Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 18(Barack Obama)


President Obama really deserves this honor.  Did you know he would not pardon great African hero Marcus Garvey? Well, Florida-based Jamaican-born attorney Donovan Parker has been writing to president Obama every week since January 2014 requesting a posthumous pardon for Garvey, who many believe was set up by the J Edgar Hoover-led Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), fearful of his widening popularity among downtrodden US blacks.

The sad thing was Marcus Garvey has really been kept out of the school history book for really nothing at all. Garvey was imprisoned for mail fraud totaling US$25 in June 1923, and after spending two years and nine months in an Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, was deported from New Orleans, Louisiana to Jamaica on a ship.

President Obama reduced the sentences Thursday of eight prisoners serving long federal prison sentences — six of them life sentences — under draconian laws for crack-cocaine sentencing. He also pardoned 13 others, at least six of whom were in prison for drug offenses.

In a statement, Obama noted that the eight individuals whose sentences he commuted were serving racially discriminatory sentences for crack cocaine, under a pre-2010 sentencing disparity that issued sentences 100 times harsher for crack cocaine, associated with African Americans, than for powder cocaine, associated with whites.
Ok so why not Marcus Garvey? Obama has even pardon Miles Thomas Wilson – Williamsburg, Ohio. His offense: Mail fraud (Southern District of Ohio) he was sentence three years’ probation (Jul. 15, 1981). Even he got a pardon for the same offense.

Marcus Mosiah Garvey is also a National Hero of Jamaica, West Indies and a leading forebear of the African American civil rights experience,” wrote Parker.


“It is full time that this extraordinary human being of humble beginnings and strong moral character be pardoned by the pen of an American president. It would be fitting if both you, Mr President, and the first lady visit Jamaica for the purposes of signing the executive order pardoning Marcus Mosiah Garvey.”

In a tersely worded reply to Parker’s request, White House Pardon Attorney, Ronald Rodgers said such a move would be a waste of time and resources since Garvey had been dead for ages.

“It is the general policy of the Department of Justice that requests for posthumous pardons for federal offences not be processed for adjudication. The policy is grounded in the belief that the time of the officials involved in the clemency process is better spent on pardon and commutation requests of living persons.

“Many posthumous pardon requests would likely be based on a claim of manifest injustice, and given that decades have passed since the event and the historical record would have to be scoured to objectively and comprehensively investigate such applications, it is the Department’s position that the limited resources which are available to process requests for Presidential clemency — now being submitted in record numbers — are best dedicated to requests submitted by persons who can truly benefit from a grant of the request,” Rodgers replied on behalf of Obama, who is the first black president in the history of the United States.

Parker expressed his utter disappointment at the latest development and called on US ambassador to Jamaica Pamela Bridgewater, to add her voice to the call for Garvey to be officially pardoned. This is truly shameful in my opinion.  Obama should be ashamed of himself! Garvey is one of our greatest ancestors. But this shows he’s just a slick talking mulatto.  He has never cared about black people.  He cares more about the rights of homosexuals/lesbians than the plight of black people worldwide.  This should be a wake up call to all African people.  Obama is truly a buffoon!  He is just like the all the Presidents before him. He spits in the face of black people!




34 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 18(Barack Obama)

  1. I really hate that gay/LGBTQ rights and issues are at at the forefront instead of racial issues, especially from the U.S.’s first president of color. Politics are so backwards and destructive.

    • Then BLACK PEOPLE need to stop speaking out for gays and lesbians especially when those same groups shit on us on a regular basis! We can’t point fingers without looking at our own behavior.

      • Agreed. Completely. Too many of us just object to whatever’s put in our faces to object instead of actually taking the time to think, make our own decisions and focus on what really matters.

      • No- the gays have/had a UNITED agenda and put ALL their efforts and resources towards that agenda all the while making SURE that the President will feel swift and SEVERE consequences (i.e., withdrawal of voting block and financial support) if he did not make good on his promises. This Kelley is how you work the political system and this is what blacks FAIL to do.

        Can’t get mad cuz the gays mobilized, united and organized around a common agenda and saw that it came to pass. Blacks should take a page out of the gay agenda and learn how to put some political might behind our agenda.

      • You make a very valid point to a degree. But the reality is I personally don’t think Obama would’ve done anything for us anyway. He bailed out all those banks right? Why? Well because they donated millions to his campaign. This is where his loyalty lies. He follows the money,it’s that simple. Black people as a whole are unimportant to Obama. I knew this a very long time ago.

      • Definitely. But homosexuality was another curse forced upon us and that we adopted from THEM. Just like alot of other things. Male slaves were raped on plantations, and god knows what else.

  2. The same white people he puts on his uncle Tom cape and shield on chest to swoop in and rescue call him Odumbo behind his back. It really tells you something. But then again, zebra man does nothing without the approval of his handlers so it doesn’t surprise me one bit…

  3. Why didn’t he complain about PIMPTON not pardoning Garvey?!! Pimpton even refused to apologize for what was done to the black men and the syphilis experiment. Black people want to be 8,000 kinds of angry at Obama for everything when Pimpton didn’t do SHIT for us!

    • This post is not about Clinton. We all know Clinton is a racist clown. But he’s white so he’s not obligated to help black people. It’s foolish to think otherwise. But Obama claimed to be a “black man” so he should’ve done something for our struggle. Obama has done nothing for us. So if he wants to be looked at as a savior then he needs to produce results. Which he hasn’t done. He’s just a slick taking biracial clown that fooled the black masses. So he needs to be called put Lavern. He doesn’t get a pass because he has a black wife and kids. Nope! He doesn’t work that way. He’s a sellout punk! It’s that simple.

  4. If it were not for Michelle, I’d venerate this man. He’s a coward as punk of a male. Doesn’t know how to fight; even with Muhammad Ali training videos. He’s as soft as a marshmallow and couldn’t stand strong with back supports. I don’t know what his legacy will be but for how I see him, Barack Obama was a BIG FAIL!

  5. Obama is half white and black, his ancestors were slave owner, his black father left him, and his white mother married after with a white man!
    He was raised by a white woman, with an education purely white European is this doesn’t make him a black person,he doesn’t have knowledge and experience of black culture!
    Why the majority biracial children are kids of white women? Because the mother is the first teacher of life and culture, she transmits everything, she is the figure that most present more than father figure! Of course the love for a mother is more stronger! For this reason they push WW and BM in interracial!
    Strangely, Obama when he was young, he had dated a white woman then who knows why he has changed his mind, oh maybe when he was getting married with Michelle, he saw the chance to access the heart of the black communities! Because black communities will never reject a mulatto people, doesn’t matter if him or her,are half white!
    The mulattoes are opportunists, they can declare love and hate for the white side or the black side!

    • Thanks for the links Nubian. Thanks for the information as well. I think people also need to remember that I believe Michelle is the only black woman he has dated. I think all the rest were white women. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true. I think he married her because he had a political career in mostly black Chicago. I think marrying a white woman wouldn’t have looked to good at the time. So Michelle was a better move for him. I could be wrong but that’s what I think.

      • You forgot to include another buffona in your article Tales of Buffoonery Miss Halle Barry!
        I remember when she won the Academy Award for first black woman, but at the time when she had interpreted that rubbish film Monster’ball!
        I have never seen the movie because it is an insult to black women themselves, bringing to the fore the racist prejudices as Jezebel!
        She is a fallen woman and mentally unstable this is due to her bloodline! She said she has never known her father, and declare publicly that her father had beaten and abused her mother!
        I’m not very surprised, when it comes to white woman lies!
        When I see these Lancados kids in London, I see so much hatred and oppression in their souls and in their bodies! Really, black men are so blind don’t see how white women damage their children?

      • Yeah Halle is a lost cause! She went over the deep end a long time ago. She’s another one that was overhyped for her mulatto beauty. She is totally irrelevant at the moment. No one hardly mentions her anymore.

  6. Blacks in general don’t understand politics, because if we did, we’d understand that the reason why we get nothing from these opportunists have less to do with the politicians and more to do with OUR shortcomings.

    Reality check for all: Blacks will continue to get NOTHING from politicians simply because WE don’t hold them accountable and they experience little to NO loss (political, financial) from screwing us over.

    That’s the real world, folks and Obama is no different. Waiting on politicians to do the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do is a losing proposition…every time.

    • Addendum to your post Reality_Check:

      Politicians are ONLY concerned with constituents that can “line their pockets and President Obama is no different. I knew that he was going to be a problem for black people when I learned of his lineage.
      In other words? I knew who he was. And to date, people still believe in Obama as being some kind of “savior.” smgdh……

  7. Unfortunately to the man we are considered votes and that’s it. If he had thought at any time that he would lose the African American vote, he would have pandered and made an effort to show he cared about us. Above all else, he is first and foremost a politician.

    • That’s true. We mean nothing to Obama. He did more for gay marriage than for black people. He bailed out all his banker buddies but didn’t invest in black businesses. He gave nothing to the black community even though he got over 85% of the black vote. We gained nothing having him as President.

      • He’s a politician above all else. Where he is as a black man is down on his list. He hasn’t created jobs for us and we voted for him. We got him elected and we got screwed. I was proud to have a black man in the white house and still am but he has done little for us.

      • So true Roshumba. It’s just hard for many of us to admit it. But it’s the sad truth. We have not moved forward at all. We are in the same damn position we were eight years ago. In many ways…we are worse off.

      • Agreed. It’s a shame I had such high hopes in the beginning. I voted for him twice. I thought we’d finally break through but he pushes the white liberal agenda. Not one that benefits African Americans. Where are all the damn jobs in the inner cities? What about Detroit and Memphis? Why are we letting businesses leave these cities? Downtown Detroit looks more like Afghanistan these days than an American City. Shame on Obama for letting that happen. I’m sorry but $15 an hour at McDonald’s is not the answer. I agree with it but it’s not all saving because they’ll end up becoming more self serve by having customers order on a touch screen and for those that have that job, where do they go from there? They certainly not gonna be makin much more than that $15 an hour ever and it won’t be full time so no benefits.

      • Yeah I feel you. $15 is coll but it wont save us. We need real economic power in our community. At the rate we’re going blacks will be a permanent underclass in ten years. The future looks really bad for us. I don’t think may of us realize how bad it’s going to get. Prepare yourself sis. It will get ugly for our people. All we got is us. And Clinton nor Trump will help us. We are on our own. As we always have been.

      • Democrats know they get our vote so they may say they doing things for us and don’t, cause they already got us. Republicans don’t give a crap about us, so you’re right. It’s only gonna get worse. We gotta take it ourselves. As a black woman I look to challenge any white woman that stands in my way. I may win that battle but overall corporate America is white and in the end will support them.

  8. Excellent research brotha, learned alot from this post. Ive been meaning to read Garveys bio written by his wife.
    Had no idea Pres Obama had did that…..or that it was even presented to him. Damn. Just like normal, dominant society controls this country. President could be black or a woman or a damn dog…..at the end of the day, the puppeteers are still the same. Pres Obama’s agenda is specific and no different than past prez’.

  9. Voting is right around the corner…for 2016…and I am hearing many people state that they are not going to vote…we all ultimately know the outcome of whether Clip ’em or Chump wins. ” Either way, the outcome will be the SAME for us as black people. ”


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