16 thoughts on “Sira Kante

  1. She’s beautiful! I seen and posted this same pic of her on tumblr and I think one of my black beauties of the day post.

    You’re posting so faaast, I can’t keep up, lol! When I get some spare time I gotta check ou those other post.

    btw, just to let you know my blog address changed: https://originalblackwoman.wordpress.com/

    • Yeah I saw that post. I was going to post her pic a few months ago but you beat me to it.lol Yes Sira is too gorgeous fro words. I know I’ve been posting a lot lately because I have over 40 posts in my draft section. I wanted to get some of them out so sometimes I’ll post 3-4 a day depending on my mood. And there’s more coming.lol But I hope you like them. You’ve been putting up a lot too. You changed your address? Okay thanks for the heads up.

      • Well, I have been putting up quite a bit for the last 2-3 weeks. I haven’t put up as many post as I have since the beginning of the year because I’m busy setting up my business. It’s hard trying to find a job, so I decided that I’ll create my own.

        I’ve changed my address from originalwoman13.wordpress.com to originalblackwoman.wordpress.com, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while so I went on ahead and did it. If you go to the old site I put up a post there redirecting readers to the new address, there’s no changes, same posts, new address. Hopefully, my other followers will see it.

      • Okay thanks. Setting up your own business is a good look. Sometimes you have to do that and just step out on faith. I’m sure it’ll work out for you. I know the job hunt is bad for a lot of people right now. The unemployment rate is ridiculous! Thanks for the update.

      • Thank you! Yes, I’m stepping out on faith. It’s the only choice I feel I have right now considering certain life circumstances in addition to the really competitive job market.

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