Riley Montana

Riley Montana

Born and raised in Detroit, model Riley Montana has spent the past year travelling the world, as detailed on her Instagram. After debuting alongside Erykah Badu as the face of Givenchy in Spring 2014 (“It was surreal,” she explains, “I grew up listening to Erykah Badu and every girl wants to be a Givenchy girl!”), she walked runways for Gareth Pugh, Balmain and Marc Jacobs and has a fiercely determined approach to her career. In honour of our series spotlighting her hometown, we spoke to Riley about her childhood in the city, and what is in store for her future.

A quote from Riley:

“I grew up on the west side of Detroit, and I loved it. I loved the little things, things like walking to the penny candy stores and the block parties in the summer where people would open the fire hydrants and just have a huge water fight in the streets. I used to hang around everywhere on the west side; I was always the kid that had no hood to claim and it was all I knew, so it was great. At one point, I was living in Southfield with my grandmother right next to the neighbourhood playground. I’d run there every chance that I got, until she’d yell at me from the porch to come back. I miss the innocence of being able to freely play at the park with my friends; nowadays, kids don’t play outside, they play inside on some type of technology.”

9 thoughts on “Riley Montana

    • I agree! NC sistas I know for a fact. As well as the black women in DC,Denver and Texas. I remember when I was at the Chicago airport last year,I saw so many beautiful black women. Many of them were employees at the airport.

      • Absolutely…

        Funny, i lived in denver for five years, and it has to be the capital of IR dating, maybe second to san diego(?). I knew/know a gang of super successful sistas that couldnt get a date for shit. And im talking about YEARS, never had a man. I had to raise up, it was too tough. White men werent for me.
        Denver is for you, IF:
        1) you a black man who wants to get married
        2) youre a male or female coon, who wants a white partner

        But thats another topic,,one youve probably tackled already. Must dig into the archives. =)

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