The Fail of Modern Civilization in Afrika

African people..

Civilization, according to modern definition, is the stage of human social development and organization that is considered most advanced. People, today, often equate things like the modern railroad, tel-LIE-vision or even social media, with progress and with civilization”. Academicians, politicians and social scientists, ascribe human development to advancement in many areas that tend to meet the ever changing standard of civilization, based on what you have materially and what can give you material comfort, as opposed to what gives you intrinsic comfort. What gives you the kind of purpose that satisfies your basic emotional and spiritual needs. Many, whether those practicing reLIEgion or not, have difficulty in explaining what the spirit really means, in a way that encompass, people from all societies, ideologies and view point. So the big headed scientists in the ivory towers of academia, use terms like progress, enlightenment, culture, refinement, sophistication, to fool us into beLIEving that civilization is a measure of what we build, own or posses, instead of what or who we are in relations to nature and natures laws. In the worldview of the west, they and all that they deem admirable are seen as  “a higher stage of civilization”, where anything not of western (white) imagery, creation or stamp of approval is deemed primitive and unsophisticated.

Africa Colonization

Note: interesting enough, one classic example of “civilization” is the acquirement of or increased knowledge. Yet the knowing of things, that can be found in a book(s) or through social media is literally non existent, because the deep extensive knowledge that can inform, from these mediums have been exchanged for superficial ones. Take for instance the word sophisticate: ” Is to make (someone or something) more sophisticated ( redundant here, because sophistication has not been defined). Or a person with much worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture. in the book Sugar Blues, Author William Duffy, details society’s addiction to the most explosive poison in the 20th century. SUGAR!. In the book he mentions also, that the term sophistication came about when peasants, objecting to the nobility’s penchant for sugaring, bread, cakes and adult beverages, would disparagingly call it sophistication….to separate the corrupted nobility from the honest peasants. in other words adding a poisonous ingredient to an already acceptable and purer batch!

Even still, modern sophistication and civilization is the process by which a society or place reaches an advanced stage of social development and organization. How then is it that current civilization, based on the western model, whether Capitalism, socialism or Communism, can still have massive break down in various societies. Modern western society is now the gold standard for civilized behavior, yet  at the same time it exemplify the worst in excess around sex, drugs and all manner of debauchery. In Afrika, as in the Afrikan diaspora, modern civilization, that is considered superior to what many archaeologist and anthropologists have recorded as, materially different ( not worse) and simple, in ancient times, compared to now has failed in adding value to people’s lives outside of materialism. Why has modern/western civilization failed to make much of an inroad into the quality of Life of the lives of the Afrikans?

It seems as if the more we interact with the European, the further we are removed from our natural state. And the further we are removed from our natural state, the less hue-man we have become. Every culture is governed by what is called a paradigm. A paradigm is a a typical example or pattern of something; a model by which we can identify a particular culture. in the beginning there was one culture. The Afrikan culture. The Afrika cultural paradigm was/is about group associations or relationships. In that very sense, what affects one, affects all associated in the group and has a profound effect on ones relationship to ones ancestors and even ones surrounding. Thus in Afrikan culture, laws like the 42 negative confessions, are guidelines that reinforces the Afrikan paradigm model.

Africa Then..

As Afrikan population and culture began to grow from its initial size, migration and emigration became a reality through curiosity or necessity. Eventuality those who emigrated or migrated away from the Afrikan physical center, soon attempted to re-integrate physically, but without the same cultural or spiritual overstanding of association, relationships or laws. When the Asiatics, the environmentally created progeny of the emigrated, who were the first to try and re-integrate back into Afrika, found that water and oil don’t mix, they sought then to interfere with the more civilized culture of the Kimityu. This caused numerous wars of conquest, reconquest and further displacements. The next wave of people who tried to reintegrate back into the Afrikan center, but like the first, on their own terms, the Eurasians ( western Asians or Europeans) in the form of the Hyksos, eventually triggered more wars of conquest and reconquest which lead to the kind of soul searching that the original people on the planet never thought they had to deal with.

Lacking the kind of aggressive and violent energy to constantly be at war with the Hyksos and Asiatics, the Afrikans decided to teach the Asians and Eurasians how to associate and relate to others in what is now seen as a fruitless attempt to reintegrate them back into the fold of hue-manity. Unfortunately culture is what you do. It becomes who you are and who you are is dictated by your environment. Like the harsh freezing conditions of the Steppes of Asia or the caves and mountains of the Caucus regions. Modern scientist have stated that negativity, just like positivity is passed down through your DNA and through your sperm and or eggs. They postulated that once reinforced, these traumas become who you are, especially if augmented by additional trauma in your immediate surroundings.

After centuries of invasions, wars, cultural misappropriations and loss of the values that once made Afrika the beacon of light and a lightening rod of jealousy, the children of Afrika was forced into a cultural paradigm not of their choosing and not to their benefit. We thus have developed a disassociated spirit, where the disconnection or separation from who we are as Afrikan has reduced us to a savage like state. A perfect imitation of those we have grown to emulate, yet without the necessary emotional context or even DNA state, to sustain it. The result is an Afrika and an Afrikan diaspora, where vices and violence is barely covered up, or appear to even be of interest to those mostly affected by it.

Africa Now..

Rest assured that the same vices and violence that afflict Afrika, came from the mountains of the Caucuses and the Steppes of Asia has similar impact on the lives of those originators of the mindless violence and vices we see today. They however, are acting in their cultural paradigm. individualism, competitiveness and violence as a communication mode.Like the mindless drone like attributes of the Asian group think, and scavenger like interaction with the land and nature of Asia. All these shows they are more comfortable in their paradigm. But we are not, and thus the relating disassociation has lead us to a cognitive imbalance, affecting body, mind and soul. The body, mind and soul are the three things that ALL Afrikans consider interchangeable. Whether they can articulate it or not. Its in the DNA, but is subsumed by the environment of foreign conditioning.

This we come to, is how modern civilization has failed Afrika. Let’s overstand that the cave savage, will be his savage self, because it is his nature. His truest nature. he was the one who divided and destroyed Afrikan culture from without, but before it was destroyed from with out, it had to have already become decayed from within. We allowed lesser beings to interact with us on a level where they stole our cultural birthright. Stole our enlightenment. And stole our values. It was not enough that we taught them how to walk upright. How not to savage each other. We also interbred with them, hoping that our seed could be the balm to their more savage nature.

The main thing that started Afrika on that slippery slop into destruction and eventually regression is the (a) same thing that made us achieve great things. Our compassion. We felt compelled, due to our association with the universe to re-incorporate people, that showed us they are disagreeable to be around. (b) The need for some lesser leaders of integrity to show off to foreigners. Dr. Claude Anderson talks about this in his lecture and book of the same name…inappropriate behaviour. (c) the Two different, yet similar types of Ma’afa’s from the Christians of Europe and the Muslims of Arabia, not only  devastated millions of people, but recreated a brand new type of entity on the planet. The kneegrow. Slavery and enslavement was a part of hue-man and savage history and ourstory. However the kind of slavery that was enacted secularly and reLIEgiously against one set of people, the Afrikan, was and still remains a unique experience on the planet. Out of this the modern kneegrow was born. The modern kneegrow is a manufactured being, created in the mind of his oppressor, with the explicit purpose to make the once civilized beings a thing not worth much.

Today, despite what intellectuals, reLIEgious and or academicians state the Afrikan world is less civilized than in pre-colonial Afrika. We may be more sophisticated, however we lack the very thing that was stated, which are demarcations of a high culture. How women, children and the environment is treated. Scientist, social scientist, psychologists…all have mentioned that the an abused will take on the abusers mentality. But not having the personality of the abuser, ends up a more macabre version of the abuser. This is the cognoscente deficiency of the Afrikan man taking on a western social behavior. And this is how and why modern civilization has failed Afrika. The only way we can ever attain equilibrium, is to throw off the inflamed shirt of western civilization and become Afrikan once again. The current path Afrika and Afrikans across the planet are traveling, puts us at a disadvantage, where those who should be our supplicants have become dispensers of our pain, our failures and our eventual destruction.




13 thoughts on “The Fail of Modern Civilization in Afrika

  1. Some time ago I had a conversation with a gentleman of Guinea, he told me it is not true that the EBOLA was coming from apes but told me that were whites did it! He told me that they had re-experienced in the laboratory, is these demons were going every single African countries ask to them if they could re-test on the field the virus!
    Many countries have refused but other countries such as Namibia, Botswana and etc, they had accepted! So the virus had proliferated again!!
    I said to him why do such a thing? Yes why? He said,”these bastards they could not do their tests in their European countries?” Can you guess who was the first European country to be involved? ENGLAND!
    Then he tell me how they had contaminated the South Africa with AIDS!
    Moreover, I came to know that some African doctors were been killed because in the end “WHITES WANT TO BE ALWAYS THE PALADINS OF JUSTICE!”
    You know, I have noted with much regret that the new black generations are not well informed, in fact I had a conversation with two African girls!
    Do you know what one of these girls said to me?
    She was convinced that there is AIDS and EBOLA in Africa it cause to black men! I said to her, never again, never say one more thing!
    It is not true that have been black men, the whites were! You must never believe what they say these demons!
    They invented AIDS and EBOLA in laboratories to destroy the African population and the black race in general!
    When I see these charity campaigns, I do not give money to them!
    Never I will be able to forget, about a program that I saw many years ago!
    There was this white Italian nun, she was taking care of these pregnant African women who were suffering from AIDS!
    A reporter said to her : “why it does not allow these people to use condoms?”, then she said : “God does not allow to use condoms is sinful.”
    Truly I felt full of shit, when I heard her racist answer!
    What does sin to use a condom for their white racist religion? What they do to people of color is not evil or sin?
    These bastards are in Africa not only deprive other resources but also to insult the poor people with their racist solidarity! All this is just another their fucking business!

    • That was beautiful Nubian! Thank you sista! I did this post to show how European colonization destroyed Africa. And you’re right about AIDS and Ebola. They are doing everything to kill our people. I’m glad you are aware of their lies and deception. Be sure to spread the word.

      • You very welcome! Really I liked your post!
        You know something I find really disturbing I can’t see the white South Africans as Africans!
        This Caribbean guy told me that his girlfriend was South African, I said, really? That’s great! My answer was: “So, she is black?”, He said, “no, she’s white!”
        I will let you imagine the disgust of my expression! That I can not fit South Africans are white!
        Without thinking that this “coon”, he did not have any idea of ​​the apartheid in South Africa!
        But, I am not surprised because most these Caribbean men are involve with white women here in UK!
        When I think of the African people, I imagine people not originally belonging Europea exception of North Africa!
        When I was young,I had a very ignorant consideration about Africa and her children, I imagined a degrading country, poor, uneducated people because “they” always give a negative image about the continent BLACK!
        The reality is one of the most beautiful continents that there are in the world! Africa is in that condition because of them! Think about that for years have considered the black people of the monkeys! When in fact they are more genetically more close to the monkeys!

      • I know it’s really sad. The rape,killing and colonization of our people. And too many of don’t know our real history. Many of us don’t know the real beauty of Mother Africa. I’m thinking of doing a series on the destructive nature of white people. It’s something that needs to be addressed. The truth must be known.

  2. I remember the photo of thet man is Thomas Sankara! He was one of the few African men who opposed the cancer called “WEST”.
    His fight him paid with his life! This man has done really good things to his country, but who was close to him he, they didn’t think the same way!
    I have seen his biography years ago, but I believe that his murder was a conspiracy! It suggested that countries like France same and the same organization as the CIA, they didn’t like his revolutionary ideas!
    When they want to make a homicide, they don’t get dirty their hands, but they do make someone else in their place!

    • Sankara was a great hero! And very much loved by African people. I think a film should be made on his life. Not many people are familiar with him. He should be more well known. I should do a post about him.
      And they kill all our true heroes. They do not want black people liberated. They want us to stay their servants! We can’t stand for this. We have to keep fighting no matter the resistance we get. Thank you sis.

    • Great post Kushite Prince. I’m trying to learn ALL I can about Africa and its remarkable history right from the beginning of time. There’s something so uniquely special and fascinating about that continent — not all flowers and rainbows, may I add. Its DEFINITELY the birthplace of mankind, therefore the location of the Garden of Eden (I believe in the Bible, but not in a young earth). There’s a reason Africa is quite literally the center of the world stage, and didn’t drift/break away like all the other continents. I’m still trying to figure the whole Sahara thing out, nearly 1/3 of the continent has quite literally been ravaged by it when it was a green tropical paradise as early as 5000 BC. NO other desert is expanding currently as rapidly as the Sahara is today — I can’t help but wonder, could this be the site of Atlantis? I have no doubt in my mind the lost city of Atlantis was populated by Black people, the earliest civilization builders the world over. They built stonehenge, of which similar constructions can be found all over Africa, particularly Adams Calender in SA and Monomutapa of Great Zimbabwe. Black-skinned peoples populated all of North Africa to include Europe which is a stones throw away — white-skinned people didn’t start leaving the Central Asian steppes (their homeland) en masse until around 2000BC. When they went west towards Europe, south towards India/Persia/Mesopatamia, and East towards China they found Black-skinned people already there. Anyway, back to Africa…

      In a few months, I,vecompleted reading:
      “Stolen Legacy” by George G.M. James,
      “Wonderful Ethiopians of the Cushite Empire” by Drusilla D. Houston
      “Destruction of Black Civilization” by Chancellor Williams
      I’m currently reading “African Civilizations” by John G. Jackson. Right after that, I’m gonna read “Precolonial Africa” by Cheikh Anta Diop.

      This is but a FRACTION of my booklist, and I’m already PISSED OFF. I’ve learned more about Black history in just these handful of books than I have in my whole 30+ years. These scholars not only confirm my belief that this is where it all started, but they’ve done a good job explaining why Africa is in its current estate, ESPECIALLY Chancellor Williams. We had the intelligence and the civilizations to prove it, but like you said COMPASSION on Asian and European foreigners before our own immediate neighboring rivals pretty much did us in. From KMT and the Mediterranean coasts, all the way down to the Eastern African seaboard, to the West African seacoasts and finally Southern Africa, before we knew it we were hemmed in from all sides by foreigners who controlled our trade routes. They came first as “friendly” traders, on our coasts, then they became settlers, then settlements became their own fortified strongholds, and then lastly SLAVE RAIDS, which unfortunately by this time, we Africans had already decided to either go along with the program or flee more and more into the interior. The sad part is, this distrust and lack of unity among African groups exacerbated by the invaders (the arabs taught the europeans this effective tool) continues to this day 😦 we’re NOT reading these books, which would gain us insight and learn from our past mistakes. Africans throughout the diaspora subscribe to white supremacy everyday by continuing to practice the appropriated religion of their oppressors (Christianity/Islam), speak their languages, take their names and adopt/emulate white/arab culture which is diametrically opposed to our own. I feel Africa’s zenith came and went, she lays in this perpetual state of paralysis while she continues to ENRICH her enemies to this day…. 😦

      I don’t mean to sound so depressing… my thing is, how do sound the alarm and get this information out to the Black masses?

      • Those are all great books. I have most of them you named. I have a few books by Diop. But my favorite is Chancellor Williams! D.B.C. is his best by far! That book really changed my outlook on history. It shows how the school system lies to black children about their real history. Everything you said about white supremacy is correct. It’s important that we get the TRUTH out there. That’s why we all have to do our part to educate our people. Maybe you should create your own blog. Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Or you could post videos on YouTube. Just a few suggestions you can use. You have some great information,youshould use it to benefit our struggle for liberation. This is what most black bloggers are trying to right now. There must be a sense of urgency. We are living in a very vicious racist system. And we have to fight back any way we know how.

      • Yes, I have a lot more books to go. Like, about 100 (lol). I’ve long come to the conclusion that I need to glean from our so-called “Afro-centric” scholars to get any modicum of truth on Africa and its people. I personally hate that term b/c if you think about it, the world, how it was created, its people and their history from the very beginning cannot be understood without understanding AFRICA — so in a sense, the world and its Creator are “Afro-centric” lol. World history or Western Civilization for that matter, did NOT begin with Greece as commonly taught in practically every school throughout the world. Herein lies a large part in our collective miseducation…

        Anywhoo, Thanks on the blogs ideas, I really enjoy blogs like yours, Trojan Pam’s, etc. I’ve been wanting to start an online message board for some time, kinda like Black Voices (do you remember them?). That was one of the very few Black online communities we had then, and AOL sold it to Huffpost a few years back. BV is no longer a Black community but a free-for-all newsite, basically ruining that space (see what they did?). Anyway, I have a lot of learning to do before I start the site, hopefully I can get one designed before the end of the year. 🙂

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