Black people are Solar Beings

Loved By Sun..

Black people are Solar beings!  We get nourishment from the Sun. We are loved by the Sun. Be thankful for your melanin!

19 thoughts on “Black people are Solar Beings

  1. The right pictures are trully disgusting! How they can throw themselves into the sun? They believe are invincible and they only have the right to do!
    They were taught to melanated people to hate their black skin, defining black skin ugly and not healthy! These sub-human are sick!

  2. I love my dark skin, wouldn’t change it for the world. And you know, the bible describes white skin as being a curse

  3. Everything white people hated about us is pathologically what they really hated about themselves. White hate is really envy of a people they can never be. They copy every damn thing we do. If Black folks decided to use peanut butter on their skin, I swear, white folks would do it to. Being the last to show up 100,000 after civilization, white people truly are the infants on the human chart. Isn’t it just like a baby to imitate what it sees?

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