Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 17(Leslie Jones)


Comedian Leslie Jones was cast on Saturday Night Live in 2014.  She has been in films like Trainwreck and Top Five. She also will be in the upcoming all-female remake of Ghostbusters.  But on Saturday Night Live she is usually playing a buffoon.  Her coon behavior is through the roof!  She was cast because the white writers want her to play all the negative black stereotypes.  She plays the Aunt Jemima,whorish oversexual black woman and the angry masculine dark skinned woman.  Just name a stereotype and Jones has probably played it.

Check out this recent skit from SNL.  This woman is running around naked with  midget actor Peter Dinklage. It’s a skit about surviving in the wildlife and this woman brings hot sauce??  How stereotypical can you get.  And of course she’s flirting with him the whole time.  Making the black woman look so desperate for love she will take a white midget.  Later on in the skit they show her trying to eat him. They show this because you have to spread that “Africans are cannibals” narrative.  The entire skit is racist and disgusting!

One of the ongoing themes is Jones is always flirting with Weekend Update host Colin Jost.  This running joke is old and tired.  But of course Leslie keeps doing it to perpetuate the narrative that black women are oversexual and lusting after white men.  I could put up countless videos of Leslie cooning for a paycheck but I think you get the idea.  A post on her was long over due. I should’ve done one two years ago on her.  We as black people fight against these stereotypes every day and we want them to STOP.  However it’s not that easy when you have so many silly negroes who can’t wait to get in the limelight for a few crumbs from Hollywood. And Jones has taken buffoonery to new heights!

18 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 17(Leslie Jones)

  1. @ Kushite Prince
    Thank you for making a post on this coon. I have mention about this female coon, on some of your comment section of different post. The naked in the wilderness Saturday Night Live clip, was just disturbing to me that’s why I had to post it on your other post. In none of the roles Leslie plays have her as a feminine attractive black woman. She’s not funny & her acting is horrible.

    I never cared for Saturday Night Live because the show was never funny. Leslie Jones is mentally ill especially playing roles that stereotypes you as well as your people then betray your character as unattractive.

    • Anti-blackness is a mental illness. And Leslie is helping to spread it. I know she is a victim of white supremacy like we all are in this system. But this type of behavior must be called out. Even though I know the white racist producers are behind it.

      • Leslie Jones is a case study in “beware of what you wish for”. A few years ago black folks were up in arms about SNL not having any African-American female cast members.

        The “current” insensitivity of the white producers of SNL to the “stereotyping” of black women as loud mouth, uncouth and hyper-aggressive plays right into the racist vision they think will appeal to their target audience. Remember, they can always fall back on the tired trope of: “Comedy mocks everyone”.

        To be honest, there are a lot of black comedians who do this type of racial stereotype comedy. The difference is that they do it on BET, not NBC. How may times have we been treated to black female (since a black female is the target of this article) comedians who include the hyper-fat, loudmouthed, uncouth, hyper-sexual, hyper-aggressive racial stereotypes into their comedy routines?

        Why is racial stereotyping comedy acceptable for BET but taboo on NBC? Is BET broadcast ONLY into black homes? Or, is SNL only using the seemingly acceptable coon show comedy we put out there in the first place? (Please, don’t miss my point by talking about historically racist practice of blackface comedy.)

        I think a mirror might be in order when judging what is acceptable (racist) comedy and what is (racist) comedy that is acceptable.

        It also seems strange that we denigrate Leslie Jones’ career choice (official female coon for SNL?) while giving a pass to the many, many black superstar musicians, superstar actors and superstar athletes who appear on SNL and lend their support to SNL’s dubious racial messaging.

        SNL, despite it’s flagging ratings, is famous for being a springboard for actors (of color) into Hollywood. The sad part is that most of the actors (W/B/M/F) are also typecast and, with rare exception, are never considered for roles beyond the iconic roles/characters they portrayed while on SNL. Those “rare exceptions” are the SNL alumni that have made enough money to produce (self-finance) and star in their own films.

        Ergo: Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.”

      • That’s very true. We do give a pass to many of these entertainers that put our negative stereotypes. I also do not give BET a pass at all. The coonery needs to STOP. It’s getting way out of hand. And I think many people will agree with me.

    • FUCK THIS FOOL!! I know that sounds harsh but I don’t care! She is a damn fool and that show has been a dumpster of garbage stinking up the airwaves for a loooooong time now, it should have been cancelled when Eddie left. It was racist as fuck then but now that shitfest has reached a new low with Jones they are in the toilet and have few viewers so they either cater to the lowest i.e. racist common denominator or don’t give a shit anymore because they are so low in the ratings it would take a specialized digging device to find that muck. I thought they had completely showed their racist ass when this was Michael and OJ how wrong I was.

      • Yeah Leslie is an embarrassment! She should be ashamed doing the material they give her. She just helps push the worst stereotypes. We don’t need these images anymore.

      • You know it’s some serious buffoonery Prince when EVERY picture you see of them is a grinning, eyes bugging idiot. Chris Rock is the master of this, look at all his pictures they are the new Stephin Fetchit for sure.

  2. I have to disagree partly with Shanequa, while I have never of Leslie Jones before (reason being, I rarely watch tv these days) but I can sort of see why she’s such an acclaimed comedian, aside from her cooning and all, this woman actually cracks me the hell up and I know this isn’t what you wanna hear, but I couldn’t help it. But I digress. Anyways, it seems to me, a little too much where she’s concerned is not good for the health and I can see why she turns a lot of people off, it’s one thing to want to make people laugh cause I am a bit of a comedian myself from time to time but sometimes we have to know where to draw the line. Willfully degrading yourself to this extreme all for a few dollars? you can go suh side

    • Yeah we have all laughed at weird things. Twenty years ago I used to watch In Living Color,Martin,Sanford & Son,The Jeffersons and Good Times. Some of it was really funny but not always degrading to our people. We all love to laugh and it can heal wounds. But much of comedy today is silly,disgraceful and lazy imagination. Many of these white writers just want to promote coonish behavior that makes blacks look pitiful and foolish. That’s the problem with much comedy today. As we get older we should get wiser. Things that were funny to me twenty years ago…don’t make me laugh today. I’m hip to the game of these racist images. They want to brainwash our people to see ourselves as silly ass coons. I just hope more of our people are waking up to the deception at play.

    • Yes it’s deplorable. We have too many black people dying to get fame and fortune. They will do just about anything for a paycheck. It’s really sad to see. These images are degrading!

  3. I never thought SNL was funny + never understood how it stayed on air. Maybe there was a reason there was no Black woman in the cast for some time. Like you and the other commenters said, these images are old and tired and not worth the paycheck. They might as well have a white girl in blackface; it wouldn’t be much different.. you know, except the feigned outrage cuz a white person is doing it.

  4. I remember a few years ago some black people got angry behind a skit she did joking about Black Womens’ dating lives. She was saying if she would’ve been a slave she wouldn’t have any problem getting a man (a.k.a. slavemaster) I didn’t think that was funny at all considering the horrific history of sexual assault of slave women and girls

  5. I despise not only the fact that she plays into the worst stereotypes of black women. I also despise the manner in which some among us try to attribute our distaste for her to denigrating “strong African features.” Several things are wrong with this, one of which is that Africa is a huge continent with people who have a large variety of features, hair lengths/textures, and coloring. Another thing is that the colorism people are said to exercise against Leslie Jones is exactly what she’s helping to perpetuate. As a member of a multi-hued family, I have great empathy for what so many dark-complexioned black folks have gone through, including friends, relatives, and acquaintances of mine. I personally don’t think she’s attractive, and I have been accused of not finding dark folks attractive, as if one dark-skinned individual is representative of all dark-skinned men and women. I have never been able to stomach her ever since learning that she joked about the forced breeding of black women during slavery, claiming that therefore, she would never have been single. She has in some cases been compared to Hattie McDaniels, who played the Mammy in 1939’s “Gone With The Wind,” which was a time when black women had no choices about roles. In her case, she chooses to write and act out these atrocious scripts for money. She is lacking in self-respect or in awareness of the damage she is contributing to, and I have no sympathy for her.

    • I agree with you Anne. My criticism has nothing to do with her being a dark skin woman. It’s the fact that she plays into these negative stereotypes for a paycheck. I was also disgusted with her attempt at being funny about the forced breeding of our people. I think she did it on an episode of Saturday Night Live. I was in shock!! I couldn’t believe she would stoop to the level to disrespect her ancestors like that. That’s when I was through with her. This edition of Buffoonery was well deserved!

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