Jaden and Willow Smith: Ambassadors for Gender Fluid Agenda


 Take a good look at this boy.  He has a flower in his hair and nail polish on his fingernails.  This is Jaden Smith.  He is the son of actor Will Smith.  Jaden and his sister Willow seem to be at the forefront of this “gender fluid” agenda the media is pushing on us.  Jaden seems to be the male version of Jada…while Willow is the female version of Will.   Confusing right?   Yes this entire Smith family seems very confused.  This is the promotion of insanity disguised as sanity. You know how the white corporate elite love to use black people for their agendas.  Maybe it’s because we are trendsetters and we come up with all the cool slang and fashion.  So if we’re down with this agenda we can influence others to be cool with it too. But at any rate,this is a very sick agenda.  Will Smith and his wife Jada have apparently sold their children to these demonic people in power.  They have no problem letting their children be used in this manner. I guess they’ll do anything to keep their money and fame.


You’re probably asking yourself what is Gender Fluid?  I know it’s hard to keep up with these European terms.  It seems like very other month they come up with a new one.  Sometimes you might hear the media also use the term “sexual fluidity”. It’s basically the same thing. Here is their definition:

Gender fluid is a gender identity which refers to a gender which varies over time. A gender fluid person may at any time identify as male, female, neutrois, or any other non-binary identity, or some combination of identities.


This is Jaden Smith with biracial actress Amandla Stenberg.  Amandla is also down with this gender confusion agenda.  Earlier this year she came out bisexual. She said:

“It’s a really, really hard thing to be silenced and it’s deeply bruising to fight against your identity and to mold yourself into shapes that you just shouldn’t in,” she says in the video, which she also posted to her Tumblr. “As someone who identifies as a black, bisexual woman, I’ve been through it and it hurts and it’s awkward and it’s uncomfortable.I definitely believe in the concept of rebellion through selfhood and rebellion just by embracing your true identity, no matter what you’ve been told,” she said. “Here I am, being myself and it’s hard and it’s vulnerable and it’s definitely a process but I’m learning and I’m growing.”

Rebellion??  She thinks coming out as gay is a BIG deal??  She’s acting like this is revolutionary!   The entire Hollywood/Music industry is run by homosexuals and pedophiles. But you see how they’re trying to connect this lesbian/bisexual nonsense to the lack struggle.  This is a biracial woman who says she sees herself  both black and gay! The racist media knows exactly what they’re doing!


This is a picture of singer Cassie Ventura(left) and actress/singer Keke Palmer.  Keke is a beautiful and talented actress. I had high hopes for her.  But it seems she has sold out to the gay agenda as well.  Palmer posted the above picture on Snapchat of her kissing Cassie on the lips.  Of course this sparked rumors of her being bisexual. Cassie  was also featured in Palmers’ video “I Don’t Belong To You”.  Palmer said in an interview:

When asked about the video Keke told People Magazine,  “The video was to represent the young woman today – it’s not the traditional woman anymore – and not the specifics of ‘Am I gay? Am I straight? Am I bi? I’m making the rules for myself, and I don’t have to be stuck down to one label.” “I don’t belong to anyone else but myself,” she says. “I have to make my own decisions. Happiness is defined by me. My sexuality is defined by me. And that can change and this can change and I can make it what I want to make it because I’m the one who makes that choice.”

Traditional woman??  So a woman loving a man is some played out traditional role?  She doesn’t like one label? Men and women being together is NORMAL.  Bisexuality is abnormal.  Keke has lost her mind!  She has totally sold out!  You see what they’re trying to do?  They are trying to destroy the black family unit.  They are doing their best to redefine what is a family and what is normal.  This is not a coincidence they are all jumping on this gay bandwagon.  This is being done on purpose.  This is NO accident.  The powers that be are using black and biracial people to push this sick agenda.  So is gay supposed to be the new normal?  No wonder so many of our young kids are confused about their sexuality.  We have black celebs dressing in drag,homosexual/lesbian celebs and gay athletes.  This homosexual confusion is spreading like wildfire in the media.  This is an assault on our children and our families.This is what they want to push on African people worldwide.  And we can’t stand for this sick rubbish!!


“We must be clear that insanity is clearly insanity and that it undermines the possibility of having a real discussion. This problem must be addressed because so many of us are entering this discussion as if the european creation of reality really makes sense, that it is a viable path for us to follow, that it can be blended with whatever snippets of the Afrikan tradition we can safely feel like keeping, that it is a choice we can make and still live as Afrikans. We are allowing ourselves to continue participating in a debate flooded with invalid/illogical ground rules. In other words, some of us are trying to have a debate incorporating a reality that makes no logical sense, for us or any other human beings. This is the nature of what makes having this discussion with many Afrikans so problematic in the first place. It is past the time when we can afford to get bogged down in the politics of precisely replicating how our Ancestors formed consensus. We do not live in homogenous, uncompromised Afrikan communities. Every Afrikan voice is not worthy. The mentacidal among us firmly believe that american culture is not european culture (i.e., that it is multicultural, a flawed concept in its own right) or that european culture is an even more valid, progressive and appropriate way for Afrikans to live than Afrikan culture. These Afrikans are completely oblivious to the heart of the european mind. So, before we even begin, their discussion is already couched in an unconditional confidence in the european way. The mentacidal cannot see that Europeans can only be what they are within their culture. While their immediate goal has been physical domination of others, cultural domination has always been the ultimate desire. For only in making others into them can Europeans have and control a world where they are accepted and applauded for their insanity. This confusion must be removed from the table before we can move forward or it will continue to drag us back toward obsolescence. As long as it remains our minds will be drawn backward into it until, by dent of attrition, it has overpowered all sense of what it may mean to be Afrikan.”

Mwalimu  Baruti

58 thoughts on “Jaden and Willow Smith: Ambassadors for Gender Fluid Agenda

  1. I can only speak from my position as a MAN! As a man it is my duty to condition my direct child, or any youth, that have not swallowed the entire poison fruits, to overstand the need to have defining lines between genders. i cannot and will not leave it to the female, because with the exception of a few real women, most females and an increasingly amount of males, have embrace this death style and care not how it will affect future generations and the entirety of Afrikan civilization. The adults have failed the children. Therefore many of these failures should be removed from the equation, so the children can be saved.

    • That is so true brother. The parents have truly failed the children. Parents have to speak out against this madness. If we accept this sickness(gay.trannsgender) as normal..we will catch Hell in later generations. That’s why I come down so hard on this crap. I get a lot of flack for speaking out against this but I hold strong to my beliefs. I think this homosexual nonsense is designed to lead our people down a path of death. And we can not allow this to be seen as normal. This is anti-African and anti-life. But I do think that real sistas have to stand up. As well as the brothers who are real warriors must speak up. We are truly in a WAR.

      • Another thing Prince nobody talks about the rampant RACISM in the gay community. White hipster assholes love to act like they are sooooo fucking protective yet they never criticize white males that say horrible shit about gay people. They also vilified Michael pretending that they care so damn much about little boys yet those fuckers haven’t said a damn thing about NAMBLA, the Catholic Church, The Family cult or Jerry Sandusky. White people love to promote gayness yet mock black men for being gay fuck those hypocrites! Those dumbasses like Michael Sams, Jason Collins and John Amechi are stupid as hell!

  2. I just finish reading the definition for “gender fluid” and it sound confusing & abnormal behavior, we’re living in a mentally ill society. Furthermore I started noticing a trend back when myspace was popular, there were pictures of heterosexual black women mostly at clubs all hug up or to close to a female in a sexual way that wasn’t normal. In many of our black males music & videos they were promoting over-sexualize deviant behavior , making threesomes with two women popular or lesbian behavior. I strongly believe that homosexuality was push more harder in targeting black females to be more acceptable until the whole black community has finally accept it. One thing you will notice now is that the strip clubs which use to be a place for males to attend have now turn into clubs/strip clubs all in one were women & men both attend. Now you will see suppose to be heterosexual black women getting lap dance from female strippers as just having fun. Again over-sexualize society leads to more deviant sexual behavior. I will also mention we are living in a over-sexualize society that will lead to more deviant sexual behavior for a black person that isn’t mentally stable. Sex is being promoted 24/7 in the media and our black children aren’t being monitor or raise in a environment with the proper care.

    • Confusion is their aim. Also they want us all to see their sexual confusion and sexual perversion as normal. They are doing their best to confuse young black children about their sexuality and that being non-gender is okay. It is really SICK right? They want young girls to dress up like boys and they want boys wearing dresses,putting on lipstick and nail polish. And they do this by getting popular teenage celebs to push their agenda.People like Jaden,Keke Palmer and Willow are the popular and cool celebs. And these racist perverts in the media know how impressionable children can be. This is why much of this sexual content is even in cartoons now. This is a full assault on the minds of our children. That’s why I talk about this so much. I wont let up on this subject. I feel it’s very important that there’s a counter attack to this deviancy.

      • Even people who supported all this craziness in the beginning are stepping back and having second thoughts. The United States should not be preaching to the rest of the world about gay rights and gender fluidity when it was only a few years that the U.S. decided to recognize rights and all. BTW, the Supreme Court declaring gay marriage legal threw a lot of Americans off and shocked them as well. There are still a lot of countries that are against all this transgender and the whole gay thing (can’t find the right word). Australia and Israel wont even recognize gay marriage let alone allow it. The media is overdoing it with gay characters and stories even in movies having noting to do with trans or gays. A lot of comedy movies make unnecessary gay or trans jokes or gestures that don’t relate to the story at all. With all the fluidity nonsense and transgender confusion coming out the wood works you would think they made up a big portion of the American population. There are many secular people who have made arguments against all of this as well. And gay rights is no way in heaven the same as Civil Rights/Human Rights movement of the 1960s. That comparison is so upsetting and disrespectful to the sacrifices that were made for African Americans’ human rights to finally be recognized by the wider U.S. Don’t understand why the media and politicians insist that everyone needs to make way for the transgender who aren’t even 1% of the population. Not all Americans are pro transgender or gay has nothing to do with being homophobic.

  3. I still have yet to fully process the meaning of this sexual fluid whajamacallit. And frankly, at the rate Jayden and Willow are going I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, they were found dead in a hotel room somewhere because of an overdose before they turn 30

  4. Will & Jada Smith children are going to end up like white entertainers Cher & Sunny who have a transgender son & daughter. The daughter decided to change herself as man & the son a woman

    • That want perversion and sexual deviancy to be seen as normal. I think most sensible and moral people are getting tired of it. Their sick agenda is not accepted by most people today. That’s why I bring up a lot on my blog.

  5. Man I don’t keep up with current “entertainment” that often because I know the game they are running. Interesting to know all these young kids are bi now. What a coincidence! Good post man!

      • To be clear, no one is “forcing” anything down our throats. We POC are jumping in. The ambiguity over sexual preference is our own fault. Breeding-in and encouraging a self-restricting reproductive lifestyle is, as you say, genocidal.

        But, before I reach for a bible, we have to admit that BLACK MEN are contributing the most to this problem. Before we knock the historical European cultural (Greco-Roman) acceptance of the gay lifestyle, we need to spend several generations trying to right this wrong of “70% illegitimacy” in our community.


        It ain’t white folks. It ain’t Hollywood. It ain’t the Smiths.
        It’s black parents allowing their children to have unfiltered access 24/7 to the racist and deviate-themed (values shaping) media. Every TV show and movie these days has a gay character seeking sympathy and allowed space to “explain” their lifestyle. We allow the media to shape our children’s values without putting up any resistance, at all.

        “Empire” and “Rosewood” lead the pack in endorsing the gay lifestyle. Their ratings among black viewers are “OFF THE CHARTS”.
        Hollywood has severely punished black actors (Isaiah Washington?) who forcefully reject the gay lifestyle. Shondra Rhimes, a HIGHLY celebrated and HIGHLY financially successful black (?) female writer/producer promotes deviant sexual behavior and unconditional TOMMIN’ in every show she’s produced. Shondra, based on her personal life, is a VERY confused woman. No man and test-tube babies?
        WTF, Shondra…???
        This is the person we use as an example for success..??
        This is “Entertainment”…???
        Or, is this only as entertaining as cultural Russian Roulette..??
        So, the lesson is…????

        Strong male/female images in our homes are necessary to offer a CORRECT moral example as an alternative to sexual deviance, period. Marriage is necessary and correct to overcome the racial economic disparity. Otherwise, without a proper cultural example for love, survival and prosperity, this “gender confusion” is allowed the space to breath poison into our youth and WEAKEN our culture. If ANYTHING goes, then NOTHING has value(s).

        The proper image of male (father/son/brother) love is absent in 70% of BLACK M/F (reproductive age) relationships. And, single black women struggling to survive with their soul-crushing financial burdens, can’t make up the difference with just unconditional love.

        Only a father (in the home and taking care of business) can be the proper example of masculinity (maleness) and instill his 1/2 of the moral example to his children, both male and female.

      • You’re right to a certain extent. We as black people have to raise our children better. Black men need to be there for their children and give them proper guidance. They need to teach their sons that wearing dresses is not the behavior of a real man. Having said that,I am not letting these evil Jews in Hollywood off the hook! They are forcing it on us. These demonic bastards are trying to make sexual perversion seen as normal. I am strongly against this crap! This behavior is anti-African and anti-life. It totally goes against nature. I consider this an attack on the black family. I understand that the Smiths are very weird family and they are not the only culprits. I just used them as an example. But Shondra Rhimes is another sellout. I’ve covered her before. She is not a friend to the black community. I also applaud Isaiah Washington for speaking out. We need more celebs to speak up like that. Yes we as black people need to step up and be responsible. We have to do better as a community. Our children are counting on us. But you’re being way too soft on these damn white folks. They know exactly what they’re doing. Come on now! Let’s keep it real. But I am not letting these racist evil whites in Hollywood off the hook. This agenda is REAL. It is not just my imagination. I have covered this topic several times. And I will keep exposing their sick agenda. They are ALL enemies to black people.

  6. Gender fluidity is nonsense. Once Obama let homosexuals go rampant now every creature and their crazy ass is coming out of the wood works. Just a mess that’s spreading like wildfire. There were a group of students who were gender neutral at a school rally. They recognize this BS but yet still won’t address the craziness that is racism and mistreatment due to your skin color or ethnicity. The confusion is increasing and shows no signs of slowing down. People need to cut the media exposure for their children to a minimum or drop out of society. Can’t we see that this society is modern day Babylon mixed with Egypt. Idolatry, Narcissism and devil worship are the norm. COME OUT OF THE SOCIETY TO KEEP SOME SEMBLANCE OF SANITY CAUSE THIS IS MADNESS.

    • That is so true on so many levels. All this satanic worship,transgender,lesbian,gender fluid crap is an attack on our minds. They push it in television and films and expect the rest of to just go along with it. The sad part is so many people are brainwashed into believing this is normal behavior. This is sexual deviancy..plain and simple! Men with men..women with women..What’s next?? Sex with children and animals?? Which I think is just around the corner looking at the path this world is on. The media is ran by racist pedophiles and they want insanity to be seen as normal. Thanks for the reblog sis. I really appreciate it. We all must do our part to get the message out there.

      • Sex with Children, already being done. Research NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association). Sex with animals, already being done too I.e Bestiality porn

      • Oh yeah I know about NAMBLA very well. I had a relative tell me about them fifteen years ago. I didn’t believe him at first,I thought it was unreal. I didn’t believe such a disgusting organization could exist. But I was horrified after doing the research. They want to really recreate a modern day Babylon! A society with NO sexual limits!! We are living in very scary times brother!

      • indeed we are… and it’s only getting scarier. Which is why I am somewhat put-off from having children

      • Yeah I know what you mean. We are living in very scary times. You have to always keep your armor on and beware of the sick element around you. Everything is pretty much tainted at this point.

      • Yes the sex with children is already being done. Those pedophiles were pushing to have the same act as the homosexuals applied to them. I believe negress did a blurb on this as well. But beastiality, pedophiles are here we just have to watch and see when they legalize that circus.

      • Yes isn’t it sick?? We are living around demented pedophiles and freaks!! The children must be protected from these monsters. I’ve been thinking about doing a post on these sexual predators. They need to be exposed!

  7. Not only are they pushing this agenda but the “spokespersons” are so young! Think about the first time we saw Jaden or Keke in a film… they were most likely being exposed to this nonsense then. Amandla too! And they know the people that are checking for these celebrities, their fans, are young and very impressionable.

    The powers that be know exactly what they’re doing. If nothing else, they are experts at deception, confusion and destruction.

    • Jaden,Willow,Keke..you name it! They knows teenagers use all this social media following these people. So they use the black celebs to push it for them. The deception and confusion is through the damn roof! It really angers me to see what they’re doing to this generation!! So many of our children look up to these clowns and they’re destroying their minds For what?? For money and fame…that’s why! It’s all selfishness and greed! They don’t care about their fans at all. I keep telling people the agenda is real. And people want to attack me for it. It’s because they don’t want to face the TRUTH.

      • I was a skeptic myself years ago [or maybe I just didn’t care?], but enough research and just paying attention will expose the truth. I wondered why mediocre talent like Jennifer Lawrence, or completely talentless celebrities like Kim K, got so much attention. Anyone down for their sick agenda, in any form, will get that fame for a certain price. Now I know. And no way is it worth it.

      • That’s for sure. If you’re down with it you will be in the limelight. It’s all about selling your soul for riches. It’s a damn shame seeing my people go down this path. It’s not a good look for us at all.smh

    • I remember also when we first got introduced to Jaden , I enjoyed his movie Karate Kid and After Earth. It’s just so gut wrenching to see how much they are feminizing this young man

  8. New to your blog but already feeling at home!
    Gender fluidity is, of course, a completely fabricated state of mind designed to confuse young people and alienate them from their parents until we have a generation with no moral compass. Once you break down morals and traditional family values who else but the state will define our reality? The agenda is to trap kids at an even earlier age into a lifetime of sexual degradation and exploitation. It used to be insidious and covert but they have definitely ramped the shite up. The gays used to try to normalise their aberration by claiming that they always knew they were gay. WTF! By assigning a sexual preference and awareness to a CHILD you are declaring that children are sexual beings and therefore willing participants to sexual advances from others. Nowadays it’s cool to not be labelled and therefore become TRY-(anything)-SEXUAL.
    One more thing: Mr and Mrs Smith have not sold out because they never bought in! There elevation to highly-paid and prominent players, and this is also true of business and politics, means that they were part of the cabal from the get go. They have all traded their souls to be able to indulge in whatever cess they are addicted to with impunity. They are only obliged to behave like a cnut as and when required.
    Bless All

    • Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you agree with me. This sexual perversion is getting way out of hand. That’s why I’m so passionate about it. I do not agree with any of the crap they are force feeding us. Thanks for your insight on the subject.

  9. I wish there were more “old school” minds in the black community like back in the day to call out this bullshit! Instead we have stupid ass black women like those heffas at Racialicious[which is a total joke now] Big Bird asshole Robbin Roberts, Hoprah Whitefrey, that stupid fool Tyra the Tyrant and her sickening phony show and suspect man Wendy Williams calling Bruce Jenner a fucking “hero” WTF?! The problem is that too many Knee-grows got caught up in that “gay is the new black” bullshit then passed it along to the youth. We were NEVER taught when I was little that gay and black were the same in fact gay people were not accepted in the black community. You had those stupid loudmouth rancid hags on “The Talk” saying that designer’s son looked cute with curls and ribbons and barrettes in his hair. He looked like a damn fool! Men are different than women and they are SUPPOSED to be! Yet if you are black then say something negative about gays white assholes will try to guilt you into feeling bad. I loved the woman who said gay people didn’t have a “gays only” water fountain nor did they have to deal with the shitload of discrimination that we have faced for decades, finally someone who gets it.

  10. Speaking of trying to connect the homo agenda to black struggles–I see the theme for san francisco pride this year is “racial and economic justice”. Its probably the single largest lgbt gathering in the world. I’m going to be in the bay area that weekend. When I saw that I was like…w…t….f.
    When Amandla came out as bisexual, I was disappointed but not surprised at all. In my gut, I knew there was a reason this young lady was being made into a “star”. She was chosen for the fame spot, and I knew there was a reason.
    And yes, I was so disappointed when I heard about Keke. I saw a photo of her with a transparent top on, and both her nipples were pierced. Also, she was at the ferguson protests wildin’ in some high heels, making a mockery of the whole thing. Wasn’t she a disney kid? They have a track record of being molested; I feel something happened to her, she has been indoctrinated and programmed.
    Good observation about the jada/jaden, will/willow thing–, I thought that was cute at first. Not so much now.
    Jada and Will joined scientology awhile back, and this gender fluidity thing REEKS of L. Ron Hubbard, for those who have read Dianetics (I was thinking this before I recalled they were scientologists b/c that happened awhile ago). He’s a european homosexual loony cult leader with a strong following amongst the hollywood elites. Its all tied together.

  11. I blame Will and Jada for this. It’s one thing to provide well for your children but when you’re Black and you’re raising your children to believe that White Privilege benefits them because of proximity. Without exposing your child to their culture, unwittingly, they take on the behaviors, attitudes, and depravity of a culture of people who truly have no moral axis.

    • Will and Jada have lost their minds! They are complete sellouts! But you got some black people who still think they’re down for the people. Please! they are a bunch of Hollywood freaks! And they gave their children up to the satanic gay agenda. They should be ashamed!

  12. When I first heard of the term gender fluid, I knew it had something to do with the gay agenda and I was like “Oh God, what else are they trying to force on us now???? I just don’t know what to say about this *smdh* People are getting more and more twisted and putting the children in the middle of it. Will and Jada are a disgrace, which is why I no longer support them. Now they’re trying to force gender neutral bathrooms on us. It’s getting more and more frightening!

    What will this world be like in 10-20 years from now. I’m hoping divine intervention intervene soon cause things are going waaaay too far now.

    • Will and Jada really dropped the ball! These kids have lost their minds. They are totally down with the gay/transgender agenda. This is all designed to confuse people about gender roles. They want to get rid of all of the gender identities. Confusion and immorality is what the elite want to spread. They want a society of genderless and raceless people. That way we are all easier to control. 20 years from now?? Good lord! This place will be a cesspool! Gender neutral bathrooms will be normal,as well as sex with children and probably animals. It will be Hell on earth! And those that are against it will be seen as abnormal. By that time the internet will probably be gone or controlled by the government.

  13. I wonder what’s going on with Will’s other son. Did he escape this?

    Will Smith messed up. When it comes to hollywood, gotta learn how to ‘hit and quit.’

    • Yeah his on Trey is much more lowkey. You don’t see him much in the limelight. I think he plays football in college. If he’s smart he’ll stay away from the Hollywood acting scene. It’s run by homosexual devils.

  14. great thought provoking article. indifferent on the subject, but im very open to anything and everything and am doing my research. what im getting from the comments is that, its normal to be heterosexual because thats what caused us to have the society we have now, and we should be focused more on issues like racism, etc, than being gay or gender fluid because it only makes up 1 percent of the population? also, is it bad to be gay?

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