People trying to escape their ancestry

Great new blog! This brother has some very useful information on African history and culture. I found his blog to be very educational. Be sure to check it out,you’ll be glad you did.



Try to deny and forget your history as a person, your family, your home, your name, your own personal interests, your friends, your family background. How would you operate normally? Would you understand people who interact with you based on your past and their relationship with you? Would you recognise your friends? Would you recognise your address? Would you recognise whose phone it is in your pocket?

With all that said we know literally nobody would be able to function sanely, but Afrikans outside of the motherland and EVEN GROUPS IN AFRIKA, are unable to see this as a hindrance. Shocking isn’t it, that groups of indigenous Afrikans in South Afrika seek acceptance and deny their own heritage, deny their own past relationship with European invaders and even allow Europeans to escape punishment for reconciliation. These people saw ‘European Only’ but have even allow Boers to steal their identity have many…

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