Why are these Black mothers supporting Hillary Clinton?

I can’t believe my eyes. Have you heard of Mothers of the Movement?  These are the mothers of slain black men and women.  They are the mothers of Eric Garner,Trayvon Martin,Sandra Bland,Jordan Davis and Dontre Hamilton.



I hate to say it but these women must’ve been paid off.  I know they are in pain about the loss of their children.  It’s a pain no mother should ever experience.  But this is just political pandering.  Hillary Clinton is just a sneaky racist opportunist.  She and her husband Bill helped put millions of black people in jail.  Bill Clinton was a big supporter of the “3 Strikes” law back in the 90’s.  And now you want us to believe they care about murdered black people??  You have got to be kidding me!  Clinton is just as racist as Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  None of them  should be trusted.


No disrespect to these mothers but they shouldn’t have endorsed this racist con artist.  This was a BIG mistake. She doesn’t give a damn about our people or our struggle. Clinton is trying to use the pain and suffering of our people to get us to vote for her.  Don’t fall for it! Do you think this was a smart move?


35 thoughts on “Why are these Black mothers supporting Hillary Clinton?

  1. kneegrows have proven that they will act against their own self interests, as long as it curry’s favor with the savage. It’s as if the savage’s garbage is worth more than their dignity a and common sense. Yet we dare chastise these betrayers of their children’s legacies, at our own reputation, because kneegrows would rather a head rub, than real reciprocity .

    • I know man. I just don’t get it! When will we wake up?? The Clintons are racist vultures! Just doing a little research and anyone can figure this out. These ladies should know this. This is total insanity! No way in Hell they should be endorsing this racist monster! No excuse for this!!

      • You are right! There is no excuse and I will not make excuses for them for doing this. Ignorance is one thing, but plain out right, stupidity is another. I am going to come right out and say it. “They are stupid!” Because the writing is all over the wall about that filthy, vile, racist snake Hillary Clinton. It is there for anyone with two eyes who wishes to open them and take a look.

        I am tired of Black folks burying their head in the sand and pretending that they don’t know what the hell is going on. With masses of information at our fingertips, there is no excuse for being blatantly stupid! Somebody need to shake some sense into them, but I fear it is too late!

        Thank you for posting this Prince.

      • Yeah this was a bad look. Everyone should know not to trust that devilish grin of Hillary. She is a very sick and twisted woman. These sistas should know better. This is so sad but there is no excuse to ignorant in the information age. I definitely feel you on that.

      • Now I have just finished reading a list of countries less happy and happiest countries!
        This is hiralarious ,the least happy countries were all Africans and most happy were Western countries! Really? Whites are more happy than us? But if they are selfish and soulless! They can be happy only if they use drug and drink alcohol!

  2. You know…I’m so tired of ignorant, naive, and clueless Knee-grows who just DON’T GET IT. This is an oxymoron. Are they award the Hillary Clinton thinks Eugenicist and racist, Margaret Sanger was a great woman? Seriously…OMG!

  3. That medusa witch-beast grimplork must really have these women under some freaky stoning spell or something cause I just don’t see how they can support that hell-spawned creature. And for the record, that photo of Hillary Clinton looks like a decaying corpse

  4. My sister always says she looks “soulless.” I agree.. and if a cornflake had a face, it’d looks like hers.

    It’s crystal clear that she’s shooting for the Black vote. It really is disgusting using these ladies’ dead children to gain attention. How can she be trusted? And everyone is talking about voting.. like we really have any say! If we did, Hitlery wouldn’t even be in the running.

    I’m beyond frustrated with people not digging a little deeper when the simple facts are right there with a few clicks on a keyboard.

  5. Who could be a politician who cares about Black People? NONE! If they have that chance, they wish they could impose slavery back again, if they could. Hillary as well as Bill adopted this attack of minorities by imprison them for minor offenses and that means big bucks for corporate prison systems in this country. They need money? Mine as well use it from poor minorities who can’t fend for themselves, right? The girl from the BLM who posted a cloth with her qoutes say it just right, it just uncovered her plastic laughing face showing her sinister IDGAF face… And still these mothers are blind? Why they supporting this bitch?

    • I know what you mean Omay. That’s what we’re all trying to figure out. It’s very confusing to most of us. All you have to do is look up this woman’s track record. She is an ENEMY to black people globally. This ugly witch can’t be trusted. These women must’ve been paid very well. Still it’s no excuse in my book.

    • They CAN reinstitute slavery Omay. I remind black people that slavery is still written into the Constitution of the United States so don’t think it can’t or won’t happen. All it takes is a simple act of Congress to make this happen.

    • Look at Scylla how kindly shutdown a young black girl in this video!
      You have to be just blind to entrust your fate in the hands of Scylla alias “Hillary” and Charybdis alias “Trump”, this Odyssey will not have a happy ending! Good Luck!

      • Yeah she wanted that girl out of there. As soon as you challenge their beliefs or ask them a REAL hard question…..they KICK you out! Killary is a very slick racist! She is an enemy to our people. That young girl should’ve spit in her face!!lol

      • She did that to another activist and whiny white assholes bitched about it. Please Shrillary is running for office so she SHOULD face scrutiny and criticism. If she can’t handle the heat, etc. I’m thrilled that her “super predators” bullshit is coming back on her ass. I absolutely do not want to see another Pimpton in the White House fuck them both!

  6. Like you said that girl could spit in her face! You as black women you trust a white devil woman who trying to shut up you? Please,no way! The majority of white women are cowards, just you look bad them,they run away from you!

  7. KILLary Clinton will NOT get my vote, personally… but really…..what choice do black folks have? It’s a sincere question. You all don’t want Donald Drumpf, Clinton, and some blacks seem to be mad at Bernie Sanders because he doesn’t support reparations…..so I ask, WHOM do you all think is the best candidate for black people? All I’m hearing is who NOT to support…I’m interested in who people ARE supporting and WHY?

    The truth is that if we disengage from the election process en masse that won’t bode well for us at all in the long run. We need to be smart about this. The problem is not the candidate, the problem is that blacks are coming from a position of disadvantage. The only solution is to build our power block and economic base to a point where it won’t matter who is in the white house, our needs will be met.

    THAT’s the inconvenient truth.

    • I used to vote Democrap…Oops! I meant Democrat for years. But I’ve since gone Independent. I really don’t trust any of these white politicians. I know damn well they are all owned by bankers and corporations. They all take bribes and will do anything to keep our people oppressed. But I do agree with you that we need an economic base and power block. But voting is futile at this point. Maybe the local elections you can make a small difference in your area. But the big Presidential elections are a waste of time. Sanders,KIllary and Donald Chump will do nothing for the suffering for black people. That’s just the sad facts.

      • Kushite…NO ONE is going to do anything for black people. That’s what I”ve been saying. Even at the local level, those black politicians have been co-opted by the very bankers and corporations that you speak of. Point me to where there is any meaningful progress being made for black people, EVEN by local politicians. Look at the mostly black cities where most of the elected officials are black, and what do you see?

        What’s not being said in these conversations is that MOST politicians see black Americans as a losing bet, EVEN black politicians. This is why our needs are not met and our issues are not addressed. They use their positions to cozy up to bankers and corporations to advance their interests at their personal gains.

        And to the contrary, voting does work, but it only works if there is an organized collective behind it. Blacks do not understand the power of organized group efforts, so we remain fragmented and get nothing. We don’t understand the concept of holding our elected officials accountable for their actions. If elected officials feared black retribution via voting their asses out of office then you’d see some real progress being made for black people.

        You really can’t blame the players for exploiting the weaknesses of the people for their personal gain. That strategy is as old as man himself and proves very effective.

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