Are Black people walking Zombies?


Genocide is real. We have seen it through Apartheid, all over Africa and in Germany prior to World War II. Eugenics (population control) is real. Ethnic BioWeapons are real. But all that being sad, what are you doing while the powers that be are trying to exterminate your entire “race” or ethnicity? Maybe you don’t worry about it, refuse to think about it, don’t know about it or simply pray about it and go on while it happens all around you. Maybe you think you are exempt or maybe you even feel there is nothing you can do. But every one of these thoughts is either inaccurate or incomplete. It’s time to wake up, get up, step up and speak up. Sticking your head in the sands of denial will not solve anything.


We are watching our children be poisoned by water filled with lead, and not just in Michigan. Many more of us should be purchasing a $10 water test kit from home depot and testing our water all around the country. But many of you will unfortunately do nothing because you are waiting on your white savior government to come rescue you instead. African Americans our health, safety and economic prosperity are up to US, not any government, doctor nor anybody of any other color. When our people realize that as a people, we will rise to what we should have already become. Stop waiting, stop hoping and start making things happen.

We are watching our families disintegrate from the infection of homosexuality, transgender nonsense, emasculation, broken relationships and abortion. We say we need Planned Parenthood without realizing that Margaret Sanger who created it was a strong believer in the “master race” theory that Hitler tried to create. Planned Parenthood was placed in the African American community to reduce our population by killing as many unborn African American babies as possible. Wake up.

African Americans are staying more informed on who won the game than who may be the next President, a position that will clearly impact our lives through healthcare, entitlement programs, race relations and police brutality.

You are either part of the solution or part of the problem – and if you do nothing while we are being exterminated, don’t complain about it when it arrives at your door.

A few years ago the CDC released a Zombie Control Plan and those who knew about it laughed. Those who did not know about it were likely many of the very people referenced in the plan. Take away the reanimation element of zombies in scary movies and what do you have left? A dumbed down, clueless human being whose mental faculties have been reduced to our most primitive state. The African American community is becoming and has largely become a bunch of zombies – passive, clueless and asleep or with little or no awareness of what is going on around us. Therefore our people as a whole stand by while we are being exterminated because they don’t have a clue it is happening. Wake up.

We eat slave food filled with grease (Ox Tails, Chitterlings, Pig Feet, Turkey Necks etc.). We smoke mind altering marijuana laced with rat poison and embalming fluid. We fight, shoot and kill each other. We pack the jails and prisons and courts and child support offices. Though is it not all African Americans, far too many of us rely on the government to fix our water or to provide food, housing, safety, baby formula and healthcare. And we blame the “white” man or the government or the job when we do not achieve. It’s time to wake up and stop being a zombie who is participating in our own extermination.

Our role models are rich adulterous comedians, unmarried, unfulfilled talk show hosts and grown men who play games by bouncing, throwing or catching a ball for a living. who have no idea who God is. Our children are angry, confused about their roles, their gender and their education. Quality family time is a relic of our past and we allow our children to be raised by Xbox, Playstation, Kim Kartrashian dysfunctional families, Kanye, glorified booty shakers for money like Beyonce’, Rihanna and Nikki Minaj and self destructive rap or hip hop that degrades our people through obscenity and materialism. This stuff has been planted into our communities to destroy us. Yet we make excuses and defend the right to be or stay ignorant, saggin (niggas spelled backwards) and lost. Yes the impact of being a zombie has set in. Is it any wonder that people of other ethnic groups see us as expendable? And if “black lives matter” as our people promote, then why do so many of us keep killing, bringing down and stealing from each other? Programmed zombies but identity is the cure.


There are African American churches everywhere you turn but yet crime, poverty, divorce, homelessness, joblessness, infidelity and disease are everywhere too. Why?

Our people will come to a riot or a protest, not even really knowing what they are angry about. Our people will go to a game or an emasculated Tyler Perry play. Our people will show up to blame somebody else, whether it is the police officer who slammed the child we refused to discipline or the teacher who could not teach our children because we would not reinforce the value of education. But try to get those same people to peacefully join together for a cause, show up at a voting booth, listen to educational talk radio or support African American businesses in our own neighborhood. You will hear the sound of crickets.


It does not have to be this way and we can reverse the downward spiral of our people. When is the last time you sat down for dinner as a family – no cell phones allowed? Or did you just say you were too busy? When is the last time you pulled out your phone to look up the effects of marijuana, not just to get on Facebook? When is the last time you checked your children’s homework, or volunteered at the school? When is the last time you attended a community meeting to make your neighborhood safer without blaming somebody else? When is the last time you lifted someone up, built someone up or reached out when you did not have to? Or are you waiting on Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and others to come tell you to do it? Oh yes it’s time to wake up and make a difference.

If you don’t like the claims in this article, wake up and see for yourself.

The answer starts with identity and personal accountability. We have to know who we are as a people, not who we have been defined to be by others. We are not “black” people because black is the color of your car tires, not your skin. We are a great people with great potential but that has been hidden, forgotten and discarded. Physical slavery did a number on our people and mental slavery took the second shift to finish the job. But it’s time to wake up. We did not all come from the jungle and jump to the beat of the drums. Our people were all over this planet and impacted societies and cultures on every continent. We have forgotten who we are so we act the slaves American has made us to be. Wake up. Please wake up.

Article written by Marque Anthony

42 thoughts on “Are Black people walking Zombies?

  1. Well, there is not going to any help coming from Negro churches because they are worse than churches frequented by the Caucasoid. I have yet to attend a church frequented by mostly Negroes that held fundraisers to help Negroes remain in their homes or even attempted to stop gentrification from claiming so many neighborhoods that have been reclaimed by the whites.

    The descendants of slaves here in AmeriKKKa have been brainwashed real good! There is no need to think for yourself if someone else has already done the thinking for you and implanted his views inside your head and so therefore, if you have been told what to think, what to buy, what to worship and what to despise, it shuts down any critical thinking processes. There is no need for parts of the brain to be activated and get all pistons firing in an attempt to counter the brainwashing. Simply go with the flow. And this is what happens.

    Also, the problem is, we got nothing to work with. I see the way many of us behave and it is downright embarrassing. We open our mouth and the ignorance just flows out. SIGH! I don’t have the answers. I’ve tried in my own way in real time to counter the propaganda, the lies and the brainwashing but to no avail and you know that on my blog, likewise. But it gets us nowhere.

    But this article is spot on and well worth the read and I highly recommend it! Thank you for posting it!

    • Thanks Shelby! We are in a bad situation. But with determination and working together,we can get out of it. But we need to wake up and promote unity between our people. But I haven’t given up on our people.

  2. This article speaks volume in everything we face, our people are so dumb down that I face the fact many will not make it. If you listen to the average black person conversation %99.9 of the time it doesn’t involve what we should be doing/building for our people. We need to address each other with respect & love, because saying I love you to our sistah’s & brothers is becoming less of in the community. Social media (Facebook, snapchat, instagram&etc.) is another blockage which keeping our people from focusing on what we should be doing as a people. Since you mention about marijuana in the post, it has been one of the top drug substance among our people, but now they have moved on to more harsher/stronger drugs. Our people are like children love to be entertain & bicker among each other over non sense, and etc.

    • I agree. We have to realize the bad conditions we’re in. The time for games is over. We have to change our mindset and get serious. All hope is not lost. But time is running out. Thanks for the comment.

    • Shanequa:
      You know, it does get tiring at times. But if you look at what is being done DAILY to our people? Somehow you find the strength for keep going. Its funny, I recall when an older sibling introduced me to consciousness-raising and I have not looked back since. At the time, she told me that “I was ripe for it due to my temperance and one could not tell me “no”…lol! Fast forward, for some years now I have been in “on the front lines” doing all that I can, what I can to alert and wake up our people. Facebook, etc. is what it is: Social Media. And really does NOT help in the critical-thinking process for ourselves as a people. Gossip, belittling others,” jokes and entertainment” is UP high on the list of “entertainment” for us and little concern for building for ourselves, self-determination, unity, etc. I wonder if our plight is so far gone that many of us HAVE resorted to this? Sad. I think that one of the biggest problems our people face is that of many not wanting to think for themselves, waiting for “answers” from someone else when you can be your own best researcher and pick your own brain r or “I don’t want to end up like Malcolm X or Dr. King, in short, scared to make a move.” As I have stated before, “an intelligent person is a person that is informed, seeking out information and some of us just refuse to do so. Not to mention that percentage that is apathetic and lazy. I call it like I see it and I make no apologies for it.
      “All of us will NOT be saved and is just the plain reality of it. “

  3. Great read. I agree with almost everything said here. We really have no time to waste fighting amongst ourselves over bullshit. [Excuse my language.]

    I see that you didn’t write this piece, but I’d love to read/hear your views on voting.
    Thanks for sharing this, KP.

    • I went independent years ago. But I used to vote every four years for the Presidential election. But none of them will do anything for black people. They all work for the same crooks. And most of them are rich racists who look down on black people. Killary,Colonel Sanders,and Adolf Trump will NOT stop oppression. The voting in your local city elections has more effect on your daily life than the Presidential elections. I could see voting on those. But the major Presidential elections are pretty useless. Not to sound negative..just being real.

      • I appreciate the honesty. And I knew you’d give me a real answer.
        The presidential election is all people seem to want to discuss these days. But you can’t have an opinion if you’re not voting, right?

        I’m just ready for it to be over.

      • I know I feel that way a lot too. I think people ar getting fed up with the political process.They are realizing that the politicians will say anything to get elected. And we have a lot of black people that are so gullible they fall for it every year. I think many if us just feel hopeless so they pick they lesser of two evils. It’s very frustrating at times. But at least I know the truth of what’s going on. I would hate to be in the dark and not know. Like I always say…ignorance is NOT bliss.

      • But then they come at you with “our ancestors fought for us to vote” which is true… but now that fight reminds me of the oscars to white controversy and integration-I mean it wasn’t and isn’t set up for US to be included and actually prosper.

        I’m just venting.Thanks for the feedback.

      • We must respect our ancestors and what they did for us. They did what they believed was right for us at that time. But we understand the system a lot better now. Sixty years ago there was no Twitter,Youtube,Facebook,Instagram or WordPress. Now we can share information faster and spread the TRUTH. This is one of the reasons the government wants to regulate the internet. I fear they want to do it like they do in China. Too many people are waking up and raising their consciousness. That is NOT what they want. They want to suppress the truth about their deception. So enjoy the internet while you have

      • Exactly. Times have changed quite a bit!

        We should all be doing our part to spread love and awareness while its here and uncensored.

      • That’s true. Take advantage of it while it’s still here. It’s important that we share information with each other. We have to keep our people informed.

  4. Peace,

    Zombie preparation is only preparation against an unorganized people. Lacking organization, white people are prepared to deal with Black people.

  5. Your post reminds me of all the Apocalyptic films that whites have done! These movies I have left, and When post-apocalyptic, end of the world stories like ‘Mad Max’ or ‘Zombieland’ are consistently all-white or white Majority,
    they send the message POC That do not make it through the apocalypse. And when to futuristic sci-fi stories like ‘Her’ are consistently all white, they send the message That white people just do not see us in the future, plain and simple. (Similar messages are sent with the refusal to feature Black people, and especially Black women, in superhero films- we are just not ‘super.’)
    They’re definitely trying to send a message, which were reading loud and clear. When they make these futuristic movies, whether dystopian or utopian, without any Black characters in them, they’re saying that they don’t want us to exist anymore. Think about it; these are the people who are going to propagate the rest of the human race, right? Then why are all the humans in the future (with a few tokens) white? Bottom line is, they don’t want a world that has diversity in the future, and if that means not having people of different races and ethnicities be around (even though most of the world is not white) so be it. Furthermore, and this really disturbs me, what exactly happened to make all those people disappear? I hope that more and more people will wake up and see what’s really going on!

    • That is so true! That is very well said! We have to remember they love to tell us the truth in their films. Many times it’s coded and you have to be able to read between the lines. You have a very perceptive eye. Thank you for the wonderful comment.

      • You remember THE MATRIX? It was the true example of what they are planning for us! There were many other version of Matrix and I remember one of these in particular! Where the beginning there were machines and robots everywhere is the relationship between humans and non-humans was normal, but then went into escalation so, the machines won and it completely destroyed human civilization and the world!
        The message of this film was, why not prevent what is already known in advance?
        They are trying to reproduce in their laboratory robots and humanoids similar to human beings!
        We, in all aspects we are becoming a burden to them, why constantly they try to eliminate us in anyway?
        This is another message that they are sending to us “they no longer need us!”
        Our ancestors have done, and today we are still the engine of their racist society, because they enjoy their privileges on our shoulders, until they find a way to animate these beings, then they will completely eliminate us!

  6. Are black people walking zombies? Very prudent question and quite honestly the answer is a resounding yes.

  7. @ Prince Kushite

    Sorry for throwing your post off topic but as a black woman I’m very concern.

    As a black woman this have become a real big concern with me among our black sisters in the community. I would like to hear your opinion about how some black women are killing & destroying their bodies to get a perfect body. Furthermore, these small waist & big butts are starting to look cartoonist. We have our sisters going to get illegal butt injections or wearing waist & butt trainers to give an illusion of a perfect body. I will include some of our sisters are suffering from bulimia & anorexia. This mental illness is being annoy in the black communities of our sisters that are suffering in silence. Back then our sisters weren’t doing crazy obscene mess with there bodies like this but now its out of control. Our sister went from being a shame of having dark skin, afro texture hair to body shaming. The self esteem of some of our sisters has hit a low point in their lives. Our sisters are going after this Hollywood trophy woman illusion on what is consider beautiful.

    Here are links to several stories of black women dying are damaging their bodies but there have been more stories similar to these.

      • Do you know for us black women an aesthetic surgery is very dangerous? We can’t make an intervention in the nose because the conformation of our nasal bone is very strong and hard, such changes lead to complications such as black marks in our face, or breathing problems! I pray to God to give me more curves to my body,
        and some sisters are ashamed to have curves! They want to mutilate their beautiful body for what? To look like a mannequin without lifeless and meat? Wow crazy, just the idea of looking like a man see “white women” for example I feel bad!

    • I remember yesterday I came across an article in which the sista discussed how the current black beauty standard is just as dangerous as white one (I’m gonna post that article sometime on my blog fighting misogynoir). We know that the beauty standards in the black community mirrors the white beauty standard; light skin, straight hair, European facial features, with a big booty.

      That’s what some sistas are aspiring too unfortunately because we are told we need to have light skin, straight hair, and European features to be considered beautiful. Yet at the same time, we’re told if we don’t have a big booty then we are not a “real” black woman.

      We also need to be honest that since men set the standards of beauty, women do these things for the male gaze. We want to please men and want them to consider us attractive, so many of us go to great lengths putting our health and lives at risks just to please men. That’s what its mostly about. It just sooo sad.

  8. Oh yes, the AA collective are zombies. I stumbled across a blogger who said that she believed the AA collective is in it’s final stage of becoming a super economic underclass. Others have said this for years. Only those who are prepared will escape, which won’t be many.

    Pan-Africanist and pan-african scholars; Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Claude Anderson and others have been warning AAs to get their shit to together for years. Many of us are waaay too busy trying to appease and please white people. Obsessed with trivial shit like who’s dark, who’s light who’s hair is the straightest, who’s hair is the nappiest, who is attractive or un attractive, who can sex the most non-blacks, etc, etc. Being Zombies will come back and bite the AA collective in the ass. Then niggas can’t say they haven’t been warned.

    • Wilson was right. Too many negroes are fast asleep. I really fear for our people.I think at the end of this election things will get very UGLY. We need to prepare for the worst. We need to get educated on survival skills. I have stocked up on water,canned goods,weapons,toilet paper etc. I suggest you do the same. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. I know many of our people wont make it through the coming economic collapse.

    • Say that! @ OriginalBlackWoman.

      EVERTHING that you named was on the money! These current generations? Many (not all) are lost as hell in my book and I also note that many do mimic the behaviors of their parents! If the parent(s) is/are lost, look at what we are faced with. guess that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree! But I do believe that besides the waves of anger we see present, that it is coupled with arrogance and ego. Many are walking time-bombs or “with an attitude” as some of my younger counter-parts would say and others “catch hell” simply for breathing the same air.

      Some are zombies for they “feed” off one another.

  9. What a time to be alive !This is a good article and the comments are even better. I think everybody( the so called black people) of America are all in some way frustrated, from the oppression we face day by day because it is a lot going on in 2016 and there’s a lot that’s been going on all the way up to 2016, and were at the end of something and it getting intense.Our people are the ones who need help the most, you can get you some money or an education or be a conscious adept, but if your people are not getting the same education or finance and spritual guidence, then when you make it, you have a kind of making it out guilt, feeling sorry for your people who are being oppressed by their own people and are not clever,smart or mentally,physcally,spritually fit for this battlefield that was once a civilized world.But due to the Popes or Rome and these big corporations and certain doctrines like the Willie Lynch letter ad the Christian black coded or 1724 taught our people to hate instead of love and this self hate that has developed over the over the years has boiled over to the point we are literally WALKING DEAD (BRAIN DEAD ) to the point where we are out of control inferior,fearful,faithless etc.We must do what we can with what we got, it’s survival of the fittest people are sick, suffering from mentally transmitted diseases, and the rabbit hole get deep , our people who probably need this information in this article the most are probably smoking a blunt drinking liquor trying to forget about the poor reality they are stuck in, or working so hard they tune real world problems out and create a illusion for themselves, I pray for us and do what I can to support but we have we have to get ready for something big, and I think we all can agree on that.

    • Brain dead is a perfect description. Our people have lost their minds! We have really become fearful and scared to act. We are just reactionary when we should be proactive. We have truly become zombies. But all hope is not lost. We can still get our act together. We have to keep pushing and work together as a unit. We can reverse this zombie-like state we’re in. But it will take a lot of work to do so.

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