Killary Rotten Clinton supports the death of Black people

Hillary Clinton1..


Hillary Clinton is a crazy racist feminist. She is an enemy to black/African people worldwide. This woman can not be trusted.  If she is elected President black people will catch even more Hell!  But of course you have silly negroes who will vote for her. She and her husband are enemies to all black people. We need to use critical thinking skills and look past the rhetoric and fake smiles. Republican or Democrat…it doesn’t matter.  They are all white supremacists.

35 thoughts on “Killary Rotten Clinton supports the death of Black people

  1. I trust this medusa witch-beast grimplork as far as I can throw her, and I can throw very far. She doesn’t fool me not for one minute I see right through her. I just hope those silly negroes who actually plan on voting for this racist heffa get a clue sooner or later….

  2. These are the women that many black men choose! They prefer to procreate with demons who hate their own people that the fear of having a black woman by their side!

  3. Ok Prince I ‘m going to go on a rant here. I have NEVER like either of the Pimptons and I regret that my first ever vote went to that sleazy pig Bill. It really gets me how Negroes can act so holier than with black male politicians yet gave that asshole a free pass every chance they could. The SAME white feminazi hags crying fort Clarence Thomas’ head sang a different song for slick Billy despite his extremely disgusting treatment of women. I have to agree with Trump’s spokeswoman when she said how dare Shrillary cry about a “war on women” while defending her husband. He played that same welfare queen game that white conservatives did during welfare reform and created the “three strikes” bullshit. Recently he had the nerve to say he feels bad now for how his policies hurt poor young black men well big lady fucking da!! So what he didn’t give a shit when he was throwing black males under the bus to appeal to rich white people but n-o-w this fucker has a change of heart. That don’t mean shit to the black males he screwed over also this dickweed completely damaged Lani Guinier’s reputation yet black women hurried to attack Obama about Shirley Sherrod yet got all butthurt when I mentioned Lani. Don’t forget it was a stupid ass black WOMAN that called Pimpton “first black president” and many other dumbass Negroes have followed suit but have the gall to criticize Obama for every little damn thing! he is a creepy dirty old pervert that totally degraded the women in his life to make them the bad guy as fake RACIST white hags cheered him on like they were permanently attached to his dick. If Shrillary wins black people have nobody to blame but themselves and if they are still in love with her and her husband then they are forever stuck on stupid and need to bend over to take it up the ass like Monica did.

    • @ Lavern
      I doubt Hillary Clinton will win a she’s just playing role in the game of white supremacy. I bet Donald Trump will be the next president because he want the old “RACIST WHITE AMERICA” back, furthermore he’s very open of stating his racist opinions toward blacks. We have a lot of white people supporting Trump because when they see him especially other white males they see power & white supremacy. Black people are going to finally wake up and see “THE NEW JIM CROW” when Trump get in office.

      • I was raised that there are ‘private conversations and ‘public conversations’ the problem with Trump is he has no backers. If there were a special interest group or bunch of rich celebrities supporting him and he showed too much of his ass in public they would be like “Oh HELL NO!” then he would have to tone it down. There’s nobody to put the leash on that fool

    • Bill was NOT the first Black President. I think it was author Toni Morrison said that. She was a damn fool for saying that crap! Black people better wake up very soon! I feel as though things are going to get really UGLY here in AmeriKKKa when one of these demons takes office. I don’t trust any of them. They’re all racist crooks trying manipulate the public.

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  5. Three days ago she was confronted by an activist. Of course the young lady was escorted away. The activist asked her about her “super predator” comment from 1996. I noticed Clinton never answered the question though.

  6. People kill me when they talk about these politicians as if they are actually going to do something positive for people. I hate to say it but our people’s critical thinking skills have long been thrown out the window. They’ll learn one day. I’ll just hope that it won’t be too late. Keep raising the dead brother! Even though my comment was grim, they’re not a lost cause. We’ll wake as many as we can.

  7. Well, I was disappointed in the results of the South Carolina Primary Saturday (shouldn’t have been though); black people WHO VOTED voted her in at a whopping 84%. I’m a citizen of SC and wasn’t sure on who to vote for (didn’t vote) cause as you know ALL these candidates are straight up devils.

    I’m sure that many black people in SC didn’t vote cause the local precincts in my town weren’t crowded (this is what I heard from other townsfolks). I didn’t vote for the first time in my life. Black People either don’t fucking vote or vote for the wrong people. This pattern among black people is why the black collective keeps getting fucked. Black people show no kind of discernment when choosing candidates, just because the CBC or other Black Organizations or celebrities say vote for her (Killary) don’t mean a damn thang to me.

    And lo and behold I saw a commercial on the centric channel in which Beverly Bond recognized all these Black Women across the country who were either just campaigning or where campaign managers for Hillary. *sigh*

    Oh well, all I can do is make plans to secure my and my daughter’s future as best as I know how before these devils run the country entirely in the fucking hole. Cause it’s coming and then what niggas gonna do?!?!

    Excuse my french. End of rant.

    • Yeah it’s very frustrating. We just vote for whoever black politicians and celebs tell us to. We need to do research on these candidates and fund out who funds them. When they get in office they are always going to do side with the people who fund them. That’s why I always tell black people that the international bankers and rich land owning Jews funded Obama’s campaign. Then you wonder why he doesn’t do anything for It’s NO surprise. Trump,Killary and Colonel Sanders don’t give a damn about black people. That’s why no matter who gets in office…our position remains the same. The ghetto stays the ghetto. We remain poor,homeless and filling up the prisons. And none of them will change that because it would alter white supremacy. We have to do our own thing. We need grassroots organizations not funded by whites. Organizations that instill black love,black pride and a sense of community. Our ancestors fought for our right to vote. I can respect that. They did what they thought needed to be done. But we have to do more now. It’s obvious at this stage of the game that voting wont save us.

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