Presidential Bloodlines:Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are cousins

Donald Trump...

Presidential candidate Donald Trump may criticize rival Hillary Clinton regularly, but the Republican and Democratic front-runners are actually distant relatives. 

Both the real estate tycoon and former Secretary of State are the direct descendants of 14th century 1st Duke of Lancaster John of Gaunt and his third wife Katherine Swynford, according to the ancestry site

Clinton claims the lineage to her 18th great-grandparents through the Rodham family of her father’s side while Trump is related to her through his mother Mary Anne Macleod, who was born in Scotland. 

The common relative means that the Democrat and Republican are 19th cousins.

John of Gaunt, a royal in the 14th century, was the son of King Edward III and featured in the Shakespearean play Richard II, named after his nephew.

Swynford was at first Gaunt’s mistress, but they later married and their offspring were legitimized.

Gaunt’s children by Swynford include Trump’s 17th great-grandfather John Beaufort and Clinton’s 17th great-grandmother Joan Beaufort, according to MyHeritage.

The Duke of Lancaster’s son by his first wife Blanche, would later go on to become Henry IV.

Various other descendants of Gaunt would claim his lineage to Edward III during the War of the Roses, a conflict that makes today’s political scandals seem laughably tame in comparison.

The war ultimately ended when Henry VII, a member of the House of Lancaster, defeated Richard III in battle and became the first Tudor king.

We must face the reality.  These elections are rigged.  How can so many Presidents be cousins?  How can so many candidates be related?  It’s hard to believe this is all a coincidence.  I know people are very scared of conspiracy theories.  It’s because people don’t want to do research and are scared of anything that doesn’t fit their perspective.  Even if that perspective is wrong.  It’s time for black people to wake up and use some critical thinking skills.  They told you as a kid that anyone could become President of the United States.  But it’s all a lie.  If you are not blood related to the King of England you can’t become President. This is just my opinion….you might disagree with me. I just provide the information. You can draw your own conclusion.

17 thoughts on “Presidential Bloodlines:Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are cousins

    • Not too much of a choice right? Since I’m an Independent hopefully there will be a better candidate by the time we have to vote. But I can’t be mad at people fro not voting. I know our people fought for the right to vote. But we now know that the candidates are bought and paid for. And many of them are’s one big family. I see why so many people have given up on this phony political process.. But if it comes down to Clinton and Trump we will truly be in Hell. That’s like choosing between rotten eggs or dog

    • That’s because you’re much smarter than the rest of It’s all a big game to the elite. And they’re laughing at the mindless sheep that still believe in this stuff. But you’re right it’s all theater. Like the old saying…the world’s a stage.

  1. Well whoop-dee-doo, I guess evil does run in the family. This has been common knowledge within some circles of the conscious community for a long time. All of their bloodlines including the 13 bloodlines of the illuminati trace their lineage back to King Herod, the Roman king who ruled over our ancestors in Jerusalem before 70 AD, Obama also is tied into to it, on his mother’s side

    • Yes I have the book 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati. It’s over 800 pages so it took me awhile to read the entire book. But it has some great information and it filled in a lot of blanks I had about these rich families. It even had information on the Kennedys,Rockefeelers and Duponts. I think if people read that book it would open their eyes to how these groups really do own 80-90% of the media. And how these elections are a complete joke! When they watch television it’s like their looking at a family photo album. I think the public just doesn’t want to admit it to themselves. People hate finding out they’ve been lied to so they rather just deny the TRUTH. Even if it’s right in their faces. A lot of people love being ignorant.

    • I love that quote. When I was younger I never quite understood it. But as I got older and my consciousness grew with new information….I realized how true that statement really was.

  2. This is called abuse of power!
    When they are free to dictate, to change the laws and enjoy their privileges!
    When they are free to abuse the word N-word, because in the end none of them will be doomed!
    When they are free to say that Muslims are all terrorists, when the real cause of “it” are themselves!
    The US economy has become a crack, they don’t have anything,
    the only thing that remains for these rats and begging in Arab countries!
    Anyway about the British royal family, they had in their families kings and queens of color!
    Because in the end we know that they like to change the story, but the truth that the first Europeans were blacks!

    • Yes it is very much an abuse of power. They make sure their bloodline is always in high positions. And you still have naïve people out here that still think it’s a level playing They really need to wake the hell up!

  3. Even if they aren’t blood related they DO share a commonality of the mind! Don’t get it twisted Shrillary is for big business and sticking it to poor folks especially poor black folks just like her hubby did. The lesser of two evils is still evil.

  4. Yep. I’ve printed out some of if not all of the free PDF version of Bloodlines of the Illuminati. Maybe I oughta order the book, lol. However, it was a very interesting and revealing read and I seen that above video before. It all makes sense as to who or what is running things and their ties to each other. It’s been a while since I read, but I wonder if the author, Fritz Springmeier is still alive? I remember in the book he said he was thrown in a SC jail by Strom Thurmond. Remember that?

    • Yeah I remember that. Fritz was released from federal prison in 2011. He was convicted on one count of armed robbery. Yes he’s still alive and doing lectures. I understand he’s a very controversial person. But his book is still amazing. He did years of research for that book and changed many minds about who is really in control. He exposed quite a lot! Be sure to read the entire book when you get a chance. Trust me,you wont regret it.

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