Superman vs Batman(Black Man vs White Man) Metaphorical Lesson


When I was growing up I used to love comic books.  I read most books from the Marvel or DC Comics.  I used to read Spiderman,The Hulk,Fantastic Four,Auqa Man,Wolverine,The Flash,Iron Man,Thor,Captain America and of course…The Black Panther.  As a young kid I was fascinated by this make believe world of heroes with super human strength.  As a nine year old kid it was kind of an escape from reality. I really felt like I knew the superheroes in many ways.  But two of the biggest superheroes were Superman and Batman.  They are by far the two biggest characters in the DC universe.  They both have had successful comic books and solo films. But lately there has been a lot of hype about their new film coming out on March 25,2016.


The entire comic book world has been waiting for his match up a very long time. There’s supposed to be a great fight between them in the film.  And many comic fans are picking sides. As a kid I always believed that the X Men seemed very familiar to me.  They were mutants with super powers and the world hated them.  It seems as though the whole premise was based off the struggle of black people. It seems my instincts were right.  X men creator Stan Lee admitted a few years back that they were based off of the Civil Rights movement of the sixties. It always seems quite obvious to me. Which brings me to Superman and Batman. There’s been many debates  about this but I think Superman represents the  black man. And Batman is supposed to be a white man. I did a post in the past about Superman.

This post showed how Superman was based off of an African God.  Even the term “hero” comes from the ancient God Heru or Horus.   But anyway I wanted to go a little deeper on this subject.  For starters anytime Superman loses his strength in a battle he goes to the Sun.  The Sun rejuvenates his strength.  Considering that black/African people need vitamin D from the Sun this coincidence seems obvious to me.  Due to our dark melanin we need more vitamin D than other races.  Too much sunlight can cause skin cancer among whites. As author Carol Barnes once said,

“Melanin is responsible for the existence of civilization, philosophy, religion, truth, justice, and righteousness. Individuals (whites) containing low levels of Melanin will behave in a barbaric manner.” Melanin gives humans the ability to FEEL because it is the absorber of all frequencies of energy. Since whites have the least amount of Melanin, this is why they are perceived by People of Color as generally being rigid, unfeeling (heartless), cold, calculating, mental, and “unspiritual.”

The central role that melanin plays in the body has been “suppressed” to maintain the mythological lie that Blacks are “inferior” thus promote’n the “clinging” to whiteness and the lie that white is “better.”


Other facts on melanin:

Melanin refines the nervous system in such a way that messages from the
brain reach other areas of the body most rapidly in Black people, the
Original People. Black infants sit, stand, crawl and walk sooner than
whites, and demonstarte more advanced cognitive skills than their white
counterparts because of their abundance of Melanin. Carol Barnes writes
“…your mental processes (brain power) are controlled by the same
chemical that gives Black humans their superior physical (atheltics,
rhythmic dancing) abilities. This chemical… is Melanin!” The
abundance of Melanin in Black humans produces a superior organism
physically, mentally and spiritiually. This why all the founders of the
world’s great religions are Black. Melanin is the neuro-chemical basis
for what is called SOUL in Black people. In the same way Blacks excel in
athletics, they can excel in all other areas as well (like they did in
the past!) once the road blocks are removed! After considering Melanin to be a “waste” product of body-metabolism which
“served no useful function,” Western (white) science has now discovered
that Melanin is the chemical key to life and the brain itself! All
studies and facts about Melanin suggest that after 400 years of
attempting to inferiorize the Black race, “Western science is facing the
sobering reality that, by its own self-defined standards, Black people
are probably superior to whites in both intellectual potential and muscle
coordination. The central role Melanin
plays in the body has been “suppressed to maintain the mythological
inferiority of blacks…and the defensive clinging to whiteness as some
token of superiority.” (Dr. Richard King) The “superiority complex” of
white people is a defense mechanism and a mas for their deepset
inferiority complex which they project onto people of color.
Psychologists say insistent denial means readlity in the opposite way.

In this video(below) is a great breakdown from Mentellect TV. He breaks down how even the Superman symbol is an ancient African symbol. As you can see the powers that be steal everything from African people then claim it as their invention. Stealing ideas is something they have been doing for hundreds of years.

Superman is also from another planet.  He is not from Earth.  Much like black people are seen as foreigners in America. But I noticed that in the comic book he always lost when he fought Batman.  As a kid I never could understand it.  Superman had super speed,super strength and was made of steel. Batman was just a man in a batsuit with a utility belt. But he always tricked Superman somehow. He would set up traps or get some Kryptonite(Superman weakness) and make him lose his power. That’s when I started to think that Batman was the White man. In a metaphorical sense they’re telling us that Superman has awesome brute strength but he’s not very intelligence. It’s like when they say that black men are superior athletes in most sports. Be it basketball,baseball,boxing and football BUT he’s not as intelligence as the white man.  This is where Batman comes in. I remember an old episode of Batman from the sixties that had Bruce Wayne(Batman) talking about his father Thomas Wayne. He spoke about how his father was a member of the secret society known as Skull and Bones.

It’s a secret society at Yale university started way back in 1832.  I thought that was interesting that the Batman creators made this a part of his history.  We all know that Europeans are behind these secret societies we always here about.

In the comic book Batman would hide out in his “batcave ” a lot. Living in caves is clearly a European thing! Living in caves is not a part of African history.  Whites are always showing us movies and cartoons of them as Neanderthals living in caves.  Even in cartoons like the Flintstones, so Batman hiding out in a cave should not be too shocking.


Anyone that’s done some research knows that homosexuality was normal in ancient Greece. It was socially accepted to have sex with young teenage boys. Now we know where the term “Greek freaks” comes from. I mention this because I always got a gay vibe from Batman’s sidekick Robin. Who was known as the “boy wonder”.



Makes me wonder what he and Robin were doing in that “dark cave”.  It’s clear to me that Robin is a nod to the ancient Greek and Roman practice of having sex with young boys.  So in conclusion,I believe that Superman is supposed to be a black man and Batman represents the white man and European culture at large.   Just a little observation I’ve always had. Some of you may disagree. But I think the signs are there if…..your third eye is open.

31 thoughts on “Superman vs Batman(Black Man vs White Man) Metaphorical Lesson

  1. Actually this makes a lot of sense. It also puzzles me that in the Teen Titans series and Young Justice, Robin is always the leader of the team, a normal average joe with a utility belt and a few acrobatics, leading a team of people who are far more powerful than him. Like how does that work? And in Young Justice, Aqua lad who was portrayed as black as opposed to the white version seen in Teen Titans and comics, was a stiff-emotionless sub-servient regent who was temporarily led the team until Robin was fit to take the job. And get this, his love interest was a white atlantean girl named Tula aka Aqua girl who left him for white atlantean boy Tempest. Also Superboy who many would assume would be the natural leader of the team is some unintelligent, raging brute with anger problems. Also Robin is always the most intelligent one in the group, able to crack codes, disable security system, override software in the blink of an eye etc. He has always been my least favourite character cause his role as leader is just unnatural.

    Also I don’t know if you’ve heard of Injustice: Gods Amoung Us… or if you’ve read the comics or watched the game movie but basically the story goes like this. After batman’s nemesis Joker tricks superman into killing Lois Lane by means of using scarecrow fear gas and joker venom to cause him to hallucinate that he was fight Doomsday. After discovering the deception, Superman retaliates by killing Joker and then takes over the whole world by turning it into a crime free police state, ruled by the Justice League sans Batman with Superman as the supreme ruler. And who should stand against him? Batman and a group of villains like Joker, Lex Luthor, Deathstroke aka Slade from Teen Titans, Catwoman etc.

    Another thing to note as well is that Batman has a twisted and hypocritical sense of morals, take a look at this scene from Batman the Brave and the Bold where Batman goes up against Darkseid, FREAKING DARKSEID!!!!!! and WON!! like seriously? After his super-powered justice league friends lost spectacularly, he calls out Darkseid for using his “god-like powers” like the rest of the goddamn league don’t got God-like powers…. just go ahead a watch this bullshit scene

    hard to watch ain’t it?

    • That’s a very good observation. They do change the races of white heroes quite a bit. I know a lot of white comic book fans were upset when they made Green Lantern black. They say they do it for diversity but I don’t think they need to do that. There’s enough black characters in the comic universe anyway. But you really know your comic book I collected a lot of them as a kid. I have 2,000 books. I don’t really read them anymore so I have them locked up in storage. I’m thinking about selling them online.
      Thanks for that Batman video! Yeah that is hilarious!lol Yeah Batman used to always beat Superman in the comic books. It’s to show how intelligent he is. That’s when I figured out he must represent the white man. Superman is supposed to be a big strong brute…but not very smart. The same way many whites see black athletes. I think in theupcoming film Batman will end up out smarting Superman in the end. We shall see if my prediction is correct.

      • Well personally I don’t own that many comic books but I have downloaded some and I have also done a lot of research about the characters online in addition to watching various tv-shows and movies

  2. After batman’s nemesis Joker tricks superman into killing Lois Lane and destroying Metropolis because the psycho attached the trigger for a nuclear bomb to Lois’ heart and when Lois’ heart stopped after superman killed her, the bomb in metropolis went off, killing over 1million people

    forgot to put that in …

    • Thanks for I always thought it was strange how Batman never killed Joker. He would just send him to jail and then the Joker would escape again. Then the cycle just continues. But I guess if he killed him there would no story line right?

  3. Unfortunately, I didn’t read any comic books as a child, but I do like the X-Men and I side with the Mutants against the so-called ‘humans’ every time. I’m like, ‘why don’t the Mutants just wipe them all out, that would solve half their problems right there?’

    Also, I need more melanin because I have never had a gnat’s ass worth of rhythm. My ‘dancing’ has been likened to ‘seeking and destroying roaches’. I always envied my sisters and their ability to get up on the dance floor and move in rhythm to the beat. Oh, well, I guess some of us just have to work with what we got. And I got NO rhythm! LOL!

    Extremely interesting post!

    • Do you need some dance lessons?lol I can help you out a
      Yeah a lot of black people like the X Men. It’s probably because the X Men are based off of the civil rights movement. The mutants are an oppressed and marginalized group….sound familiar? But of course most of the mutants are white. So even when something is based off of our struggle,whites still get the center stage. Just more whitewashing like they always do.

  4. Very interesting and I’m not into comics at all. Your and Mentellect’s theories make perfect sense though-from the S being a serpent to the shape of the shield to his great strengths. Super regular Batman in a cave with his sidekick lover?! Spot on.

    And I love learning about melanin. The idea of it being a superconductor makes sense because we were enslaved for so long and could be out in the fields all day with no problems. If the roles were reversed, shit wouldn’t get done!

    Thank you for this! I learned some new things.

    • Thanks Kelley. I always like to keep people guessing about what I’ll post next. I don’t think many of my followers expected a post like this. But I like to cover various subjects. There’s a lot of things in my head I feel I need to get out. I think Batman will win when the film comes out. But a friend of mine was telling me he agreed with my theory..but he added something else. He said the battle could also be seen as a fight between God vs Man. Superman has God-like powers. He has super strength,can fly,super speed and X ray vision. Whereas Batman just has his smarts and a utility belt. He told me the white man wants to play God all the time and says that’s why so many whites are rooting for Batman. I thought this was a very interesting point. Hmmmm….makes you think.

  5. White men have invented homosexuality because they are naturally impotent! I refer to their genitals! They have always been jealous and envious of the power of black men, they feel invincible only when wielding a weapon!
    Genetically they are pathetic compared to us!
    Especially white men, for me they are all homosexual, because practice the pedophilia and other things?
    Black men love women with shape and curvy, but no white men!
    White men generally like women with a few curves, practically, they are attracted to women who have a man’s body, see Asian women!
    The comparison between Superman and Batman is right, because for me Batman has the characteristics of all white men and is inherent homosexual!

  6. Prince you are right about the X-Men. Ian McKellen even says in the last line “by any means necessary” when he tells Charles that he won’t stop fighting for mutant rights. Funny but Val Kilmer says he quit playing Batman because he was creeped out by a grown, unmarried man living alone with a teenage boy running around in a weird costume

    • Thank you Shanequa. I did this for people that don’t read comic books. I wanted to show that there is always some type of message in all forms of media. There’s always a lesson to be learned.

  7. Nice post. I don’t believe in the melanin theory because it leaves way too much to be explained but the sun as recharging part is interesting. I also remembered your earlier post about the S and the hero.

    I think the movie is more, as Eisenberg says in the first trailer, “God vs man”. The movie almost seems like it is trying to tell us something. I am still not sure all that it is about.

    I liked the Batmobile and Batwing when I was a little kid but Batman never was really one of my favorite heroes when I became older. Batman is very popular with others, however, and he is definitely a symbol. However, Superman would win all the time in a “real fight”

    I hope no Batman fans see this post! They will be angry. I was unaware of the long history of the cave and males. I heard how some white people protested their relationship but the relationship has continued with more than 1 Robin.

    Did that kiss really happy on the Animated Series?

    Also, look at the black valet at 1:26 of this trailer:

    • Yes I think Batman fans will be angry. But that’s okay. I can handle I did mention the God vs Man angle as well. I can see valid points in both. I’ve said many times that the white man wants to play God all the time. That’s why most white guys I’ve spoke with are rooting for Batman. Batman is a mere mortal. Whereas Superman as God like powers. It’s kind of like rooting for the underdog in a sense. But also think the black vs White angle is valid as well. Africans never lived in caves to my knowledge. At least not in ancient history,that was mostly white people. And then of course there is the Greek/Roman culture that as always embraced homosexuality. Gay sex was celebrated in European societies.
      I saw the clip with the black valet. It looks like he was checking out Wonder Woman. And I don’t think that kiss actually happened on the animated series. It was just a picture I found on the internet. But I thought the picture was perfect for this particular post.

  8. There are no coincidences when it comes to their most favorite stories, myths, legends and characters.
    White people inferiority complex is real, I witness it everyday. They are really insecure around black people; we stay on their minds, whether we’re around or not. By the time they hit 30, their outside catches up with their insides, and they transform into red leathery freackled decrepit caricatures of themselves, like something from an evil fairytale.
    I dont really buy the idea that black people are mentally superior. For the past 3500 years theyve gotten the best of is. Ever seen that dvd “leopold, killer in the congo”??? And what about present day south africa?? Why can a handful of whites always come in and control millions of black people???!! I ask myself….

    • I feel you. I ask myself the same question too. We have to get our heads together. This business of being used by others has to stop! Otherwise as a people we can’t move forward.

  9. Great post! I never paid to much attention to comics and superheros but I’m not surprised at all the hidden symbols and messages. We just have to learn how to spot them and I haven’t mastered that yet, however I know when whites are behind the stealing of symbols and stories it’s something sinister behind it to make them look good.

    P.S. Haven’t seen you around my OW13 blog lately. Posted a few posts, so far this year.

    • They’re always putting messages in their films. They are masters of deception. And most of the symbols are taken from African culture. Sometimes it’s hard to spot but I have a lot of books on ancient cultures and occult societies.

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