Tales of Buffoonery:Episode 16(Meet the Blacks)


The Blacks...

Well it looks like Hollyweird has another dumb ass comedy for the black masses. Meet the Blacks was released last week. It’s  another so called comedy with anti-black messages,gay jokes and grade school humor. The basic storyline is when some unexpected money comes his way, Carl Black (Mike Epps) moves his family from cold and windy Chicago to bright and sunny Beverly Hills, Calif. As the Blacks settle into their beautiful new home, they start to notice some strange behavior in the neighborhood. Nighttime is approaching, and President El Bama (George Lopez) announces that the annual purge is about to begin. Carl and his loved ones must now endure a 12-hour period of lawlessness before they can enjoy life once again. The film also stars Mike Tyson,Charlie Murphy,Alex Henderson, Bresha Webb,Lavell Crawford and Deray Davis.  If you notice at the end of the trailer Epps says that African actor Michael Blackson looks like Ceasar from The Planet of the Apes.  WTF?!!!  A black man calling another black man an ape???  That is disgusting!!  That is the highest level of self hatred.  This proves that Mike Epps is sellout punk! Then he tells him “don’t put that Ebola finger in my face!”  Now he associates Ebola with African people.  Do you see how Hollywood puts out these negative stereotypes about African people? And they get sellout coons like Mike Epps do to their dirty work.  They know they can always find some desperate negro starved for a paycheck that will do anything for the limelight.

Of course what “black film” would be complete without the black lead actor and his non-black wife.  In this interview is Mike Epps and Latina(Colombian)actress Zulay Henao.  You can tell that neither one is all that smart.  They are doing their best to make this film sound great when they both know it’s trash. They even have the nerve say in this interview that there’s a message. Yeah right! If the message is to reinforce the idea that blacks are ignorant fools. How many times will they do this? They keep pairing black people with non blacks. They really love to push this interracial agenda on our people.  It’s obvious this film is a stupid piece of crap.  And an insult to our intelligence as a people.  Just make sure you don’t support this film.  Do something more constructive with your time. It’s just another film to make black people look like self hating fools. This is Buffoonery 101.

32 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery:Episode 16(Meet the Blacks)

  1. Just the name alone turned me off from watching it… piece of Rubbish. Did you also know that Zulay Henao currently plays Esperanza on If Loving You Is Wrong?

  2. Wow! My sister was telling me about this and I was thinking it was like Meet the Parents or Meet the Fockers! I didn’t watch the trailer or interview, but this looks crazy.. and not even funny from your description.
    I think these are the kinds of films they translate worldwide to perpetuate those negative stereotypes. So no matter where we go, we’re a joke.

    • Yeah it’s nothing but mind pollution. These types of comedies are seen worldwide. So we get this global buffoonery going on. It’s noting but mindless slapstick that makes all black people look bad. Which is what the racists in power want to do. Just spreading anti-blackness worldwide!

  3. @ Kushite Prince
    Please excuse my language but I hope this shit flop hard. I’m not a fan of black comedy movies or shows period because it’s over the top acting, cooning, & stereotypes. I tell you this I use too watch “Martin” back in the day when it came on Fox network, but when I look back at it now I can’t believe I sat there on the couch for an hour watching this coon shit. I got sick of the Wayan brothers production after “Scary Movie 2.” More & more coonish black movies & shows Freakwood is releasing especially the tv show “Blackish” is a mess.

    • The cooning has been going on a very long time. Too long to be honest. Yeah I used to watch Martin and those Scary movies back in the day. I realize now how dumb they were. And they insulted my intelligence. And I did a post on Blackish awhile back. The buffoonery lives on……

    • Now when I watch Martin reruns I realize how unfunny the show was most of the time. It was more like habit and he is such an obnoxious asshole. That “50 Shades” flopped big time it looked so shitty I am done with the Wayans and their tired little parodies. I don’t get all the praise “Blackish” gets it seems so pretentious to me.

  4. This coons Leslie Jones whose the only black woman on Saturday Night Live is beyond the word coon. This coon isn’t funny with her over the top cooning furthermore Hollywood isn’t laughing with her but at her for degrading roles. Hollywood is using her as the unattractive, masculine, aggressive black woman in movies. She’s in the upcoming “Ghostbusters” movie playing a coon.

    • She (Leslie) was picked over Simone Shephard to be the token black on the show at the time folks were screaming SNL “so white.” Simone is HOT!!! And funny. What I don’t get is all the non-white individs get to go between attractive to bootleg charicatures of what/whomever. The sisters on SNL are not attractive so look for them to play neutral to the worst looking whatever. It’s just an observation. I guarantee you they Simone and was like “she sexy and funny; nope! she gotta go!”

      • Yeah my cousin told me about Simone. I had never heard of her. He told me she was “Vine famous”. Kind of like being Instagram famous I guess. Not surprised that SNL picked Leslie though. She fits their stereotype of masculine loud dark skinned black woman. It’s all an agenda to put out the negative stereotype of black women. Those white writers at SNL know exactly what they’re doing. Of course Leslie knows she’s being used but..she wants that check right?

    • Leslie Jones is a fucking embarrassment!! She loves every minute of the attention regardless of HOW she gets it, and I hear her acting in the new “Ghostbusters” happily reaffirms the notion of ugly, growling, twisted face, loud female fool. White women love to bitch about sexism as they placate racism at every turn.

  5. Do you know why this post makes me smile! As I have told you in advance yesterday, the site tells the whole truth!
    The truth that homosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia, incest, cannibalism, vampirism, sadism and prostitution were born long before the advent of the Greeks and Romans! In prehistoric times these things were happening every day! It is absolutely not true that homosexuality was born in the Greek and Roman culture, it has European origin in the caves and hills!
    Define that pedophilia and homosexuality are disease is absolutely not
    true, I think it’s an excuse to fool people that is a good thing, the very fact of associating the Greek culture is a lie!
    They had origins because the environmental conditions, genetic and other factors have contributed to a high rate level of violence and aggression!
    They practiced these customs to meet with men, children, animals since primitive man didn’t want to procreate!
    I’m smiling, because they want to misrepresent the prejudices and stereotypes of blacks, calling us violent, criminals etc.!
    They are a cancer, they are not happy unless they see the next desperate, humiliated by them!
    Their ethic is made only of violence and aggression! If the black people knew the whole truth about the origin of their culture at this time there would be not one of them!
    But unfortunately there are self-hatred negros, that they like sleep with these beasts!

    • You’re probably right about homosexuality,pedophilia nd sex with animals were going on in the caves of Europe. I just think people talk about Greek and later on Rome the most because there is so much documented evidence of it. They took pride in their sexual perversions. I think Greece and Rome perfected that sick behavior. But it’s obvious that Hollywood wants to bring it back. They want the whole world to see this sick crap has normal. I’m glad you like the information on my blog. Be sure to share it with others. I really do appreciate the kind words. I work hard on this blog to expose the truth.

      • Yeah, I invite you to read those links that I gave you, because he says the whole truth!
        Also said the truth about Obama, he has supported the gay marriage did you remember? Some black blogger call him ” the gay president!”, he never supported the black cause, but gay cause yes!
        Who posted, says that as long as the whites dominate this world there will always be pedophilia, homosexuality, and other kind of depravity it!
        Right now I have seen the advertising of two women kissing and undressing! I told you everything, if the world is going to ruin it because of them!
        If the world was only populated by Caucasian they would killed each other, but to the world exist other peoples so!
        Their intent is to destroy the entire human race, because otherwise there would be no such depravity around!
        They have no sense of morality, because they have Neanderthal blood in the veins, because their ancestors had not intellect and understanding of the world!
        They are subhuman! The blacks should not feel ashamed of who they are, because people like us who know the truth, we have the strength to stand up to them!

    • Black people can’t complain about Obama putting other groups first when so many BLACK FOLKS put those groups ahead of us which is bullshit. Especially the black women blogs which I think are some kind of mother hens for gay people even while they complain about the racism from the gay community. Those heffas are really full of shit

  6. I hate anything the Wayans are involved in. I was through with them a long time ago. Their Hollywierd’s top coons. When I saw the trailer for this movie, I knew it was just another coonish buffoonery movie and one of the guys are married to a non-black woman, yet this movie is called Meet the Blacks? smh. I hope it flops!

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