Whitewashing of the Black Woman’s Image

fSPerfect Match..

The film The Perfect Match comes out today. I saw the  trailer for this  so-called “black romantic comedy” last week. It stars Terrence J,Cassie Ventura,Lauren London,Paula Patton,Dascha Polanco and Donald Faison. It looks like your typical romantic comedy Hollywood usually gives us.  The acting is not very good and we’ve seen this storyline countless times before. But that’s not my problem with the film.

What’s very disturbing is this film is being pushed in the urban(black)markets.  It’s been all over BET,TV One and many black radio stations.  I found this disturbing because all the main women in the film are biracial women.  All the women that are supposed to be desirable are mixed/biracial women.  The main love interest is played by actress/singer Cassie Ventura.  She’s most known for being  music producer Sean Combs on again/off again girlfriend. She’s not that great of a singer to begin with so I guess she wants to take a chance at acting.  Apparently  she’s not that great of an actress either. But Cassie is not even a black woman.  Her father is Filipino. And her mother is Black and Mexican.  Then there’s actress Lauren London.  Who is most know from the film ATL(2006). She also is know for having a baby with wannabe gangster rapper Lil Wayne.  Does that make her baby mama number 5 or 6?  Who knows?  Any Lauren’s father is a Jewish man and her mother is black. And actress Dascho Polanco is a mixed race Dominican woman.  This is the same old promotion of the “exotic mixed race” woman.  Once again we see the elimination of the dark-skinned African looking woman.  They do this over and over again. How can you have a “black film” with no women that LOOK black?  This is another slap in the face to black women!  And another example of whitewashing the black woman’s image. I’ve covered this topic before a few months ago.


And this issue of pushing biracial woman as a better alternative to black woman is disgusting.  It’s an insult to all the beautiful dark skinned sistas out there. But this promotion of biracial/whitewashing of black women has been on an upswing the last few years.

Nina Simone1..

But nothing is more insulting than the upcoming Nina Simone biopic.  The director of the film cast Zoe Saldana as Nina.  This was an insult right from the start. Zoe Saldana has a Dominican father and Puerto rican mother.  Her biography says she also has Hatian and Lebanese roots.  But Nina Simone was unapologetically black.  She was a dark skinned woman with full lips and African textured hair.  All her life Nina was called ugly and unattractive because she looked African.  Saldana can’t relate to that.  She may be of African descent but her life is not a reflection of what Nina endured. The way Nina was treated was part of her music. It was the embodiment of who she was as a black woman. Also the family of Simone has denounced the film and were not involved. If Saldana had any integrity she would’ve turned this film down.  The put dark makeup on her and gave her a fake nose.  What the hell??I know she wanted a paycheck but this role is horrible for her.  She is not right for this role.  Why not just hire a dark skinned actress who can also sing?  Why not Lauryn Hill or India Arie?  Either one of them  would’ve  been better choices in my opinion. And I’m sure Simone would not approve of this.  This is nothing but a modern day blackface minstrel!

This is an interesting video.  It’s a few black actresses in Hollywood giving their opinion on Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone.  Most of them gave politically correct answers.  You can tell that they were very uncomfortable not wanting to admit that a more black looking woman should’ve gotten the role.  Although actress Sheryl Lee Ralph was probably the most honest.

Coretta Scott King..

This casting of biracial/mixed has been going on for quite awhile.  Biracial actress Carmen Ejogo was cast as Coretta Scott King twice. Once in the film Boycott(2001) and the film Selma(2014).

Harriet Tubman...

In the film Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter(2012)biracial actress Jacqueline Fleming played black hero Harriet Tubman.  Fleming looks nothing like Tubman at ALL!! This was an insult to our great abolitionist hero!  This is an attack on the African looking woman and the destruction of her image.  Some may think this is a small issue. But I disagree totally.  The media is blatantly whitewashing the image of black women on purpose.


And in may cases they will lighten the skin of an actress on a magazine cover. As in the case of Lupita Nyong’o on the cover of Dazed & Confused…among others.


Kerry W...

8 Cases Where A Black Celebrity Was Whitewashed For A Magazine Cover or Ad Campaign


Proud Black Woman

African Woman

This whitewashing has to STOP!  This is a disgrace to all African women. And I want sistas to know that there are millions of brothers that love and support you.  I have talked to black men who have told me that they reject this whitewashing of Hollywood.  They love their sistas and reject this false image the media throws at us. So sistas stand tall and proud! You do not have to be mixed and biracial to be beautiful. You are beautiful just the way you are.  Much love to you…and stay strong. ❤


35 thoughts on “Whitewashing of the Black Woman’s Image

  1. Great post! I love when you give your opinion in your own words.

    Although I don’t think issues like this should be ignored, We need to stand together and not support them. And that doesn’t mean to just make it trend on twitter but do not support these films or shows or tv stations that shove this “lighter is better” image. Ever. No money, no time. Not even when it gets to Netflix.

    Black women are so beautiful in all their shades, but it is insulting to see the mixed race/racial ambiguity tv takeover-same show, different cast playing out over + over. It’s old. And in films like this, I look at it like dark women are unworthy of love. When I watched the first season of How To Get Away With Murder, the only Black couple on the show was portrayed by a pretty dark-skinned woman but her fiancé turned out to be gay so it didn’t work. There’s always a dirty twist to why Black couples never make it in most films and shows. I wish more of us would wake up to why “they” don’t want the Black woman and Black man to be seen together unless we’re slaves or ultra ghetto, fighting over who’s the father or acting like Uncle Toms.

    Again, great post. Apologies for the rant.

    • Thanks Kelley. I have to keep addressing this issue because it’s a serious problem. The trailer for this film is very disturbing. This whitewashing nonsense has to STOP! It is destroying the self esteem of young black girls. Someone has to speak out on this. And the Nina Simone film is total garbage! I will not support that film. And I will not support The Perfect Match either. They are trying to erase the image of the black woman. We as a community must get the word out that we will not support the destruction of our black mother. These biracial/mixed breeds are getting WAY too much exposure. And black men have to speak out against this crap!! And you’re right,it promoted the idea that dark skinned women don’t deserve love and are unwanted. Which are all LIES.
      That show Get Away with Murder is horrible. The whol show promoted interracial,lesbian and gay lifestyle. Of course the black man turned out to be gay. What would you expect?lol We know how they operate in Hollyweird. They fear black love and black unity.
      And it’s okay to rant…that’s what this blog is for.lol

      • Completely agree. We have to hit em where it hurts: their pockets. Don’t even go to the movies to see this crap, even if you win tickets!

        HTGAWM is crazy! I love Viola so much but I think I watched one or two episodes of the second season and I had to go when she kissed that woman! Plus why was her lover Black but not her husband? It’s all too much.

        Hollywood is a very ugly, dark place.

      • Yeah they only listen to dollar sings in Hollywierd. Yes Viola is a talented actress but they use our most beautiful and talented against us. I also think Aja Naomi King on that show. She is a stunning beauty but she’s really underused in Hollywood. They don’t know what to do with attractive,talented black women in that town. If you want to work in that town you MUST be don with interracial sex,transgender and homosexual lifestyle. If you’re not cool with that….you wont get work. And you’ll never be a BIG star. Viola kissing a woman??? YUCK!! Don’t tell me let me guess….it was a white woman right?? Sick bastards!

      • Yes! You know it! It was an actress I remember from the X-Men movies. I had to turn off the tv and go to my room, read and try to un-see what I’d just witnessed! It was crazy.
        I just wish we would make better choices when it comes to acting and just say no to roles like that. Even the Black men in this Perfect Match movie need to pass. They’re all a part of the bigger problem as well as Black people who blindly spend their time
        + money to support these productions.

      • Yeah you probably wanted to throw up!lol It’s sad because Viola is such a gifted actress. But they want to get steady work in Hollywood. And like I said you MUST be down for interracial and the gay aenda. Or they will lick your ASS out of Hollywood! You would never become a big star in their world. And yes those brothers should’ve said NO to this colorist garbage of a film. But of course..they want a paycheck too. We have to have higher standards and self respect. Something that is lacking very much these days.

      • Yea no monetary amount is worth the amount of destruction they perpetuate. Movie after movie. And I used to wonder why they’d so often cast the same actor[s], sometimes not even that talented-like Jennifer Lawrence and Ben Affleck. Probably some sort of initiation/contractual bind for a certain amount of money or fame or invite to the oscars.

        As always, thank you for tackling the ugly topics some folks just overlook. And it is refreshing to hear a knowledgable brother’s perspective.

      • I have noticed this for YEARS from watching soap operas {guilty pleasure] the man is always dark of night and she’s always damn near white! And I do mean ALWAYS it never changes or deviates from the Hollyweird pattern. On top of that they peddle this bullshit to black men, I have yet to see the woman who played Laurence Fishburne’s girlfriend in “School Daze” in anything else. Side note Indie Arie looks very different she has lighten her skin considerably. Many people were upset that Zoe “opportunist” Saldana was cast and I can see why, bitch loves proclaiming that she is not about color yet takes roles specific to black women! Gene Roddenberry wrote the part of Uhura FOR Nichelle Nichols. Then this ho comes along and plays her and Nina but she ain;t black WHAT! Zoe is a fake exploitive little sneak just like Halle Berry. Say one thing then do another still look at where Halle is now I think Zoe will get her Karma very soon.

  2. @ Kushite Prince
    Dark skinned black women have been saying this for longest but we get ridicule when we speak up about it. Even in music you’ll have black giving preferences lighter skinned, biracial or non black women props but never the dark skinned black that is the original woman.

    • I agree. back in the eighties there were al ot of mixed and lighter skinned women in the videos. The nineties were a little better fro darker skinned women. But it’s getting way out of hand now. They’re doing movies where every woman is mixed??? Insanity!

    • Why is it every time Hollywood is criticized some whiny black person has to bring up rappers?! in case you didn’t know light skin has been around for a LONG time, longer than anybody here was even born so come off with the it’s black males fault!

  3. When I first saw the trailer for that film, I knew that I won’t be supporting this movie. I was like “what the entire fuck?!?!” This is supposed to be a black love movie??? No doubt there is a concerted effort to erase the dark-skinned black woman from ALL facets of society.

    Nowadays, everyday black women are gettin’ slaps in the face left and right. From anti-black woman propaganda in tv and film to anti-black woman slander on social media to our contributions and bodies getting appropriated by non-black women to getting disrespected, disregarded, demeaned, dismissed from non-blacks and our own people.

    Black Women are the ONLY group on the planet who are unprotected. Many sistas are saying people (even many of our own) don’t see us as human beings but as a superwoman/jezebel/mammy caricature to be abused, mocked and ridiculed with impunity.

    P.S. Great memes, I’m gonna have to borrow them, lol!

    • When I saw this trailer I knew I had to do a post on it. I was really disgusted! How can anyone deny this effort to erase our sistas? It’s right in our face! All these damn mixed breeds being out on a pedestal. The Nina Simone film will FLOP! I will never support crap like that. And the slandering of black women on social media is way out of hand. It’s over the top! They want to dehumanize and make black women look less than human. And ONLY if they are mixed are the acceptable. The mixed race women are more pleasing to the white eyes of the public. And now stupid ass negroes are co-signing the erasure of the African woman. All the Uncle Tom ass kissing punks have to be called out. The Perfect Match is a pro-biracial film. Is anti-black to the fullest! We must NOT support this brainwashing filth!
      Yeah I’m sure you will take my memes. Just give me credit for it.lol

    • Then you need to take the fight to them! As well as black women who exploit other black women for profit cough Oprah cough. Black women were all up white women’s asses when this was Anita Hill and Janay Rice but now have to sing a different song when you find out they were playing you for chumps. We ALL need to take accountability for not standing up to bullshit. When the media was attacking Janet or Vanessa Williams many black women that hurry to protect black women from black men were SILENT. Everybody should step up and that includes not supporting this garbage, I damn sure don’t want to see that Nina mess hell I won’t pay ANY money for another Zoe project.

  4. We as black women need to put all of our pettiness aside that we have for each other & unit to protect Black Womanhood. We’re going to have too start standing up for ourselves, expressing our problems, start demanding respect, & promoting positive images of black womanhood. But first we need to start changing our mindset on how we carry ourselves as individual especially we think of ourselves dealing with self-esteem. Also we need to start calling each other out when we are in the wrong but in a positive way. Furthermore we need better role models for our future generations young black women to follow. We as black women need to stop supporting people that disrespect black womanhood. We need to especially start demanding respect in our own communities especially among black men.

    • Yes I agree Shanequa. I think protecting Black womanhood is very important. That’s a big reason I did this post. It’s important that sistas change their mindset and how they carry themselves in public. But you’re correct that they demand respect from us brothers as well. We have to work together and realize that we need one another. And yes we do need better role models. But films like tis do not help at all. This whitewashing craziness has to stop!

  5. You know brother I have the same skin colour of Carmen Ejogo,but I wasn’t born from the union between a black father and white mother, even both my parents were blacks! Very often both blacks and whites, they have me confused for a mixed woman because of the color of my skin! They asked me some many stupid questions, then why your skin is caramel? Why the palm of your hands is white? Why? So,What?
    But in Brazil there are various shades of black, so to have light skin you should be the son of who or no?
    They invented the stereotype that all dark skinned women have all the nappy hair, wide nose and big lips! Isn’t true because I have all these include hair,nose and lips!
    Whites are a nation of ignorant and uncivilized!
    They state that the mixed people are more attractive no because they are mixed, because having white blood in their veins, they approach the ideal of white beauty! Automatically they don’t recognize their black side but white side,
    why they invented the term biracial or mixed to separate the black part in their children! More light you are more they feel comfortable to talk with you or stay close to you!

    • A strange thing that I always noticed, most of interracial couples that I saw, WM and WW with very dark skinned partners! If WM find dark skinned women ugly why they date this kind of women?
      As for the WW, I know the reason, and I don’t want even to describe why I find it offensive and depraved!
      Because I don’t believe their statement, I don’t see the reason to date someone who is a truly dark skinned,if in reality they don’t feel comfortable with blacks!

      • Many times it’s a fetish. I’ve had white women tell me they love my dark skin. They try to compliment you so they can get you in bed. I never fell for their mind games. Most of them see blacks as less than animals and want to use us as sexual toilets. I suggest black women get hip to this game as well. Stay away from these nasty ass white devils! They just want to sexually experiment with black women.

    • You’re right on the money! It’s all about how much “white blood” you have. This is truly anti-blackness! Being more white means you are more civilized and more attractive in their eyes. Our sistas don’t have to be mixed at all. The Perfect Match is a horrible film. It promotes biracial beauty as better and pushes the idea of black self hated. We can’t support these type of “black films”. Love story??? Please! This film is cow manure!!

      • The idea that Hollywood has about black women is double standard! Dark skinned women like Nina Simone, don’t deserve light!
        Because Hollywood doesn’t give a shit, if they throw a black face to light skinned actress!
        The biography movie Nina Simone could have given a too positive image to dark skinned women!
        The features too African and too dark,
        It wasn’t suitable for white audency and especially for black audency about the problem of colourism! Have you seen the new trailer the Ghostbusters? Ironically they put a dark skinned actress, she is fat, with bad attitude,too loud, not particularly attractive! These are the roles for dark skinned women!
        However Kerry Washington in “The Last King of Scotland” she was really more dark, in fact when I saw her, I didn’t recognized her!
        I think she bleached her skin!
        With regard to white women, you were right to not fall into their trap! White women are a trouble, you could have had to deal with the “crisis of Biracial!”.

      • I agree. That’s why casting Zoe was insulting to dark skinned women. And they have every right to be offended. This white woman that directed this garbage knew what she was doing casting Zoe in that role. It’s appalling and we should boycott this crappy film!

  6. I’m glad you decided to shed some light on this disturbing ass phenomenon. In all honesty, I barely glimpsed the trailer for this while flipping through the channels some time last week and I was not impressed, it reminded me of Jumping The Broom with Laz Alonzo being paired with Paula Patton, not that I have anything personally against her. And don’t forget that cheesy romantic comedy Bachelor Party with Christian Keyes and Lamman Rucker where Christian Keyes’ character was an actor hired to be a pretend boyfriend for Essence Atkins’ character. I’m honestly getting so tired of all these biracial women flooding the screen, it’s like an overload so much so it’s becoming rather nauseating

    • Yeah it’s getting ridiculous at this point. This biracial push is being done on purpose. It’s all about erasing the African woman worldwide. I had to do a post on this brainwashing tactic. It’s a real insult to black women. These films are an embarrassment!

    • Worse than that is they think it’s progress like on the show “Suits” which features ONLY biracial women so they producers can break an arm patting themselves on the back with this pseudo interracial love story when she looks almost as white as her male co-star! Please.

  7. The movie “The Perfect Match” still carry the stigma that if a black man spouse or girlfriend is lighter it enhances there status. Also it gives off that lighter skinned or biracial people have a better chance on both marriage & employment opportunities.These types of images seen negative message to our people especially on how they view black & beautiful. But if you look back at the history of black media the lighter skinned woman has been the package ideal beauty in the black community if not a darker skinned black woman that doesn’t have strong African features.

  8. This isn’t new, it’s been going on for decades at least. The question is, what are we gonna do about it? Not only should we boycott Hollywood, we should create our own films, TV shows, etc.

    • I feel you. We shouldn’t support films and tv shows that degrade our people. We have to speak with our wallets. And like I’ve said countless times on this blog…YES we need our own studios and production companies. That way no one can tell us what stories we can make and how to make them.. We just have to do it ourselves. Our oppressors will never tell our stories correctly. Why would they? Their whole objective is to degrade and dehumanize African people.

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