UFC fighter Ronda Rousey is 1/16 Black…Does it make her African?


Well what do we have here.  It seems as though mixed martial arts fighter Ronda Rousey as some “black” in here bloodline.  I noticed in this picture she has braids in her hair. Maybe she’s trying to get in touch with her “African roots”.  Who knows right?  I had a co-worker tell me she was part black last year.  Of course I didn’t believe it all.  But after a little research I found a little information on it. But it wasn’t a big deal me.  There are many white celebs that have a black relative from waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day.  But I guess the subject came up again when TMZ released a recent video with Rousey and her mother.

Of course this is not totally shocking but most white celebs don’t mention their black ancestry.  That information is usually dug up by someone else because there is no real advantage to admitting some black ancestry in a racist white society. This is the break down of her family background. She is the daughter of Ann Maria Rousey DeMars (born Waddell), a judoka and author, and Ronald John Rousey.

Ronda’s maternal grandfather was of Trinidadian and Grenadian descent (including African, Spanish, and English ancestry). Ronda’s other ancestry is English, 1/16th Polish, German, Scottish, and distant Dutch.

Ronda has said that her ancestry is “half venezuelan, a quarter English, a quarter polish, 100% American”. Her reference to “Venezuelan” ancestry likely refers to the fact that the island of Trinidad, where her grandfather’s family was from, is just 11km off the northeastern coast of Venezuela. Ronda’s first three fractions are not quite correct: she is of one quarter Caribbean ancestry, not half, she has English ancestry, to one degree or the other, from all four of her grandparents, and her Polish ancestry is one sixteenth, not one quarter.

Ronda’s paternal grandparents were John Edward Rousey (the son of Clarence James Rousey and Theresa Ellen De Moss) and Jean Orvetta Zifka (the daughter of Charles O. Zifka and Lenice O. Dilley). Charles was born in Wisconsin, to a Polish father, Lawrence Zifka, and an American mother, Elzina Smith.


Ronda’s maternal grandfather is Joseph Arthur Waddell (the son of Alfred Ernest Waddell and Emelia/Amelia Maria/Mona Castillo). Joseph was born in New York. Alfred was born in Tunapuna, Trinidad and Tobago, to Joseph Waddell, who was English, and Claudine Angus Abbott, who was from St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Amelia was born in Trinidad, to Pedro Castillo and Maria Hernandez.

Ronda’s maternal grandmother is Marcella Ann Austin (the daughter of Anthony Austin and Reva/Rena Landon). Marcella was born in Illinois. Anthony was born in Indiana. Reva was born in Illinois, to Laurence Landon and Mayme Price.

Now you have silly ass negroes going around saying she should be considered a black woman.  This is insanity! I covered this issue once before last year.


But this is NOT a black woman.  She is not African. I don’t care what Rousey’s mother says. Just because a white person has a great-great grandparent that was black or mulatto does not make them black. This is once again that crazy “one drop rule” gone wild. Blogger Authenic African Vanguard once said:

“The Ignorance Of Blacks/Africans Accepting The False One Drop Rule Has Caused A Lot Of Confusion Among Africans. Which Is Why The IMA Constantly Promotes It To Keep Africans In The State Of Disarray. When The European/IMA Has Control Over Your Own Racial Identity,He Is Able To Manipulate Africans Into Accepting His Bastard Offspring And Even Put Them In Positions Of Power Over “Authentic” Africans. Recently A IMA Female Actor Meryl Streep Said In Front Of An All White Film Panel (“There is a core of humanity that travels right through every culture, and after all we’re all from Africa originally,” she added. “Berliners, we’re all Africans really.”) The Deceptiveness Of “We Are All Africans” Minimizes And Ignores Crimes & Injustices Committed Against Africans Worldwide, Based Solely On The Fact That They Are “Authentic” Africans. This Is Why There Is An Urgent Need For ACBN Thought Among Blacks/Africans Internationally. The World Is Ran By Individuals With A “Racial” Group Identity. Individuals Linked Together Simply By A Distinctive Phenotype.”

Those are very true words! Very well said statement by an intelligent man.. And we as black people must stop trying to claim every single person that has some black ancestry from way back in the day.  It makes us look pathetic trying to claim people who obviously don’t look like us or want to have anything to do with us.  We should be a prideful people and embrace our African culture and heritage. And we definitely don’t need to claim some overhyped,overglorified unattractive white martial artist fighter.  This white woman has NO African traits. Skin color,hair texture or phenotypes. So let’s keep it real.


So I hope this helps you with any confusion you may have. She’s not one of us.  And I don’t give a damn if she puts her hair in braids,dreadlocks or bantu knots.


63 thoughts on “UFC fighter Ronda Rousey is 1/16 Black…Does it make her African?

  1. Thanks to the “one drop rule”, she technically is black, but it would be better to call her white or biracial. However, no one else really uses the one drop rule. There are some of our people who will call her black, but biracial is a lot better term in this case. Some of us are really confused.

    • That’s the point I’m trying to make. There’s no way this woman should be considered black/African. This proves the one drop rule is nonsense. It was imposed on us during slavery and all it did was cause confusion among us. But any black person that thinks this albino mutant is black needs to have their heads examined.

    • So true Onitaset. I was being somewhat facetious with this post. But serious at the same time. I was just trying to point out the ridiculousness if this “one drop” rule. Anyone with eyes can see this woman is white as snow. You’re right 1/16 is much closer to 0 than 1. So I’m just poking fun at how stupid it is to make a big deal about her “black ancestry”. There’s no need to claim this woman as ours. And she knows she’s not black either.

    • No, we do not absolutely adore white women. Most of us are still with black women, and there is no evidence that shows we as a group adore them.

    • Self loathing black men can’t get enough of white women. They think it’s an upgrade. And they want to dilute their bloodline. They feel a mixed race baby is a move up the social ladder for their child. They are anti-black to the core. Since they feel being African is ugly,a woman like Ronda is a great representation of black beauty.

    • I am talking about black males in the U.S.A. too. If you were talking about the UK, no one could argue, but for now there is much more evidence to back up the fact that American black males- as a group- prefer black women over white women and do not adore European women.

  2. Typical, another undead whore wants to claim a very distant and long diminished African ancestry when it benefits her. I could almost laugh at the silliness of this

  3. The one drop rule was only made to cause confusion among “REAL BLACK AFRICANS” & to keep these mulatto’s from mixing & being accepted from non black Africans. Every other races can identify their own race of people but black Africans. No wonder why we the laughing stock because we others who aren’t among our race. Rhonda braids want last long in her hair because of its texture & she’ll get “HEAD LICE” quick in that shit which “BLACK AFRICANS” doesn’t get period.

    • I forgot to mention our people were calling J.Lo, Selena, Amber Rose, & Kim Kardashian of having black ancestry.

      • Any non-black woman with a few curves and big booty gets to claim blackness! How stupid is that? And they claim their blackness only when it’s convenient for them. They never want to take any of the negative stereotypes that come with blackness. They only want the puesdo-blackness that makes them look cool.

    • Ronda looks like a fool with those braids.They always look strange to me when I see them try to wear cornrows and braids. It’s such a sad imitation of black people. And you’re right,the one drop rule has confused us so damn much. Other groups don’t go through this. It’s because we accept anyone as black. Even people who look nothing like an African person. I’m not just talking about light skinned blacks with black parents. I mean we have black accepting biracial,mixed and light skinned people with straight hair and light eyes as black! It’s utterly ridiculous! We’re the ones looking like fools! So instead of having a guideline on who is black…we just accept everyone. It’s no surprised our people are SO confused! It’s very frustrating isn’t it?

  4. I wonder do Rhonda still have connection with her fully “BLACK AFRICAN” family members but the answer is no. I notice especially with my biracial cousins who dates & produce children with non black people the child distants themselves from there black side.

  5. Well what do you know…her and I are related…distantly, but still related. Her great, great maternal grandmother is related to me on my mothers side…hmmm. Something for me to think about!

  6. Fuck that THOT! This bitch was talking all kinds of shit about Floyd Mayweather yet she didn’t say a damn thing about the WHITE MALE MMA fighter who beat his girlfriend dumb bitch. She is as black as Kate Winslet please this racist CUNT[yes I used that word] is as racist as other white people so no she isn’t in any way black!

    • Yeah Ronda is always going at Mayweather. Maybe she was attacking him to distance herself from her black ancestry. Maybe on a subconscious level she wanted to show white people she was definitely “one of them” by going at that cocky negro.lol

  7. This is exactly what a lotta sistas are saying. Not only is this a slick way for whites to some how profit off of that outdated ‘one drop rule’ but this is another form of the erasure of the original black woman, especially the dark skinned black woman. Black Women notice how Black people are so quick to want to claim white women who want to claim some black ancestry, white men ain’t gonna get away with this shit cause many Black People believe that white women “aren’t racist or just as racist as white men” or white women pose NO threat to Black People, especially the black women like white men. This ties into what fedupblackwoman says about how Black people view racism through a patriarchal lens, which is why white women aren’t held accountable for their racism like white men. This is also a form of stockholm syndrome. Many sistas are coming to the conclusion that Black People have stockholm syndrome toward white women moreso than white men. Furthermore, this also ties into the post you did about ww being white supremacy’s secret weapon. Black people need to get it together!

    • Yeah white women are very slick! I don’t know why people give them a pass. They love to play the innocent role and break down in tears if you accuse them of anything. But a lot of white worshiping black men give them a pass too much. White women know how to manipulate black men with the promise of sex and get duped! That’s why it’s best to just stay away from them. White women are masters of playing mind games.

      • You know all this staff about white people be proud their black or Native american roots are not new, we have all seen how these cracks use their roots to avoid being labeled “I’m not racist!”, to be seen in a positive light in the eyes of the black communities and native!
        There are so many cases of white people have mulattoes parents, who have fun on the internet to insult people of color!
        When they show their true color, then they use as self-justification “no, my mother, my father are blacks and so on!”, putting them even more ridiculous situation! The simple fact they are 1/6 blacks and
        1/7 Native Americans doesn’t change what they are “CRACK”
        The United States is the testimony but not only, the land of Native Americans genocide and blacks slavery, if I were in them I would not go around shouting from the rooftops, “I am black, I am a Native American! “because their bloodline doesn’t justify what happened in the past!
        When Native American were pushed with force in the reserves,
        and blacks with chains in ships!
        For them it is easy to recognize the roots that don’t belong to them, but self-declared “I am a racist!” it’s another thing! They see everything, but they don’t see their racism! They don’t have culture, for this reason they love to steal!

  8. Do you Kushite, It would be really interesting if you will do an article about the Caucasian people, because there are some very interesting information about them!
    My desire that black people really know about their birth! How they came to the world and especially because they call themselves Aryan or Caucasian people?
    All times they do all the kinds articles about us from the scientific to the degrading, but they are always afraid of revealing what they are!
    They are not what they say, I will let know you only in advance,that they are not the real Caucasian people!

      • That woman has a nice body–and that’s her claim to fame. Funny that she doesn’t even notice that no one is complimenting her intelligence. When she gets fatter and is no longer physically attractive; her mind is the only thing that will measure her. So sad that she’s not developing it.

      • By that time she will be totally useless. And the media will throw her away like an old newspaper. That’s something many of these young women don’t understand. That industry will chew you up and spit you out!

      • So much so. Black men married to white women have the highest divorce rate among IR couples. REASON: We are a spiritual people and can’t coexist with something that is inhuman and empty of a soul. It’s all metaphysics.

      • We’re seeing this every single day. I tell you, Dr. Phil Valentine spoke about all of what’s going on today–over 20-30 years ago. People didn’t believe him. The underground is about 20 years ahead of the mainstream. The situations occurring today were “planned” over 50 years ago to affect the population, but particularly Black people. There are no coincidences about any of this. These are consequences. And yet, white people will not cease in their evil. So God is using science and genetics to wipe them out. Karma is a beeyotch!!!

      • In less than 100 years, white people could literally become totally extinct. They are infertile. Think about that. Everything they’ve done has been to sustain themselves genetically. But they denied the existence of God, kindling his anger, and now…they have become the target of his wrath.

      • White people are neurotic–filled with fear and fatalism. They are the only group of people who go on vacation then become targets of either terrorists or fatalities. It’s just unreal. Nature is not playing.

      • No. And neither is God. Just look at the weather. Have people even noticed how all of these storms and tornadoes are hitting area populated mostly by white people?

  9. Hi Prince I have found some very interesting articles about Obama and mulattoes!
    I’m not a big fan of him, but many do not know the real face of Obama!
    These are the links
    Here it also speaks the origins why whites are violent,aggressive and pratice all kinds of depravity!

  10. Rachael Dolezal added to this confusion bigtime. I hate that woman, I wish she would just go away and stay out of the public spotlight. GRRRRR!!!

  11. She’s black, she looks black, when you grew up around mixed people we can see it, if you haven’t been around creoles mulattos mixed breeds with black you can’t see it, your not familiar with it, blacks in U.S. compare being black with southern culture black, they don’t have an eye for international mixed people’s….they only know southern culture black n no recognition of mixed international blacks of another culture n speaking another language…..

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