Stripper/Model Amber Rose is Black! April Fools :)


Stripper/model/actress/media whore Amber Rose has a big following.  It seems that many fans will defend her to no end.  Many self hating black men say she’s a bad chick  and a beautiful black woman.  And you have many self loathing,idiotic black women who see this self serving whorish woman as a role model.  But I have news for these self hating coons….she’s not a black woman!  Oh wait! Are you shocked?  First of all this woman is not anyone young girls should look up to anway.  Whether they are black,white or any race. She is most famous for dating brain dead rappers like Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa.  She even has a child with Wiz.  I pray for that child.  But anyway,why are black people so in love with this woman?  Why do they defend her when she’s not even an African woman.


Claiming  this woman has black shows black people are very confused.Her father is said to have Italian and Irish ancestry. Given the surname “Levonchuck”, he also likely has Eastern European ancestry. Her mother, whose name is either Shauna Soares or Dorothy, has Afro-Cape Verdean and Scottish ancestry.Cape Verde is a group of islands located off the coast of West Africa. It’s interesting to note that most of the population (about 71%) of Cape Verde is a mix of Sub-Saharan Africans and Europeans usually from Portugal and Spain. Amber’s paternal grandparents were Francis/Frank J. Levonchuck (the son of Philip Levonchuck and Eva Tarnaske) and Rose.Amber’s maternal grandfather was Anthony Rose. There is very little African in that genetic makeup. She’s getting in the Ronda Rousey territory if you ask me.

This woman should not be defended.  She’s no different than Kim Kardashian.  They both love the media attention,sleep with famous rappers and have no real talent.  I have no idea why some black women stand up for this woman.  She’s not black yet they defend this woman. Amber even started some silly movement called a Slutwalk.  So now being a slut is something positive?  Being a slut is progressive?  is this really moving women forward?  I definitely don’t think so.This is backwards thinking and shows how easily our people can be mislead. The sad part is you have REAL black women that are trying to uplift their people through social media and can’t get enough support.  Yet Amber has over three million followers on Twitter! This shows you many of us have lost our minds. She also is very sexually confused.  She once described herself as “half lesbian”.  What the hell is that? This woman is completely lost!!


And if you don’t believe me,here are Amber’s own words:

“I do not consider myself a black woman. Absolutely not….Bi-racial. I embrace everything that I am, I don’t feel like I’m more one thing, than the other.”

This woman is nothing but a hip hop version of Rachel Dolezal. I rest my case!

72 thoughts on “Stripper/Model Amber Rose is Black! April Fools :)

  1. Ha! I really don’t understand the appeal. Even if she were black, I still don’t see the appeal! And the slutwalk? I just don’t understand it. It’s all very confusing.

  2. This culture theft took her style from her teacher Grace Jones for sure & other black women who wear there natural hair style in a fade. I remember when Solange went natural & shave her hair in a fade black male coon rapper Bow Wow had the to tell her she’s not Amber Rose. Self hate is real in the black community because black women get ridicule for wearing there hair in a fade style like this, while on black women like Amber Rose & others get appreciated.

      • @ Lavern she’s getting appreciated by black men as well because it was Kanye West that brought her to fame as well as other black celebrity men she’s dated.

      • That still doesn’t explain why black women treat her as some “pioneer” for expressing black female sexuality

  3. When I was growing up, nobody looked up to prostitutes. Now its a thing. But as usual, we can’t and shouldn’t ignore the invisible hand of white supremacy. A lot of young black women right now are the product of 30-something thot grandmothers, child moms, and black men that are doomed from the cradle that can’t even spell the word father. And now we have a generation of young ladies who literally look up to prostitutes. And yes, the celebrity prostitutes have loyal followers and its scary and very depressing to witness. To me this whole celebrity worship thing deserves an official mental illness category, but we know that won’t happen because the white supremacist who decides whats normal and what isn’t, are the same ones saying homosexuality is normal, the same ones who say NAMBLA is freedom of speech,and put an entire generation of children on amphetamines (especially black males). And the celebrity worship mental illness is the latest form of slavery designed by white supremecists. The yoke is the television. that is the single most powerful brainwashing mechanism in existence. I listen to stupid ass white people all day at work, and every idea ever put in their heads comes from television. Especially if it relates to black people, since thats all they think about. And our cycle of self hatred is maintained and refined mainly through television. I think amber rose had a tv show. White women aren’t as affected, because any platform that shows non-white women behaving as whores is okay with them. And of course, society affirms their “beauty”, entitlement, protection and gives them every freedom and benefit everyday. On the other hand, a lot of black women will look at being a high paid whore as something to aspire to because its attainable to them. Just like young black males look at being a professional athlete as attainable, and other dreams seem (and usually are) unreachable for most of them.

    • Times have definitely changed KJ. A common sense of decency is slowing withering away. Being a thug,slut or whore if the new normal. And if you say it’s not proper behavior they tel you they have freedom of expression. I guess having morals is a thing of the past. These young black adults are being brainwashed by television and films. They are learning anti-blackness and anti-social behavior from birth. Amber Rose is only a small part of the problem. There are many more like her. people famous for being But she’s no role model in my opinion. But many young people don’t want any guidelines today. Being ignorant,engaging in casual sex is no big deal. And Amber and her ilk help push this backwards mindset.

  4. Amber rose aint black, but she aint white either. And that subliminally implies something, since whites have programmed us to think anyone with 1/16 black blood is black (1/16?? thats like nothing). Amber is part of the new ambiguous race of people that seem to be slowly taking over the planet—and of course these ambiguous people are a great tool for white supremecist to use against people who are phenotypically black.

  5. This woman is nothing but a hip hop version of Rachel Dolezal. I rest my case!

    LMBAO. That was very funny but true. She will use black women when needed then dump black people in ditch when she gets what she wants. These mulattoes are no better than whites, they ain’t ambiguous about who they are when they have power, but they are good at deceiving black people with the one drop nonsense or people of colour.

    Her behaviour is disgraceful though, it is the norm in Western countries though. She ain’t got no respect for herself, her family or her child but in these countries it is acceptable. But you have to look at how many men in these countries behave exactly the same, but don’t want to take any blame, where do you think the single mother stuff is coming from, men and women behaving the same, but women end up with the child. Amber Rose is just capitalising on the messed up behaviour of black Westerners, that is destroying building wealth and a healthy community. Mass promiscuity, pale skin worship, homosexuality all epidemic problems in the black community, she is taking advantage, no good trash that’s all she is, but as the article says most black people are engaged in her deranged behaviour but want to complain when others say we are mucking up.

    • Thanks ANTOR. You’re right Amber is just an opportunist. She’s taking full advantage of the anti-blackness and self hatred among black people. She clearly has NO self respect and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. But I agree that’s it’s normal to behave this way nowadays. But black people should not be looking up to this non-black woman .And especially not black women. This type of example will send our young girls down the wrong path. This woman is an enemy to our people.

  6. This confirmed my skeptism about Amber Rose. Like you said above, silly black people kept classifying her as black, even when she kept saying she wasn’t why, cause she was screwing black men (a.k.a. wiz khalifa and kanye west) I’ll tell you this, some of these black women stop defending her ass (I’ve seen this in some tumblr discussions on some sistas’ blogs) after she started defending herself and Kim K. and threw Beyonce under the bus (Maybe when I get some time I’ll share with you some of the articles where Amber was talking about this). Long story short, She was basically talking about how people slut-shammed them (her and Kim K.) for being sex workers a.k.a. porn stars and prostitutes more than Beyonce. Which is a lie because many people have called Beyonce a whore, while praising her and Kim K. Beyonce ain’t got nothing on her and Kim K. I’ll take Beyonce over them two any day, lol.

    But looking at the bigger picture, this is why I and other ‘aware’ Black Women keep trying to tell these mammified, anti-black, anti-black woman, black women that they get no cookies defending people who don’t care about black women (or black people in general). These type of Black Women think cause non-black women like kim k. and Amber Rose sleep with black men (while appropriating and profiting off of black womanhood) that they are “friends” to black women. smfh. These type of Black Women are a DETRIMENT to sisterhood and unity among black women; they’ll go out of their way to defend the kim K.’s and Amber Rose’s of the world while throwing other Black Women under the bus. Their just like their coon male counterparts and I’m done with ’em.

    I think I may do a post on this subject, lol.

    • Yeah Amber is really something else. She’s just using black people to her advantage. I did this post because I see so much support for Amber by black women. I wanted to make it clear this is not a black woman at all. And I find it fitting that she and Kim K have gotten closer over the last few months. It figures. Birds of a feather….lol

      • @ Kushite Prince
        I remember several years ago on blackplanet news a social media, when Kim Kardashian was slowly becoming popular someone did a post on her. Well a black woman had the nerve to say she’s a woman of color she’s Armenian. When I read her comment I’m like she’s still part of the European race. Furthermore the reason why Kim & Amber hangout with black women is to use them to get further access to “BLACK MEN” especially those with money & a black pass card to be accepted in our community.

        What many black women who fail to realize is that these non black whores like Kim Kardashian & Amber Rose can change & clean up their image from being whores to good non black women while still benefiting from it without repercussion. If these women were black they will still be looked at as whores in society eyes if they even clean up their image & will not benefit from it.

      • Lol, I agree. But I must note that the sisters I follow on tumblr supported Amber up until now because she said has many many truthful statements about sexism and misogyny in general. However, they knew that the jury was still out (up until now) on what she identified herself as, so they didn’t embrace her as a black woman. Now they know for sure.

    • I know right?lol It’s so insulting though. Black women should not be reduced to body parts. These women are sad imitations of sistas. They just want to imitate what they don’t have naturally.

  7. There’s this photo of beyonce’s cousin going around on the internet, and she’s a light bright with a humongous(sp?) backside, and it was trending I think. Im not a social media user, but that means millions of people are talking about it, correct? There was a meme saying she made beyonce “look like kelly rowland”….and thats another thing, this whole beyonce vs kelly rowland thing, has been something black people keep fueling until this day. Extreme self hatred at its finest. Back to the cousin though, she was trending simply because she is a white skinned black person with a huge butt (like amber rose). Beyonces mothers side has white skin, they are like 1/32 black.

    • Yeah I’ve seen her. Her name is Kristin Douglas.You’re right,social media has been going crazy over her. I’m sure she’s loving all the attention she’s getting. This shows you black people don’t have our priorities in order. This woman is a non-celebrity she is only related to one. But this is the stupid era we live in. Being famous for nothing. Back in the day you had to have an actual talent to get in the limelight. Those days are gone.

      • I did some quick research on this Kristin Douglas chick. She’s not Beyonce’s cousin, she’s the goddaughter of Beyonce’s uncle and she gotten over 78,000 followers on I believe IG overnight. She says she wasn’t looking for fame. I just don’t see all the hype though. I know she’s a light chick with a big butt. *sigh*

      • Even if you’re slightly associated with Beyoncé you’re going to get a little shine anyway. But you know how social media can be. They blow everything out of proportion.

  8. And of course, I’m using the term black loosely here. Beyonce’s mothers side is as black as amber rose, and peeps going crazy over her cousins.

  9. It just incenses me to see how desperate self-loathing negroes wanna lump this chameleon nosferatu skank into the same equation as an authentic sista, it’s like comparing gold-plated plastic to the real, pure refined thing.. SMDH

  10. Amber’s mother looks like a black woman. Amber may be able to pass but her mother certainly couldn’t. Let me clarify my use of the word “pass” in the old sense of passing for white, not for black like some are doing nowadays. Just sayin’ for those who’ve never seen Amber’s mom.

  11. Amber Rose parents

    Amber Rose grandfather on her mother side of the family he might be biracial or black.

    Amber mother sister.

    Amber Rose white fathers people

    Amber Rose has stated several times that she’s not black also she stated her family had problems with her dating someone black.

    • Thanks for those pics Shaenqua. I think it will give people a better idea of just how little black she has in her ancestry. Only her grandfather looks black to me. Everyone else looks like a white/Hispanic. When you grow up around so little black people it’s hard to relate to blackness. Amber is just an opportunist. She is taking advantage of our own self hatred and anti-blackness. Too many black people worship whiteness and she knows it. And she has admitted that she doesn’t consider herself black at all. What more proof do you need? We have to use better judgment. We can’t keep trying to claim people that don’t claim us. This woman is a damn idiot! I want nothing to do with her. I’m glad she doesn’t consider herself black.

  12. What about Zendaya, I was offended that that little girl was on the Ebony cover throwing up the fist. I think I heard her uncle was a black panther, or something. She is nowhere near black though. Peep the agenda.
    And Ebony has a black EIC…smh

    • Yeah she’s another one. She’s another mulatto girl who is black when it’s convenient for her. She is not anything close to be pro-black. She’s been dating white boys for awhile too. I saw that stupid ass Ebony cover. It was very insulting! Ebony has become a pro-coon magazine! They have to please their white advertisers.It’s not what it used to be in the past.

  13. I have no hate for Amber Rose. “Beauty, is in the eye of the beholder”. I have no idea about her ability to raise a child other than the values she seems to express as they relate to her current occupation. That “occupation” seems to be model, not “role model”. Whom she dates or marries is relevant to her personal life, which she has eagerly shared with the public, clearly for financial status (mega publicity = mega dollars) reasons.

    To be honest, I’ve never run across a print article or video interview wherein she is promoting or espousing her desire to have adults or children view her as a role model.

    Her public and personal life are, by her intent, on full display and are therefore subject to “values judgement” by the public. Within that context, her “racial identity” is a question fully answered by all the family pictures shown and public records alluded to in this article.

    I think POC should be less interested in how we define “cultural appropriation”, and more concerned with our own personal and family “cultural values”.

    Amber Rose is a beautiful and sexy “FEMALE”, period. She is in the business of exploiting her physical beauty (and racial ambiguity) as many, many other females and males of every race have done throughout the history of humankind. She, by design, is promoting herself as a sex symbol, not a civil rights philosopher.
    And she has never claimed to be anything but an object of sexual desire.

    ATC, her racial identity, within the context of being a self-promoting sex symbol, is only as important in our personal lives as we “NEED” it to be. That she seems to exclusively date or marry African-American men does not define her as African-American. OTOH, by definition, she is African-American. She’s African by birth and she is an American citizen. To wallow in some Antebellum definition of blackness (1-drop rule, etc) is to embrace the very ignorance and racism that bred such definitions.

    Short version:
    *Amber Rose gotta very big booty.
    * She is “by definition” an African-American
    * Her children that are conceived with an African-American father are defined as African-American.

    • You’re right,she isn’t saying she is a role model. But many teenage black girls look up to her so I want it to be known she should NOT be seen as one. Also you’re wrong,she is not a black woman. Amber even said she was not a black woman. What more proof do you need? She is not African by birth,not even close! It is not ignorant to embrace your own race and cultural identity. The one drop rule is the main problem. What we as black people need is a clear definition on who is black and who is NOT. We need to stop all this silliness that we are ALL Africans. That’s why we have so much damn confusion. Every other race has a very clear definition on who belongs to their group. Everyone but black people. Why is that? It’s because we want to be all inclusive. Well it hasn’t helped us in the long run. Now everyone that looks like Mariah Carey,Derek Jeter,Lenny Kravitz all get to join the “black group”. It’s time for that bullcrap to end! Amber is probably 1/8 black at best. So please stop the nonsense and come back to the real world. Don’t come to my blog with this nonsense. We don’t need anymore confused negroes. We have enough already.

      • The problem with “absolutes” is the need to separate biology (phenotype) from political aspirations. Otherwise we can fall prey to the same racist and xenophobic problems that plague the world and often lead to genocide or ethnic cleansing.

        And, for the record, I’m interested in how you, Kushite Prince, define both “black” and “African-American within the context of this and other articles you author for this blog. I think a solid definition from you would clear up a lot of the confusion.

        Knowing the tools of the enemy (1-drop rule) and being the enemy ourselves (Tribal rape squads and genocide in Africa, color codes in Caribbean, urban gang genocide) is more nuanced than straw man arguments (big butt don’t make her black) that tend obfuscate any conversations about our POLITICAL goals of literacy, opportunity, and self respect that our people need to embrace on the road to real freedom.

        If a Hollywood celebrity with straight hair, thin lips, a thin nose AND a dark complexion AND a big butt claims that they aren’t African-American: NO Problem..!! AKA: Know thine enemy..!!

        And, if we’re being honest, a lot of the complaints I read about “who’s black?” fall into the category of:

        “You wasn’t going to get that ass anyway, broke-ass fool”

        “So stop hatin’ on sombody you don’t even know”

        Em Hotep……

      • The best example I can give you is from fellow blogger Lumumba. This brother breaks is down very well. Much better than me. But I agree with him.
        So back to why mulattoes are not Afrikan. Firstly, I would like to posit the view that mulattoes are genome terminator entities, meaning that they can’t reproduce themselves like their respective parents can if they had have mated with one of their own geno-cultural group. A mulatto must mate with another mulatto to reproduce themselves or else their offspring reverts back towards whichever geno-cultural group they have chosen to mate with or they create another hybridised offspring should they decide to mate with another hybridised person or someone from a geno-cultural group which is not one of their parents. Hence their genome pattern cannot maintain structural integrity and they terminate. This is actually the strongest argument for why mulattoes are not Afrikan. Every other geno-cultural group on the planet knows this including the hybridised groups such as the Arabs. The Hispanic/Latinos are another matter which I will address later. I won’t discuss the Indians of South Asia (see the talk by Dr. Velu Annamalai – “Dali: The Black Untouchables of India” on YouTube) but one could reasonably compare my discussion below of the Hispanic/Latinos with that of the Indians, although it is not entirely the same. Other geno-cultural groups never accept a hybrid as one of them. This DOES NOT mean that they treat the hybrid unkindly or should do so in all cases, nor does it mean that the hybrid cannot participate in economic or educational opportunities. However, at the level of strategic power in which the lives and destiny of the geno-cultural group are at stake, hybrids have no place, no relevant voice in matters such as these as they are not part of the geno-cultural group’s GENETIC survival. This is an error that Afrikan people have made. They have assumed that because of “racist” practices of other geno-cultural groups to cast off their hybrids among us, even when they have been created but not fully accepted among the ranks of others, and furthermore the other groups made rules about why they have done so, (i.e. the one drop rule), we have felt an obligation to accept them which has resulted in a non-exclusive preachment befalling the Afrikan geno-cultural group. This failure to address who is Afrikan and who is not has left us vulnerable to infiltration, not only by hybrids, but by non-Afrikans under the false claim that they are too Afrikan because they were either born on the Afrikan continent, they have some distant ancestor who participated in or was raped into producing a hybrid, or they cling to an as yet unproven theory of the “out of Afrika hypothesis” of human origin founded with the propagation of Darwin’s THEORY of evolution. This has left Afrikan people without a codified set of standards, rules and regulations about who is an Afrikan and has exposed us to confused mulattoes seeking a constituency and other unscrupulous interlopers seeking to dominate us. It was part of racist practices of our enemies to create a one-drop rule. White men did it so they wouldn’t have to legally and formally acknowledge the offspring they had as a result of raping Afrikan women and mulattoes. In fact, I would submit that non-Afrikans who pursue sexual relations with Afrikan people are practicing ethnocentric economic protectionism by way of furthering the social hegemonic aspect of this system, albeit it in a vulgar, perverted, and insidiously biologically destructive way. These people know full well that at present Afrikan people are the least respected geno-cultural group on the planet, so they are seeking to fulfill a need to feel superior to someone through a sexual encounter (which is one of the most vulnerable situations, psychologically and spiritually, a victim of this assault can engage in) which is done most likely due to a sense of inferiority in the non-Afrikan’s own geno-cultural group, or the perpetrators are inherently lustful and perverted and seek to satisfy carnal sexual fetishes at the expense of the non-geno-cultural other, in this case the Afrikan.

        The Afrikan geno-cultural group is under no obligation through this behavior to “accept” mulatto offspring as part of our geno-cultural group anymore than other geno-cultures. It is due to our relative powerlessness and refusal to strictly define who is an Afrikan that has lead to this confusion. Afrikans as part of our liberation and industrial renaissance of Afrikan civilisation, must codify and institutionalize a valid definition of who is an Afrikan. I would suggest reading Chinweizu’s discussion of the “mirror test” for some insight into this matter.
        That just about sums it up. Hopefully this makes it a bit more clear for you.

    • @ Black Sci-Fi By your logic there are many white Africans too. We’re talking about phenotypically black people whose heritage is african (pre-colonialism), not nationality or people who have european lineage who just happen to be born somewhere. You’re an inclusive pro-coon who wants everyone to fall into the category of black. And you have the nerve to talk about someone using the one-drop rule?
      How the hell can you say you never saw her espouse herself as a role model? What the hell do you call that “slutwalk” then? What was that???? It was a march/protest of which she was the leader/spokesperson–aka role model. She has a foundation called the “amber rose foundation” and its mission is to “influence women across the globe” (her words). You really don’t know what you’re talking about.
      I won’t even bother lecturing on why she’s getting all this publicity in the first place, and it doesn’t have anything to do with screwing rappers. Plenty of women have done that.

      • @KJ,

        I appreciate your thoughtful reply. I strongly disagree with your conclusions. There are a lot of our people who are under the impression that “actors” are real people. In fact, they are ACTORS. Their careers (goal in life, job, basis of their income) is based on being able to convince an audience that the roles (work) they do is really who they are.

        If an actor gets to portray someone worthy of your respect (Nat Turner?), that doesn’t mean that they “are” Nat Turner in their real life, they are ACTING, FOOL. So, we buy into the ACT, fall in love with the ACTOR, and like a bunch of mindless children scream when disappointed by the well known “hedonism” of those in Hollywood.

        Word to the wise: Turn off the TV and read a culturally significant book. And, get your children out from in front of the TV.

        The movie industry is a fantasy world. Yet, we argue among ourselves when an ACTOR (Amber Rose) doesn’t live up to “our” standards in their personal life. That adverse behavior among the viewing public to becoming disappointed in an ACTOR because they exhibit amoral behavior in their personal lives is in effect wishing the devil wasn’t evil. It’s just plain dumb. And, worst of all, it is an admission of ignorance and gullibility of the worst kind.

        Is Eddie Murphy really a donkey, fool
        Is Kerry Washington a political operative sleeping with EVERYBODY?

        The real ENEMY, IMHO, are the writers, directors and especially the EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS (money men) who peddle racist, sexist and hyper-violent the world.. and tie it up in with a self hating message for black people.

        Talking (gossiping?) about the personal morality of entertainers (sports, actors, dancers, models, etc) is some stupid-ass “TMZ on the brain” BS to start with.

        If your kids are watching this garbage and trying to imitate a celebrity lifestyle, then you aren’t doing your job as a parent, period.

        Look behind the curtain……..and you’ll find a very small man.
        Don’t be bamboozled…

        Em Hotep

      • Black Sci-Fi, you’re spitting kindergarten level consciousness. I think Im safe in saying that none of us here watch television. I’ll barely watch a film, and if I do, its to pick apart all the racist white supremacist subliminals. They don’t call it the idiot box for nothing. Biggest mind control tool in existence. But keep preaching because too many of our people glued to the box getting brainwashed for hours a day.

  14. *Excuse me while I put Teddy Pendergrass on mute to respond to this*

    I am one of the people out there who genuinely are tired of these character-less, narcissistic, whores who seem to think that media was invented for them exclusively. Amber Rose–whoever the hell she is, has done me and many proud women a favor in not claiming Blackness. I thank almighty God for it. This is one mistake that will not be OUR RESPONSIBILITY to explain or defend. No matter how you dress a prostitute, even wearing diamonds, it’s the equivalent of putting sugar on shit.

  15. @ Kushite Prince,

    I appreciate your lengthy reply. IMHO, your definition of racial purity as it relates to blackness is well within the confines of the pseudo-scientific immorality of eugenics. In all honesty, and with all due respect, your definition of “blackness” is narrow to the point of being an impractical.

    Em Hotep

    • @ Black Sci-Fi Well judging by your other comments I didn’t expect you to agree with it. I know it sounds very controversial to many. But I came to the is conclusion a few years ago after years of believing that ALL people who had even a tiny bit of blackness should be called black. I no longer believe that. I also don’t believe that race is a social construct either. They taught us that as kids to get us to buy into the illusion of “colorblindness”.Race has a lot to do with genetics and biology. Each group must have a clear definition of who is part of that group and who is not. Otherwise you have a lot of confusion and can’t create group power. But since you have been conditioned to believe that blackness should be ALL inclusive…it sounds foreign to your ears. But the reality is that to think a race of people can be free and have real group power without clear defintions is what is truly impractical. And by the way,the one drop rule itself is psedo-science in my opinion. I have a question for you. When white people forced the “one drop” rule on African people..was that not immoral? Why should we accept their standard of blackness? Why can’t we as a people decide for ourselves who is black? Isnt that the highest level of immorality?

      • KP,
        The “1-drop rule” was a means to define and expand a product. within the financial system of slavery. Clearly the immorality was slavery itself. So, expanding the definitions of who is chattel (property, inhuman, etc) only defines the depth of immorality.

        I have a more nuanced approach to the modern definition of “blackness” and it is as follows: Blackness has a racial (DNA), social and political and geographic context. Human beings differ wildly in all 4 categories.

        I often have to come to grips with the reality of the varied lives and learned experiences of humans and how they differ from me. I have no claim on wisdom other than having lived a relatively long life and raised children who have made me proud.

        But, in the end, the quality of our lives is what matters as well as how we can help and share life enhancing experiences with others along the way. I share complexion and physical features with a lot of humans on the planet. I don’t, however, confuse outward appearance with political unity or social solidarity.

        I would be remiss not to thank you for this forum. It’s always positive to be free to share opinions on topical and relevant subjects with other folks.

        Em Hotep

  16. Another conversation that Black Women are having is that many of these women like Amber Rose love (I prefer to say lust) dark-skin black men, but hate dark-skin women. It just shows in their differing attitudes and behaviors towards dark-skin men vs. dark skin women whether they try to hide it or not. I’m sure you noticed this phenomena too.

    • Yes I’ve notice this too. I’ve mentioned it before on my blog. I’ve said many times that these biracial/mixed women know that the media pushes racially ambiguous beauty as better than black beauty. So women like Amber/Kim K use it to their advantage. They know they are not black women but many black men see them as attractive so they use it. Amber(and others) have a hatred for dark skin(real black women) and don’t want to see them rise. These biracial women are real slick! I’ve seen the same mentality with white women who only date black men. They look down on black women as lower than them. That’s why black men have to leave them all alone. They are our enemies. I wish these colorstruck negroes would wake up. But too many are far gone. They see mixed/white women as a prize. I have a post I’m working on now related to that. Actually it’s a series.

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