I really wish these fools would wake up. They are just being used by these non-black women. I don’t think most of them truly like black men. They just see an easy paycheck. They see most of these rich black men as ATM’s with a penis.

  1. Was never a fan of the bloke but anyways, I just hope he doesn’t go broke in 5 years and he made some sound decisions with his wealth. In other news……

    • Kobe better hope his wife stays with him because she’s taking half of what he made just for being non black & laying her back producing biracial children. Since he’s no longer player she’ll divorce him soon & probably get a reality show.

    • Yeah I hear you. He’ll probably disappear for awhile. Maybe become a sports broadcaster. But whatever he does I’m sure it wont involve the empowerment of black people. He’s just not that type of black guy.

  2. Since you’re talking about Kobe Bryant, well
    r & b singer Monica post a picture of his wife congratulating her on her husband success on instagram. Let’s be real, a non black woman would never congratulate a black woman, whose dating a successful non black man of their race, especially if he met her when she was broke with nothing to bring to the table. Black women have it bad giving non black women props when they don’t return the favor back. Why couldn’t Monica congratulate Allen Iverson wife who been with him since he was broke in the hood on his induction to the NBA Hall of Fame. We have nfl player super bowl ring Aaron Ross whose married to gold medalist track Olympic star Sanya Richard Ross who both met at college and other great black male athletes who have black girlfriends & wives. You will not see non black celebrity women giving compliments to black women on how beautiful, well dress or nicely shape they are on social media. Black people are so condition to love everybody but themselves.

    • Thanks for the link. Monica is married to Shannon Brown who used to pay with Kobe. He and Kobe are really tight,which is why Monica put that up. I know Monica is a girl from the streets. I think she and Vanessa being friends is an odd pairing.

    • Vanessa was just a video ho.lol When she was only 18,back in 2000 she was in the Eastsidaz rap video. She’s the Mexican girl crawling around in the backseat of the car. I’m sure Kobe saw that video and said “That is wifey material right there!”lol

      • I agree completely. These so-called stars are told by white society what status is considered elite and a trophy wife is part of that fray. All I can say is at least she isn’t some white bimbo who’s better served as a mop to clean our floors with, but I do agree with you. He couldn’t find a black woman? That wouldn’t fit white society’s status.

      • Actually she’s half white/Mexican so she’s mostly of European descent. So she fits the trophy wife criteria. He could have any beautiful black woman he wanted. Instead he marries a woman he met on the set of a rap video. That’s the best he could do? Come on now!smh

  3. P.S. Not trying to be rude but Kobe Bryant children are unattractive, furthermore the myth of biracial children being so beautiful isn’t true.

  4. I used to love the Lakers as well… then they became hard to watch. I hated how the team was Kobe, that there was nothing much of the team without him and the points he could make.

    I agree that he is no team player and I won’t be shocked when Vanessa leaves him with half. .. or maybe more.

    • Yeah the Lakers are in the rebuilding stage right now. It will be awhile before they are championship material again. And Kobe will b=have a wake up call very soon. His parents warned him not to marry her. He was a big basketball star worth millions and the dated while she was still in high school. He shouldn’t have been dating a teenager anyway. His parents knew she came from nothing and was just using him..but Kobe was in “love”. I will admit that she has stood by him over 20 years. People say she’s a real “ride or die” chick for standing by her man. Of course you’re going to stick with a guy worth over $100 million! What woman wouldn’t?lol

      • I mean I wouldn’t if I wasn’t in love, but that’s just me. My cousin was in the NFL and has been with his wife, then girlfriend, since high school, so I know it’s possible to have that whole young love thing and make it last. But the difference is that my cousin’s wife is Black and no one “warned” him not to be with her! I mean we have all done dumb things but I know my parents have my best interest in mind and would never tell me not to be with someone just to upset me or disagree! They warned Kobe for a reason. But he’s attached to her for life, no matter what happens. I don’t wish the worst on anyone, but you always get what you deserve.

      • We know Vanessa Bryant will be getting close to $80 million are probably more of Kobe’s money but doesn’t that includes alimony as well or will the alimony be extra add on cash.

  5. Black men don’t know that the Spaniards and the Portuguese were the first to have invented the word NEGRO and SLAVERY , and the Anglo-Saxon have copied! So where is the difference?

  6. I always felt a vibe of arrogance from Kobe and he doesn’t hide it. His tries to play and even talk like Michael Jordan. Back during the 90s I did root for the Bulls before I knew about the other stuff about Michael Jordan. Kobe’s story exemplifies the necessary for us to use chess not checkers. Some males think about instant gratification instead of social enlightenment. Kobe is a reminder that we must always incorporate a pro-black militant ethos in our lives. He signed no prenup, so he will have a rude awakening if a divorce exists. As truth tells us, IRs are never superior to the beauty of Black Love.

    • I thought felt that vibe of arrogance too. I think he tried to change it a bit once he announced his retirement. I think he realized he seemed aloof and standoffish towards fans so he tried to open up. Kobe has not learned from athletes like Muhammad Ali and Jim Brown who spoke out about injustice and racism. But Kobe is not alone. There are many more athletes who just keep their mouth shut and “want to get paid”. They don’t care about the struggles of black people. They just live in their little cocoon of fame and forget about everyone else. Not having a prenup was just dumb. He is an idiot for that move! And I agree,we need to promote black love. We need to see that more in the media. They are overdoing with all the interracial stuff. I’ve had enough of it personally.

      • Agreed! “Kobe knew the job was dangerous when he married Vanessa.” He IS in for a rude awakening. Its not a matter of IF Vanessa eventually leaves him, but a matter of WHEN.

        Bet that and stay tuned…very recently (no lie) I was asked why I do not date white men. Simple, I told them. I want proliferation of my black race for each time a BLACK child is born? One beats a racist.

        Enough said as the younger generation would say.

  7. You know something, I will first say that I have never liked Kobe Bryant and I never was into Michael Jordan–not my type. However, this is all about parenting. Why are so many Black athletes marrying non-Black women? WHY? Are white men doing this? No. Black men are making choices to marry women that they are not genetically, culturally or socially compatible with. Black LOVE has to be taught at home. They are ambivalent Knee-grows; arrogant, distant and dismissive of them also being Black. However, they feel they are not seen as “regular Black males” and are allowed a certain White Privilege by proxy. However, as the O.J. Simpson case has showed us: white folks will love you, smile, laugh, invite you to their home if they think “you’re fabulous” and not like the “others” however, once you fuck up and make a BIG MISTAKE, they will quickly show your black ass the door. We as a community need to stop being concerned with the likes of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. There are Black women who are married to non-Black men too. The difference: Black women do not leave their culture behind in order to be accepted. Far too many Black men do this. And they’re being called out for it! Rightly so.

    • I agree but I feel every once in awhile these buffoons should be called out. Kobe,MJ,Charles Barkley and Tiger Woods are total sellouts. Black people should not look up to them. But I think the black women that marry whites are sellouts too. They are not off the hook either. And some do turn their backs on their culture. I disagree with you on that point.

    • “The minute that O.J. Simpson was accused of murdering his white wife? He became a black man.”

      One of the reasons that the mass Media and racist whites continued to hound him even after the civil trial. But O.J. Simpson still salivated after Becky. With many blacks, he lost his “ghetto pass” after the incident. Oh well.

  8. “And of course back in 2003 he was accused of raping a white woman.”

    Of course!!! It had to happen….had to….he was becoming too untouchable, and I fully believe he was entrapped.

    I was living in CO at the time, and much to everyone’s surprise, local people in the eagle area slandered the girl for having psychological problems and for being a slut basically. And of course, the story died quickly after that.
    Kobe is an enigma to me, till this day I cant understand how/why anyone like him would marry a basic mexican hoodrat he met on a video set. Dude grew up in italy, he wasn’t even from the hood.
    And now this stuff about being estranged from his parents and sisters for many years SMH.

    I applaud dudes like Joey Porter, he had stated that he doesn’t have to worry about his wife because they have been together since middle school. She aint even light skinned, she’s chocolate LIKE HIM. And he’s gainfully employed still, even though he gets occasional bad press from the racists about having “attitude problems” lol.
    Its a shame that I have to applaud things that should be normal.

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